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  1. Moldy O Pelvis
    Biggest Shyts

    No Room To Rumba
    My Way (dead on stage}
    Kissin’ Young Cousin
    Yoga Is As Yoga Dough
    In Mah Beach Shack
    Are You Laughing Tonight?
    Do The Clambake
    Barefoot Ballads
    Ez Come, Ez Moe
    Double Bubbles
    Whole Lotta Bakin’ Goin’ On
    Follow That Cream
    The Bullfighter Had A Crazy Gravy Filled Mouth

    Hey Meatloaf, you certainly like cruisin’ for a bruisin’, clown.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Of course, it makes perfect sense, clown. Hey Hannibal, when was the last time you fell asleep on Meatloaf’s massive belly?

  2. New song of Red Lady ???
    1. I loves rock and poo … in my pus*y ..
    2. Poo in my ass if i writing comments …
    3. Red tea bags .. as jingle bells
    4. Bubbles eat my poo and drink my pee in my red …..p*s*y .
    5. Purple pee in Bubbles mouth …?
    6. Red loves purple ….. its the pee of spyco phaat
    7. Burn my poo …

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Moldy Pelvis
      All Booked Up

      Jail House Cawk
      Heart Attack Hotel
      Round Dog
      Loud Mary
      Glove Me Tender
      Won’t Be Cruel
      Good Boppin’ Tonight
      Vulgar Clown Blues
      Can’t Help Fallin’ In Glove
      Teddy’s Bare
      The Blunder Of Lulu
      Nick Adams And Evil
      Burning Glove
      All Booked Up
      Return To Lender

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Hannibal, did the Michael McJackson impersonator shatter his pelvis?
          The screaming skeleton fell to the floor and broke into a thousand eggshells.

          You’re weak, you slobbering little reptile.

  3. Thank you for trying to reply Red Lady. A few days ago I saw what you meant; it was a tweet in which she said that people like her fake daddy (PeeDoughFiles) are not welcome in the LGBT community.

    I agree with Paris. PeeDoughFiles are not welcome.
    That means you Clifford!

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Ahhhhhh….Meatloaf complains that he is not welcome into a boys heart and lovin’ arms.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I tried posting it several times, Bubbles. For some reason, the reply would not go through. I am glad you found the information. This place is definitely rigged with toxic robots that are irate that child predators are not welcome in the community.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Here kitty, kitty, kitty….

        Gee, Click’s name at the Elm Street sex house, says otherwise, clown,

        • Anyone can write out a list of names. That list was written by the same person.
          The police thought investigated everything including Elm House. No evidence that Cliff was ever there.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            It was a list of the Elm Street house most honorable clients that were known to request the youngest male victims. Click’s code name was definitely kitty. The police can only investigate the modern era. They can only guess what happened, back in time. However, the man named kitty has nine lives.

  4. Ahhhhhhh…..Michael McJackson has fallen a whopping eleven notches from #46 to #57 on the UK album charts. Of course, Hannibal cries with bleeding eye and gut wrenching screams. You have no musical knowledge, you drooling little clown. Hey clicker, you’re getting a mighty fresh mouth there. Maybe it is time for you to clam up that pie hole in the middle of your screaming head. Hey clicker, your old idol is officially an embarrassment. His “Rise Up” comeback album is one of the biggest failures of the year in his home country, UK. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….clicker complains that life is no longer fair. Sniff.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Again, Hannibal brags about the top 60 bargain bin material of Michael McJackson.

      • His record company have redraw his music according to old Red.
        Probably knew they would end up in the bargain bin and they didn’t want that embarrassment.

        • Nope. Hey clicker, Prince’s war with Warner Brother’s is common knowledge. Yet, because I criticize Mr Kitty, you spew lies from your filthy little mouth. Ahhhhhhh….Click CD’s are hardly sold in most stores in North America. Gee, I wonder why?

      • Oh I forgot ……he’s been withdrawn.
        That’s worse than in the bargain bin.
        I suppose it’s better than “in the garbage”.
        Can’t actually find my copy of Purple Rain. Oh now I remember. Gave it to my daughter to draw on. Wanted to create an album cover.

  5. Red Chimp loves Bubbles in her dirty bed ….. She can not speak normal , she is an psychopath .
    Red low is an gay herselfs !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Hannibal, that is not nice talking bout your tear soaked mama. You’ve disappointed her.

    • Very true Anonymous. Couldn’t agree more.
      Impossible to have an intelligent conversation because she does not appear to change from her fixed views. Tell her information she just will not believe it.
      Prefers to talk filth rather than music. Quite apparent she doesn’t vote.
      Enjoys discussing gays , sex and talking filthy. A total troll of the worst kind.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Boy lovers Click Richard and Michael McJackson release new unreleased duet, “Let The Boys Gather Round The Campfire” bw “Old Toad Road.”

  6. There is an very good country male singer and his name is “” Alan Jackson “” Listen to “” Little Bitty “”.
    So fantastic song about children !!!
    And he sings songs “”Who s Cheating Who “” , and “” Remember When “” and “” Chattahoochee “” . Great songs !!!
    Chattahoochee Yheee haaaaa ! Honky tonk …..

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The twisted mouth, drooping eyelid, and slippery chin of bell’s palsy. That gobbling gizzard tongue of slobbering suction cup. Hey Hannibal, is the short in your empty brain still stuck on skipping repeat?

      • Oh Red Lady isn’t laughing no more.
        Told Prince isn’t in UK album chart but Michael Jackson is.
        All you can do is insult in reply because you know its the truth. But that’s Old Red Ladies way isn’t it. Not happy unless your insulting someone.
        Wish people would discuss music more on here without the insults continuously.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          You skipped the question, clicker. You do not really know where Clifford has been in his sexual relationships. That should be…..”You are not happy unless you are insulting someone.” Hey clown, does your left eyeball twitch as you scream from one side of your twisted mouth?

          We do discuss music here, but unfortunately, Clifford’s boy loving activities are much more interesting. Do you know how many victims were abused by Click Richard?

  7. Question for the Clifford fan: Do you think Cliff Richard is a heterosexual? Do you think he has ever had sex with a woman? Do you think he is a virgin?

    • Ha ha Bubbles. Just shows you know nothing about Cliff Richard what so ever .
      Do I think he’s had sex with a woman or is he still a virgin???
      Well you obviously have not heard of Carol Costa, so answer to the first question is yes.
      No further comment needed on the subject.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Click want us to believe he fooled with the under aged wife of his ex guitarist, Jet Harris?

        She was also expecting, when Clifford said he lusted after her as her hair was in curlers. It sounds like Clifford was trying to throw the media off that he was a boy loving creep. The two never made love.

        • Very funny Red.
          Carol wasn’t under age when she married Jett.
          Nor was she pregnant
          when she and Cliff slept together.
          As to Cliff wanting to throw the media off. It was Carol that reported the facts to the newspapers. Not Cliff.

  8. Hey Red Lady, you previously wrote that Paris said something about PeeDoughFiles not welcome something or other. What were you referring to? Did she for example wrote on her Instagram account that PeeDoughFiles are not allowed in her home? I can’t find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

  9. It is well known that Wacko Jacko paid over $200 million dollars to keep over 24 tots and their families quiet. I wonder how much money Clifford has paid to keep young lads mum?!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The Michael McJackson estate also has to pay out the estate of the recently departed, Lashawn Danials because the dancing puppet could not write his own material. Hey Bubbles, when he tried to crack your little coconut mouth open, did you get to nibble on his salty hand?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Bargain bin bonaZZa, 2 for a dolla for all Michael McJackson CD’s. Hey Hannibal, do you have a stiff upper lip on the left side of your stupid twisted mug?

          Ahhhhhh….bell’s palsy, wack-a-noodle. Hey Hannibal, the screams can even be heard from a million miles away.

    • That statement is slanderous Bubbles. Saying Cliff paid people to keep quiet. In fact the accuser tried to blackmail him. The accuser was arrested for blackmail. That doesn’t sound like someone who pays to keep people quiet does it.
      Take note Bubbles…..
      The accuser was arrested.
      Cliff was never arrested because he didn’t do it.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey clicker, how can you be absolutely sure Clifford did not abuse any boy in his wicked life?

        People do not try to blackmail good people, you know. Click was never married to a woman.

  10. Again an another hot female singer from Irisch land !!!
    Her name is Pamela Gilmartin , she sings songs “” The Woman behind the man behind the wheel “” An Country truck song !!!! She is an real hotty woman , wich real big boobs ! ! ! O O ! ! !

  11. Ahhhhhhh……the fresh mouth of fat and skinny, tea bag buddies of swinging love. Hey Meatloaf, when was the last time you’ve seen your disgusting dundee, before it was removed?

    • And 2 bonus songs of Prince !
      1. Push the dundee of Bubbles quick in my red *p**** !
      2. Tea bag titties of me likes Bubbles in his mouth ….

  12. New songs of Prince .
    “” Red little Titties “”
    1. Pee on my tea bag titties ….
    2. Shake my fat red ass ….. Rock on .
    3. Burning Red tea bag titties …
    4. Purple boobs under my stiletto heels … from red lady s titties …
    5. Red p*ssy Rock …

    • New songs of the twisted pelvis….
      A big hunk o’ smelly latex glove
      o’ tight n tender
      patty cake
      old mcjackson had a farm
      Tea bag Nick Adams
      Cow man n a jumpsuit
      Shake n bake
      give me another jelly donut, baby
      Charlie, Lamar, George…..o’ my boy
      where’s Donna Butterworth?
      Col Tom’s cane (jump up CC Rider)

  13. Wow there is an another female irisch singer , her name is “” Cliona Hagan “” An very good voice and an very good hot hips !!! Olalala she is very hot !!!! I loves that Irisch Country Music to !!!!

  14. Today came Queen Madonna on the radio truck , “” Bordeline “” Hmmmm…… i thought , Wait a minute haved oure Red Lady the sickness psygo of bordeline ???
    Yes i will thanks Madonna for that song , Madonna opened my eyes tah Red Lady haved BORDELINE !
    And if you listen closely that song is Red Lady s person !!!

    Later i hear Prince , “” Queen “” I thought … uhhhhh was Prince an dragqueen ? Yes if you seen all his pictures he was an drag-queen ! MJ was more man than Prince ! MJ was marriet with 2 womans , and Prince non o zero !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf……you’re over the borderline. Michael McJackson was a skinny little man, fatso.

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