Stories by IVAN. Part 5

In 1972, after Linda Thompson began a long romance with Elvis, Sam Thompson met the KING and became part of the small group of people in charge of his security, being able to quickly get his confidence. a night at Graceland in the mid-70s, received from Joe Esposito, a call over the intercom telling him to immediately go up upstairs in the bedroom of ELVIS who wanted to see. The tone of Joe frightened him, he felt that sparks would fly because being on the wrong side with the KING was not very easy. As he climbed the stairs to face the BOSS wondered what he could have said or done wrong, visibly agitated knocked on the door of the bedroom and after that he was told to get walked through the door of the room; Linda was sitting on the bed with his eyes down, staring at him intently putting ELVIS uncomfortable, Charlie and Billy Joe Smith had a very sad look, and for a few seconds the room was in absolute silence. After doing a sigh ELVIS stood up and walked towards him … grabbed him by the throat, you can imagine how he felt Sam, and put around his neck the gold medallion with the symbol TCB. Poor Sam that he expected something bad, had instead to his relief the true symbol of being a friend of ELVIS PRESLEY … everyone started to laugh loudly and Elvis, who organized all this staging, the hugged dearly and after all they shook hands still trembling congratulating him ….

In 1963 ELVIS considered buying a fabulous house that was for sale in Hollywood, which had all the modern features like TV coming down from the ceiling by pressing a button and he was going to show it to his costar Ann Margret. One day while he was walking around with her, George Klein and Richard Davis stopped in front of the property. The house was closed but ELVIS could not wait for the attendant to the sale, then Richard went to the back, and after finding the sliding doors and walked with the help of a credit card managed to open the front door and made them enter. All admired the spectacular layout of the house, the beautiful architecture and ELVIS stressed one of the strengths of the house a door hidden behind a closet that led to a secret room and that he could protect the hosts if necessary. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, ELVIS told George to go and see who he was and after opening the door he faced a puzzled policeman, until they realized that he had tripped the alarm that was under the carpet d ‘entrance to the house, “You have permission to be here?” the cop asked … “We were just looking at the house,” said George with Richard who had arrived at his side, “How did you get in here?” added the policeman, “the door was open and we entered,” said Richard, the cop was very skeptical heard voices coming from inside and said, “Who’s in the house?”, George said, “Well sir … C ‘ ELVIS PRESLEY is with Ann Margret “,” bales “said the policeman again ..” Is there a problem? ” ELVIS George said reaching the door hugging Ann Margret. The policeman almost not believing his eyes apologized immediately with ELVIS and said he could stay as long as he wanted the important thing was to shut the door when he left because there were around several thieves …

During the closing show of the February 23, 1970 all at some point it became wild and out of control …. Priscilla came on stage in the final moments of the concert with the small Lisa in her arms who danced to the music and clapping happily. .. Colonel Parker was also at the show and ELVIS introduced him by saying “It’s not just my manager … I love him very much,” the King during the show has also tried to play the trumpet … and of course it’s over too with water balloon with ELVIS who threw a bit ‘of glasses of water to those who were on stage with him … the audience went wild when Sammy Shore after having thrown a rag went up on stage to dry and clean the puddles of water but when he tried to clean even the boots of a football ELVIS given jokingly forced him, laughing, jumping off the stage … but right on the final notes of Can not Help Falling In Love reappeared trying to kiss the feet King of … great fun for the audience and for all components of the show

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  1. This is not a story Michael Jackson deserves to win he is the king of pop he should be the king of music he has to win

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