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Stories by IVAN. Part 5

In 1972, after Linda Thompson began a long romance with Elvis, Sam Thompson met the KING and became part of the small group of people in charge of his security, being able to quickly get his confidence. a night at Graceland in the mid-70s, received from Joe Esposito, a call over the intercom telling him to immediately go up upstairs in the bedroom of ELVIS who wanted to see. The tone of Joe frightened him, he felt that sparks would fly because being on the wrong side with the KING was not very easy. As he climbed the stairs to face the BOSS wondered what he could have said or done wrong, visibly agitated knocked on the door of the bedroom and after that he was told to get walked through the door of the room; Linda was sitting on the bed with his eyes down, staring at him intently putting ELVIS uncomfortable, Charlie and Billy Joe Smith had a very sad look, and for a few seconds the room was in absolute silence. After doing a sigh ELVIS stood up and walked towards him … grabbed him by the throat, you can imagine how he felt Sam, and put around his neck the gold medallion with the symbol TCB. Poor Sam that he expected something bad, had instead to his relief the true symbol of being a friend of ELVIS PRESLEY … everyone started to laugh loudly and Elvis, who organized all this staging, the hugged dearly and after all they shook hands still trembling congratulating him ….

In 1963 ELVIS considered buying a fabulous house that was for sale in Hollywood, which had all the modern features like TV coming down from the ceiling by pressing a button and he was going to show it to his costar Ann Margret. One day while he was walking around with her, George Klein and Richard Davis stopped in front of the property. The house was closed but ELVIS could not wait for the attendant to the sale, then Richard went to the back, and after finding the sliding doors and walked with the help of a credit card managed to open the front door and made them enter. All admired the spectacular layout of the house, the beautiful architecture and ELVIS stressed one of the strengths of the house a door hidden behind a closet that led to a secret room and that he could protect the hosts if necessary. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, ELVIS told George to go and see who he was and after opening the door he faced a puzzled policeman, until they realized that he had tripped the alarm that was under the carpet d ‘entrance to the house, “You have permission to be here?” the cop asked … “We were just looking at the house,” said George with Richard who had arrived at his side, “How did you get in here?” added the policeman, “the door was open and we entered,” said Richard, the cop was very skeptical heard voices coming from inside and said, “Who’s in the house?”, George said, “Well sir … C ‘ ELVIS PRESLEY is with Ann Margret “,” bales “said the policeman again ..” Is there a problem? ” ELVIS George said reaching the door hugging Ann Margret. The policeman almost not believing his eyes apologized immediately with ELVIS and said he could stay as long as he wanted the important thing was to shut the door when he left because there were around several thieves …

During the closing show of the February 23, 1970 all at some point it became wild and out of control …. Priscilla came on stage in the final moments of the concert with the small Lisa in her arms who danced to the music and clapping happily. .. Colonel Parker was also at the show and ELVIS introduced him by saying “It’s not just my manager … I love him very much,” the King during the show has also tried to play the trumpet … and of course it’s over too with water balloon with ELVIS who threw a bit ‘of glasses of water to those who were on stage with him … the audience went wild when Sammy Shore after having thrown a rag went up on stage to dry and clean the puddles of water but when he tried to clean even the boots of a football ELVIS given jokingly forced him, laughing, jumping off the stage … but right on the final notes of Can not Help Falling In Love reappeared trying to kiss the feet King of … great fun for the audience and for all components of the show

Stories by IVAN. Part 4

The September 21, 1964 another dream that a boy became a reality . Everyone knows that Elvis had a great admiration for the police force and everything to do with the law enforcement , so much so that while still at school had seriously considered the possibility of becoming a policeman. Fortunately it has become RE and then he has set his dream , until a school friend , Bill Morris , sheriff of Memphis appointed an enthusiastic ELVIS honorary sheriff of Shelby County Tennessee giving him all the rights and privileges of an officer , could wear the uniform , make arrests , carry firearms . Later in gratitude ELVIS gave Bill a Mercedes Benz and with its new ” colleagues ” passed an entire night at a theater in Memphis likely to see crime films

In the opening scene of the film “Live a little love a little” ELVIS is seen driving a yellow Dune Buggy. The RE loved that car and the director knew he could not stand away from it. Near where they turned the exterior of the film was the pier in Santa Monica whose beach is full of mounds of sand and ELVIS could not resist to jump with the car at full speed shouting like crazy when jumping with wheels air, managing to get better and better until he broke the axis of the wheels … As soon as he completed the next scene of the film His first thought was to get another one of these machines because the first had broken too soon this time not to take “risks” has preferred to stay close to the ocean and ride safely … of course a bit ‘too close to the water and the waves splashed and the foam has “drowned” the engine .. . someone of the crew jokingly said that Elvis did not have to touch another car until the end of the shoot

June 24, 1977 , Elvis was on the road from the airport to the Coliseum , of course, full of adoring fans , Madison Wisconsin when he noticed something strange at a gas station , despite the claims of the other occupants of the car , he ordered the driver to stop. Two men were attacking the gas station , ELVIS fell out of the car and started posing Karate , he showed them his badge and ordered them to stop that nothing would happen , the two thieves , stunned , having acknowledged having wanted to make picture with him have desisted in their efforts , then everything had settled for the better , but for the RE the day was not over yet …. just a few kilometers away more than 10,000 people were sitting anxiously awaiting his concert . a plaque was placed on the scene of the “crime”

During breaks between scenes of ” Viva Las Vegas ” Elvis loved to roam in motion with Ann Margret . But once he found himself running out of gasoline on a deserted road outside of Los Angeles , when he finally found a gas station he remembered being cashless , because although ELVIS was a millionaire , rarely went around with money . The clerk still was happy to fill the tank at KING in exchange for an autograph

When Elvis rented the movie Memphis for himself and his friends, he found it difficult to always be serious; often made jokes about actors, he laughed at himself, or simply trying to entertain friends. When Elvis and his cousin Billy Smith have hired a water fight that ended with the leave everyone soaked. That night ELVIS has behaved like a child and a harmless game started with a few drops you are finished with the pulling buckets full of water. At one point Billy was hidden behind a curtain near an emergency exit, ELVIS after seeing it decided to leave the theater to take him by surprise, in fact with a bucket in his hand went out full, but his cousin, who had noticed, giggling with excitement kept ajar the door of security and when she saw him suddenly opened the washing it completely and then shut the door ….. It must have been a show for people who were outside the theater to see ELVIS PRESLEY soaked with a bucket full of water in his hand beat up against the safety output

In ” TTWII ” when the concert begins it can be seen in the audience Sammy Davis and Cary Grant . Often when I was performing in Las Vegas first-magnitude stars attended his concerts and ELVIS them has always presented to the public with great courtesy and respect by telling the engineers to lights illuminate to ensure that they could greet the audience … but since he knew which they were not always careful sometimes liked to let them do look stupid , like the time he seriously said ” I’d like to introduce you , ladies and gentlemen , Abraham Lincoln ” and motioning with his hand pointed to a place in the audience … the lights came on immediately and ELVIS laughing said ” turn them off as well, it is no longer around for many years …. “

Stories by IVAN. Part 3

Another story that may explain why ELVIS friends nicknamed him “CRAZY”. Once he had organized a coach that was to bring ELVIS and the guys from Graceland in Memphis Midsouth Coliseum to enjoy a football game. They went to the game, they cheered, but the real story was the return in the late evening. In return the coach had to cross the tracks at a crossing, but the train was stopped, probably due to a problem on the line, with each passing minute the people have begun to lose patience, especially ELVIS, for him 10 minutes were far too much … you He got up and asked the driver to open the door because he wanted to see what was happening. Elvis went down cursing the bus and there were shouts and applause from the ladies like “go, good digliene four” as the boys were concerned because the Downtown Memphis could be especially dangerous for people like ELVIS wore expensive jewelry in amount; so knowing that the “BOSS” would not stop in three followed him. ELVIS was not looking for someone or something in particular, and when the guys have seen ELVIS had already crossed the train car and was coming down the other side. They too ran away and saw that Elvis was walking quickly, cursing loudly all he wanted was to go home. A short distance from the crossing there was a bar where three drunks were playing cards, the RE went straight at them and wondered if they had a car to give him a ride home to him and his friends. These fixed its rings but agreed it was and in a moment they were all in an old scrap that smelled alcohol and burnt oil. ELVIS was sitting in front enjoy the ride regardless of the fact that those three people were part of the poorest part of the ghetto and were probably in possession of guns or knives. The RE just wanted to get to Graceland before the bus and when the driver asked if he had any money at least for rimborsagli gasoline ELVIS, making scare his friends, pulled out a bit ‘of $ 100 bills and handed them to the three drunks. But when the driver said he liked his rings the RE said that he intended to keep them any longer. Actually they managed to get to Graceland before ELVIS bus and told the driver to go to the gates and when they were there began to play the horn several times and laughed when he saw his uncle Vester, who threatened to call the police as soon as he recognized his famous nephew opened the gate and let them in coughing because of the black smoke coming out of that cart … naturally he invited them in to see the house and beyond the money they had given him before them handsomely rewarded …. CRAZY ELVIS In 1963, during breaks in shooting films , ELVIS realized another of his bizarre dreams . In September , in a few days , he managed to put together a team of American Football, composed of friends and family of Memphis . A ELVIS always liked football and soon there was a long list of celebrities and professional football players who were queuing to enter the ” ELVIS PRESLEY ENTERPRISE ” , and has since ELVIS ELVIS , all were soon divided their bearings and EPE helmets . Soon they began training and playing in local fields and even referees professionals joined this adventure … Probably the fact of not being able to be part of the school team who attended had left him this wish . But the many film commitments and her constant trips to Hollywood did fade gradually the desire to keep the team …

Stories by IVAN. Part 2

Usually after the “Midnight Show” in Las Vegas Elvis used to organize party in his suite, there were famous faces who had seen the show, friends and girls naturally anxious to know who were “recruited” very carefully. When the party began, usually the RE was to take a shower and change clothes. When he went for a bit ‘of seconds there was a great silence and all eyes, especially those of women, were upon him. Once he was made a “mistake” in the choice because after the introductions a girl hugged him in life saying how she loved him and how much he loved his music, Elvis said that he loved her, but then he began to feel uncomfortable when he saw that she would not let go inviting her to let him go because there were other guests, As with the good did not get anything started push forcefully, making him decidedly embarrass she began to cry and scream clinging to his legs saying that He loved and wanted it just for her. Now ELVIS got angry and shouted “Take this crazy off”, so a couple of “boys” and they took her away from the suite …. Nevertheless ELVIS saw the funny side of the offense and the party went on quietly with very guests enjoyment.

One of the favorite attraction for Elvis when he was in Memphis was rented for himself and his friends the ” Libertyland ” . Among his favorite attractions were definitely a roller coaster ; usually she always sat in front , but sometimes pretending to be afraid , as the race proceeded at full speed climbed over the car and went to get in the back . Once he disappeared and as all truly feared for his safety the race was stopped ; ELVIS actually fell out of the car and had kept the rail ….. next round has stagnated for the duration

When finished the shooting of the film ELVIS was returning to Graceland and relaxed even going to talk with the fans at the gates … A rather cold evening , ELVIS wearing a blue suit and with a big balloon in hand stood before the fans They thronged the gates leaving a bit ‘confused , but when the RE is put in the mouth that the balloon was filled with helium and it swallowed a little ‘ , everything became clearer , the largest VOICE World sounded like a little mouse cartoon animated and said, ” What do you do? Laugh all? ” then joked ” I should make a record with this item ” ; after doing the fool for several minutes swallowing another mouthful of gas said ” now I have to return my dinner is ready ” and ran to the house saying things with the strange voice … A photo of this ” strange ” in the evening book by Sean Shaver ” ELVIS in focus” .

One of the many examples of goodness and concern ELVIS to children can also be seen in a concert in Murfreeboro in Tennessee , when immediately after See See Rider saw a young woman with her baby sitting close to the speakers on the right of the stage , and after regaining his breath stopped and gesturing toward her said ” the young lady with her ​​child could get away from the speakers , the volume may cause hearing damage of small , I hope you do not mind … ” .. . another small gesture that shows , however, how much the heart ELVIS had his fans and how much care had for their .

When Elvis rented the movie to see the private screenings he was always in the company of a good group of people . It used to look more of a projection and therefore often ordered pizzas and burgers for everyone, usually accusing his friend Lamar Fike biting the part of the other … which then became the target of launches of French fries and soft drinks by all . When Elvis was in the bathroom always he supported his food carefully in its place , and invited everyone to be careful and not to touch it . When the film was boring raised his arms in the air and meant you had to change it , but when it was pounding his chest and did the Tarzan yell mean that it was time to leave and return to Graceland

Story by Anni

Since I heard the first MJ song, when I was 7 years old, I’m in love with this genius. It was back in 2007, when a classmate made a presentation about him. At the end, she played Billie Jean and Earth Song. Both songs made me feel as if I was in Heaven.
Later, when I was a bit mature, I understood his songs better. He was the first artist ever who could make me think through deep lyrics, feel like in another world in my heart and give me goosebumps.
For me he’s the King of Music bc he made many different kind of music: Pop, Rock, R ‘n’ B, Soul, Hip Hop, Rap and much more. He started his unique career when he was 5 years old. He is the most awarded artist of all time and the greatest entertainer of all time. But just those facts don’t really make him a King.
He became a King through his thinking. One of the most successful artists of all time and one who wanted to heal the world. He was out of the systeme, he said what he had to say. He cared about people and songs like “Earth Song”, “Heal the world” or “Black or White” are songs just Kings write.

Story by Mishie

Hi! Mishie here, I’m 17 yrs old, and I live here in the Philippines.

I know the name Michael Jackson (way back when I was 6-11 yrs old), but I never really thought that such man exists. I thought before that it was only a fantasy name made by random people hahaha. I actually just knew MJ when he died (June 25, 2009 and onwards), I was 11 back then… I remember my neighbors that day(morning) saying that…… “Michael Jackson is already dead”, “Really?!? He’s too young!”, “I can’t believe it, he’s gone already, Gone!!!, “Yes it is true, I just heard it on the radio, he’s dead!!”…… After hearing those things, I was like “Michael Jackson?! Who is that?! “Is that a real person? I thought it was just a made-up name.” “Why is everybody constantly talking about him?” I actually did not mind those things that my neighbors have said because I have no idea on what they’re talking about haha .

One time, me and family went to a grocery. I was having a great time then suddenly I heard a song that I’ve never heard before.. It was AWESOME!!! I can hear the violins and bass percussion etc, the feeling was just so weird and great. I love listening to music but I have never felt something like that before. It was like my head and my heart is going to burst because of too much happiness and excitement. Upon listening to that song, I also felt that I was in a different world, because I really felt weird, happy and excited at the same time!! (What I felt was like floating in a different world and my mind was only attached to the song, to its beat and rhythm and everything)….. I was literally banging my head to the beat of the song even though I do not know it haha. I really loved the song the moment I heard it, then I asked my mom. “Mama, do you know the song?” My mom replied “Uhhhmmm yes, that is ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson”…………Billie Jean? Michael Jackson? After hearing those words from my mom, I said to myself ”So that is what my neighbors is talking about, Michael Jackson… Michael Jackson was a singer!!!” From that moment on, I became a fan of Michael Jackson.

I was a total fan of MJ that time. I even bought pirated CD’s so that I could watch MJ (because I don’t have enough money to buy the original ones and my mom does not approve this that’s why she never bought one for me haha). I can still remember the time when I imitate his dance moves (moonwalk, choreography of thriller, smooth criminal etc) and also his singing voice (vocal hiccups, growl, falsettos etc), being a girl never stopped me from doing so 😀 Watching MJ perform is just like magic, so unbelievable and so amazing!!!! Even though I haven’t met and know MJ personally, I really feel that somehow I have connections with him and that I really know him(a bit of weird but maybe it is because of his songs). I really love MJ that every time I think about his death, I always start to break down and cry (which I don’t usually do, and it is weird because I have never done that to my late relatives) Also at that time, whenever I hear his song ‘Heal the world’, I would definitely cry because I can hear his soft and loving voice in the song and the message of it is just so beautiful, to me, that song is a masterpiece and MJ wrote the song himself, he is AMAZING!!!

So yeah, after graduating in elementary and after summer, I was still a fan of MJ.. I stopped idolizing MJ in my highschool years due to some irrational and childish reasons…… But just this last November 2014, I became his fan again.. NO! I actually became one of MJ’s BIGGEST FANS just this last November 2014 AGAIN!!! This time, I will never let go of idolizing MJ, NEVER!!! I have read numerous good articles about MJ, watched many performances made by him across the world and listened to his music everyday which made me love him more (I have 100+ songs of MJ in my phone) !!!!!

I’m the kind of fan who does not have any single albums, CDs, DVDs, posters and memorabillia of MJ. But even if I do not have those things, I still consider myself as a big fan because I truly love MJ, his music and legacy. I will always continue to love, support and protect MJ 😀 I really appreciate it when I see MJ tribute artists because they continue MJ’s magic but then it also makes me sad because they ( MJ tribute artists) always remind me that MJ is gone already, that I will never be able to talk to him, touch his hand and see him performing on stage. It breaks my heart, it truly breaks my heart.

I honestly want to thank God for His plans. Because of Michael’s passing, I get to know him, that MJ was not only a singer or dancer. After Michael died, I realized how beautiful and kind this man was and that he was totally misunderstood by many. MJ never stopped from spreading love and blessings to the world despite from the lies about him. MJ was truly brave, he was able to withstand all the pain, humiliation and lies and that is because Michael believes and loves God dearly, Michael never forgot about God despite from all the fame and riches. MJ was truly a kind human being 🙂

MJ is one of my inspirations in life. I will never forget how MJ influenced and inspired me…. He taught many people that love is the most powerful thing in the world and that it is something that we should give and share to others.. MJ was all about love, I want to be like that too. I want to follow his foot steps.. I want to reach out my hand to those who are in need. I want to spread love. I want to help and comfort the sick and the poor. I want to help the children of the world. I want to be an instrument of God just like MJ. I really want to help them. And I believe that is my calling…. to HEAL THE WORLD and also to make people join me in doing it.

Thank you MJ for inspiring me, I will be your forever fan <3 I LOVE YOU!!! (Mishie, Philippines)

Stories by IVAN. Part 1

One evening coming out of the theater that had rented to see a private screening of a film, a little girl ran to his black Stutz on the side of Linda holding a sign that read “Today is my birthday,” ELVIS rolled down the window and She sang Happy Birthday. Another time while Elvis instead went to the theater a woman asked if her friend could take a photo of her and her daughter with ELVIS, He agreed, but only for one photo …. Later when RE emerged from the movie to show to some friends his new limousine still noticed the girl who began to side with his hands behind his back patiently waiting for him to finish talking and then said, “Can I have a kiss?” ELVIS leaned toward her, Elvis stroked the little girl’s face with her hands and said, “Sure you can treasure”, as he kissed her on the cheek came immediately the mom who snapped another picture and ELVIS looking up at her with a smile said, “Ah, now it was a theft….” and They All Laughed

 In the mid 60 ELVIS was with friends in a private room of an elegant restaurant in Hawaii . At one point he got up to go to the bathroom and went through the entire restaurant , which was full of people , without anyone noticing or stopping him . After getting out Elvis began to talk quietly with a couple who was waiting to have a place … with a napkin on his arm Elvis pretended to be a waiter and walked in the room leading the pair to a table and after being seated began take their order. ELVIS he was a wonderful actor and here showed off his talent , when she said that was very similar to ELVIS PRESLEY smiled and explained that he had been told many times … then went back to his place with a nice chuckle

 In the 60 ELVIS sometimes he did get into the park of his villa people out of the gate and let them free even to use the pool . Once a girl , to get his attention , he jumped into the pool fully clothed and then pretending to drown began to scream for help … ELVIS rushed there and even HE dressed all dived to save her after taking her out of the water take her inside the house … she then began to laugh , ELVIS turned calmly, he returning to the pool and without a word threw back the girl in the water …

  An employee of the ” Ramada ” Hotel Memphis said that one night in the mid- 70s the RE had an appointment with someone at the hotel . His limousine stopped in front of the reception and the driver started honking , no one knew that Elvis was in the car , after a few minutes he jumped out of the back seat and slammed the door firmly stepped in the hotel looking everywhere , then returned drive that started at full speed …. the strange thing is that Elvis was in his pajamas …


Story by Muhammed

Since I knew Michael Jackson,I fell in love with his music,his dance and of course in him. In fact,I knew him since I was 13 years old,and now I’m 23 years old . I think he was the greatest entertainer to live. Such a wonderful man!! I’ve learned from him loving people from all races and of course helping others. I miss the world who was when The King Of Pop was still alive, his music will live forever. He had power and energy that no one can possess because he was such a gift from God to us. He continues to be a legend even if he is gone from this world and billions of people continue to admire his legacy and love him even if he passed away! I love you, The king of pop ♡ You’re missed.

Story by Lúbia Fonseca

I am 51 years old and since my five years I’m passionate about Elvis Presley, was seeing one of his films since then and am your eternal fan. Your story, your music, your movies, all that Elvis did was perfect. When he died was a huge void that is only lower by the work he left and that will be eternal.