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  1. “Billie Jean” is a song by American singer Michael Jackson, released by Epic Records on January 2, 1983 as the second single from Jackson’s sixth studio album, Thriller (1982). It was written and composed by Jackson and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. “Billie Jean” blends post-disco, rhythm and blues, funk and dance-pop. The lyrics describe a woman, Billie Jean, who claims that the narrator is the father of her newborn son, which he denies. Jackson said the lyrics were based on groupies’ claims about his older brothers when he toured with them as the Jackson 5.

    “Billie Jean” reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, where it remained for seven weeks. Billboard ranked it as the No. 2 song for 1983. “Billie Jean” topped the R&B chart within three weeks, and became Jackson’s fastest-rising number one single since “ABC”, “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There” in 1970, which he recorded as a member of the Jackson 5. It remained at number one for nine weeks on the R&B chart. “Billie Jean” is certified 6x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The song has sold 41 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. It was also a number one hit in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium and reached the top ten in many other countries. “Billie Jean” was one of the best-selling singles of 1983, helping Thriller become the best-selling album of all time, and became Jackson’s best-selling solo single.

    Jackson’s performance of “Billie Jean” on the TV special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever won acclaim and was nominated for an Emmy Award. It introduced a number of Jackson’s signatures, including the moonwalk and white sequinned glove, and was widely imitated. The “Billie Jean” music video, directed by Steve Barron, was the first video by a black artist to be aired in heavy rotation on MTV. Along with the other videos produced for Thriller, it helped establish MTV’s cultural importance and make music videos an integral part of popular music marketing. The spare, bass-driven arrangement of “Billie Jean” helped pioneer what one critic called “sleek, post-soul pop music”.[1] It also introduced a more paranoid lyrical style for Jackson, a trademark of his later music.

    “Billie Jean” was awarded honors including two Grammy Awards and an American Music Award. In a list compiled by Rolling Stone and MTV in 2000, the song was ranked as the sixth greatest pop song since 1963. In 2004, Rolling Stone placed it at number 58 on its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Frequently listed in magazine polls of the best songs ever made, “Billie Jean” was named the greatest dance record of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      “Billie Jean” is Donna Summer’s “State Of Independence.” Quincy Jones even admits that Michael McJackson was a thief that stole songs from different sources.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      But still all fantasies. Hey “Silent Observer”, somehow you skip “Here For Justice.” Yep, real respectful. Hey clown, are you Hannibal or the clicker?

  2. Michael McJackson hid money from the IRS, plus his estate lied. Uncle Sam demanded over one billion dollars in back taxes, penalties and tacked on fees. Again, I must repeat myself to a crazy fanatic who obviously cannot read. Michael McJackson only grossed $60 million dollars in 2019, a whopping loss of $340 million in 2018. That is a huge drop in income. Pelvis only loss a million from the year before, plus his estate never tried to cheat the IRS out of millions in posthumous income. Despite Forbes, the Michael McJackson estate made next to nothing this year as well. The moral of the story is to never cheat the US Government. They will take most of everything you own to satisfy the debt. Ahhhhhh….the old Mama Wacky Jacky cries from her feces stained wheelchair. When will the old bag finally croak?

  3. Yes , he was bigger than Elvis in every single way. He was a better dancer. Elvis danced like a spastic compared to Michael. Michael is the only pop and rock artist to have ever been inducted in the dance hall of fame and the only one Fred Astaire himself called his descendant, not Elvis. He had more elaborate and more sophisticated moves, like the moo walking, spins, pulvic thrust, robot dance, mime. Also, MJ wrote most of his songs himself. Elvis, on the other hand, never wrote a single song by himself .In addition, Michael Jackson’s thriller is the top selling album of all times, with over 100 million albums and is still selling. Elvis may have sold more albums in total but he also put out more albums , most of which combined do not outsell thriller. Also, Michael within a year since his death made more money than all the money Elvis made all years combined since his . MJ is more famous, people all over the world know him , even in places where people live literally under a rock, under primitive conditions. If these people could afford to buy albums they would definitely buy his not Elvis’ or the Beatles’ whom they might not even know. Also, when Elvis was around albums were the only way to listen to music. There was no MTV or internet, like in Michael’s era, who must have lost millions of albums sales due to internet and music piracy. Furthermore, Michael made people , both men and women, on a global scale literally pass out. There were ambulances and paramedics carrying people in his concerts, he averaged at least 3000 faints per concert.
    And while, Elvis did indeed make girls go crazy , he did not have that effect on men too. Arguably, the only artist who had both grown up men and women faint, go delirious, scream, cry just by standing on stage without even moving is Michael. Lastly, Michael’s career lasted longer than Elvis, whose career declined within a decade, he grew out of it, did not appeal to girls the way he did in his prime, he aged out of it, whereas Michael even at 50 had people waiting for his press conference for 3 hours cheering and screaming and sold out 50 concerts in the same stadium within a few hours, in spite of all the controversy and media hate. Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of ALL TIMES. Michael is inducted in the Songwriter Hall of Fame , not Elvis.
    .So, i ‘d go for Michael. By far. Because he paved the way for black artists, he broke racial barriers , he turned music videos into an art form, he revolutionized music, he influenced almost all artists after him, his talent was praised and acknowledged by the very same people whom he grew up admiring, James Brown called him his heir, Fred Astaire his descendant. And he did all that while being slandered by the media more than any other celebrity. Not to mention, he wrote and composed himself most of his songs. So, to me Michael is a more complete and crossover artist. According to Worlds Guinness Records Michael is the best entertainer.
    According to Guinness World Records Michael is the best entertainer of ALL TIMES , he is the MOST AWARDED artist of all TIMES , he was actually crowned a real King in the Ivory Coast and he was awarded as the artist of the decade by President Bush in 1989 , The BAD tour still holds the World Record Guinness for the tour with the largest paid audience, 125 million $, and Thriller is still the top selling album of ALL TIMES , which outsells many of Elvis’ albums combined , who NEVER wrote a single song , whereas Michael is inducted in the Songwriter Hall of Fame and the Dance hall of Fame , without even being formally trained . MJ NEVER loved Lisa Marie Presley , the marriage was a sham , it was a pr stunt , he wanted Ross and he NEVER cited Elvis as his influence , he was inspired by James Brown , whom he called phenomenal and a genius . MJ ‘s Cirque du Soleil are by far more successful than both the Beatles and Elvis’ combined , Immortal grossed 300 million $ whereas the Beatles Love Show grossed only 68 million $ and Elvis show even less than the Beatles . MJ’S Cirque du soleil Immortal tour is the 8th highest grossing tour of ALL TIMES, MJ is the top earning celebrity EVERY single year since his death , his Estate is worth according to Forbes over 1 billion $, a lot more than Elvis . MJ also had and has many impersonators , who even went UNDER the knife to look like him and in 1983 a fan of his killed himself because his parents wouldn’t let him have cosmetic surgery to look like Michael. Upon the news of his death Wikipedia and Twitter reported a crash , the Internet collapsed , 8 people committed suicide when MJ died and helplines provided emotional support to people all over the world. MJ was so popular that he became the first western artist to EVER appear on a commercial in Russia. In 1997 he was voted the most famous person in the world , he holds 23 world Guinness records AND he wrote most of his songs himself , unlike Elvis . MJ sold out two concerts for his HIStory Tour in Aloha Stadium within a few hours , which was unprecedented , the demand for his 7 sold out Wembley concerts in 1987 was enough to fill the stadium 20 times and This is it became the highest grossing music documentary of ALL TIMES , it grossed 327 million $ according to wiki. Elvis’ most movies were really bad , he hated them himself , they are utterly forgettable . MJ was in show biz since he was 6 years old , he had a 45 year old career, he was a child star , Rolling Stone called him a prodigy , he broke racial barriers , he put MTV on the map and he has influenced every single artist after him. To me he is a by far more complete artist than Elvis IN EVERY SINGLE WAY , his creativity , his dance moves , his songwriting ability , his explosion and energy on stage is IMHO better than Elvis , who , i believe peaked too early . MJ is more crossover than Elvis . The world does not begin and end in the USA , people who are not from the USA or the UK cannot relate to rock and roll and country music Elvis sang , BUT , we can relate to Michael Jackson . Elvis is more ethnic , MJ is more crossover and more global.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      This delusional Michael McJackson floon is obviously stuck on rewind. Hey retard, Michael McJackson stole songs and dances from other artists. He was a fraud who needed Quincy Jones to produce and studio musicians to play instruments.

      Prince is the man.

      • MJ was a much more talented singer and dancer, and was much more influential on a global scale, and it’s not even close. When I say much more, I really mean it.

        Literally everything MJ put out was a masterpiece. I don’t think the same could be said of Prince. While Prince did put out stunning records, they were never as consistently great as MJ’s. MJ has more hits than Prince with far less songs produced. Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory. MJ was a literal perfectionist, almost psychotic in his work ethic. There’s no way he would not put out anything short of greatness.

        I see many arguments saying that Prince could dance and sing as well, but this really is a non-factor, because MJ is widely regarded as the greatest dancer of all time. He literally invented an entire style of dance. Seriously, go watch ang of his performances. You would be blind to say that Prince comes close to anything MJ did on stage. Also, the music videos Prince produced weren’t really as groundbreaking as MJ’s.

        Overall, I would say Prince was a jack of all trades, mastered instrumentation and was a total package really, but his voice wasn’t extraordinary like MJ’s, neither was his showmanship or dancing abilities, or his impact on the art. It’s understatement to say that MJ had a good singing voice, or good dancing abilities. MJ was in a league of his own. His vocal ability is up there with the likes of Freddie Mercury, Elvis, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Sinatra. You would be lying if you said Prince even touched these guys.

        There’s a reason Guinness book of world records cites MJ as the greatest entertainer of all time.

        I think this narrative of Prince being better than MJ stems from a recency bias due to his death. People are entitled to their own opinions, but MJ was just in another stratosphere, and I don’t think it’s fair to cite Prince’s musicianship when MJ never really played instruments. And it wasn’t really necessary that he should. That would be like judging a point guard in the NBA for not averaging as much rebounds as a centre would.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Michael McJackson had a one dimensional singing voice, a one trick pony that got lucky with a few dated kiddie dance records in the eighties. The clown could not act, compose, produce or direct. He certainly was not a perfectionist. He could not act, so did B grade movies such as “The Wiz” “Men In Black II” and the super turkey, “Miss Castaway And The Island Girls.” Like Elvis, Prince was always the leading man in every one of his movies. It is just your laughable opinion that everything Wacko recorded was a masterpiece. We definitely know that isn’t true. You claim that Michael Jackson is bigger than both Elvis and Prince, based strictly on Forbes, who neglect to admit that the estate was caught pulling a fast one on the IRS, and was fined. They were forced to sell off Michael McJackson’s possessions to pay back Uncle Sam. The fact is that both Elvis and Prince were jacks of all trades, while Michael McJackson was just a dancer. As a singer, Elvis could indeed sing all kinds. He was true talent. Of course, the music industry has to lower standards in order for others to sell to the masses. It was Michael McJackson who made lip syncing, flashing lights and auto tune the norm. He was never a true artist or musician, but was simply a fraud. Because he got away with his tricks, it became the standard. That clown is grossly over rated and certainly is not in the same league as the truly greatest singers of all time like Prince, Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Frank Sinatra. You say that Michael McJackson invented dance, but we all know that is a lie because the moonwalk was done on black and white clips from musicals, made nearly twenty years before the woodpecker was born. Michael McJackson was a fraud, a thief that stole credit from others hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

    • Yep, every human being relates to a butchered dancing clown that named his palace “Neverland” from another’s predator’s fairy tale book about a boy that never grows up. In reality, Prince broke racial barriers with Musical Youth because “Little Red Corvette” was on MTV, a year before Michael McJackson did a video for “Billy & Gene.” Of course, Eddie Grant had the popular video, “Electric Avenue” on heavy rotation before December, 1983 as well. It is just hilarious that this floon apparently cannot stop talking about the long dead pelvis that has his legacy secure and locked in. Whatever billions he sold can never be taken away because of the frustration of Michael McJackson clowns. Once again, the dirty dancer could not write, read, produce or play instruments, live or in the studio. His old concert grosses have been broken and surpassed years ago by such big names as The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Cher. Why do you woodpecker clowns always go back over thirty years ago as if the record grosses and ticket prices have stayed the same?

      Ahhhhhhh….the tears never dry from their bloodshot little eyes.

      Oops, the pelvis might have hated his movies, but he was never strung up on a pole like a scarecrow like Michael McJackson was in the box office turkey, “The Wiz.” Unlike Prince, who won an Oscar for the “Purple Rain” musical, Michael McJackson was never a leading man in any Hollywood film. I continue to laugh and laugh and laugh.

      • Michael Jackson hands down is the greatest . There are people around the world that don’t even speak English but sing Michael Jackson’s songs verbatim. Also, Michael wrote his own song and is the most awarded person ever. He also had to deal with racism and lies being told on him. Elvis, on the other hand, is very overrated. He didn’t even write his own songs or music. He was talented but not as Michael.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Correction: Michael McJackson either bought songs or stole songs, then took credit. It was Prince that composed of of his own songs. The pelvis played instruments and performed 100% live, so yes, like Prince….he was way more talented than Michael McJackson. Again, why wasn’t McJackson ever a leading man in any Hollywood production?

          You still haven’t addressed the issue.

  4. Great joker the mj fan . They never will seens that Elvis was the KING in 1956 . MJ copyed James Brown and the Moonwalk from 1930 s seen YouTube , The Orgins of The moonwalk ] They dancing much better than the copy artist MJ .
    Elvis was the biggest star ever , before Elvis was nothing , said John Lennon .
    Even Frank Sinatra was much bigger than MJ today . Mj was more in the picture as an chancing creapy facelift artist in the 80s with help from Paul Mc Cartney and Diana Ross , he will looks likes Diana ross her face !
    And Little Richard said “” Hey why did MJ stoled my face ? …. Mj was more an populair as an silly boy in the news without an nose in his last picture . MJ was crying in the 90s tv and seak help by Lisa Marie and Lisa was helping his image with the fame of her daddy Elvis [ Dont Cry Daddy ] Ohhh….. Elvis his Graceland was more populair , they building more atracties in Mempis Tennesee …… ELVIS THE BIG BANG OF POPULAIR MUSIC FOR TEENAGES !!!!

    Oh i haved more than 1100 Elvis cd s !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      You now have 1100 Elvis CD’s, and are only just one fan?

      Wow, Meatloaf, you’ve really gone to town. Last time we discussed your growing collection, you claimed only 900 different pelvis titles. That must mean that you bought at least 200 new pelvis CD’s in the past year and a half. Hey Meatloaf, how about switching over to vinyl?

  5. Hey clown, the pelvis is so big and worldwide famous, he has hundreds of songs written about him, or mention him by name. Some of these songs were even million sellers.

    Ahhhh…the gut wrenching sobs of a delusional Michael McJackson loon. Read it and weep:

    “God” John Lennon
    “Face Down” Prince
    “Eternal Flame” Bangles
    “He Was The King” Neil Young
    “Elvis Is Everywhere” Mojo Nixon
    “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Queen
    “Elvis Presley Blvd” Billy Joel
    “American Pie” Don McLean
    “Without Me” Eminem
    “Graceland” Paul Simon
    “Calling Elvis” Dire Straits
    “Elvis Presley And America” U2
    “Free Fallin’ Tom Petty
    “The King Is Gone” Ronnie McDowell
    “Black Velvet” Alannah Myles
    “Hey Elvis” Bryan Adams
    “Body Electric” Lana Del Ray
    “All American Boy” Bobby Bare
    “Walking In Memphis” Marc Cohn and covered by Cher
    “Blue Moon (song for Elvis) Cowboy Junkies
    “Porch Swing In Tupelo” Elton John
    “Real Good Looking Boy” The Who
    “Hound Dog Man” Roy Orbison
    “Elvis On Velvet” Stray Cats
    “Elvis Went To Hollywood” Counting Crows
    “Everything Zen” Bush
    “Just A Touch” REM
    “Elvis Is Dead” Living Color
    “Elvis Presley Blvd” Rick Ross

    • Yes who will sings an song about MJ ?
      I sings a couple songs of MJ .

      1. Copy dancing scarecrow .
      2. Its time to change youre nose mj .
      3. The feet dance … oops Elvis did it first …
      4. I sings for children in bed with hotdogs ?
      5. My silly mouse voice in my tree . [ Or was it an false crow singing ? ]
      6. MJ is special onley as kids – music !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        More importantly, how come songs about Michael McJackson never become hits?

        Hey Meatloaf, Michael McJackson was mentioned in the scary remake of Stephen King’s “It” because his resemblance to the evil clown, “Pennywise” that murdered the children. Again, no one talks about McJackson’s dated music anymore. It is all about what he did to his little victims like Billy, Gene, Terry, George, Jordie, Gavin, Wade and Jimmy.

  6. It’s really no comparison besides the amount of musical revenue generated which doesn’t mean much overall. And to say otherwise is just built around your biased opinion and rejection/dislike of today’s art/music world.

    Elvis may have made some good music and attracted large crowds but Michael did that and then many other things. As some others have stated, Michael was known in remote villages and this was before the advent of the common internet we have today.

    You can see the influence of Michael in dance, fashion, and music even to this day and it’s not considered dated where as few if any would say Elvis influenced today’s fashion and dancing.

    Dressing like Elvis is considered dated and his dance moves were hardly original. Elvis did what he liked and mixed it together. Michael did that to but he also made original dances/ect.

    Even in death, Michael is still breaking records, Elvis isn’t a commonplace discussion like Michael is unless it’s dealing with questions and polls like this.

    Elvis was born with the “natural advantage,” yet Michael achieved more and close to the end owned half of Sony publishing.

    Michael helped Beyonce and Chris Brown and look where they’re at now. These are just two of many artist he worked with personally. Elvis may have helped artist to but I’d be hard pressed to name his supposed successor/successors that’s popular in today’s time.

    Whether you like Michael Jackon or not, you can’t deny who and what he became in life even against all the odds he faced. He had 8 years of life longer than Elvis but when compared regardless of age, Michael achieved much more than Elvis could ever have

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Besides his low selling turkey, “Invincible” with not one single number one song on it. please name a list of Michael McJackson albums in his final years that topped the charts. Please name a successful tour he has completed that is not in your imagination. Michael McJackson stole the moonwalk from a dancer from the name of Bill Bailey, who is seen moonwaking on black and white film from the 1930’s. That dancing puppet was far from original. Wacko Jacko certainly is dated in fashion, with “Magical Mystery Tour” Beatle jackets, high water stripe slacks, v neck tee shirts, pajama bottoms and glittery gloves. Most everything the clown wore came off the racks of thrift stores like the Salvation Army. The woodpecker is nowhere near the top ten on any music chart. His records have already been broken by lesser artists as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Adele, and Chris Brown. They may be the new artists of the free download generation, but none have sold as much as Queen, Beatles, Pink Floyd or Elton John. All these superior acts continue selling more than the dead scarecrow that had his dated music taken of the airwaves worldwide because of Dan Reed’s Emmy winning documentary, “Leaving Neverland.” Let us deal with reality, clown. Most people view Michael McJackson as a child molester and animal abuser that died nude in on his filthy mattress pad, choking on his milk. His doc, Dr Conrad Murray walks free with his head up high.

    • Take more vitamine E and dont take to much wiskey its seens to much dubble … hik !
      You take it as an very big 1 april joke …… hahahaha

  7. Yes Michael Jackson is and always will remain bigger than Elvis Presley ever was. You Elvis fans need to understand that the claim Elvis is only known in North America (Excluding Mexico) and parts of Europe is true. Yes the satellite argument Elvis fans will make well if that is true Michael Jackson still has or in today’s standard had 4.8 Billion Fans which has been confirmed by CNN and The Guardian and Elvis audience was 1.6 billion. It is a fact that Elvis Presley was never really known outside of North America and parts of Europe and it is not his fault his manager never let him tour around the world because of his own insecurities. So Elvis never really had the chance to come out and shine in front of the world. Now if he did this would be a lot closer. Everywhere Michael Jackson went to Asia in Japan, Thailand, Seoul, India, Malaysia Michael Jackson was mobbed he was also very loved and known in China more than Jesus is out there. That is 4 billion people Michael Jackson would definitely take Asia from Elvis and by those standards Elvis can take every other continent but Michael would still win the fame battle. Yes Elvis has an artifact in India but all of India loves Michael Jackson and he has thousands of artifacts out in India Michael Jackson in known in the rich and poor parts of India. Africa yes in Africa nobody knows about Elvis Presley but they all know who Michael Jackson is and they love him especially since Michael Jackson made a music video and performed in Tunisia and South Africa and was mobbed again. Michael Jackson already took Asia and Africa. Let’s move on to Europe now Elvis was well known in parts of Europe like the UK, Germany but Michael Jackson was known there plus the rest of Europe he performed in Europe many times on his Tours. Asia, Africa and Europe Michael Jackson takes it. Now South America Brazil, Barcelona all know and love Michael Jackson as well They Don’t Care About Us was made in Brazil. Michael Jackson did many concerts in South America as well he takes this one. Asia, Africa, Europe and South America 6+ billion people goes to Michael Jackson. Now North America including Mexico which Michael takes America which I’ll give to Elvis and Canada also Elvis so North America is Elvis cake. Australia Michael Jackson toured there a lot of times and got mobbed and always sold out Michael Jackson takes Australia. Antarctica heck I wouldn’t be surprised if I seen some Penguins moonwalking out there or doing the Anti Gravity Lean.

    Winners by continents

    Asia (4 billion people) – Michael Jackson

    Africa (1 billion people) – Michael Jackson

    Europe (750 million people) – Michael Jackson

    South America (600+ million people) – Michael Jackson

    North America (500+ million people) – Elvis Presley

    Australia (25 million people) – Michael Jackson

    So Michael Jackson takes this easily I know because much of my friends are from these continents and they say Elvis music isn’t really played but everyone knows of Michael Jackson. Now I know you all are gonna say but Elvis sold more albums, had more hits, more Top 10 Singles true but with about 15 more albums and it’s not like he’s miles ahead of Michael Jackson. He made about 15 more albums and is barely ahead. Also most of the sales derive from the United States. Most successful artists like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber all say Michael Jackson is their main inspiration for their music even a similar worldwide artist like Madonna is mainly influenced by Michael Jackson. Not many artists say Elvis Presley was their main inspiration in music and if they do they are nowhere near as popular as the artists I listed.

    Winner – Michael Jackson it’s not even close

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Silent Hollywood Icon Rudolph Valentino’s movies were shown worldwide, and that was the roaring twenties era. The fable that Michael McJackson was the first international star is laughable. As for the dead woodpecker selling more than The Beatles or pelvis, his estate has him at 350 million, well below what is needed to beat the the world’s best sellers. Not only has Michael McJackson not have a number one album in five, going on six years, artists like Queen, ABBA, Elton John, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and The Eagles have all surpassed him in catalog sales. As of 2018, Michael McJackson’s “Thriller” is now the seventh biggest seller of all time. Queen “Greatest Hits” tops worldwide lists, while in the US, The Eagles “Greatest” has top billing. Of course, pop trash is going to all say that Michael McJackson is their main inspiration because not one of them can actually play a musical instrument on stage. Like Milli Vanilli, Michael McJackson lip synced and danced under lights. In other words, the dirty dancer lowered standards for a lazy pop generation. Since no one is selling physical product anymore or selling millions of albums, The Beatles and pelvis will never be beaten. In ten years after his death, Wacko only sold sixteen million records worldwide. When the pelvis died, he sold nearly three hundred million records, a year after his death. It definitely is not even close. No one has touched Meatloaf’s idol. Hey Meatloaf, tell the floon how many pelvis CD’s you own. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Wacko went from having the biggest selling album of all time to having the seventh biggest seller. In 2020, “Thriller” might drop down to number eight or nine. Again, his last posthumous number one was “Xscape” in 2014, almost six long years ago. It’s sales were extremely disappointing. Its follow up, “Scream” peaked at a lowly number thirty=three on the Billboard 200 in 2017. It fell off the worldwide charts in record time. The dead Michael McJackson scarecrow should start working….but oops, he is dead, plus he has left very little in the vault for new albums for Sony. Instead of making music year after year, he chased boyz. Ahhhhh….the endless tears fall. lol.

      • Three Cheers for Red Lady!

        Thank You!

        You write so beautifully and truthfully.

        The floon is out of their depth. You just mopped the floor with their plastic honker.

        Ha ha ha

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Bubbles, all floons seem to live in an alternate realm of reality, where their tarnished hero is still number one. It certainly is not happening on this planet. Of course, you can tell them the honest truth to their pinched up faces, but they will still resort to going over three decades into the past to brag about Michael McJackson’s bogus achievements. As we all know, modern artists are easily shattering Michael McJackson’s records with ease. They just repeat another series of fabrications for yet another time. As for the pelvis, I am afraid this gal is not much of a fan of the hip swinging man. Prince contains to warm my heart. However, that does not mean the truth cannot be spoken. Thanks a million for your continued support, Bubbles. Michael McJackson’s name will forever be tarnished, and there is no fantasy that is going to help his fading legacy. Obviously, floons still believe the nonsense that that dancing puppet was the first international artist. They must believe the world drastically changed after The McJackson 5 released “I Want You Back” in 1970. That kiddie pop junk has dated very badly, but floons want people to think the world is dancing in the streets to the dead Michael McJackson. Nope.

  8. Hey Bubbles, this is in regards to your kind comments how you love reading my posts. Thank you. Someone has to put fan boyz like Hannibal in their lowly places. He definitely gets off on dancing totally nude to the dead woodpecker’s over rated disco music. God, it has dated very badly. I believe Hannibal has sticky fingers for the dead Michael McJackson in his old mama’s basement. Sometimes he finds an old sugar daddy that will take him in, until they get the message that Benjamin isn’t wrapped up too tight. Thank you for realizing the facts, Bubbles. Billboard has confirmed that Michael McJackson has sold only sixteen million albums worldwide since his embarrassing nude death in 2009. Yet, Wacko floons love repeating inflated fan club nonsense of one billion. They actually believe the recording industry is booming, like it was in the eighties. Hey Bubbles, check out the lovely special edition celebration magazine that People put out on Prince. It is awesome. We all know that Michael McJackson is no longer famous for his music, but is mostly seen as a depraved kiddie diddler. Do you think Hannibal has actually sought out Mr Kitty for a possible old man to skeleton relationship?

    • Hey Red Lady, Hannibal is too old for Clifford just like anyone above 13 was for Wacko. Why does Hannibal place boylovers so high? Hmmm

      Thank you for letting me know about the Prince issue. Ofcourse Prince is being celebrated seeing as he was an actual artist that could play musical instruments, compose music, write his own lyrics etc. That is why “Paisley Park” is a tourist destination and “Sycamore Valley” remains unsold; the owners removed all traces of Wacko Jacko as his name is soiled. Jack0 will forever be known as a boy touching predator. Too bad.

      Ha ha ha

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Like when Michael McJackson was reduced to cuddling with boy dollies, Mr Kitty is reduced to finding scrawny, weak men that pretend to be boyz. Hannibal offers his services to Mr Kitty. Do you think Hannibal and Clifford found a hotel room near the gay nude beaches of Spain, or did they stay at his resort in Portugal?

        Yes, People magazine is paying tribute to Prince with their current special edition issue. The color photographs are stunning of the “Beautiful One.” No tribute to Michael McJackson. Hey Bubbles, Wacko Jacko’s fungus stained socks are for sale, and are expected to go for two million buckaroos. I guess a wealthy floon might bid for the stinky foot odor of child molester, Michael McJackson. Sniff….ewwwwwww, the odor smells like the old sweat of boy size gym shorts.

  9. Great news for fans of Emperor Prince. As I was shopping at the grocery store, I picked up the special edition People Prince Celebration Issue. None for child molester, Michael McJackson. Ahhhhhh….the little tears drop from those blinking eyes. Hey clowns, Trump is expected to sign tougher animal cruelty laws. No more electric shock torment for chimpanzee’s like Bubbles. The poor ape was brutalized in the eighties and nineties by the twisted hand of Michael McJackson.

    • Let us not forget the poor rats he froze to death and then laughed. What kind of a maniac kills a defenseless rodent then laughs about it? Wacko was one sick twisted creep! At least I made it. I watched from my cage as Michael Joseph Jackson threw rocks at a caged lion.

  10. Michael jackson easily! Elvis in his days was very popular. I say he was more achieved in the 50s, but popular in the 70s because of his comeback tours. Michael on the other hand was a worldwide phenomenon, while Elvis was an American cultural icon. Michaels Thriller album is the greatest selling album over 100 million copies. Elvis is known in the USA, Europe, and Canada. Michael in USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. Elvis was accomplished in a short period of time, but michael realised shorter amount of records and still sales over 1 billion records worldwide, aswell as Elvis! But no one is as popular as michael!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson has never sold a billion records worldwide, clown. The tally is like 350 million, but even that is inflated. When will floons stop lying about the dead woodpecker?

  11. In the most gountrys is seen more Elvis festivals sold out then who else ?
    4 Elvis meetings in 3 months in Holland and in Belgium more Elvis festivals and meetings all sold out ! The most fans are youger teenages than old people visit Elvis meetings i seen !! Long Live The King 42 years long after his past !!!

  12. The Forbest list of dead people was MJ nr 1 thanks from the money of his last big hit “” Leaving Neverland “” that doco was worldwide the best money maker of the year ! lol…. [ image destroyed makes more money ? ]

    • Yes, “Leaving Neverland” was a huge success, but now they want to do one on the pelvis. They scoped all over the world for at least two grannies to tell their stories how the disgusting hip shaking king once ravished their young bodies, but could not find any victims. It is just a lot easier to write a book using wild imaginations and fantasies. Besides, we all know that trash books, made up in the writers heads, always tend to sell in large numbers. Of course, anything called a documentary has to have evidence to back up their claims. Show us the pics, and what is on candid camera. Ahhhhhh….Albert Goldman died while choking on a plane, and no one came to his aid. Oops, the plane with filled with pelvis and Beatles fans. Gee, what a tough break for the old twisted chinned Albert. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Instant karma sure does get cha in the end, o yeah….

  13. A survey after the airing of “Leaving Neverland” found that the majority of Britons believe Wade Robson and James Safechuck are telling the truth.

    The majority of respondents believe Michael Jackson was a child molester. Or as they call them in the U.K., “nonce”.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Most people have known for almost three decades that Michael McJackson was a child molester. Wacko fans attack anyone that says anything against their hero. Simply look at their rage recently towards Sir Elton John.

  14. Hey Bubbles was Scatter not back to the zoo later ?
    And what do you think of the FTD Sony released now ? Its now calling as an Re- Re Released of the Elvis is Back sessions , its now more an repeat to sender label ??? FTD needs more money ?

    • According to a news story that drew on the results of a poll of 2,034 Britons by YouGov, an Internet-based market research firm, 29 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds had never listened to an Elvis song. A mere 8 percent of those in the age group listened to Elvis monthly, while no one listened to him daily. Only 12 percent of these respondents said they liked Elvis “a lot,” whereas The Beatles (23 percent) and David Bowie (25 percent) seemed to appeal significantly more to the under-24 set.

      According to Spotify, Elvis was streamed 382 million times in 2016; a number that was implied to be woeful compared to those of David Bowie (600 million), Michael Jackson (600 million) and The Beatles (1.3 billion).

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Who cares?
        The pelvis has also be dead longer than he was alive, and yet, Michael McJackson clowns cannot stop talking about the hip swirling pelvis. Hey Hannibal, steaming is free. Ahhhhhh….the retard popped another vein underneath his left eye. Hey turkey boy, do you gobble before or after you scream?

        • And as you correctly pointed out previously Red Lady, Wacko “lost” 340 million dollars from last year. It is only going to get worse for the Jack0 estate. SONY paid all that money and they know it was a mistake. The Jacko clan is milking the dead PeeDoughFile for all he is worth, but the returns will keep diminishing as time goes by.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Well, yeah….how many dead celebrity lose a profit of $340 million dollars in just one year? Wacko left the estate in crippling debt, so they had no choice but to sell off as much as they could, including the Sony music catalog. Ahhhhhhhhh….the clown’s filthy playground, “Neverland” is still for sale for a reduced price , and still has no buyers. No one wants to live in the middle of nowhere, where so many boy and animal victims were viciously abused by the screaming skeleton. The screams still echo in the valley as the sand blows through out the abandoned hills. Hey Bubbles, the nightmares are still fresh in your mind, but at least you have comfort that your wicked master, Michael McJackson had the most butchered celebrity corpse in Hollywood morgue history. The woodpecker was carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. I laugh and laugh and laugh….

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