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  1. To Scatter: I am sorry to hear about your ordeal, my master Michael Joseph Jackson liked playing with my chimpanzee feces, he threatened his staff with my animal fecal matter, I witnessed my master showering in the nude with Wade Robson when he was a child. You were lucky that you had air conditioning, I was thrown in a hot, filthy cage and left without food and water for days. Your master treated you better than mine did treat me.

    I have struggled with depression and have attempted suicide several times, Jane Goodall knows my story as do the humans that take care of me after Michael Joseph Jackson abandoned me. Several people witnessed my abuse by Michael Jackson, both psychical and sexual.

    Michael Joseph Jackson NEVER gave one cent to the animal sanctuary that takes care of me. Than again, he did spend over 200 million dollars paying off young boys he sexually abused.

  2. Hey Red Lady, unfortunately I could not defend myself against my former master. Not only did he drug me, he also clamped down my coconut shaped mouth in case I would wake up. It still hurts.

    • They filled me with alcohol and let me throw with poop.
      They teach me to look under womens skirt and let me start whacking off in some girl’s face.
      In the end when they got bored with me they put at the back of the house in an air-conditioned cage.
      Neglected after all the attention that i had received for years i turned vicious and start biting people.
      They killed while my master was in Hollywood.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Actually, that was the the Memphis Mafia that fed Scatter alcohol. Of course, we know that Michael McJackson drugged the primate, kicked it in the head and stomach, shaved its can and when he was done, left it alone, in the dark, without food or water. Bubbles cried endlessly in pain as his master whipped him bloody. Neglected, Bubbles whimpered in pain after the severe beatings it was given by Michael McJackson. The tight cage was cold and dark. After McJackson finally dumped Bubbles for being too old, it went to live with other apes. Animal expert, Jane Goodall is on record as saying that Bubbles was definitely beaten and abused as a young ape. When shown pics of his ex master, Michael McJackson, Bubbles screams and gets very depressed. I just read the the pelvis built Scatter his own house with air, heat and electricity. It was never caged. A maid is rumored to have poisoned Scatter while the pelv was out in Hollywood. We know that the pelvis had horses at Graceland that lived over forty years. in top heat controlled stables. They were well taken care of. The Memphis Mafia ruined Scattered liver, by giving it booze. However, Scatter loved women and for the most part, had a happy, but short life. At least, Scatter wasn’t beaten, sexually abused, then caged. I laugh and laugh and laugh….

        • “Scatter” had the annoying (at least to the women involved) habit and penchant for pulling up women’s dresses. When drunk, he had no qualms about about engaging in public masturbation. “Scatter” was reputedly poisoned in revenge by a maid he had bitten.
          Elvis was making B movies in Hollywood when this happened

          • Again, at least the pelvis let Scatter roam free. It was noy shoved in a cage and forgotten about. The Memphis Mafia is at fault for allowing Scatter to get drunk and out of control. Michael McJackson fed his little boyfriends alcohol and allowed them to play video games bare ass nude. Yep, a maid probably poisoned Scatter while the pelv was making a B movie out in Hollywood. Ahhhhhhh…Michael McJackson was strung up on a pole in his first Hollywood movie, “The Wiz.” Oops, while McJackson played a scarecrow in one of the biggest Hollywood box office bombs in history, the pelvis played roles like race care drivers, who won the love of adult women co stars as Ann Margret or Nancy Sinatra. Hey clicker, when was the last time the robots manipulated the bogus vote for Mr Kitty?

        • “Rising Sun” got upset and started running amok with Elvis on him. Elvis couldn’t so anything to stop him. Finally, after a wild, uncontrolled ride, “Rising Sun” came to a stop. Most people would have been scared in such a situation, but Elvis was furious. According to a witness, Elvis jumped off the horse and -literally- punched him in the face (much like the famous scene in the Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles a few years later).

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            What a crock of baloney. What the pelvis really hit was a peacock that was scratching up one of his cars in the driveway. He simply picked up the bird and threw it in another direction. As for the pelvis’s horses, he had them to ride. Of course, if he knew how to ride “Rising Sun” correctly, there would be no need to control it. You are simply replacing the horse for a car that pelvis punched. It would not start, so the pelvis took out a fire arm, and shot it to pieces. As for animals, the pelvis owned plenty of pets, including dogs that were even in some of his films. Why do you clowns lie on others because Michael McJackson is on record as abusing countless animals? I laugh and laugh and laugh. A car may have horsepower, but it is a thing. It does feel pain.

  3. Hey Meatloaf, do people laugh about how fat you’ve become? Ahhhhhh….the pain of rinky dinky wand. Benjamin wants you to wrap your hefty legs around his neck.

  4. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal is pretending to be Meatloaf. Hey skinny, is it trick or treat for your little male victim?

  5. There was an filmed interview of an journalist he spoke to MJ his fahter joseph and he ask him ; Was MJ an gay ? Josephy was angry and say no ! Again say the reporter ; Yes he is gay you can see it from his style of dance . Fahter Joojly oops joseph [ what a fool s name ? lol Agin was he angry [ hey so father so son ! ] MJ and his fahter are both criminals for kids !
    Joseph hits his kids and MJ did it to .

    • Yep, you are correct. Wacko Jacko abused children, so did Papa Joseph. Mama Wacky Jacky enabled the abuse by looking the other way, similar to how Jack0 hanger-ons looked the other way when Wacko was abusing little Wade & James.

  6. Hmmm. strange fans the MJ fans ? How can you say that mj was an king when Elvis was a King from the 50 s to now , they can accepte that Elvis was the first pop idol and an amazing talent in music has and they crowned Elvis as The King of Music in the Concert movie “” Elvis In Concert “” in 1977 and that say the very young Bill Clinton !!! Later he was an President of the USA , thank god he is an Elvis fan !!!
    The low level fan say he wants to kill red lady ??? I call the FBI !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      That screaming McJackson fanatic doesn’t scare me, Meatloaf. Your tight jumpsuit needs to be sent to the cleaners. It has Hannibal’s dried blood on it. You need to be careful around skinny these days. He is bloody.

  7. you pigs need to crawl under a rock & stay there. mr michael joseph jackson has the top gross on forbes. cry all you want pelvis fossils. your lies will never cover that your wicked idol beat women blind. michael jackson is the top selling singer. get over yourself. die red b#tch die. stfu crazy fuk. it time to bow to the real king, mr michael joseph jackson. justice is here. the king has returned to the top to claim the golden crown from the fat pelvis. you people make me sick with your fuk games & lies. look at forbes. the world luvs only one king & that man is the towering king of all music. his name is mr michael joseph jackson. say it loud, say it proud.

        • Uhhh you jused and copyed my name ?
          O Yes , MJ copyed and jused the other artist styles , so fan so idol !!!!

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            So true, Meatloaf. Michael McJackson cheated and lied. Now that he is long dead, and in the grave, his dopey following lie, cheat and manipulate. The dirty dancer was just a puppet for his daddy Joseph to pull his strings. Later, Quincy Jones told the woodpecker what to sing. The scrawny scarecrow could not even produce his own music or play one instrument. His dance moves were stolen from black artists of the thirties and forties.

    • You are an RACIST for the white people . MJ was an pedhofiel he was banned from the radio stadion all over the world fool !

      • Yes so idol so fan . All crime people MJ fans . He cant sing he daced as an criminal girly , he was afraid of Lisa Marie s boobs ! hahaha…

        • Ha ha ha

          It’s true, Lisa Marie was attractive and available and Wacko would rather be alone with young boys instead of a beautiful woman. Hmmm

          He was a peEdo.

          • Simply put, Elvis preferred his women to be girls. Girls who were way too young. According to Alanna Nash’s book Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis And His Women, Presley was shockingly insecure about his sexuality, manhood, and self-worth. So he often found himself intimidated by older women, who might judge him for the Mama’s-boy man-child he basically was. To get around that, he almost exclusively dated young girls, who were too naive and inexperienced in life to realize their famous lover’s many, many flaws. Of his many sexual partners, the vast majority were no older than 15, which even in Elvis’ time was incredibly illegal. Not that he cared. It’s possible (if unlikely) that he himself was too naive to realize what he was doing. This is a man who once asked the mother of a 14-year-old girl he liked if she could move to Graceland with him. As he reasoned, “I just want to raise her. … I want her there as my wife.” No, nothing creepy about that at all!

            • I agree, nothing creepy about that. 🤗

              What I do find creepy is someone born a black boy and dying a white woman.

              Showering nude with a 7 year old Australian boy.

              Showing hardcore gay pornography to preteen boys.

              Being so self loathing as to pay an obese white lesbian money to sell a “black man” caucasian babies that do not share the “father’s” DNA.

              Having dozens of plastic surgeries until not having a nose left.

              Using enemas for sexual pleasure so often that your anus becomes so loose that your diarrhea leaks out of you in front of others.


            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              We know that the pelvis probably liked them in their teens, especially in the fifties, however we also know that the pelvis liked women like Anita Wood, Ann Margret, Nancy Sinatra, Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden. We also know that pelvis books with lies sell more. First, it was “Pelvis What Happened” “Pelvis” by Albert Goldman, and finally, Nash’s “Baby, Let’s Play House” which shows a pic of an adult Sandy Martindale with the pelvis in 1967, and tries to claim that it was ten years before. Oops, you clowns are bitter that Michael McJackson was a boy lover, and the pelvis was not. At least, pelvis focused on work and kept his nose clean. Ahhhhhhh….in the early seventies, the pelvis dated Joyce Bova, also an adult woman.

      • On the radio truck you can hear Madonna and Michael Jackson more than tiny the pain Prince ?
        Do you know why ? I do , Prince is an 7 inch artist to small .
        Bubbles you loves killing and psygo people as Red Lady and youre self ?
        Fantasia is not real , you play to much games on a computer thats distroyed youre dirty brains !
        There is no hope for you Bubbles and for Red Lady to ……purple pain in both minds .

    • Hey “Justice” loon, do you spoon with the diaper crowd like Michael McJackson?

      Ahhhhhhh….your tarnished idol made $340 million less this year than last. Oops….Do you cry yourself to sleep at night?

    • Hey there “Justice” floon!

      “Leaving Neverland” won the Emmy for best Documentary. How will you rectify this “injustice”? Will you break into Mr. Reed’s home and steal it? Or blow yourself up on an airplane full of children?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Those Michael McJackson fanatics use words like liar, injustice and money hungry a lot. They call the bald director of the Emmy winning documentary, “Leaving Neverland” Dan Greed, instead of Reed. Hey Bubbles, when Jane Goodall examined your body, did she pinpoint the many scars underneath your shaggy coat? Ahhhhhhh….when shown pictures of your dead master, you scream. You poor creature.

  8. Again Elvis in my cd truck player today “” You Know “” It dont have to be strictly country “” from Label Gravel Road music bootleg cd !!!! Patch it Up !!!! ELVIS THE KING OF COUNTRY !!!!
    Elvis his music makes you feel , if you was riding in the sky with my truck !!!!

  9. Ahhhhh….Hannibal cries in pain. His scrawny little chest heaving with pumping breath. Get those heels behind that bobbling skull and start barking like a wounded walrus. Those bend-ed knees flapping away like a frantic fly. Those wide eyeballs pop out like pointed pimples. Oops…in goes the gobbling sticky wand in Hannibal’s disgusting bubbling little mouth. The spittle covering the title beneath his sweet little can. Yikes, the impersonating woodpecker chokes on its own wood. Hey there Benjamin Barker, Clifford’s twisted toes slip and slide in the steamy shower. He pulls Hannibal twisted body close to his raspberry filled naval. Mr Kitty tilts his wrinkled head back and moans. Ain’t love grand, man?

  10. Hey Meatloaf, I say the truth all the time. Sometimes I get distracted, and make a common error. That happens in life. But since Hannibal is impressed by money, and number ones, he believes his dead dancing idol won something. Everybody knows Michael McJackson’s estate was still several hundred million dollars in debt to Uncle Sam. They sold off all Wacko’s interests in The Beatles and Sony. Hannibal actually believes all steaming services go directly to Michael McJackson. People pay to download whatever they want for free. To me, it is not a real sale. Of course, Pelvis Presley was number one on the dead celebrity list for over thirty years before the woodpecker died nude on his filthy mattress pad. The pelvis’s earnings are down slightly for 2019, but Michael McJackson’s earnings dropped a whopping $340 million. The pelvis never lost that much money in just one year. Losing just one million is not that big of a deal. However, the dead scarecrow is doing very badly. His estate is struggling to stay on the top of Forbes dead celebrity list. Hey Meatloaf, Clifford wants to know if you could bring skinny to his bungalow in Spain. He wants Hannibal to do the wing flapping butterfly before his aging little eyes of lust. What time can you deliver skinny to Mr Kitty?

    • Who told you Cliff has a bungalow in Spain?
      Ha ha fool. He doesn’t . Cliff has never owned a property in Spain of any discription.
      Your false statements are laughable.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Portugal, Spain….same thing retard. You like Mr Kitty’s old hand?

          • He goes to both countries to molest teen boys. The British police are keeping an eye on the old pervert.

          • Yes, but Spain is definitely on the border. Clifford apparently moves around quite a lot. I wonder what Mr Kitty thinks about being watched 24/7? Portugal certainly has some of the most beautiful gay nude beaches. Mr Kitty definitely isn’t living near there to look at seashells. Hey clicker, when you bring your earplugs to the sandy beach, is Mr Kitty singing his many British hits as you check out the young male bodies of gay Portugal?

  11. Ahhhhhh….the lies of retarded handi-capped Hannibal strikes again. It is all about who lost the most from 2018’s Forbes dead celebrity list. Poor Meatloaf screams because the hip replacement pelvis lost 1 million, down from $40 million last year. However, the pelvis still banked $39 million in 2019. Sales are down for the jumpsuit king. Hannibal cheers full of joy that Michael McJackson beat porky pelvis once again. But wait…. Michael Jackson grossed $400 million in 2018, but this year, he grossed only $60 million. That is down a whopping $340 million.

    The pelvis at #2 with a loss of 1 million.
    Michael McJackson at #1 with a loss of $340 million.

    Ahhhhhhh… looks like Meatloaf has more to celebrate because his idol has never lost nearly $400 million in just 12 months. Hey Hannibal….get on your knees and start working that twisted month to Meatloaf’s hefty belly. Ahhhhhh….skinny screams, while jolly laughs with surprised joy. Pelvis wins very easily AGAIN. lol.

    • I love reading your posts Red Lady. You bring the facts and give context. Hannibal just mindlessly repeats lies for months on end. Do you think Hannibal is writing from his padded room at the local nuthouse? He must be.

  12. Hannibal has to told again that “Thriller” is no longer the best selling album of all time because of The Eagles and Queen.

    Hey stupid, it is no longer the eighties. Ahhhhhhh….Handi capped Hannibal can not wipe the tears from his glazed eye.

  13. Forbes‘ 2019 list of top-earning late celebrities boasts names old and new.

    The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson topped the list for the seventh consecutive year. The “Thriller” singer made approximately $60 million between October 2018 and October 2019.

    Uk album charts 24 7 365 1 album
    USA Album charts 24 7 365 2 album

    spotify 22.372.570 listeners a month

    Thriller – still the best selling album world wide

    Forbes number one again

    now get your tissue sand excuses and enjoy the FACTS

    c u october next year


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey teach….how much did the woodpecker make in 2018?
      Subtract it from the total this year, and see the record loss.

      Ahhhhhh….Hannibal’s eyes burn with frustrated tears. Hey dummy, you game for wet towel slapping in the steaming lavatory? Ole Clifford is waiting for your soapy little body. Take off the wet cap, let down your hair, come and relax toad, you’ll be comfortable there. Dum de dum de dum dum dum relax have a snack. In his beach shack, you’ll be alone with Click Richard….

  14. Elvis Graceland income of his shops and the Graceland Hotel was not totalled up … if they did that than was is mabey … 500 million dollar income for Elvis .

    today i listen cd Elvis 50s .!!!!!! My Truck Rock and Rolling on the highway !!!!
    ELVIS King of Music on the road !!!!!!

    • But even after his early 2019 reckoning, Jackson’s U.S. streaming totals actually edged up from 1.8 billion to 2.1 billion, an increase of 17%.
      Jackson still can count on further payouts from Sony, cash from the Las Vegas show Michael Jackson One and millions from his own Mijac Music catalog, which his estate still controls, still selling every week onthe charts Us and the UK

      see ya october 2020

      • Oh my … haved you seen double trouble ? Double Trouble .
        The streaming is not cd s or vinyl lp s sales dumbase !
        Elvis is more than 42 years ago away …. and he was 30 years long on nr. 1 of the dead famouse list !
        MJ is not an king , he crown himself as a king ? MJ was an playback artist and an dancing queen and an dirty clown on Leaving Neverland .
        Everyone knows who was The King !!! ELVIS !!!

  15. Forbes‘ 2019 list of top-earning late celebrities boasts names old and new.

    The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson topped the list for the seventh consecutive year. The “Thriller” singer made approximately $60 million between October 2018 and October 2019.

    Uk album charts 24 7 365 1 album
    USA Album charts 24 7 365 2 album

    spotify 22.372.570 listeners a month

    Thriller – still the best selling album world wide

    Forbes number one again

    now get your tissue sand excuses and enjoy the FACTS

    c u october next year


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal’s back. I thought you were shot dead by the German police . Hey dummy, according to Forbes, this year, the dead clown made hundreds of millions of dollars LESS than last year. The dead Michael McJackson $60 million to the dead swinging pelvis $39 million, which is only a difference of $19 million between them. Ahhhhhhh….your boy loving hero has only been in the rotted grave for just 10 years, the pelvis….42 years. Fat and skinny, fat and skinny. Hey Sweetpea, with eye popping vein, when was the last time you had Meatloaf’s rinky dinky dong down your gobbling little screaming throat?

      Ahhhhhh….the tight jumpsuit peeled off with one glittery gloved hand in public lavatory. You game?

      • $60 million to the dead swinging pelvis $39 million, which is only a difference of $19 million

        Lol ha ha.

        Back to school . stupid.

        How did the tiny gay singer do ?

        See u next year .

        Michael number one again.

          • But even after his early 2019 reckoning, Jackson’s U.S. streaming totals actually edged up from 1.8 billion to 2.1 billion, an increase of 17%.
            Jackson still can count on further payouts from Sony, cash from the Las Vegas show Michael Jackson One and millions from his own Mijac Music catalog, which his estate still controls, still selling every week onthe charts Us and the UK

            • Haved you seen MJ singing Elvis song : For the good times ; he sing on an private party for an marriage couple . No he is far away of singing style as an little mouse in the prairy … MJ is an joking clown for the music industry … hahahaha
              MJ sings Elvis …. help where is the bucket ???

        • oops…$21 million. Still, what was the woodpecker’s total for 2018?

          Huge whopping drops. When was Michael McJackson’s last number one?

          2014, 5 long years ago. Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal’s heart is in gut wrenching pain. Anyone can make a little boo boo, stupid. Yet, you are still alive rubbing your tiny dong to the beat of wild, wild woodpecker. Do you swallow Meatloaf’s seed as your bony legs flap like the wings of a butterfly?

      • Hey Red Lady you say it verywell the truth ..for the first time !
        Are you now eating fress green and milk ! Dont drink to much coffee because youre hair will be more green as grass lady !

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