First impression story by Katie

Hi my name is Katie and my favorite singer of all time, and my personal idol, is Gary Glitter. I found his music last year at a particularly low time of my life, and his music inspired and saved me from spiraling depression and suicide. As soon as I heard the haunting strains of Remember Me This Way on YouTube I was hooked. I’d never in my life heard music like it, it touched me deeply, and awoke parts of my being I never knew existed. Subsequently I bought his entire back catalogue that is available on iTunes and I love each and every one of his songs. The fantastic rhythm, inspirational lyrics, and his beautiful melodious voice are completely out of this world. He is inimitable and irreplaceable, beyond words to praise. He is the undisputed King of Music and I will love him always and forever!!!

First impression story by Mimijak

I fell in love for Michael Jackson’s musical work to hear for the 1st time Will You Be There, that our voice, how much poetry, I tried so a clip of Music, went mad, like dancing, they are designed, what is your story, where he is, as you have never seen or heard of him, where he’s been, where I was … But this man is fantásticoquero know more about it, what is the genre to which it fits, ah, it says Rock, Pop, R & B using the BeatBox, but he’s brilliant … Well, I thought all this is in minutes, and never stopped following him, was one of the nicest surprises in terms of lyrics, music, spectacle, to Creativity skin-deep, and never met any artist that surpass, those that appear, border on the ridiculous and think they are selling art, and yet, nothing but all this proved to be a 1st line philanthropist, qurem more for the time already just this … This is it !!!

First impression story by Applehead

The first time I saw Michael Jackson is at the age of 11. I remember how he performed with all his heart and energy in his short film “Ghost” which caught my attention. I became his big fan since then not because he’s very handsome and very attractive, but because I could feel his loving and caring spirit. He has been one of inspirations. I really appreciate how he taught me to help poor and sick children. Yes! He didn’t know that he taught me to help without asking something in return,to help freely. That’s what I’ve learned from being a Michael Jackson fan.. He will always be loved by billions of people because we know his true heart. He is the true KING OF MUSIC!!