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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Yo’ King TCB, I wish Prince had been my master. Unfortunately I was “adopted” by Michael Joseph Jackson; he proceeded to torture me for several years along with a lot of other animals. Michael Jackson abused me, why don’t you have any compassion?

    I still have nightmares.

    • Bubbles did Prince loves animals too ? We are the monkey s too with clothes on !
      Did you met Red Lady in real life ?

  2. New “” The Escape of Prince hand in hand with Bubbles ?
    ow wow mabey thought Prince i am the new boss for Bubbles and they escape in the yellow submarine [ Beatles song ]
    and they goes to a long ride underwater to argetinia for an secret hidden life and they eating a lot of purple bananas with wisky . Red Lady was going to an wrong lift and she stuck in the paisley lift 666 ! Ooopsss wrong lift ? lol
    Prince and Bubbles going to an gay party with music of Madonna s song “” Dont Cry For Me Argantina “” !!!

  3. Hey Red Lady where is youre boyfriend Bubbles ?
    1. Is he stuck in the tree ?
    2. Is he by the hospytal for an transgender operation ?
    3. Is he dead ?
    4. Or is escape to Argantinia with an submarine ? lol

    Red Lady are you an transgender too ? hahahaha

  4. Today i was in koog ad zaan and i did the Elvis move in my trailer truck and said to the supermarket empolyer , hi i am an Elvis fan , he said wow i loved his music so well !!!!!
    Hey Red Lonely Lady there are no Prince fans here in Holland ???

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, where are the pelvis fans in the world demanding his chart records be returned. Instead, they are robbing the pelvis legacy by putting the fat cowboy, Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift ahead of him. Ahhhhhh….the tears. You dizzy old pelvis fans, but are allowing The Beatles to crush him like a bug. Not only are there no pelvis fans in Holland, your idol seems to have been erased off the charts everywhere. You are too stupid and weak to do anything about it. Get down on your chunky knees, and put your wet , pressed up lips to the dirt, fatso. Your kneecaps on your hefty size jumpsuit has grass stains. lol.

      • Yes Beatles haved 4 albums in the UK Album charts ? How is that possible , is it the happy 60 years ?
        No 1 album of Prince in the charts ? Elvis comes mabey in 2020 in the charts !

        • michael jackson has destroyed your false king. he rocked your fat idol’s daughter nightly and dumped her for another woman. she crawled on her knees and begged michael for forgiveness. the real king spit in her face and laughed. justice for michael jackson.

  5. Hey rain Lady dont forget that song of Johnny Cash “” Cry Cry Cry ” for youre idol , because Prince is not in the chards !!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Neither is pelvis pretzel on the charts, but Meatloaf still opens his wide clown mouth. Hey fatso, you going to Disgraceland for the 50th fat man in a tight jumpsuit contest? Looks like The Beatles have destroyed the once mighty pelvis by breaking every record in the music industry in 2019. Ahhhhhhhhh….fatso weeps the gut wrenching sobs of his jiggling belly and barrel chested chest. Hey Dutchman, wipe your stupid eyes with those chunky palms and watch skinny Hannibal do the mole gobbling butterfly in the back of your cab of love. Oops….Michael McJackson’s “Number 63’s” is definitely not good enough to beat the reigning fab four. Fat and skinny, fat and skinny. When groping for a handi-wipe, do yo swipe your packed deep can?

  6. Ahhhhh…..Meatloaf and Hannibal burst blood pimples over The Beatles “Abbey Road” number one, breaking records worldwide on 2019. No Pelvis, no Michael McJackson. The endless tears fall like rain. Ahhhhhh…..Meatloaf screams in his Mercedes truck as Hannibal’s little body is passed around like a rag doll. Lol.

  7. This day at home i listen to ELVIS !!!!
    1. Elvis Great Country Songs …. released in 1996 .
    2. Elvis Presley Reflections 16 Top Tracks ….released in 1988 .
    3. Elvis The Nashville Marathon. FTD cd .

    !!!!! Its makes you reborn if you listen to ELVIS PRESLEY !!!!!

  8. Yesteday i driving on the highway “” A Long Black Limousine “” i listen from the cd Suspisius Minds , but it was an barley cold raining day …. all the little cars driving as grazzy nuts on the highway [ hurry hurry ] its likes that they will afraid for the purple rain ??? Was Red lady also upset on the highway full with rain ???
    Next song “” I m Moving On “” in my truck !!! Honk Honk !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Meatloaf got so hot in his truck, he had to pull over to the side of the road for some brain popping whoopee. Hey Meat, when moaning and groaning inside the rig, did you wipe the steamy mist from your windshield?

      Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, he’s expecting you.

  9. So the robots are now racking up votes for a singer most people have never heard of.

    Good job Admin!

    • You Said It Like It Is. Ridiculous Englebert And Cliff Who? Come On Elvis Is The King, Phony Site……

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Englebert did the divorce classic, “Please release me and let me love again.” Liza Maria did that for Michael McJackson.

    • Voting day and night???? What’s so strange in that??
      It’s because the whole world is voting. Different time zones.

  10. Votes are pouring in on Engelbert Humperdinck and Cliff Richard – day and night!
    – Really???

    • Not everyone is an Elvis fan Phyllis.
      What’s the point of this site if we can’t vote for our favourite.
      Elvis will always be the “King of Rock & Roll”.
      We are voting for “The King of Music”.
      This vote is worldwide.
      Many Elvis and Cliff fans have given up voting.

  11. Now i listen the very great cd of “A Hunderd Years From Now “” RCA bmg label !!! !!!
    If I Were You is 1 of the highlights song , and more ….. Faded Love …. I miss you darling more than everyday … Elvis sings !!!

  12. Yo’ Meatloaf, what ever happened to Hannibal? Did you accidentally sit on him and kill him?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhhh…..the lord moves in mysterious ways, Bubbles. Meatloaf probably was too rough with the screaming skeleton. Where do you believe fatso buried the body of the twisted, foul mouthed Hannibal?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hannibal is listening to Michael McJackson?

        Hey Meatloaf, when your own tears soak your bare chest, does Hannibal rest his sobbing head on your chunky shoulder?

  13. Great day with Elvis “” Promised Land “” cd . I listen to Promised Land in my radio truck cd !!! !!! ELVIS THE BEST ARTIST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! KING OF MUSIC ELVIS PRESLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf thinks he had found the promised lands. Hey Meatloaf, when driving on the long lonely highway all alone, do you feel a pointed finger tap your shoulder, but when you turn around, no one is there?

      • Who s there ? Is that youre finger , its smells as poop ? Yes it was the finger of Red poo finger s lady ! Eeewww… it stinks to much !

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Meatloaf is an expert at smelling dirty, sticky fingers. Hey fatso, where did you hide Hannibal’s nude, skinny body?

    • Red Lady can’t let anyone talk about listening to music without making insults can she TCB.
      No wonder most people have left this site. About time the admin stopped Red Lady’s rude comments

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        And yet, Ckick Richard is voted king by cheating, multiplying robots and dishonesty, but everyone has to accept rapid computerized tally as the normal winning votes. Hey clicker, how many boy victims did Mr Kitty bed at the Elm Street resort for men?

        When Clifford sings on stage, does his gas hole stink as his back up singers plug their noses?

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