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  1. “Don’t Matter to Me” is a song by Canadian musician Drake featuring posthumous vocals from American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson, from Drake’s fifth studio album Scorpion (2018).[2][3][4] It was sent to British contemporary hit radio on July 6, 2018 as the album’s fourth single.[5] The song was set to be released to US rhythmic radio on July 10, 2018 alongside “In My Feelings”.[6] However, its release in the country was cancelled when Republic Records decided to solely push “In My Feelings” to rhythmic and contemporary hit radio stations in the US.[7][8][9] Commercially, the song has reached #1 in Sweden as well as the top 10 in Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Jackson’s vocals were taken from part of an unreleased 1983 session between Jackson and Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka. The songs “Love Never Felt So Good” and “This Is It” also came from the same session.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The thing of flop-O-rama, Michael McJackson. Hey Hannibal, can you tell us where Mr Kitty hides his old, ugly face these days? Scotland yard, child welfare division is looking for the ole clicker man. It seems that more victims are saying that Mr Kitty wanted to stroke some little dundee with fellow predator, Jimmy Savile.

  2. Ahhhhhhh…..but “Bad 25” still was a major disappointment for Sony because the original “Bad” CD is such a common bargain bin item as it packs tight, unsold. Retailers complained and sent back millions of unsold “Bad 25’s.” Sony had triple overstocks that will never sell. Of course, the Spike Lee reissue of the dated “Off The Wall” dud sold even less. Hannibal screams, but still hasn’t answered why the planned “Dangerous 25” was abandoned by Sony. Smart people guess it was definitely low, low sales, no interest. However, the reissue program for Emperor Prince is still going full throttle. Gee, I wonder why? A lot of previously unreleased gems are now being included, making some titles special edition box sets. Unlike the lazy woodpecker that failed to complete whole songs, Prince hid away dozens of sessions in the vault every year. Michael McJackson was too busy chasing nude boi to actually put in work for a posthumous legacy. Hey Hannibal, does Mr Kitty give you a lullaby after a romp in the gay hay?

    • prince purple rain – expanded edition – 6 countries in the top 10

      Michael Jackson – Bad 25 – 12 countries in the top 10 – 2 countries number 1

      lies dont work with the teacher aka Mr Knowledge

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Yep, your lies don’t work, clown. Warner Brothers is still reissuing Prince as double to triple packages, newly remastered. Michael McJackson’s “Bad 25” was considered a failure to Sony, which is why they cancelled the planned release of “Dangerous 25.” Hey teach, why do you sell fantasy as truth?

  3. Prince – originals – 2019 – another big flop- 1 country at number 9.
    Most coutries it didnt charts

    Ultimate rave was the biggest flop of 2017

    • its funny to hear prince sing : I was kissin’ Valentino
      By a crystal blue Italian stream.
      the man was gay
      Manic Monday

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Prince wrote the song for The Bangles, who were women, clown. Hey Hannibal, if Michael McJackson was such a great songwriter, why didn’t he write songs for other artists?

        The answer: he could not write songs. He simply stole them or paid someone for the songs that he took credit for. As for Valentino, it would be kind of difficult to kiss the long dead silent screen star. He has been dead for 93 years. Yet, all the boyz that Wacko kissed are still very much alive. Hey Hannibal, do you think Liberace, Scotty and McJackson had a nude threesome while splashing around in the old man’s hot tub in Las Vegas?

        • there is no rule u need to play instruments
          there is no rule u need to write for other people ( carmen elektra )
          u dont need to be an actor ( moon , bridge flop flop )

  4. prince purple rain – expanded edition – 6 countries in the top 10

    Michael Jackson – Bad 25 – 12 countries in the top 10 – 2 countries number 1

    lies dont work with the teacher aka Mr Knowledge

  5. The Michael McJackson estate selling off McJackson’s Salvation Army junk and music catalogs to pay Uncle Sammy, puts him at number one on Forbes dead celebrity list, but Hannibal still brags. Hey retard, would you buy McJackson’s used can pon?

    Ewwwwww….the stink of the dried gravy hits the flaring honker. Breathe in the scents of McJackson’s love canal.

    • Your lies are exposed here
      Michael Jackson number one Forbes
      63 whoppin notches

      24 7 365 on 2 charts

      • Number one on Forbes, only by default. McJackson made $340 million dollars less this year than he did in 2018. Those are crippling numbers for the dead woodpecker. Hey Hannibal, your favorite word seems to be “lie.” When you lie to tour old mama about not being gay, do you get excited when you think about all those aging sugar daddies giving you their wrinkled bodies and rolling bellies?

        Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal’s skinny little body was slammed onto to the wet, soapy title in the gym shower. The screams echo through the walls. Oops, here comes Mr Kitty to the rescue!

        • New book is coming from Lisa Marie Presley . She writing about her daddy new storys ! And she wrote about MJ that MJ was innocent , she said so was MJ not he loves children in an good way ! See Lisa Marie spokes the thrut !!! Hopes that Elvis coming back ?

          • s the real TCB behind door #1, door #2 or door #3. Hey toad, maybe you can ask clicker to push the button for the robots to multiply the votes.

            Do you bring along the dollies that are always ready for action, when you pull off to the side of the road? Ahhhhhh….the O mouth of one of the dollies is all chapped. Give it to her one more time, TCB. She is waiting. Ahhhhhh….her eyes popped out. I did not know you went out on blind dates. lol.

  6. The hard rock band Ugly Kid Joe holds the record of highest selling debut EP with As Ugly as They Wanna Be, which sold two million copies in 1991.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ugly Daddy Joseph?

      Hey teach, is your twisted mouth dripping the seed of Mr Kitty at his private bungalow in Spain?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Then tell us, Mr knowledge….how come the pelvis “King Creole” EP number one for 30 weeks but never certified with at least 3 million in sales?

          Hey Hannibal, Mr Kitty is pretty lonely these days. He wants to take you to a gay ball for the holidays. You game?

  7. “We Are The World” was written mostly by Lionel Richie. Michael McJackson popped his wet lips together and came up with the second line, “Wee are the children.”

    • thanks u i could use some negativity and some lame excuses
      prince flopped big in 2019- bad year again
      tell me about all the reissues

      • What about the Prince reissues, Hannibal?

        At least, Prince has them. Oops, “Dangerous” reissue cancelled due to the lack of interest, and poor sales of “Bad.” Prince;s reissue of “1999” is coming soon.

        • tell me about the poor sales of Bad
          Give some sales numbers
          Gimme some chart numbers

          • Did the reissue of “Dangerous” come out?

            Nope. Then, you already know why, clown. I laugh. Low sales numbers for both “Off The Wall” and “Bad” made Sony cancel the planned “Dangerous” release. Of course, Michael McJackson flopped with low sales. You are possibly the dumbest egg in the basket.

            • prince purple rain – expanded edition – 6 countries in the top 10

              Michael Jackson – Bad 25 – 12 countries in the top 10 – 2 countries number 1

              lies dont work with the teacher aka Mr Knowledge

  8. Ahhhhhh….Hannibal confuses a Jason Malachi song on a Drake album as a legit number one album for a laughable win for Michael McJackson. Sorry, that does not count.

  9. Hey Hannibal, there is no one gayer than boi loving Michael McJackson, except for your new sugar daddy, Mr Kitty. Did the old man in the ladies wig buy you a ring for your intense lip biting loyalty?

    Clifford says the bubbling water is nice and warm. Jump right in, Benjamin.

  10. Graceland Tours , more than 40 years the 2e visit house of the USA , the 1e is the White House of the Presidents of the USA .More than 600. 000 vists every years and the most Rock Groups and populair singers visits today Graceland .
    And the President of Japan vists Graceland with old President Bush !
    Onley i dont , but in the future i visits graceland i hope !!!
    Elvis the grand-fahter of popmusic ….!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, have you ever been to Graceland or Paisley Park? Both historical sites are open for business, but Michael McJackson’s Neverland is still up for sale at a reduced price because it is far from civilization. Wacko wanted to live out in the middle of nowhere so he could abuse both boi and chimpanzee.

  11. . “We Are the World” (1985)
    Oy. Where to start with “We Are the World,” the biggest charity single of all time, which recruited 46 singers to contribute a few words each to raise funds to combat poverty in Africa. Co-written by Jackson and Lionel Richie, “We Are the World” may have raised more than $75 million for the USA for Africa organization, but it’s less a real song than a star-studded and hopelessly overblown PSA and doesn’t deserve to be counted as an official Michael Jackson No. 1.

    • Was the biggest single not “” A candle in the wind from Elthon John ?
      The EP of Elvis “” King Creole “” 34 million sales in 1959 the best single EP !!!!!!!!!

        • A single is singing by 1 person with 2 songs A and B
          We are the World single was an tribute for poor Africa , and mj was singing not alone but with the stars of the 80 s !
          It was not an special mj single … listen again … Hmmm i think that Bruce Springsteen the Boss the best singer was with Willie Nelson !!!

      • Wow, Meatloaf….the pelvis extended plays sure sold a lot. Yes, Elton John’s remake of “Candle In The Wind” for the fallen Princess Diana became the world’s best selling single of all time.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, I looked up the information for the “King Creole” vol I release, and it was actually number one for an incredible 30 weeks. You may be right about it selling a million units a week, but focus was only shifted on the long player., which only went gold. It is weird they did the extended plays before releasing the album.

    • The two stars were friends for years and even worked on music together. They famously co-wrote We Are the World which raised money for famine relief in 1985 and penning the track is still vivid for Lionel.

      “Who knew it was going to be that big? We were talking about doing something – ‘Let’s save the world, Lionel,’ Michael said – and the next thing we knew, the song was global and we made a big difference,” he marveled. “I think it was at that moment I realised the power of song and celebrity. There are people who are less fortunate and need help and that’s where I am. The songs I’ve written over the years were given to me for a reason.”

      With so many great memories of his time with the singing legend, Lionel is still struggling to accept his passing. It happened around the time of the now 65-year-old star’s birthday, which made it even harder to get over.

  12. Hey clicker, do you twist your old body around young flesh like a hissing snake?

    Mr Kitty screams. He hungers for the sweaty odor of boi hood.

  13. The big 3
    The 3 kings
    the 3 billion sellers
    The 3 who are in the charts
    King Michael Jackson
    elvis presley
    the beatles

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      More like King Prince
      the beatles

      little michael was too busy chasing boyz to stay in the game of holding any crown as a legit king. Of course, palsy Hannibal screams nonsense and lies for yet another thousand times, but only gets shot down again, Hey Hannibal, do you boogie nude in front of Mr Kitty?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Michael McJackson died tits up, completely nude, clown. He was indeed a bad actor and a bad artist, who could not write his own songs, play instruments or perform live without lip syncing. Listen to the Emperor sing “Eye Hate U” and “The Greatest Romance Ever Sold.” Sexy man, Prince. Michael McJackson was just an ugly, old boy loving scarecrow. Prince wins easily.

          • prince didnt sell
            prince wasnt famous
            his death wasnt big news
            see forbes

            gone and forgotten

            u gotta come with facts about the tiny gay singer u r losing big time with just yelling something

  14. Ahhhhh….Hannibal claims that I repeat myself, but he has something new to share. Now, that’s funny. Hey retard, no one flopped more than Michael McJackson.

    • yeah i look at Forbes and the charts
      Prince is doing great
      LOl what a mess
      63 whopping notches

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        When was the last time Michael McMcJackson held the number one, or even top ten spot on any worldwide album chart?

        It has been years. lol.

        • u check wikipedia
          duet drake

          dont be a lazy sl.t
          prince was a one hit wonder

          does it hurt that the big 3 can get to number one when boy george his lover cant

  15. Hey retarded Hannibal:
    And as the world turns, Michael McJackson still only sold 350 million records as Elvis and The Beatles sold over a billion, worldwide. Queen, worldwide, The Eagles in the USA. Meanwhile, Michael McJackson’s “Thriller” has dropped down to seventh place as one of the best selling albums of all time. Hannibal screams. Ahhhhhh….the endless tears fall from those bloodshot little eyes. Hey Hannibal, did Mr Kitty kick out out of his bungalow, west of Spain?
    Ahhhhhh the two lovebirds and the chicken hawk….

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The wheelchair’s wheels keep spinning round and round for Norman. The truth of Michael McJackson’s crippling downfall is everywhere, and yet, Hannibal covers his little eyes and ears. Hey retard, do you scream at the walls that your poor mama no longer wants you near her aging body?

        Ahhhhhh….what’s the matter, Sweetpea, does the cat have your pimpled tongue?

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