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  1. Prince’s BIZARRE Reaction to Michael Jackson’s Death | the detail.

    check it on you tube

  2. Hannibal still claims that Michael McJackson still has the best selling album of all time, even though he was told that his tarnished idol has been beaten by The Eagles and Queen. Again, everybody knows that Wacko gave himself fake awards. Of course, McJackson has no number ones after his embarrassing nude death. But Hannibal screams. Hey retard, songs finished by Jason Malachi do not count.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Then Queen had a major comeback, and pushed down Adele. Hey Hannibal, Michael McJackson is old news, clown. Queen are everywhere.

        • 2 albums usa charts
          1 album Uk chart
          number one forbes

          seems like still famous today

          where is the tiny gay singer

          most famous for boy george his words

          • And yet, it was Queen that have stayed in the realms of the top ten for mouths at a time, while Michael McJackson’s cheap bargain bin opuses barely get into the top 100. Do not worry about Prince, Hannibal. His estate has already been paid. Hey retard, you seem to have a interest in the aging Boy George. “He’ll Tumble For Ya, He’ll Tumble, For Ya, He’ll Tumble for U.”

  3. Not only was Prince’s “Batman” number one in five countries, it was top five in many others. However, Hannibal screams that Prince was a “one hit wonder.” When caught with his lies, Hannibal back flips like flopping fishy out of the green toxic sea. Hey Benjamin, your stupid tongue needs to be removed from your twisted mouth.

  4. Ahhhhhh….the clicker apparently cannot read. I never said that the “Batman” soundtrack outsold the “Purple Rain” album. What I said, it was a soundtrack score, which is the best selling of all time. Prince is not in the film itself, dipshyt. Michael McJackson could not do scores for films, act or direct, could he?

    Hey Hannibal, why soooooo much jealousy towards Prince?
    Oops, unlike predator. Michael McJackson, Prince loved beautiful women like Mayte Garcia. To the boy loving woodpecker, women were yucky. Michael McJackson dunked his head under the steaming bubbles for a splashing gay, but old Liberace.

    • Purple rain movie soundtrack
      Batman movie soundtrack

      Batman best selling movie soundtrack of all time

      U said it

      But its all a lie.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Your mama cries from all the lies you spit from your twisted mouth, you slobbering palsy. “Batman” is the biggest score soundtrack of all time, clown. Apparently, you need to go back to school, teach. Remedial for special ed. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal screams. It was YOU that called Prince a one hit wonder, remember?

        Hey Hannibal, you got the boogie inside your twisted body?

        • 14: Batman (1989) … ooops u lie again

          i dont even think a monley would believe you

          • Bubbles believes every word, clown. You lie, cheat and manipulate for a dead scarecrow. How do you sleep, retard?

            Ahhhhhh…. do your eyes burn?

            • yelling something
              come with facts and numbers
              u dont do that cause than u lose
              u r weak and a coward
              u r scared of the facts
              show the number, show the facts
              u cant cause u would lose
              scared granny hide behind your pc

              anal clown
              pee poop fart thats your only knowlegde

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey clicker, how many British boyz did Mr Kitty force into his warm bed?

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              Daddy and daughter, Joseph and LaToya. Hey Hannibal, didn’t sister LaToya play McJackson lover in the Faul McCartney duet video, “Gay, Gay, Gay?” Oops, McJackson tried pure white cocaine in Studio 54, 1979. He was flying high for decades. Ahhhhh…Hannibal pops a blood vessel.

              • that was a videoclip
                he didnt rape her like prince did to hister and cousins
                there is a reason he is called the tiny family f.cker
                raping and beating women
                no wonder he is ignored on the charts and forbes

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, I heard that a screaming male got frightened inside your Mercedes truck and bit into your round but hairy naval during a rough and tumble encounter. Ahhhhh….the pelvis wig fell off in the struggle, and the poor kid saw the mole on your balding scalp as well as your deformed pecker. Ahhhhhh…Meatloaf took him to his secret bunker where skinny was waiting with love in his eyes.

  5. Ahhhhh….Hannibal likes to call Prince a “family f*cker” but neglects to talk about daddy Joseph and daughter LaToya making teeth gritting whoopee, while Michael McJackson was stripped 100% nude, oiled and beaten with leather straps.

  6. The very first black singer with an nr. 1 hit was “the great legend “” NAT KING COLD “” in 1950 with the song “” Mona Lisa “”
    So thats mean that the first black solo singer was Nat King Cole …..

    • And the first black solo singer on TV Nationwide in 1956 was Nat King Cole !!!!

      Sorry for Prince and MJ , NAT KING COLE was first on the TV music site of 1950 s !!!

        • MTV = Music Television . In the 50s was that the same in an another jack !!!
          Bv. The Ed Sullivian shows , = Music and Entertained for the TV !!!
          Again i am teaching you red tv eyes lady ?

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            I was talking black artists on MTV. Check out what Wiki says about the Prince classic “1999” and the two videos made for the album. Heavy rotation, which means that Hannibal lied yet again. I said nothing about old music on Ed Sullivan, clown.

  7. Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry with his song, music video and album, “Thriller.” The music video for this song changed the way the music industry produced and promoted new releases. “Thriller” was one of the most expensive music videos ever produced at the time it was released. Albums by African-American artists were usually marketed to an all black audience. However, Michaels record label, Epic, advertised “Thriller” everywhere to everyone. The “Thriller” music video and single were released simultaneously on a global level, forever changing the promotion of music by African-American artists.

    • Michael McJackson copied werewolf movies, but could not make a real Hollywood production that grossed paying money at box office. “The Wiz:” turkey was McJackson’s first movie, which he played a hanging scarecrow bombed worldwide, so McJackson could not get another film role to save his life. His dreams of being a leading man on the big screen was crushed because he could not act his way out of a brown paper bag. Boo hoo. His dancing clown videos were always played for free, while Emperor Prince got the box office. Ahhhhh….Hannibal cries as he continues to lie with twisted mouth and sour tongue. Hey retard, Epic especially had instructions by Michael McJackson to market his videos to young, white male tots.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          “Purple Rain” won an Oscar, and “Batman” soundtrack-score is the best selling of all time. Hey Hannibal, how come the soundtrack to “The Wiz” was cancelled?

          The thing of flop, Michael McJackson.

          • The 20 Best-Selling Movie Soundtracks of All Time
            The Bodyguard (1992) Certified units: 18 million.
            Saturday Night Fever (1977) Certified units: 16 million. …

            why do u lie all the time

            u r dealing with the Teacher here

            u r exposed again like the cheap u are

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              The key work is soundtrack score. Two million certified in 1989. Hey retard, that is completely different than a regular soundtrack with various artists included on them, or a soundtrack where the artist is the star of the film “Batman” hit number one worldwide. Hey teach, do you tell boyz that they are “special” when you have your way with their little dundees?

              • lame excuses
                only 5 countries number one
                do u suck your daddy cawk with filthy mouth

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Ha ha ha, you’re right, Meatloaf. The pelvis at a haunted ghost town in “Tickle Me.” By the way, I look a lot like the red head co star that married into royalty and became a princess in real life. She’s Julie Adams!

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              Simply check out the trailer for the pelvis spoof, “Tickle Me.” Meatloaf correctly said there was a werewolf in the movie. Apparently, the pelvis was stuck inside a haunted hotel with a map of buried treasure that his red headed lady friend’s grandfather had hidden. Was it gold? Someone told me that that pelvis movie was funny. Hey Hannibal, the pelvis starred in every one of his Hollywood musicals, but Michael McJackson was reduced to doing video clips that were shown on MTV for free.

              Ahhhhh,,,,the woodpecker wasn’t good enough to be the leading man in even a B movie. lol.

              • those free videos made Thriller a 100 million selling album.
                still in 2019 on the charts

  8. Yep, they just played the new format of music videos that millions of kids would come home from school everyday to watch videos until it was time to go to bed. It was Prince they were playing the most, clown. Tell us again that MTV was not popular before Michael McJackson’s “Billy And Gene.” Hannibal spins with more excuses.

    Oops, caught in a lie., but then changes his claims like the wind, when confronted with the truth. Michael McJackson definitely was not the first black artist on MTV, teach.

    • Nowhere to be found that prince had any impact om mtv or music videos.
      Boring video’s of a midget standing behind a mic.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Check out Prince’s awesome dance, spin and split in “Little Red Corvette.”

        Why the lies about Prince not making an impact? If it wasn’t for Prince, Michael McJackson would’ve never left his brothers. Jealousy is a bitter emotion, especially when it is done with filthy mouth. Prince opened the door for many black artists to follow.

  9. Hey Red Lady they used and copyed mine name ???
    Elvis [ stoled ] ? Blue suede shoes from Carl Perkins , but Elvis though that song was writing for Elvis !?

    Today here in Holland was now celebrating .. ST Maarten for kids and they do singing very old St Maarten songs of more than 100 years old or older ? Ding Dong and they singing by every houses !!!
    Ooops .. the same as Halloween but not with costums , but onley with lampions with lights in the dark evening !
    Kids dont go to Neverland do the ding dong on MJ s door ! And dont go to the door of Paisley s Prince door bell ….. he is stuck in the lift he cant opened the door anymore ? lol

  10. gain retard, look up when Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” “Musical Youth’s “Pass The Dutchie” and Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue” were played on heavy rotation on MTV. It was a year before Michael McJackson’s laughable “Billy And Gene.” McJackson outright lied about being the first black artist on MTV, plus he lied that MTV- lies – lies – no knowledge

    Little bad corvette- video -“Little Red Corvette” (directed by Bryan Greenberg and released in February 1983
    Billy jean – video- The “Billie Jean” music video debuted on March 10, 1983 on MTV.[35] It brought MTV—until then a fairly new and unknown music channel—to mainstream attention. It was one of the first videos by a black artist to be aired regularly

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Liar, liar, boyz pants on fire. Actually, Prince’s first video was “1999” ONE full year before Michael McJackson’s “Billy And Gene.” Hey Hannibal, do you pass the dutchie to the left hand side. Ahhhhhhh…..twisting Hannibal swarms. It just confirms that Michael McJackson lied. February is before March, and “Little Red Corvette” was Prince’s second video. You lose, birdbrain. Hey Benjamin, how many times have you lied to your old mama and make her cry that it was a mistake you were born?

        • It does not matter if the song was changed, you stupid retard. Prince was the first black artist on MTV with “1999” and his second video, “Little Red Corvette” was played on heavy rotation six weeks before Michael McJackson’s “Billy And Gene.” It just proves that you lie like your tarnished idol lied. Ahhhhhh….hey Hannibal, Meatloaf loves rubbing your screaming head into the sand as your eyes budge out of their bloody sockets. His heel twisting back and forth. The tears sprinkle from those peepers like the squirt of exploding juicy fruit. You definitely lose, clown. Get on your knees to Meatloaf’s round belly. The chunky hand has pulled you close to the stink of his sweaty gravy. Like the brutal love sessions with the aging Mr Kitty, do not close your eyes as you scream, Hannibal. Karma is going to get cha!

          • because u said something that is nowhere to check means i am lying.
            lol retard
            prince was not famous at that time.
            1999 and little bad kroket where no big hits , no impact
            Michael opened the door for black artist.
            so no heavy rotation, sorry- denied

  11. Hey Meatloaf, it looks like their game plan to to troll as our imposers to confuse, out of frustration. I’ve read posts that I know I did not post. This forum is an endless array of tricks. What else is new? Hey fatso, you should twist skinny down to the ground with the chunky ball of your heel, and twist his screaming head into the dirt. Pop goes the weasel of shattered dreams. Ahhhhhhh….Meatloaf sings “I Don’t Want To Be Tied” from the pelvis classic, “Girls, Girls, Girls.” Actually, Michael McJackson made a dirty X rated version called, “Boyz, Boyz, Boyz.”

  12. Paul Anka wrote “The Glove Never Felt His Wood” because Michael McJackson could not write songs himself. Hey Hannibal, why wasn’t Michael McJackson able to play one single instrument, forty years in the business?

    Oops, little Billy and Gene’s wet noodles do not count.

  13. How the King of Pop Changed MTV

    It took major prodding to get MTV to play “Billie Jean,” the second track from Jackson’s 1982 album Thriller. Released Jan. 2, 1983, the single would go on to top the Billboard 100 chart for seven weeks, but Walter Yetnikoff, president of CBS Records Group, reportedly had to threaten to remove all other CBS videos from MTV before the network agreed to air the video for “Billie Jean.”


    Garland denied such a confrontation occurred, telling Jet that the network began playing the video on its own. “There was never any hesitation. No fret,” he said. Based on his account, MTV aired the video the same day that executives screened it.

    However “Billie Jean” ended up on the network, there’s little doubt that it changed the course of MTV. The first video by a black artist to receive heavy rotation on the network, “Billie Jean” opened up the door for other artists of color to be featured on MTV.

    “Billie Jean” also paved the way for Michael Jackson to star in the 14-minute music video “Thriller,” the most expensive music video ever made at the time. “Thriller” debuted Dec. 2, 1983. It proved so popular that it was released as a home video that went on to become a record-breaking bestseller.

    • Again retard, look up when Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” “Musical Youth’s “Pass The Dutchie” and Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue” were played on heavy rotation on MTV. It was a year before Michael McJackson’s laughable “Billy And Gene.” McJackson outright lied about being the first black artist on MTV, plus he lied that MTV refused to play it. Of course, the “Thriller” video came much, much later. Of Wacko constantly lied about the small things, he lied about the big things as well. We all know that it was Emperor Prince that opened the door for black artists. The prince than became the king with “Purple Rain” movie and soundtrack at number one. Michael McJackson could not act out of a paper bag. Emperor Prince collected the box office tickets, the sales of the album, plus sold out concert dates. Michael McJackson’s video’s were played for free. Ahhhhhh……the endless tears, they fall like rain. You lose again, clown.

      • Prince was never played on heavy rotation.
        It played At midnite.
        It was never a big hit the reason it wasnt played on heavy rotation.

        • No, it was not played at midnight, clown. Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” was played on heavy rotation at 4 pm, after I got home school. I remember those days very well. How come you still lie with that twisted little mouth?

          • prince his clip where not groundbreaking
            prince his song where not groundbreaking
            they needed a king to make MtV popular
            they found it in Michael Jackson, the family f.cker is welcome

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