Stories by IVAN. Part 4

The September 21, 1964 another dream that a boy became a reality . Everyone knows that Elvis had a great admiration for the police force and everything to do with the law enforcement , so much so that while still at school had seriously considered the possibility of becoming a policeman. Fortunately it has become RE and then he has set his dream , until a school friend , Bill Morris , sheriff of Memphis appointed an enthusiastic ELVIS honorary sheriff of Shelby County Tennessee giving him all the rights and privileges of an officer , could wear the uniform , make arrests , carry firearms . Later in gratitude ELVIS gave Bill a Mercedes Benz and with its new ” colleagues ” passed an entire night at a theater in Memphis likely to see crime films

In the opening scene of the film “Live a little love a little” ELVIS is seen driving a yellow Dune Buggy. The RE loved that car and the director knew he could not stand away from it. Near where they turned the exterior of the film was the pier in Santa Monica whose beach is full of mounds of sand and ELVIS could not resist to jump with the car at full speed shouting like crazy when jumping with wheels air, managing to get better and better until he broke the axis of the wheels … As soon as he completed the next scene of the film His first thought was to get another one of these machines because the first had broken too soon this time not to take “risks” has preferred to stay close to the ocean and ride safely … of course a bit ‘too close to the water and the waves splashed and the foam has “drowned” the engine .. . someone of the crew jokingly said that Elvis did not have to touch another car until the end of the shoot

June 24, 1977 , Elvis was on the road from the airport to the Coliseum , of course, full of adoring fans , Madison Wisconsin when he noticed something strange at a gas station , despite the claims of the other occupants of the car , he ordered the driver to stop. Two men were attacking the gas station , ELVIS fell out of the car and started posing Karate , he showed them his badge and ordered them to stop that nothing would happen , the two thieves , stunned , having acknowledged having wanted to make picture with him have desisted in their efforts , then everything had settled for the better , but for the RE the day was not over yet …. just a few kilometers away more than 10,000 people were sitting anxiously awaiting his concert . a plaque was placed on the scene of the “crime”

During breaks between scenes of ” Viva Las Vegas ” Elvis loved to roam in motion with Ann Margret . But once he found himself running out of gasoline on a deserted road outside of Los Angeles , when he finally found a gas station he remembered being cashless , because although ELVIS was a millionaire , rarely went around with money . The clerk still was happy to fill the tank at KING in exchange for an autograph

When Elvis rented the movie Memphis for himself and his friends, he found it difficult to always be serious; often made jokes about actors, he laughed at himself, or simply trying to entertain friends. When Elvis and his cousin Billy Smith have hired a water fight that ended with the leave everyone soaked. That night ELVIS has behaved like a child and a harmless game started with a few drops you are finished with the pulling buckets full of water. At one point Billy was hidden behind a curtain near an emergency exit, ELVIS after seeing it decided to leave the theater to take him by surprise, in fact with a bucket in his hand went out full, but his cousin, who had noticed, giggling with excitement kept ajar the door of security and when she saw him suddenly opened the washing it completely and then shut the door ….. It must have been a show for people who were outside the theater to see ELVIS PRESLEY soaked with a bucket full of water in his hand beat up against the safety output

In ” TTWII ” when the concert begins it can be seen in the audience Sammy Davis and Cary Grant . Often when I was performing in Las Vegas first-magnitude stars attended his concerts and ELVIS them has always presented to the public with great courtesy and respect by telling the engineers to lights illuminate to ensure that they could greet the audience … but since he knew which they were not always careful sometimes liked to let them do look stupid , like the time he seriously said ” I’d like to introduce you , ladies and gentlemen , Abraham Lincoln ” and motioning with his hand pointed to a place in the audience … the lights came on immediately and ELVIS laughing said ” turn them off as well, it is no longer around for many years …. “

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