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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. An another strange jokes !
    Who has longer legs Prince or MJ ?
    Who wearing heel high sneakers Prince or MJ ?
    Who can louder screaming Prince or MJ ?
    Why was the motor to big for Prince 1. Was Prince to little feets or was the album cover to small …

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Definitely Michael McJackson screams louder. Hey Meatloaf, Hannibal wants to know if he can bounce his skinny little body on his flapping belly of flesh. His truck cabin is nice and warm for doing the nude butterfly.

  2. Yes Red wig lady i have an strange sense of humor , the most truckers loves my jokes ! Hey Elvis [ me ] do the Elvis moves again … and i do the Elvis moves with a smile !!!!
    Red Lady do you crying of purple tears ???

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, did you celebrate the loss of your hair by crying in your slippery little palms? You better not trust the smile of the teeth snapping Hannibal. He is ready for Freddy, Teddy and beddy. Ahhhhhh…the tears.

  3. Hey Bubbles, ignore the losers that are spewing nonsense, especially Meatloaf. He certainly has a strange sense of humor. He obviously uses his truck to pick up male victims that want a ride. The world knows that your ass was once shaven smooth by the shaky hand of the woodpecker man. Michael McJackson got his ugly woman’s wig at an run down Salvation Army store and immediately plopped it on his burnt skull after paying just a dollar for the mane. Do Asian women grow locks for wigs made in China? It could possibly be made of dog hair. Those poor creatures are hunted down for their tasty meat and chops. Ahhhhhhh….the dirty dancer’s nude autopsy was perhaps the most degrading ever done on a corpse. McJackson fanatics are sure dumb. There will never be “justice” for the boy loving scarecrow that had plastic surgery to have his wide old honker removed from his butchered face. Hey Bubbles, did you bite it off when Wacko tried to have his way with your hairy little body?

  4. Hey Red Lady, my chimpanzee ass hair took about a year to grow back but that’s okay; I am however concerned over the poor Asian lady that was scalped in order to make Wack0’s wig, his stoOpid fans think the bleached out scarecrow’s straight hair was his own, but my former master’s hilarious autopsy revealed it was just a wig. His fans are so dumb. That is why they are called F’loons.

    • Red Lady s hair was removed to for makes an new red underwear [ made from red lady s head hair ! ].
      Full of fleas and tick s !

      • Did they knit Red Ladies hair to make her undies King TCB. Very itchy.
        Does she wear a wig now or go around hiding under a red hat. Lol.

    • michael jackson is the number one dead celebrity earner. the pelvis beaten. fake bubbles stfu. midget prince crawls on his purple nees at number nine. red lady stfu. bow to the only true king of rock, pop, r&b, funk, dance & so. you losers make me sick with the lies you tell on the real king mr michael joseph jackson. forbes michael jackson number one dead celebrity. eat my fuk. justice has won.

  5. Clever Bubbles the chimp. Didn’t know chimps could write and read.
    Oh right no they can’t . Your an impostor in a chimp suit.

    • I am a clever chimpanzee.
      Jane Goodall knows about my tragic story. The nightmares; they haunt me.

  6. Before Elvis was an singer and actor , he was an truckdriver … and he can driving an big tour-bus , its seen by his home movies !!!
    Hey red mouth landy can Prince driving an car or has he to little legs for the gas pedals ?
    And can you drive a car , i think that an foot steps was to rough for you …. hahahaha !

  7. Red underwear lady you Prince lp is stinks from youre pug and rotten fish !
    No i am onley drunk if i smell seawater ….
    Are you moody bleu if Elvis sings that for you ?

  8. Meatloaf screams “honk, if you like what you see.” Hey fatso, do you gobble the food down your hefty throat of love?

    • Onley boys by the supermarket shop do helps me with unloud the little containers full of eat drink and milk bear and fress food ….. I eat underway and listen to the music if i driving the truck ! Honk Honk if you like me red lady !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Meatloaf at the meat market.
        How many “no’s” do you get before you finally get yes sir wee?
        Ahhhhhh….the sad folded up teary eyes start to water from the shock of slapping cawk.
        Honk it up your juicy can, Meatloaf man.

    • Oh my Truck and Trailer is not made from the coloure purple .
      Bleu red and white is my truck and the trailer more bleu … hey Moody Bleu ?

      What is your coloure of your minnie car , red lady ?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Are you drunk, Meatloaf?

        Ahhhhhh….the color of stars in your french eyes. Hey truck driver, you game for lavatory?

  9. Red Lazy Lady haved you an problem , i can Help you for an job ?
    You can work as an Truck washing with an high pressure cleaner , and you can all youre Prince LP s and cd cleaning so well with an high pressure cleaner at the same time ! Oooppss al the labels of Prince are gone from that cleaner , to hard water …. hahahahaha

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Someone filled Meatloaf’s pecker shaped head with nonsense. Hey fatso, why don’t we use a high pressure spray to your fat body to get that tight jumpsuit loose?

      Ahhhhhhh….I sold several high priced items today and could easily live well for the next three months. Meatloaf cries that the inside of his truck is starting to stink. Ewwwwwww…..what’s that brown stuff on your cloth seats?

      • That was chocolade on my cloth seats !
        Have you cleaning youre prince collections , better with bleach than you never read prince on youre albums …… and he sings “” Bleach Rain “”

  10. Good news!

    Prince’s “1999” will be reissued in November with 35 unreleased tracks. Really looking forward to it. 🤩

    Wacko Jacko’s estate wish they could dig into the dead woodpecker’s vault to release new material; but the dancing scarecrow was too lazy and drugged out to work. Ha ha ha

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yes, Bubbles…..Emperor Prince is a full priced artist. Of course, the world is looking forward to the deluxe reissue of the incredible masterwork of “1999.” Michael McJackson’s estate cries the the low selling “Scream” CD was the best they could do. The dirty scarecrow was also too busy chasing boys, boys, boys. The dancing clown certainly did not have music on his mind. lol.

  11. Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf is huffing for friend or foe. Hey fatso, how many boys have gotten into her truck for more than just a little ride and a kiss of that double chin of yours?


    Ain’t it sweet how Wacko Jacko’s tarnished name has now left your popping lips?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf… many male runaways have you pulled over for? Do you pay for vein popping whoopee or do you try to take it for free?

  12. Who is Cody Slaughter????
    Obviously an American. I’ve never heard of him
    being from England.

      • So he’s an Elvis impersonator.
        Why is he on this list????
        Tried to reply before but it wouldn’t let me.
        Why censor this????? Weird.

    • An Elvis imitator ….{ I can better sing and dance ! }
      Hey i have the fanclub magazine in my post door !!! “” Its Elvis Time , nr. 290 “” WOW what an beauty cover !!! Go for the real Elvis please !!!!

  13. Hey King TCB, thank you for introducing other people to the King’s music. I’m glad to hear that other Dutch people enjoy Elvis when you share his music with them. Forty years later and the King still LIVES!

    • Hey Bubbles do you collection the FTD releases ?
      I buy onley the FTD cd , in the beginning i buy FTD books , but the last 2 years no one , because its to much money and the pictures its the same as older books i haved !
      Whats your favorite Elvis release Bubbles ?
      Thank You Very Much !!!

  14. Question for the Wacko “Justice” clown.

    How much money did you donate to Taj Jackson’s GoFundMe “documentary”?

    Are you the kook that just donated $400?

    It has been over half a year since Taj asked for a paltry $777,777 and he is STILL far from his goal.

    Ha ha ha

    What a failure! 😂

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Wacko’s dopey fanatics want justice for their disgraced hero. Hey Bubbles, how long did it take to grow back your ass hair?

  15. Yestrday i listen the whole 12 hour day long 1 cd in my truck Elvis “” Hot To Handle “” bootlegger !!!!!! Fantastic cd !!!!!!
    Honk Honk if you loved ELVIS

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