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  1. Hey Red Lady there are much more Elvis fans collected LP s and single vinyls off every country released of the same LP , bv. In Japan is the same lp in Brazil an another cover, and in africa an difrent cover enz……..
    And i haved 1100 cd s and 120 LPs of Elvis and more than 200 books .

    And how many stuff of Prince haved you ???

  2. Yo’ Teach, who do you think should play Michael Joseph Jackson in his upcoming film? I think Cliff Richard would be a good choice. Granted, Mr. Kitty is not as white as Michael Joseph Jackson was, but pelt him with rotten eggs, throw some flour on him and the makeup is almost complete.

    Hey Red Lady, will Clifford’s nose be digitally removed or will he use method acting and actually file down his nose to the size of a pimple like Wacko’s death honker?

    The man/boy scenes should be easy for Clifford. Much like Jacko he has “experience” with underage boys.

    • the red lady attacks Elvis and the fagg.t cries in the corner
      No guts , doesnt defend his idol
      hey tissue boy real life must be hard for you
      here u can say anything in real life you end up in the hospital
      be carefull Cockroach

      • I attack the the hip shaking pelvis?

        Yep, his clothes got ripped off his fat body like the clam from its sea shell. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal screams that boyz never did that to Michael McJackson, but it was the slobbering woodpecker that did those nasty deeds to them. Pronto?

        Ahhhhhhh….the screaming palsy wants to put Bubbles in the hospital. That is animal abuse!
        Time to call Jane Goodall.

  3. Yes the FTD label is an alternative Elvis with full of outtakes and unreleased cd s and books . The Bootlegs is an another way full of unreleased stuff and live concert recorded that was not aviable on RCA and Sony !!! And you haved the Original records ofcourse ! Red Lady i gived you an Elvis website full of info for all the Elvis cds ? You dont do homework ?

  4. Hannibal is scared stiff that like his dead woodpecker idol, he will get caught. Of course. skinny is too weak and frightened to handle a real woman. Hey retard, it must bother you deeply that you have always disappointed your poor old mama. She cries in shame every time you embarrass her by dancing nude in front of friends and family during the holidays. Turn off that cassette player, Ben. No one wants to see you orgasm to the mouth popping beat of the dead, Michael McJackson. Pronto?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        More lies. Hey Hannibal, did “Scream” also go number one on “Gilligan’s Island?”

        • i know u hate it that scream went to number one lol
          everybody can check it

          hey music fan check it for the lady

          • She screams all day long about pee and poo !
            Mabey she living next to an pig farmhouse…. hahahaha

  5. Not only hasn’t Hannibal been with an EXPERIENCED woman before, he hasn’t been with any gal. Uncle Charlie has said that Hannibal has always been gay for Michael McJackson, but will never admit to his gay feelings. I may be a granny, but you are right behind me, skinny. I definitely could still get a real man, and not someone that still lives with mommy in her basement.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, did you bring shame to your daddy’s eyes when your spinning head spun out of your mama’s love canal?

      • We know Michael Joseph Jackson dangled “Blanket” off a balcony in Germany when he was a baby. He also took nude showers with Wade Robson when he was a child. His family suspects he might have molested his nephews etc.

  6. Ahhhhhh….the retard without a brain is now calling others retards. Interesting concept, Hannibal. Listen, when you close your beady little eyes to go to sleep at night, do you sometimes wonder when instant karma is going to get you for your nasty deeds with so many ex boy and men lovers?

    Taylor Swift only beat Michael McJackson, dipshyt.

  7. Hannibal claims that a normal person would not talk about gay sex on a music forum, and yet, Michael McJackson was all about gay sex, especially in the eye burning documentary, “Leaving Neverland.” It won an Emmy for its director, Dan Reed.

    Ahhhhhh….the tears. Sniff.

    • Prince and boy George
      Prince even sang that he was gay.
      Even was famous for his cocaine male orgies.

      • Boy George was never good looking enough to be kissing the long dead Valentino. Hey Hannibal, apparently the old time king of the silent screen was not only catnip to women, but men wanted him too. Is that why gay men fainted at the sight of your boy loving hero?

  8. The American Music Awards were created in 1973. The King passed away in 1977. Jacko’s “Off the Wall” was released in 1979. 30 years later he died with his vomit lodged on his throat. The last 15 years of his life he was a punchline unable to get any work. He was called a PeeDoughFile and freak. (which he was) His legacy, is that of an indebted state to uncle Sam and an Emmy award winning documentary called “Leaving Neverland” exposing his sick twisted perversion. With “The Simpsons” episode removed from streaming and future DVD releases, his legacy will continue to dwindle; NEVER to recover.


    • with the movie release and musical release , winning forbes , and 3 albums in the charts his legacy lives on.
      Did u know Elvis ate the same junk meal every day for 2 years and what about those 14 year olds ( the red lady )

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The McJackson estate knows they have to sell Jacko to the highest bidder. So, a musical and laughable movie are being produced?

        The pelvis already had all those things ten times over, and your buddy Meatloaf has over 1000 pelvis cd’s. That was not me talking, stupid. As for the pelvis eating meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy every night for two years, and kissing fourteen year old gals, at least it wasn’t brutal anal sex with male tots like Michael McJackson. From what I understand, the pelvis cheated on the young Priszilla with grown women starlets like Ann-Margret, Shelly Fabulous and Nancy Sinatra. Oops, the Memphis mafia knew everything that happened in the pelvis’s bedroom. They were there like you were.

        Hannibal pops yet another blood pimple as Meatloaf pulls his undershirt over his greasy head and bares his round, fat belly. Skinny smells the sweat of the flying Dutchman.

        Yep, having massed produced overstocks on the bottom of the charts mean that Michael McJackson’s legacy as a depraved boy loving predator lives on. Of course, who was the boy that screamed on the train so loud that passengers complained to the authorities?

        Was is YOU, skinny?

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Not a word about the intense whoOpee that Joseph had with his screaming daughter LaToya?

            Ahhhhhh…..her eyeball popped out because of her pop.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          You said yourself that the FTD label is re re re re releasing stuff you already have. Hey Meatloaf, I thought you claim you have over a thousand pelvis cd’s?

          183 releases today is way before 1000. You lying, or do you have triple vision?

  9. Now i seen for fun Prince and 3rdEyedGirl concert in Manchester 16 may 2014 ,
    What is this for an circus show ? A gnome clown with a pyama dress on an an fake chain and his hair was as an old dead grass ? He sings auw auw miauw , and his red hair female singers ….. hey are that red hair lady ? Hmmm … this show is so sleepy and lazy … zzzzzzzz…Ohw … Ooops what the lady sings more than Prince . Was Prince an backup singer !!!
    Prince was more an backup singer than an front singer , Lady are the boss !
    Ohhh … iam tired ,,,, Hey wtf ? he sings i wants with Boy George to bed , sings Prince ?????

  10. Prince will be on the charts a week after the release date of November 29th, just in time for the Christmas holiday rush. At least Prince will have something new. Oops, that definitely does not the case for Michael McJackson. Sony tried hard to pass Jason Malachi vocals for that of the real Michael McJackson, but many fanatics could not be duped. Ahhhhhh….the “Scream” album contained no unreleased material. Gee, I wonder why?

    It is totally possible that the “1999” deluxe set will return Emperor Prince into the top ten around the international globe. It has been almost six long years since Michael Jackson’s short “Xscape” CD in 2014. Ahhhhhh……that was sooooo long ago. Low sales for Michael McJackson has certainly disappointed Sony as it scrambles what to do next. Like the FTD label with the pelvis, the well has been drained completely dry. Hey Hannibal, it looks like you and Meatloaf are on the same sinking ship. Your idols have nothing new coming out. However, Prince does! I know it must hurt your little hearts to know that you two clowns continue to lose, but I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • Michael is 24-7 – 365 on thecharts
      Prince is no competition
      a nobody , no impact , tiny , small , gonne , forgotten
      Buget store , gasttions , overtsocked , bargain bin
      it ainbt the 80s anymore , nobody is listening to that outdated sh.t
      quantity over quality
      One week nelson
      the voices are lying

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, the old man with the cash and the shaky hand on the gland, does he have a mole on his bare can?

    • The FTD label is 20 years active with more than 183 releases today !!!!!
      And the MRS Label and the Bootlegs releases tons of cds worldwide !!!
      Seen the website “” Elvis On CD “” 35 years . You never believed it Red Lady , hold on and dont haved an hart attact if you seen all the cd s of Elvis !!!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You said yourself that the FTD label is re re re re releasing stuff you already have. Hey Meatloaf, I thought you claim you have over a thousand pelvis cd’s?

        183 releases today is way before 1000. You lying, or do you have triple vision?

  11. Yo’ Teach, did you read the good news?!

    Taylor Swift now has won more AMA’s than Michael Joseph Jackson. She is only 29 years old. She and other singers will continue taking records away from him. Too bad. Ha ha ha

    “Thriller” keeps dropping on the album charts, where will it be 5 years from now?

    Congratulations to “Queen” and “ABBA”.

    • Oops, no pelvis release in quite some time. Ahhhhhh….the tears. FTD’s well is just about bone dry, but they say Prince has at least a hundred years of unreleased complete tracks in the vault in Paisley Park. It looks like you will have to switch to the music of Mr Kitty And The Shadows.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        A Hannibal copy and paste. Ahhhhhhh….just like his beaten idol, Michael McJackson….skinny cannot come up with anything original. Hey Hannibal, you game for gay mouth to mouth?

        Mr Kitty says that your body reminds him of Angus Young.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            This, from the fresh O mouth that wants kissy from ole Mr Kitty. Hey Hannibal, Clifford wants you to pack a light suitcase and meet him west of Spain. Mr Kitty is planning a romantic weekend for three or four at his hidden Spanish bungalow. He says the bubbling steam will be warm enough for hours of brain popping whoopee, man on man. Of course, you are required to bring your own cotton towels and love lotion. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal just loves the soft whispers of old Mr Kitty and the little nibble on his earlobe with the old man’s false teeth. With the pointed tip of the pointed tongue, Hannibal has to admit that Click can drive his skinny little body sweaty and hot. Ahhhhh….love, exciting and new.

            • those voices are talking a lot i see
              a normal person wouldnt talk about gay sex on a music forum.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson is being beaten by hundreds of modern artists, Bubbles. It was because the lazy woodpecker took over five long years between new albums. Ahhhhhh….he was just too busy abusing defenseless animals and chasing nude boyz around the secluded Neverland lair. Hey Hannibal, do you desire to beat a llama to its screaming, bloody death?

      Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” has fallen down in the ranks. Hannibal screams and punches a llama or lamb.

  12. “Don’t cha Think It’s Time?”

    Another pelvis dud. Hey Hannibal, if remixed for the modern era, will the young little girlies wanna kissy from the dead king’s roving mouth and tongue?

    1. There are no Prince CD’s in the bargain bin.
    2. Forbes lies and manipulates, so they are not legit. (PAYOLA)
    3. Prince is number one in the hearts of millions of his loyal fans, not for jealous liars like you.

    Ahhhhhh….Hannibal pops a vein cause Prince “1999” is now a five disc package with 35 unreleased tracks. Michael McJackson’s last posthumous CD, “Scream” bombed worldwide, way back in 2017. lol.

  13. Yesterday evening 17.30 i drive with my truck to find an new supermarket in Limmen NH and i cant find that supermarked and i go to far and i drive in Heilo a village and i turn back on a rotonde and what i saw was amazing !!!
    I saw an big billboard by an hotel …… an picture with a blond “” ELVIS CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY CONCERT “” WOW !!!!
    God thanks you for the wrong way , its a gift !!! So happy evening i haved yesterday !!!! And later i find it with help from my planner . !!!!!!!!! ELVIS IS EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!

  14. Ahhhhhhh….the fresh O mouth of the twisted inner boogie of handicapped Hannibal. Do you do the shuffling two step with Hilda, Hanna and screaming Helen?

    Those folded eyed gals need love too.

    Opps….pop goes the weasel, off with the spinning head. Hey skinny, Meatloaf says he wants to exchange more than bodily fluids in the lavatories and public showers. Will the next fatso, please raise your plump hand?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Look, it is fat and skinny calling others gay, while scoping out some back door love. Hey Hannibal, when renting a cozy little room for two, do you have mirrors on the ceiling and champagne on ice over a heart shaped bed?


        • music please – no voices or fantasies
          dont masturb,te thinking anout me, please
          Not into the whole granny thing

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, the deluxe version of “1999” comes out November 29th. Oops, no pelvis release in quite some time. Ahhhhhh….the tears. FTD’s well is just about bone dry, but they say Prince has at least a hundred years of unreleased complete tracks in the vault in Paisley Park. It looks like you will have to switch to the music of Mr Kitty And The Shadows. Hey truck driver, the young turk you picked up for a little back seat rumba is planning to go to the authorities. Did you show him your deep set navel?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhh….the wishes of a confused, but irate Hannibal. Only retards ask for more pain after being beaten a thousand different ways. The bodily waste that dribbles out of your can, stinks…..little man. Hey Hannibal, Meatloaf wants you to meet him in the nude beach lavatory for some hen picking, brain popping whoopee.

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