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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. I think Meatloaf wants to go to the Hawaiian Islands to search for the pastor with the white beard. The Dutch dingbat truck driver thinks pelvis is still alive. Hey fatso, when you sweat, do you stink?

  2. Hey Bubbles, Johnny Depp is making a movie about Michael McJackson’s alien glove molesting kids. Sounds like an Oscar winner. Of course, ole Johnny started losing it when he played the creepy new Willy Wonka.

    • Funny you should mention “Willy Wonka”. Depp was clearly channeling Wacko Jacko. Some reviewers, like Richard Roeper, mentioned how creepy he was; like Michael Jackson.

  3. And what do you with Christmas Red Lady ?
    1. Eating with Bubbles in the famouse Paisley Lift , with candles and red dead roses ?
    2. Seaking of Prince presents under youre Christmas tree …… [ No cd s , its to little ]
    3. Singing by Boy George by the Christmas tree …”” WTF did Prince in Boy George bed ? “” Jingle bels
    4. What eat Red Lady ? She eat on Christmas days in a pigsty !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, is your Christmas going to be spent at a rest stop lavatory stall with your bare belly hanging out and your trunks down past your chunky kneecaps?

  4. The Elvis show in Londen O2 was an very big succes all the shows SOLD OUT !!!!!!
    There where more young people than ever ……. The next generation is ready for keeping the legend alive !!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      And let us not forget the kind of “love” that Mr Kitty still engages in.

      • Yep, that British weirdo is looking over his shoulder. Is Kitty still hiding out in Portugal? I wonder how many young lads he has invited over to his villa.

  5. Michael Jackson was awarded the highest honor ever given to a artist when he won “Man Of The Millennium” for his stunning “Invincible” masterwork in 2001. You envious haterz with your jealous lies can’t take away the truth of Michael’s billion unit sales worldwide. Ignorance, hatred, racism and tabloid lies will never defeat Michael’s crushing reign in the music world. The Beatles have been irrelevant for over forty years. The Jacksons/Michael Jackson changed music and dance forever. You old hypocrites need to bathe. You stink from your endless lies on The KING of the WORLD, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Get over it and accept fate. Michael Jackson isn’t going away. His fabulous music is being heard religiously in every country across the globe. It’s time to show Michael the respect he deserves! The Man Of The Millennium award goes to….

    Mr Michael Joseph Jackson!!!!

    • Ahhhhhhh… this clown spew its snake venom. Michael McJackson was forcibly removed from worldwide radio and the record books. If The Beatles were irrelevant for over forty years, then how did the classic reissue of “Abbey Road” reach the number one spot in every country around the globe in 2019?

      Sit your sore and beaten can down, clown. It is your dead hero, Michael McJackson who has been defeated. Requests for respect for that child predator has been flatly denied. That is just too bad, isn’t it?

      Ahhhhhh…..sniff, the endless tissues of teardrops, snot, boogie and mucus. You stink, you screaming tard.

      • No Prince on the screens with an concert orcestra ???
        What if they do that than was you the onley one person in the concert room …. 1 sit chair special for you red 1 fan lady ! And 1 dollar for the strain ?

        • Prince played to a packed house a few days before his tragic death. He never missed a beat. He traveled across the country and around the globe selling out venues. Wacko Jacko had barely done anything for the last 15 years of his miserable life.

          Prince wins! 😎

  6. Hey Red little lady , what if Prince playing in that Hawaiin style movie ?
    Than he was in that boat full of boys and he f*ck his sister behind that drummer full of gay flowers !

    • Or he was to small for that boat scenes , hey where are you Prince ….oh an little fish was dancing in that boat ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, no one wants to hear about your rinky dink, tiny little pecker squirt on the flopping fishy pulled in from the water from the deep raging sea. Those little eyes never blink in the misty sea salt air. Ahhhhhhh….the pelvis sang about crawl fish, doing clams, songs of the shrimp and going to a clambake. You stink like the catfish that the Sweet Inspirations had for din din instead of the fatty meatloaf the pelvis shoved down his gobbling throat. Ahhhhhhhh….with screams of bitterness, wha-cha gonna do when they come for YOU, Mr potato head man?

        • Prince cant be seen as Elvis in Hawaii he was to little for the drums in a movie ! And mabey an movie of “” Prince kiss Boy george in a boat in Russia “”

  7. Hey Red Lady, Johnny Depp wants to make a movie about the dancing scarecrow. Figures a creepy dude like Johnny Depp would be interested in Jacko.

    I hope the movie is made. Poor Hannibal needs something like this in his life. Maybe he can go see it with Screaming Helen. Would Uncle Charlie approve?

  8. Michael McJackson was too weak to beat any woman, but was definitely a hopeless junkie. Hey Hannibal, too bad that Mr Kitty was denied a duet with the thing of poo. Just imagine the two gay predators singing such classics as “Boys Will Be Boys” “Boys School” “The Boys Are Back In Town” and “My Boyfriend’s Back.” Ahhhhhhh….the bitterness of Benjamin. How come your stupid face is so twisted?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hannibal certainly has a fresh mouth and a wild imagination that little ole me gets frustrated from the tart lip of the spastic palsy. Ahhhhhhh…..the bitter twisted mouth sucks the blow fish of the gas hole funnel of back street corner love. You definitely do not get under my skin. You are obviously obsessed with the dead woodpecker, but what I do not understand is your extreme hatred for gay adult to adult contact. However, you never seem to back down from your blind love for boy loving clown, Michael McJackson, who was gay for numerous male tots in his secluded bedroom at his far from civilization Neverland playground. Hannibal says, “I bet U got wet just thinking about it.” Nope. I do not channel the spirits of past boy loving scarecrow, Michael McJackson. Do your beady little eyes roll to the back of your skull as you think of Jacko’s nude and sweaty skin next to an innocent victim?

  9. Hey listen and seen “” Drums Of The Island “” Elvis Paradise of Hawaiin style “” on You tube also you can seen !
    Its looks likes an real heaven that clip !!!
    ELVIS King of Hawaii

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, I’ve read that the pelvis made a blue movie while in Hawaii. It was rated xxx for seventies sex. Ahhhhhhh….how old were all the girls trapped with the barrel chested big boss man?

      Ginger cried in pain as the pelvis spanked her can raw in the blue lagoon.

      Yet, when Meatloaf travels down the long lonely highway, he is never alone. Ring, ring, ring….it is Mr Kitty. He wants you to bring the lads to his secret rented bungalow for hopefully many hours of adventures and fun.

  10. The self proclaimed “Mr knowledge” is such a liar. Hey Hannibal, if I had a dime for every time you insulted Prince, I would be a very, very wealthy woman. If anything, you and Meatloaf continue to attack the emperor with jealousy in your hateful hearts. I’ve definitely lost count how many times you have called him a dwarf or midget, referring to the purple one as tiny. Hey skinny, you have a fresh, tart mouth that roars eye burning lies. Of course, if your fat pelvis sidekick wasn’t slobbering all over you, you would be viciously attacking his idol. as well. You are a weak, timid little toad, a keyboard warrior that has threatened Bubbles with empty tough talk. You are such a hypocrite!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Family f*cker Joseph Jackson crawled in bed with daughter LaToya, while sending little Michael McJackson away to recording industry giants to be constantly molested. Your idol came home physically ill after being tossed around man to man to man. He grew up gay, but papa Joe got sweet deals and recording contracts for his sons in the McJackson 5. Michael McJackson was also beaten, forced at an early age to sing and dance like a puppet. Do you need more tissues, clown?

  11. What if i say i loved Prince ? Red Lady ??
    I think she closed the supermarked door for me and than she run o the toilet …..

  12. Today i was discharge my trailer truck by an supermarkt and an marvellouse lady wth blondy hair she loves Elvis and she will an date with me and to s*x in the truck with Elvis music on !!!!
    Wow i was in heaven , but i say i haved to go working , see you later beautifull lady !!! She smiled and say Oh yes trucker !!!

    Elvis fans are s*xy !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Meatloaf now claims that he has met a blonde bombshell that is interested in him and his truck. She probably just wants money. Watch out, Meatloaf. Gals today want to tease, then take lonely men to the cleaners. Take off your stupid dyed black wig, and show her the huge mole growing from under your earlobe.

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