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  1. Prices for Prince albums on Amazon are quite high, yet Hannibal says that he finds them for only a dolla. Ahhhhhhhhh…..the spinning head of Hannibal strikes again. Reality proves otherwise, you lip popping clown. Oops….the palsy’s body starts to shake with anger and frustration. Wipe that sticky juice off your smooth, wet chin.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          And yet, soapy eyed Hannibal ignores Michael McJackson in the one dolla bargain bins. Hey, slobbering palsy….do your downcast eyes hurt when you cross them in nail biting double vision?

          Your twisted mouth lies so much, the root of your growing honker stuffs the mucus down your screaming throat as they smack your rosebud from under your slobbering little tongue.

    • Prices for Prince albums on Amazon are quite high, yet Hannibal says that he finds them for only a dolla. Ahhhhhhhh…..the spinning head of Hannibal strikes again. Reality proves otherwise, you lip popping clown. Oops….the palsy’s body starts to shake with anger and frustration. Wipe that sticky juice off your smooth, wet chin. Hey toad, how come people have to repeat the same sentences over and over to you?

  2. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal has been reduced to spewing filth and lies about little ole me. Of course, I continue to laugh all the way to the bank. I’m in the money, I’m in the money…, pearls, rubies and gold. Lol. I’m such a lucky lady.

    Hey retard, do you drown yourself in your own salted tears?

    Update: Michael McJackson has fallen from #57 to a lowly #73 in the UK. That is a whopping 16 notch drop from just last week. Oops….Hannibal burst another blood pimple in his forehead. When your blinking eyes pop out of their sockets, does your disgusting honker bleed?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Rarest vinyl record in the world: Prince’s “Black Album.”

        Hannibal screams.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Hey Hannibal, do you buy multiple copies of Michael McJackson’s “Number 73’s” and put them in grab bag bins for Toys For Tots?

            One dolla.

              • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                Sorry, lies do not work for you, you filthy little clown. Hey Hannibal, do you know that every little lie you tell, makes your ugly nose grow much bigger?

  3. Hey Tissue Boy, I read the reviews for the two pro-Jacko documentaries against “Leaving Neverland”. The critics called them propaganda.

    Ha ha ha

  4. So many people have given up voting on this rediculous site. Is it any wonder when the trolls are on here spewing their discusting filth.
    people have run for cover, only those that wish to insult write on this page.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey dribbling palsy….people have given up voting on this site because it was exposed for its robot multiplying dishonesty. Of course, you have a wide O mouth of manipulation. We know what you clowns are doing. Your little games no longer work here. Ahhhhh….you run for cover? Are your oval shaped eyes turned down as you pile the dog meat stew down your skinny little throat?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, no reply to the fact that Michael McJackson had soapy enemas and used tampons?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          No, it is definitely your reality, retard. lol.

          Hey Hannibal, why do you deny what is common knowledge? Wack0 used hot, soapy enemas and plugged his gas hole with jumbo sized tampons. Five maids say he was the filthiest clown in Hollywood.

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              And it is definitely your reality. How long have you been into human waste and bodily feces?

              When Michael McJackson danced fully nude, slush dribbled down his tiny toothpick legs. The stink of his gravy made his victims gag.

  5. The new songs of Prince vs Red Lady .
    1. The Snow nose dance in the lift ….
    2. Paisley pain park …. is forgotten .
    3. Red Corvette is found deep in the red river ..
    4. Kiss in Bubbles poo…
    5. Lady poo poo danced in the poo of Bubbles …
    6 . His Sister in Prince his bed ….
    7. My sister her name is Red Lady ….
    8. Yes i Red Lady am the sister of Prince …… Ohhhhhh

  6. Ahhhhhh……the twisted pelvis has returned to number six on the DVD music video charts with “The Searcher” in the UK. Meatloaf jumps for joy as “The Essential Pelvis Presley” reaches number seventeen this week on the Billboard Country album charts, across the pond. It is way into September, 2019 and the beefy hipped hillbilly is still charting at this late date. Skinny Hannibal puts his screaming head down as Meatloaf dances around the room. Hey Hannibal, it’s time to be enslaved to Mr cow man. Get on your dirty knees and look up at Meatloaf’s jiggling belly as he drips sweat onto your pimpled face. Yack, yack….don’t talk back. Fat and skinny in love. Hey clowns. when are you two love birds gonna tie the knot in Las Vegas? It is like when the pelvis and Nick McAdams became an item under the swinging fruit tree.

    • Hmmm … i think that you Red Lady the SISTER of Prince is !
      Thats why you are here ….. Red incest sister .!.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You have a real fresh mouth, fatso. The police are looking for you and the whereabouts of your rig. Like Hannibal, Meatloaf has been suspected in the disappearance of several boyz.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Michael McJackson was definitely obsessed with various make tots and little boyz, but Hannibal rather look to fantasies to discredit his enemies. Ahhhhhhhh….Hannibal is alone, without a love of his own. How about buying a boy dolly to hold?

  7. Hey Tissue Boy, who do you think is Blanket’s biological father?

    a. Miko Brando

    b. Matt Fiddes

  8. Elvis fans haved you hear the news of the new coming release ?
    Again Viva Las Vegas book = 3 cd s ?
    Thats all the same 3 cd s again ??? Whats going on by the FTD sony ???????

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      It was low, low sales at “Follow That Cream.” If it bombs the first time, add a free book for the dwindling Pelvis flock. They might bite. Hey Meatloaf, Ann Margret called. She needs some body to lean on. Ahhhhhhh…..Meatloaf’s dreams have been shattered. Wipe the salted gravy off your double chin, Macauley.

  9. Marlon Brando thought Wacko was a peEdo.
    When the Godfather confronted him, Jacko started crying.

    Ha ha ha

    Hey Tissue Boy, Brando knew Jacko personally and figured out he was a pervert. Ooops!

    • What did the son of Marlon Brando say.
      Oops tissue boy U lose again

      SCared to talk about your idol.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Doesn’t make sense. Hey skinny, after all the hints I provide, you still have the writing skills of a slobbering mongoloid. Nice grammar, teach. You have no knowledge.

  10. So the brainless Dutchman is going off about poo.

    Ha ha ha

    Does the Dutchman know why Wacko used tampons? Hint: It was not for the same reason Tissue Boy’s girlfriend Caitly Jenner does. Swoosh!

  11. lady when u cover yourself in poop do u put extra poop on your v^gina and pretend u have 2 ^ssholes

  12. New songs of Prince and Red Lady in duets ?
    1. Party gay man .
    2. U got the poop ..
    3. The new loser generation , Red lady ofcourse ..
    4. I will die 4 you red lady , in my lift …
    5. The lift is … 1 666 …. [ 1999 ]
    6. Burning red corvette … is burn off .
    7. Poop purple pain …
    8. Betsa by george … by prince in bed .
    9. Bubbles take me in my poo pole ….
    10 . Red Lady Stink as rotten bannanas from Bubbles farts …
    11. I am idiote …. aquel ? = Red Lady Kiss my ass …

    • Pelvis The Shower Sessions

      Liberace talks
      Three men in a tub
      Wart hog
      Nick Adams was mah lover
      McJackson’s boy dolly speaks
      Scatter bait
      Sweat off the pork
      Big pig man
      Beefy hip of the swinging pelvis
      Toilet of love
      Red, pull mah jumpsuit up (duet with Tommy Jones)
      Do the ham
      Soapy eyes
      Trim the fat from the cow man’s chin

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