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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Question for the Wacko “Justice” clown.

    How many Emmy’s will “Chase the Truth” be nominated for at next year’s award show?

    • the truth of michael jackson’s innocence is everywhere fool. you devils will soon pay the price for your discussing lies on the true king of rock, r&b, dance & sole. chase the truth won more awards to dan greed’s lying movie. wade & jimmy can eat my fuk. michael jackson will triumph in victory. you will eat the stupid words clown. michael has destroyed the beetles, the fat pelvis & midget prince with victory in his immortal sole. be gone you fake bubbles. bow your lowly head to the only king of pop, mr michael joseph jackson. say it loud, say it proud. michael is forever, justice will prevail!!!

      • Its looks liked you believed that ?
        Its the joke of the 21 century what you think ! Are you drunk to much with painkillers ?

  2. Hey Red Creapy Lady haved you cleaning youre Prince dolls on youre cabinet ?
    Do you cleaning youre Prince collections wit youre own pee and youre own spit ?
    And mabey its more bling bling …. lol

  3. Hey Red Lady, with Halloween around the corner I was thinking of buying a Wacko Jacko mask, but I am concerned I could be mistaken for the clown and end up getting arrested for child abuse.

    His legacy is soiled, NEVER to recover.

    Maybe I should buy a Cliff Richard mask.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Only one problem with a Click Richard mask. No one would know that monster on American soil. Wacko Jacko masks have teeth this year. He wants to suck blood out of a little pee wee.

      • You havend to buy an Halloween mask …. because youre real flesh mask was to ugly for kids by youre door , they haved an trauma if they seen youre face if you opened youre old door ! Eeeekss .. an real witch with red hair and an red wart on her witch nose !

  4. Tut tut. Evil Red Laughing lady. Call me a clown and stupid ha ha. I’m the one laughing at your stupid and rude comments.
    I enjoy music . You obviously are so bored in your little life all you can do is insult and make rude comments.
    So the robots control this site. Who cares anyway. Voting is just for fun anyway. No one gets a real prize.
    So Halloween is coming…….does that scare you…… scared , be very scared.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yes, Halloween is coming soon, Sweetpea. Of course, let us pretend that this bogus website is legit, which you imply. You say you enjoy music, but admit that cheating is what administrators are doing. I comment because I can. I live in the US where Halloween is being phased out. It might have something to do with kids being scared and having nightmares. In the past, it was all about dressing up in costumes, and having fun. Let us just say that in North America, everything has become politically correct. Things simply change. Michael McJackson is now a scary monster that hurt his little male victims. I am definitely not bored, clown. I just sold a Japanese vase for $2200. Yep, I am scared. lol.

  5. you embarrassing pelvis fans need to bow down your lowly heads to the golden feet of king michael joseph jackson. get on your hands and knees, fools. pelvis and midget prince are being crushed by the the powerful strength of the only true king, michael. i will personally step on tiny prince and bat him away like a fly. justice has been earned for the towering king on the golden throne.

  6. Hmmm … why will that idiote MJ fan here to say ??? MJ is never an king . MJ is king of scandal in music !
    Elvis was troned as The King when MJ was not born on this world he was never born , its an idiot idea
    You never can compare an Tiger vs Mouse ! [ Elvis is Tiger ] and [ MJ an mouse ] in music !

  7. Elton John, Dan Reed and Dr Conrad Murray are three heroes. These men rock. Michael McJackson is screaming in Hades.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Clean up your own mess, Meatloaf. I wouldn’t touch your disgusting truck. Go pound salt.

  8. The robots are back to censoring.

    Elvis is the King of Music this is a fact.

    Censorship will never hide the truth.

    Elvis is King!

    • Nobody will ever dispute that Bubbles. Elvis is and will always be “King of Rock and Roll”.
      On this site people are voting for their favourite. It’s not our fault most Elvis fans have given up voting.
      There is a long list and if people vote for THEIR favourite on here then Elvis isn’t “The King of Music”.
      Want you can do about it. Get other Elvis fans to vote??????

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey clown, if pelvis fans voted, pelvis would still lose. It is because of the fixed robots. We all know your little game, stupid. People are voting at all because of the robots. Your twisted mouth needs to be sealed shut by brutalizing force. Ahhhhh….the terror in those dumb eyes. Do you know that Halloween is coming?

        It’s the crying tard behind the mask.

  9. Elton John just called Wacko a “disturbing person”.

    Ha ha ha

    He’s right.

    Jack0 was disturbed.

    • Elton John said more that MJ was sick in his minds and he was afraid for adults then he play with an child on his party ?? Was Leaving neverland than not a fake story , was it real ?
      Elton was more an king than MJ was .

      • “Leaving Neverland” won the Emmy for best nonfiction documentary. It’s real. Yes Elton John is more worthy of the “King” title than Jack0 was. Elton John is still with us and entertaining his fans. I like Elton John. Although the number one King is Elvis ofcourse. Cheating robots can not take the title from the King of Music: Elvis Aaron Presley.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          “Leaving Neverland” winning an Emmy for the wonderful Dan Reed is a sword in the backs of Michael McJackson freaks. They constantly cry. Now, Elton John will be added to their long shyt list for speaking the truth on the dirty dancer. I’ve read that Elton John once met the pelvis and attended one of his concerts in 1976. He is on record as saying that pelvis was bloated and in very bad shape. Elton wanted to write a song for the king and do a duet with him. Sadly, that never materialized.

      • pelvis john is just jelous of michael jackson. why dont you zip it fool? bow to the real king michael joseph jackson who ripped your idol’s daughter apart with ease. justice is finally here for the true king of pop, rock, soul & dance. clam up, pelvis fossil.

      • Ha ha ha

        It’s true. Wacko’s nose flew off during one of his rehearsals, much to the horror of his backup dancers.

        Ha ha ha

        There was no “tip” to his nose, just “Silly Putty”.

        Ha ha ha

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Very true, Bubbles. The only thing Wack0 destroyed besides innocent boys and animals was his butchered, ugly mug. His nose was the size of a pimple.

    • your a disturbing person, freak. michael jackson deserves & earns respect. shut your stupid mouth.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Those dumb eyes, that twisted little mouth. Do you scream when your bobbling, spinning head rotates in quick motion?

        Wack0 will never be respected, you filthy little clown.

  10. michael jackson has destroyed your false king. he rocked your fat idol’s daughter nightly and dumped her for another woman. She crawled on her knees and begged michael for forgiveness. the real king spit in her face and laughed. justice is here for michael jackson. bury your lowly heads in shame, liars. the fat pelvis has been defeated by the wrath of the dancing king, mr michael joseph jackson. say it loud, say it proud. midget prince was destroyed like pelvis! get on your knees, fools!

    • You are so low in youre minds , the most music artist said Elvis strarted it all of new music of pop . MJ was an clown for you re kinds of peoples . Not an great artist he was an dancing in study from older danser s .
      The Moonwalk he copyed from the artist of the 40s seen on You Tube ; Orgin of the Moonwalk ” its an tapdance move for a circus at in the 1940 s !

      • pelvis stole from proud people of color. that thief was officially destroyed by king michael joseph jackson. get on your knees & start begging for his forgiveness.

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      • shut your stupid mouth. you owe michael jackson respect. the fat pelvis has left the building as king michael has taken back the golden crown and throne. you old fossils make me sick with your constant lies. get on your aging knees to the golden feet of me michael joseph jackson, you foolish woman. michael owns the world of music forever and ever!!!

        Justice has risen for the rightful king!

  12. you awful people need to shut your yapping traps on king michael jackson. justice is coming for the real king. down with fat pelvis , the beetles and midget prince. now bow your lowly heads fools. you will pay for your lies.

  13. All of a sudden more than 20.000 votes on Engelbert Humperdinck in less than a month!???
    “We want to state that this poll is absolutely independent and honest!”
    What a joke!

  14. Everybody left the building here !
    The most fans are gone ? Thank You Very Much “”

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