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  1. Hey Red Lady haved Prince an drivers-licencie ? If he well , i think if Prince drived in a car then will the cops hold him to stop .
    The cops will say hey little kid are you not to young and to little for driving a car ?
    The police think “” Prince is a child of 12 years old “” An minni copper was to big too , hahahaha

    But he can buy an well an toy car for 1 dollar !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, when the officer walks up to your driver’s side door, you should at least put on your shirt and pull up those beefy trousers. Do not let the cop smell your breath, porky.

      • Hey Red small lady Prince was to short to handle the brake pedal and he cant even touch the rudder car . And he can not seen out his car window , he is to short . Mabey an fat pilow under his car chair . With his high heel sneaker on too , hahaha

  2. Hey Tissue Boy, the guy that would buy porno for Wacko and read him bedtime stories watched “Leaving Neverland” and said that after years of not believing it, that he does now. Too bad Tissue Boy, grab some more Kleenex.

    Ha ha ha

  3. Realy happened today i was driving my Truck early in the morning i do the radio on and ….. Madonna was singing !!!! I was happy again in my truck !!!
    No 1 song of Prince the whole week on the radio ? Prince is gone …
    Every trucker called me Hey ELVIS !!!!!!! I moved then as Elvis “” Its a Long Longley Highway “” song of Elvis !!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, it is time you pull over to the side of the road. There is a chunky thumb in the air, just ready to jump up into your crusty cab.

  4. Hey Meatloaf, when we the last time you cut the cheese from your ballooning body of sweaty flesh? Ahhhhhhh…..the magic eye in the middle of your steering wheel can tell that your trousers have been pulled down past your chunky knees. Oops…..fatso takes off his massive leather belt and hangs it around his huge cow neck and throat. Keep your beady little eyes on the road and your greasy palms upon the wheel. Inside the cab of love, skinny puts his heels behind his bobbling head and flaps his pointed knees like the wings of a butterfly. The wide eyes inside the head swallows its own mole, the foaming mouth, the slobbering tongue. Hannibal screams as the Mercedes rocks back and forth on some hidden back lot lover’s lane. Meatloaf is certainly on the road again. There is another quiet little rest stop where all the truckers seem to meet. The lavatories of slippery bare feet and spread out, twisted toes of mossy tile and hairy drains. Ahhhhhhhh….slapping the can man with a twisted little hand. Of course, mounds of jiggling fat dances under the light of the shimmering moon. Clifford screams from his inverted little rabbit hole. A bony finger reaches out and pins a blue ribbon on Meatloaf’s hefty barrel-ed bare chest. You need a napkin, a bib or a wet washcloth to wipe the gravy off your dribbling double chin.

    • This is an music site Red Lady are you lost the way in youre car ….Ooops you are an spooky rider ….look out an red bleu white truck of TCB is behind youre little corvette , it now an minni car ..Boom HONK HONK !!!!!!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        My little corvette can handle those twisty roads on dead man’s curve. Hey Meatloaf, keep your chin up and point those eyes towards the road.

  5. In the early morning i listen to radio 10 and ohhhhh ….. “” SUCH A NIGHT “” of ELVIS !!!!!! I was danching in my Mercedes Truck !!!!!!! ELVIS THE KING ON THE ROAD !!!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhh….the dribbling mouth, chin and neck of the toasted brown Meatloaf screams that it was such a night at the rest stop lavatory. The tongue just the tip, the slip of the pimpled lip. Hey porky, while in the stall, did you bare it all to the screaming skull between those massive ham coated knees?

      Ewwwwww….the stink of string cheese.

      He is on the road again, dancing inside his Mercedes Benz truck of man handling love. Hey Meatloaf, when was the last time you broke down and had a good cry?

  6. Where did all these Englebert Humperdinck fans suddenly come from.
    Are you a Englebert fan????

  7. Hey King TCB, Madonna kinda’ looks like Caitlyn Jenner. Maybe if you score a date with the old granny, you and Tissue Boy can go out on a double date.

  8. There is nothing wrong with me ?
    I loves the oldest houses and oldest time , i wish i was born in a time there was no tv cars and lp s and also not an red lady … lol
    No i wish i see Elvis in the 50 s in real live !!!!!!! But we haved not a time machine !

    • I am born in an wrong time , Elvis said that to … he wishes that he was born 10.000 years ago , he sings that to “” Listen “” Country “” 70 s lp

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        The full song was later released on a seventies pelvis album called, “Pelvis Now.” “I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago” is a strange number with the pelvis in a God role. It’s Gospel in flavor, but not quite. Hey Meatloaf, why was the song spliced at the end of each song on the earlier album, “Pelvis Country?”

        I recently went to an estate sale and this person had a lot of old vinyl records including a boat load of pelvis. I grabbed as many as I could find. Of course, I got my hands dirty, but headed straight to the woman’s lavatory before ordering a nice light lunch. Ahhhhhh….but you are too good to thumb through second hand stuff. I found a beautiful solid wood end table for my bedroom. It’s in pristine condition. Apparently, the woman who died saw the pelvis a few times in Las Vegas in 1971 and 1972. Her husband died in a tragic accident and she was never quite the same. The woman died alone and her distant family are selling off her belongings. Too bad you could not come along, Meatloaf.

        • You are not an Elvis fan thoughold red Lady. You just bought all those things to make money.
          Nothing wrong with that. Very clever in fact.
          BUT do you give something back to a charity or keep it all for yourself.
          I’m thinking you do the latter cos Old Red is all for self.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            It is my job to find unusual items to turn around, selling them back into the marketplace for huge personal profits. Since many pelvis fans have passed their golden years, many are passing away into the great beyond these days. The estate sale was random. I did not expect to see the dead woman’s pelvis collection for sale. I was questioning why on earth would my profits be used for charity?
            In that regard, why don’t you mail me a percentage of your weekly paycheck, clown. How dare you want to keep it all for yourself. As for Meatloaf, he does not want to get his chunky palms dirty. I make money off the pelvis because there are certain collectors out there that want these items. How about an International Las Vegas hotel menu from 1971?

  9. Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf is too good to go to estate sales of dead pelvis fans in order to find something rare and unusual, like a signed album cover or rare never before seen photos of the pelvis in his prime. Meatloaf is afraid of the dust and does not know how to wash his soapy hands in the sink. Tough luck, truck driver. Hey Meatloaf, I read that the pelvis started handing out $30,000 jewelry to lucky fans at his concerts after the famed Norfolk 1975 show. Meatloaf loses out because of the bacteria on his chunky palms and finger tips. Hey stupid, what is wrong with you?

  10. Go to the container for auction sale full of old stuff and old stinky clothing of 100 years old . All the second – hand stuffs is from dead people full of bactiria in youre hands , and that is youre dirty job , its a job without an graduate !
    Its an very stink smell in youre hands !
    All Prince lp s is full of bactiria under the auction boxes .

    • Ooops look out for an very old dry cathfish in the auction sale of Prince lp s [ 0. 50 cents ] What a smellllll …

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf is upset that pelvis treated his female back up singers like crap. He said, “Get off the pot.” They were putting in bad performances. Hey Meatloaf, do you think the blind girl smelt the catfish on the Sweet Inspirations breath too?

  11. Lay off the catfish, liver and onions, Meatloaf. Wipe that filthy mouth clean. It is time to rinse your disgusting throat with some odor killing mouthwash. Again, it was your idol who mentioned how disgusting it was to stay on stage with his back up singers, but at the same show, give a scarf to a blind girl. You stink, plus your insults fail to register with the reality of what is really going on here. The drizzle has left your moist chin in a string of bubbling saliva. Get down on tour crooked knees.

  12. New aviable in Ockt. Red Lady s sings ?
    “” Bubbles naked pencil “”
    1. Drag queen danced on Bubbles pencil ….. [ Drag Queen = Red Lady ]
    2. Jump around in the circus of aunt Red Lady …
    3. Lift do not not opened ….. Prince was there ? Rolling Rolling ….
    4. Bubbles togheter in bad …. Red Lady has an bottle of pee ..
    5. Purple nose after the bad s*x …. stuck in Bubbles ass …
    6. Poop syndrome …. The Nightmare of 13 th !
    7. Red hair on Bubbles pencil ….. Ooohhh its from the red lady ?
    8. Run go to the zoo ….. Red Lady and Bubbles as 2 donkeys .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, when Clifford calls to meet him at a undisclosed location, does he tell you to pack up a light bag just in case he wants to go sightseeing?

      Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

  13. Hey Meatloaf, no reply on how cruel Michael McJackson was to his zoo animals at the horror ranch?

  14. New duets Prince imitator Red Lady and Bubbles in an short dress on !
    “” Red dress on “”
    1. Red dress on 6 weeks long ……. ( Eeeww stinks )
    2. Bubbles his hair is for Red Lady s wig on her head ….Rockin Roll on her head !
    3. Drinking from Lady s pee , an special drink for Bubbles ….
    4. Speed Chimps atakt Lady s red ass ……
    5. Bubbles in the gace full poop , red so red ….poop !
    6. Stuck in the lift …. Red Lady s last oure ?
    7. Bubbles can not help her …..
    8. Moon red as Ladys head …

    Soon aviable for 1 dollar by the shops in all zoo “s !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I smell catfish….you girls been eating catfish?

      The pelvis in Norfolk Va 7-20-75 evening show. Hey Meatloaf, the pelvis was talking about peppers and onions on their breath. lol.

      • He has an secret love affair with 1 of the girls of the Sweet Inspiration ! Thats why Elvis say it , after an broken heart ? I liked that eating to , its very good hmmmm.. i am hungry now .

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Meatloaf, you really believe that?

          Why would any affair be a secret, unless the pelv was hiding something. To be honest, I do not blame him for complaining about bad breath. That is definitely nasty as all hell. His back up singers needed mouthwash after eating such strong fish. It is funny that the concert has been made available for the public to hear for themselves. The pelvis told it like it was, despite hurt feelings. Hey Meatloaf, have you ever talked to someone with really stinky breath and wanted to say something, but didn’t?

          Yep, you should be hungry after the odor that sits upon your pasty tongue.

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