Stories by IVAN. Part 2

Usually after the “Midnight Show” in Las Vegas Elvis used to organize party in his suite, there were famous faces who had seen the show, friends and girls naturally anxious to know who were “recruited” very carefully. When the party began, usually the RE was to take a shower and change clothes. When he went for a bit ‘of seconds there was a great silence and all eyes, especially those of women, were upon him. Once he was made a “mistake” in the choice because after the introductions a girl hugged him in life saying how she loved him and how much he loved his music, Elvis said that he loved her, but then he began to feel uncomfortable when he saw that she would not let go inviting her to let him go because there were other guests, As with the good did not get anything started push forcefully, making him decidedly embarrass she began to cry and scream clinging to his legs saying that He loved and wanted it just for her. Now ELVIS got angry and shouted “Take this crazy off”, so a couple of “boys” and they took her away from the suite …. Nevertheless ELVIS saw the funny side of the offense and the party went on quietly with very guests enjoyment.

One of the favorite attraction for Elvis when he was in Memphis was rented for himself and his friends the ” Libertyland ” . Among his favorite attractions were definitely a roller coaster ; usually she always sat in front , but sometimes pretending to be afraid , as the race proceeded at full speed climbed over the car and went to get in the back . Once he disappeared and as all truly feared for his safety the race was stopped ; ELVIS actually fell out of the car and had kept the rail ….. next round has stagnated for the duration

When finished the shooting of the film ELVIS was returning to Graceland and relaxed even going to talk with the fans at the gates … A rather cold evening , ELVIS wearing a blue suit and with a big balloon in hand stood before the fans They thronged the gates leaving a bit ‘confused , but when the RE is put in the mouth that the balloon was filled with helium and it swallowed a little ‘ , everything became clearer , the largest VOICE World sounded like a little mouse cartoon animated and said, ” What do you do? Laugh all? ” then joked ” I should make a record with this item ” ; after doing the fool for several minutes swallowing another mouthful of gas said ” now I have to return my dinner is ready ” and ran to the house saying things with the strange voice … A photo of this ” strange ” in the evening book by Sean Shaver ” ELVIS in focus” .

One of the many examples of goodness and concern ELVIS to children can also be seen in a concert in Murfreeboro in Tennessee , when immediately after See See Rider saw a young woman with her baby sitting close to the speakers on the right of the stage , and after regaining his breath stopped and gesturing toward her said ” the young lady with her ​​child could get away from the speakers , the volume may cause hearing damage of small , I hope you do not mind … ” .. . another small gesture that shows , however, how much the heart ELVIS had his fans and how much care had for their .

When Elvis rented the movie to see the private screenings he was always in the company of a good group of people . It used to look more of a projection and therefore often ordered pizzas and burgers for everyone, usually accusing his friend Lamar Fike biting the part of the other … which then became the target of launches of French fries and soft drinks by all . When Elvis was in the bathroom always he supported his food carefully in its place , and invited everyone to be careful and not to touch it . When the film was boring raised his arms in the air and meant you had to change it , but when it was pounding his chest and did the Tarzan yell mean that it was time to leave and return to Graceland

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  1. I drove 3 hours to Memphis on a Tuesday night to see the performance. I was well worth it!! I love seieng old favorites and the routines. Worried about that rickty wall and cell wall!! Memphis audiances was very appreciative, Silence during Melanie’s solo. Except for one marry me, Melanie (no joke). As i drove back 3 hours that night,(work the next day) I am glad I came and worth the wait.

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