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  1. How old are you Red lady ? Are you playing in the alley with painkillers as marbles with stray cats ?
    And you here Prince in the rain , purple rain with storm in youre head ?
    Dont take to much pados to , gnome fan ?

  2. Hannibal cries as he lies. According to legit sources the biggest selling album of 2001 was “Hybrid Theory” by Linkin Park.. As for the gross fabrication and fantasy that Michael McJackson was the artist of the decade because of the “Invincible” dud, the truth and reality definitely say otherwise. The biggest sellers of the decade were TWO albums by Eminem, Adele “21” and The Beatles “1.” In fact, 17 artists sold more than Michael McJackson’s “Invincible.” The dud has so far only sold 13 million copies worldwide. It barely made back its inflated cost of production. Sony is livid. Of course, that means that it’s impossible that McJackson could have the best selling album of the decade. It is Hannibal that continues to lie through his rotten teeth. The Beatles “1” has over 30 million units sold. It continues to sell at least a million units a year. Ahhhhhhhhh….what’s wrong, retard? When your bobbling head spins to Meatloaf’s floppy belly, do your red , teary eyeballs pop out of their sockets? Fat and skinny, fat and skinny….lol.

    • i said 9 th biggest selling world wide accoding to Wikipedia
      Read before u make stupid comments
      U r so obsessed u lost it again.
      Nobody said it was the best selling album of the decade.
      people chose it as the best album of the decade ,not best selling
      READ ,put your glasses on ,retard
      there are people here who tell the truth , like me.
      Come with facts not fantasies

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Of course, it is not the best album of the decade to billions of people. Your opinion is certainly not carved in stone, clown. Most never mention “Invincible” as one of Michael McJackson’s most memorable. Hey Hannibal, stop spinning…..wikipedia listed it as the 18th biggest selling album worldwide. You were caught once again lying and inflating numbers. You definitely do not tell the truth. Hey retard, do you pick your boogers out of your disgusting honker and pop those crusty yum yums in your twisted mouth?

        Meatloaf is nude and waiting to pump your skinny body into the silk sheets.

        • do u think robots voted on Billboard.
          are the people at Billboard are aliens
          Are they among us
          are the aliens against prince ?

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Billboard are like Rolling Stone magazine. The write about various artists. Who voted on Billboard? Billboard simply charts The Beatles reign as the biggest selling group of all time. Why do an opinion poll when The Beatles continue dominating all across the globe?

            Your claims of Michael McJackson is based on old news, or fanatic fantasies. I can’t help you with your delusional ways.

              • Which decade, clown?

                Certainly, not this one. Prince at least charts high. Again, I can’t help if you step over thousands to pick up pennies. Ahhhhh….Meatloaf has shaven his sideburns. Love him with all your heart, skinny.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Because the pelvis wasn’t a lip popping narcissist like Michael McJackson. The boy loving Clifford proved himself to be Mr Kitty, Kitty, Kitty man as his male tot victims. They were brutally violated at the Elm Street house of horrors in London. The pelvis never flew out of the country for a worldwide tour, so was immediately eliminated as a person of interest. The only room was the room Clifford spent many of his nights in the company those poor boys, who spoke of terrible abuses beyond those crusty walls. Jimmy Savile was Clifford’s best bud during this period.

        • Cliff Richard was never a friend of Saville.
          Saville always seemed to me a complete weirdo.
          Cliff may have been photographed with Saville but so we’re a lot of other people.
          The police investigated Cliff thought over the two years also including Elm Street and found no evidence he was ever there.
          People continuely make up stories and think it’s funny.
          Trouble is some people believe the stories.

          • IN her head he is guilty
            If he is innocent she has nothin to complain about.
            She doesnt know anything about her own artist
            She needs drama
            She is obsessed with animal,gay and child …

          • That is because Clifford destroyed as much evidence as possible once Jimmy Savile was dead and the truth was finally revealed. Clifford is not the only British pop perv facing accusations. Tom Jones forced a teen into brutal sexual encounters in the shocking seventies. These clowns can never hide from their soiled activities. Evidence can be tempered with, but guilt never really goes away. As for Michael McJackson’s troubles, the cat is certainly out of the bag. No one is making up stories. If that was the case, even more celebrities would be charged with sex offenses. Why not falsely accuse Lady Gaga, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr?

  3. Everybody haved his or her own taste of music , no matter who was the King !
    Music is made for happy , fun , relaxtation , and enjoy youre music !

    “” ELVIS THE KING “”

  4. Don’t know where your reading your info. from Old Red but I just looked it up.
    Thriller went platinum 33 times against Princes 13.
    I am not a fan of either so I don’t particularly care much.
    But tell the truth “Red”.

    • Hi Cliff fan , i saw the Cliff Richards fanclub page and its begin with “” Roll over Beethoven “” An fantastic intro !!! Amazing website , very good and fress cover pictures and its stunning !!! Roll over Beethoven Cliff !

    • if she dealt with facts she loses
      so she makes tuff up
      a lot of things that are in her head she thinks are true

      check everything she saids and u see she is a living lie

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        I never lose, Hannibal. While on the bargain hunt, I came upon a rare crystal vase at the Salvation Army worth hundreds. I only paid a few dollars. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal’s spinning head pops off his scrawny neck as his eyes budge out from their sockets. Of course, your disgraced idol liked to see himself on camera and everything he said has been recorded. I continue to laugh. Michael McJackson was a liar, and so are you. Hey, Hannibal, how many times have you seen Meatloaf in the buff?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Who said anything about “Thrilla” not selling more? I simply said that it is a mass produced album, therefore it has no value as a rare recording. I know that Prince’s “Purple Rain” sales must be updated to reflect the units he sold since his death in 2016. As for anything from Michael McJackson, the recent accusations and documentary have caused multiple millions to dump their Michael McJackson collections to the curb. Of course, both Bubbles and I tell the truth. It is Hannibal and Meatloaf that lie.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hannibal blames everyone else for even mentioning Michael McJackson/s mental dependence on human and animal feces. Maids have reported that he was the filthiest celebrity in Hollywood. Bubbles was viciously abused, but is unable to communicate because he is only a helpless chimpanzee. He should have bitten Wacko’s face off and used the plastic as a mask to hide from the shame of Michael’s se**** torment. Bubbles screamed for years, but today he mainly has nightmares while asleep in his cage at night.

  5. The TCB chain around my neck haved magical power , its the flash !!!

  6. “Invincible” was a flop of all flop-a-ramas. That dud held the record until “Scream” became an even bigger bomb.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        You have quite the imagination since Prince’s “Purple Rain” is close to 15x platinum. Hey Hannibal, why do you even inflate the duds Michael McJackson releases? It only has one well known single pulled from it, plus the cover features a very gay cover of Wacko looking like a very fugly woman. “Purple Rain” returned to #2 after Prince’s death, and then the deluxe/remastered version gave it more chart action. Hey skinny, Meatloaf’s idol has a brand new box set of 11 different 1969 concerts out. That is more concerts than was ever documented for Michael McJackson. Like the Pelvis before him, Emperor Prince performed his stage shows 100% live. Milli Vanilli McJackson didn’t make the grade. You are obviously in a delusional state of fantasies for the tiny achievements of Michael McJackson. He did not work hard on his musical career, nor could he do anything else.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Wacko had no intention of using the money Sony gave him for the recording of his album. That is because the only way to spend that much money recording, would be in recording multiple tracks, playing instruments and mixing. remixing songs to perfection. McJackson simply took the money and used shortcuts. That is why the album only contained one top ten hit. The rest of the singles flopped badly all around the international globe. Instead of blaming himself. Michael McJackson blamed Sony. The record company expected McJackson would tour to promote the album, but the woodpecker was too high to fly. Yes, “Invincible” like “Blood On The Dancefloor” before it, laid a huge egg. Sony still hopes that declining sales will turn around their fortunes. Michael McJackson is on record blaming the “devil” Sony. His dopey fans believe it was Sony that ruined sales for the record. From a listening standpoint, it is grossly overproduced.

    • Youre sickness obsesions is not oure problem but its yours . Seek help and find an job for the economy !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        It was all documented by Michael McJackson himself. If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself, Meatloaf. I am not saying anything that isn’t the honest truth. Hey Meatloaf, McJackson did not like the pelvis, and he used Liza Maria to his benefit. It was a fake marriage so the media could focus away from the fact that he was a dirty boy lover.

  8. I do wonder if “Teach” and “King TCB” attended the same special education school? They are both clearly legally retarded.

    Hey Teach, I already told you that “Invincible” is the most expensive studio album ever produced. For the album to be considered successful, it should be one of the -if not- best selling album of all time; which it is not.

    Here, I’ll explain. Have you seen the new “Avengers” movie? Currently, it is one of the highest grossing films of all time, it is also one of the most expensive movies ever made. The huge investment the studio made paid off for them.

    On the other hand, the massive investment SONY made on “Invincible” did NOT yield good results. If the latest “Avenger” film finished at number nine at the end of the year, it would be considered a catastrophic failure, because while ninth place COULD be considered impressive for an independent art house film, for a big budget blockbuster it would NOT.

    “Invincible” therefore is comparable to a flop like “John Carter” or “The Lone Ranger” NOT “Avengers”. Also, opening at number one does NOT mean it was successful. The aforementioned movies opened at number one on several markets, guess what, they are STILL failures.

    Just like “Invincible”.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Didn’t “Beatles 1” and “Elvis 30 #1 Hits” sell more than Michael McJackson’s bomb-a-rama, “Invincible?”

      Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal’s spinning head screams. You disgusting mouth lies every time you open it, you filthy little toad.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          A rare copy of “The Black Album” on vinyl is now going for $60.000. Since “Thrilla” packs the bargain bins at the local Salvation Army for one dolla each, it would take sixty thousand “Thrilla” albums to equal just one “Black Album.”

          Focus on your twisted mouth and tongue in the mirror, Mr Spastic man. Oops….Hannibal swallowed Meatloaf’s mushroom as his bouncing skull quickly patters on Meatloaf’s huge belly.

  9. Invincible received one Grammy Award nomination, with “You Rock My World” being nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Having sold approximately 6 million copies worldwide, and receiving double-platinum certification in the US, sales for Invincible were notably low compared to Jackson’s previous releases, due in part to a diminishing pop music industry, the lack of promotion, no supporting world tour and the label dispute.[7][8][9] In December 2009, Invincible was voted by readers of Billboard as the best album of the decade

    it was the 9th best-selling album worldwide making it one of the best-selling albums of 2001
    Invincible was Jackson’s first studio album since HIStory six years earlier.[48] It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200

    USA double platinum

    Knowledge is power

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The 9th best selling album of 2001?

      And Hannibal still brags. Hey retard, copy and pasting from a laughable fan driven website, does not give you power or knowledge. When you came in last at the group home dance, did your partner spit a chunk of pea soup down your gagging throat?

      Hannibal trips on his own twisted toes. Do you stink?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Wow, that’s amazing…..eight top selling albums sold more. I bet Michael McJackson could no longer sleep at night, he started overdosing on sleep meds to get a little shut eye. Hey Hannibal, who was the number ninth retard at the annual group home spelling bee?

          • 9 world wide is great
            gimme 10 from the 63 albums from prince that did better
            u cant
            Easy win
            Michael will Always beat the tiny g@Y singer easy

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              Prince having the 3rd most valuable recording in the world is definitely a way more impressive record. May I remind you that even pelvis had two entries in the new top 30 list. Again, for mentally the slow and twisted mouth, Michael McJackson has absolutely no albums that are rare and valuable. Ahhhhhh…..the slobbering toad weeps with gut wrenching sobs heaving from his scrawny chest. Hey Hannibal, Michael McJackson’s endless list of failures go back to his days with the McJackson 5.

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              Prince’s “The Black Album” being the 3rd most rarest and most valuable album on the planet is way more impressive, dumbo. No, it has certainly been an easy win for me, clown. How many times can you take being beaten before it finally registers in your empty brain?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The pelvis died 42 years ago on August 16th 1977 in Memphis. Hey Meatloaf, are the CEO’s at Graceland going to charge the pelvis fanatics $130 per old white head to hold a candle outside the gates on Friday? Oops….they are soaking you clowns dry yet again. Sony just released an eleven CD box set of pelvis’s return to the stage in 1969. Cost of this set is $150 plus tax and shipping. Ahhhhhhhh….Meatloaf opens his empty wallet and a moth flies out. Hey Meatloaf, wipe that disgusting mouth.

  10. Elvis haved Rocks this world and MJ sings that about his ego for Elvis the King !!!
    I am glad that Michael Jackson was an big Elvis fan !!!! Thanks MJ !!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Michael McJackson said that pelvis was not a pioneer, was not the king and stole music from the sweat, labor and hard work of African American musicians. Hey Meatloaf, McJackson used Liza Maria Pelvis so he could buy as much as your fat idol’s catalog as possible. He was able to get a hold of “Love Me Tender” “Hound Dog” and “Burning Love.” To add insult to injury, Michael McJackson used to songs to sell dog food. Yep, the clown just loved your disgraced idol so much, he stole his crown and put himself on the throne as KING. Hey Meatloaf, you and skinny should be a new comedy team. You jokers are a barrel of laughs.

  11. Today i enjoy of MJ s videoclip “” Rock with you “” Thats so fine and good he was on his best in 1980 !!!

    Rock with you listen and seen , that MJ was an EP fan !!!

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