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  1. Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora – When the Rain Begins to Fall (Official Video)

    4 countries number 1

    check it out

    • The song is laughably dated, but Jermaine was still a better vocalist than Michael McJackson. Ahhhhhhh….the eighties sound and fashion. Hey Hannibal, they have red leather on the racks at the Salvation Army. Oops….how about some striped slacks and v neck tees with make up stains still on them?

      Your idol loved to go to the kiddie section. All boyz pants half off.

  2. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal claims that nobody takes what I say seriously these days. However, it is the absolute truth that Michael McJackson packs the bargain bins worldwide with massive overstock items that many retailers cannot get rid of. The retarded are the last to upgrade to the modern era and are still dancing with their durable plastic cassettes. Hey Hannibal, don’t cha think Hilda deserves a CD at the group home dance party? Those poor souls just loved the Michael McJackson impersonator last Christmas, but this year, money is extremely tight. The admin are looking for donations to help the handicapped. They just love to do the spastic boogie. Hey Hannibal, I heard that Clifford wants to find a way to improve his tarnished reputation. He wants to hold a charity event for the weak, the timid and disabled. Mr Kitty says he is in, only if he can be allowed to go bedside to a crippled little boy or gal. You game?

    • Michael has the best selling album of all time .
      Michael is in the charts with 3 albums

      no way he is in the bargain bins

      artist that dont chart or are off the charts in one week or make every eyar a record that doesnt sell end up in teh bargain bin
      which artist did i just describe- the family f.cker Prince

      couldnt find anything on Michael – bargain bin.

      Prince i could find – prince org – bargain bin

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Mass produced = bargain bins. It also happens to artists who wait five years between releases. I know it hurts your aching heart, but that’s just too bad. Again, LaToya and daddy Joseph kept it in the family, daddy and daughter making lip biting whoopee. And yet, you keep calling Prince names, without proof. Again, Prince has the most valuable catalog in the music industry. You lose.

        • a lot of artist wait years between albums

          every album that Michael made in his life was a big hit

          prince a lot of albums never went gold or made it in the charts – straight to the budget store

  3. “I’ve never said it publicly… when the news came that Michael had died, Prince was in rehearsal at Paisley Park… Prince cancels rehearsals, sent the band home, and for days locked himself in his bedroom and wouldn’t come out and really didn’t talk to people.”

    Smiley is still struggling to move on after losing Prince, his unlikely friend of over 20 years.

    “I didn’t get to know Michael the way I knew Prince; that is why this book and researching this text was so much fun for me. Again, they are two of the greatest artists the world will ever know, and to hang out with Prince as much as I did is one of the great joys of my life.”

    “Before You Judge Me” is in stores now. Buy it here.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, is that why Prince wrote “Face Down” about Michael McJackson? While still alive, Prince laughed at Michael McJackson. The Jehovah Witnesses believe in not talking ill of the dead, which is why Prince locked himself in his room for days. Besides, Paisley Park is NOT being sued for billions of dollars. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal screams again. Prince simply would not disrespect the dead. He still called Michael McJackson “Helen Keller” and played bass guitar in his butchered face. McJackson cried for days afterwards.

      • so a close friend of prince is wrong
        and u know exactly what happened – u lie all the time
        strange – a retard that knows more than a close friend

        i feel so sorry for u.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          I think Prince might have felt pity for Michael McJackson, and invited him to shoot hoops, listen to music, hang out, but that is hardly a close friend. It is obvious that Prince had a bit of a mean streak when it came to Michael, but it wasn’t like McJackson never complained about Prince. See, like it or not, Prince did not care that Wacko was such this big star. He never kissed Michael’s ass. I think the two got off the wrong foot when Michael had Prince come up on stage with James Brown. Of course, none of what I say is a lie. Why would I have to resort to that, when the truth is much more interesting? I think Prince came to understand that McJackson was abused as a child, and therefore knew that Michael McJackson was not completely all there. Why do you pretend to know my life and where I get my sources? You would just call be a liar anyhow.

          • I think Prince

            Now your know what prince is thinking lol

            . Why do you pretend to know my life
            maybe now u understand how stupid your post are.

            u r such a victim

  4. Hey Hannibal, do you comb the clearance bins for the tarnished Michael McJackson for grab bags for the “Toys For Tots” Christmas campaign? Ahhhhhhh….Santa Claus and Disney both say no to the horny woodpecker. Cheap bargain bin for the twisted group home dance that still use boom boxes. Oops….it is time to flip over the cassette to the other side. Hey Hannibal, grab your partner by the twisted hand and do the spastic step to the dated disco of Michael McJackson.

    • his fanclub said prince is in the bargain bins copy and paste coming soon

      the things u yell here lol ha ha ha nobosy takes serious

      prince org

  5. New album ‘ Prince and MJ ”
    Who s that kid ? [ Madonna song ]

    1. Bubbles i shave youre ass ….
    2. My nose was shorter than the d* ck of Prince …
    3. Who s …with Boy George in bed ?
    4. My nose was empty and gone by the storm …
    5. Hi i am a king …. and stoled the title from The KING my Lisa was laughing my out ?
    6. Purple low legs …
    7. My Microphone was longer than me …. Purple gnome !
    8. SCream in Prince his ears !!!
    9. Hi Ha Purple are you my little cousin ?
    10 . Eeekks an Purple kid with a beard in my secret bedroom ???

    • And an single !
      A. Run with an demerol in my ass ….
      B. Where is Libarace and Boy George in oure bed ! ….. MJ and Prince duet ] .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      You seem to have a short in your meaty brain, Meatloaf. You forget that Prince refused to do a duet with Michael McJackson. He called the scarecrow, “Helen Keller.” Ahhhhhh….I wonder what Liza Maria Pelvis is thinking of right now? Is she still writing her tell all book about her daddy’s lust for fourteen year old girls?

  6. Thank you Anon, I read the good news. Indeed, Mr. Robson and Mr. Safechuck are getting closer to justice. Hey Red Lady, did you read about Disney’s new streaming service Disney+? They have “The Simpsons” and Wacko Jacko’s episode is NOT available it seems. F’loons are MAAAAAAAAAD.

    Ha ha ha

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I’ve woke up this morning and read about the good news. The Michael McJackson estate are livid and the floons are very irate. Of course, Disney wants to distance themselves from the wild boy loving woodpecker. I guess Hannibal is crying from the severe blows of the current news. Ahhhhhh….there is no turning back the clock. The tears of frustration soak his skinny bare chest as he swings his nude dundee in the mirror. Hey Bubbles, it is definitely a good year for celebration.

  7. Good news and big win for Wade & Jimmy. Michael’s victims Wade & Jimmy’s battery lawsuit has been restored. They are one step closer to suing the Michael Jackson estate for billions. A new California law says that adult childhood victims are entitled to get money from their abuser’s estate, especially if the criminal is the number one dead celebrity on Forbes. The Red Lady hates Michael, must be elated by the breaking news. It’s not good news for Michael Jackson fans.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Dan Reed celebrates with a tall glass of red wine. It looks like all the estate’s posthumous money might be going directly to Michael McJackson’s victims, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Ahhhhhhhh….Hannibal screams with battered throat and spittle. It is definitely a big win for justice for the poor boyz who were once brutalized by the horny woodpecker. You lose, you slobbering little retard. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Hey Hannibal, I heard Mr Kitty is shaking in his leather boots. He wants a bony shoulder to cry on. You game for ole wrinkled sugar daddy west of Spain?

  8. Midget/dwarf Prince was secretly gay and sang a song about kissing the gay Valentino. His tiny legs had to climb a ladder to kiss his gay boyfriends. Michael can easily destroy that pig pelvis! That fat grease ball beat women! KING Michael Jackson reigns over your tiny idols. Michael was found innocent of any wrongdoing in the court of law. Those lying brats will pay for their harmful lies! We always luv U, Michael! Long live the true KING!

  9. Hey Lady Red why dont haved you saved Prince than for his danger medicine he was hurt , you haved to saved him a couple years ago !
    And than you are an famouse woman in his arms ! But are you not to long for his kiss?

  10. the lady is old and s>xual frustrated.
    What kind of person are u when all u can do is talk about s.x on a music forum.
    somebody help her out of her misery.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhh….Hannibal is jealous that I have always wanted to have Prince’s baby. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to the opposite sex as Prince was. If I was Mayte Garcia, that man would have never gotten away. I do not expect you to understand that Prince is the ideal man for any superior woman. As you already know, sex and romance sells in music. Hey Hannibal, I know that you’ve had your heart crushed a few times by gay men that idolize Michael McJackson as you do, but just because Uncle Charlie frustrated you to seek a wild, untamed and dangerous kind of back street love, please do not blame me for your failed relationships. I would have gladly had Prince’s love child. It is definitely not misery, but an unrealized dream.

      • The comment is about your s.x comments not about the tiny singer. Most women are taller than tiny.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Hannibal, Prince called Mayte Garcia the most beautiful girl in the world. However, you bed bald fat men like your old sugar daddy, Uncle Charlie. Do you want more candy on the gay nude beaches of horny Spain? Mr Kitty can run and hide, but we still know what he did to a swing of victims at the Elm Street house in London.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Meatloaf’s jumpsuit stained at the knees with a hole in the seat of the pants. Hannibal’s mouth has the seed of Mr Kitty on his pimpled tongue. Oops… you want to kiss Hannibal in your truck or at the rest stop lavatory?

  11. Hey Meatloaf, I’m very sorry, but I’m gonna keep my baby. Don’t preach. Prince gave me his ultimate seed, and now I proudly carry his unborn baby. I know you are upset these days, but don’t be…..I am strong, I am woman, I am proud to be the chosen one to deliver the legacy of the sexiest man that walked planet earth.

    Ahhhhhhh….sunny Spain, west of Portugal, has the most beautiful nude beaches for men like yourself. But one bit of advice, the Spaniards do not like the slobbering pelvis. You could even be violently attacked if you put on the jumpsuit and wig. Instead, they want your natural body, warts and all. Mr Kitty says that all you need to bring is suntan oil. He has clean white towels to dry off at his grapevine street bungalow. Of course, once inside his twisted lair, that is when all the real fun begins. Hannibal screams, but do not worry, Meatloaf. Clifford has soundproof walls and a cozy little room down below. It is a nice little love nest that only three can share. Clifford says, “Take off your briefs. The water is steamy warm!”

    • How did you know all that information ??? Its in youre spinning dreams , Cliff is youre fantasia you wish you was there …..

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, it is just Clifford’s mode of operation. He was caught being Mr Kitty at the famous Elm Street house, where many male victims were brutalized. The information is easily googled. I can almost be certain that the old chicken hawk hasn’t changed a bit. He is also paranoid. Hey Meatloaf, you drive across the major highways to get to point A to point B. Mr Kitty is looking for a delivery service that is willing to do more than just pizza & wings.

  12. Hey Meatloaf, do the Dutch celebrate old turkey day underneath the windmills?

    Mr Kitty wants in.

  13. Hey Meatloaf, “There’s lots of girls in the mountains.” Do do drive your truck to the mountain peak?”

      • No, they are waiting for the real pastor pelvis, the one with the cropped tight white beard.

        The kittyhawks!

        Hey Meatloaf, when the pelvis rolled in the hay with Yvonne Craig, was Priscilla mad?

  14. The best match for Prince was not you long tall red lady ? Prince 7 inch vs Madonna 7 inch !! Same size of body !!!

    Madonna makes more hits than Prince , its likes the song “” Love a Little Live a little “” from Elvis !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The best match for fat and skinny is old Mr Kitty. Hey Meatloaf, Clifford wants you to drive to Spain with Hannibal, so you three lovebirds can take a bird bath, completely nude. You game?

      • Cliff is alive and Prince was naked dead in his lift ….. Who was foud him ?
        Uhh ….Boy George mabey ?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Clifford is an old chickenhawk. Hey Meatloaf, do you always pop a vein when confronted with the truth of your nasty deeds to Hannibal’s little dundee?

  15. Hey Red baby Prince lady , what do you say that the world new and better is today ? No before the ww2 was the world better than now and the music was more love not hates songs !
    Bing Crosby was the King of Music in that times !

    Was Prince an secret child of an hybride [ Gnome vs Purple frog ? ] lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Put the blame on Michael McJackson. After all, Hannibal claims that McJackson turning into a werewolf changed the world. Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf is dreaming of a “White Christmas.”

      • Bing Crosby was angry on Elvis the cover song of Elvis “” White Christmas “” ?
        Why ? Hmmm…. Elvis sings that cover better !!!!

        • If the pelvis did it better, then why are you having a “White Christmas” with child beating Bing? Ahhhhhhhh….you dreaming of snowflake in the Swiss mountains with Pastor Bobby?

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