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  1. Wacko should have spent less time shaving my rear end and more time practicing his dance moves.

  2. Wacko’s last studio album “Invisible” is the “Gigli” of the music industry. Ha ha ha

    A commercial and critical failure!

    Too bad, “Teach”!

    Ha ha ha

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Michael McJackson simply took Sony’s money and put it in his banking account. He then recorded “Invincible” using modern producers that agreed to work for free. The album was mixed with high cluttered beats that buried most of his vocals. The only single was “You Rock My World” which failed to go to number one. Michael McJackson became angry when the album did not sell as expected. The clown’s idea of promotion was going to New York City to complain about the devil Sony and Jews. It did eventually go platinum. but it was the last album Wacko did before choking on his milk, while dying completely nude on his filthy, soiled mattress pad. He gripped his baby dolly in his twisted dead fingers. Of course, Dr Conrad Murray found the clown was not breathing and crushed his fragile chest with his pounding fists. Ahhhhhhh….the endless tears fall like drops of rain.

        • You rocked my world – 6 countries number one

          stick to pee and poop and leave the music to us

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            And yet, “You Rock My World” bombed in the United States and reached no higher than number ten. Do try to focus on the conversation at hand, retard.

            It is “You Rock My World” and the correct way of saying that my lies do not work is; “Lies Don’t Work.” How many times must we go over this with you, teach?

            Oops, Hannibal sheds a teardrop from his frustration. Does your skinny body shiver and shake from the intense anger issues you have from being as dumb as a stone? Ahhhhhh….Hannibal has resorted to biting himself and hopping up and down like a bunny rabbit. lol.

            • another top 10 hit is great
              Most of prince his work didnt chart
              remember when u cant win u Always talk about spelling
              Old habits die hard

              Do try to focus on the conversation at hand, retard.
              whu u talk about farts pee and poop than ?
              Ooops easy win

  3. “Invincible” is the most expensive album ever produced. Yet it did not sold well. How embarrassing! Ha ha ha

    It is a turkey, sharing the same space as “Battlefield Earth” and “Pluto Nash”. Ha ha ha

    Flop Flop Flop

    • Michael McJackson is the thing of flop. His latest posthumous dud, “Scream” was perhaps his lowest selling ever. Hannibal cries with quivering bottom lip. Hey Bubbles, things are not looking good for the legacy of your dead master. When he shaved your hairy can bare, did he clamp down on your snapping coconut mouth with wire to prevent you from biting his white pimpled skin?

      The skeleton peeled back his fugly mug, and began to dance.

      • and even scream went to number 1 in new Zealand
        his lowest selling album still went to number one
        Prince his last 4 albums stayed one week in Us and UK charts

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Of all the populated countries in the world, Hannibal brags about a tiny island near the bottom of the earth where Michael McJackson managed to go to number one with only 99 copies sold. There are more people on a single cruise ship, then live in New Zealand.

          Michael McJackson’s “Scream” bombed worldwide, clown. Sony cannot release three more McJackson titles without using Jason Malachi to sing on lead vocals. Oops….your hero was too busy chasing boys to finish his vocal tracks on his vault material. Sony does not know what to release next. They do have Wacko singing to a mannequin of the Jolly Green Giant though. Hey Hannibal, when you pass gas, do your farts stink of warm egg and cheese?

          • again nuthin based on facts and stupid questions that get u turned on.
            why didnt your parents use a condom
            the world is better off without a sl.t like u

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      That was the old list, stupid. You know, the old list like when Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” was still on top. But things change over the years, and now “Thrilla” has slipped down to #7. Ahhhhhhh… matter how many times we tell Hannibal that The Eagles “Greatest Hits” is the biggest selling album in the US, the retard resorts to old news. Wu Tan Clang was replaced by a rare first copy of The Beatles “White Album.” The pelvis slipped down, but has two of the most valuable records in the new top 30 list. Emperor Prince is in fact #3. No Michael McJackson, clown. Hey Hannibal. when was the last time you washed your disgusting body with suds?

  4. On the website of Paisley Park , of Prince i see an very poor website and the shop was so poor , onley ugly prple T-shirts and 3 poor books so cold designs ! And the price tickets was to much high ? And no cd s for sale ?! hahaha ……….. what an flop shop !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, do you do “Do The Clam” and “Yoga Is As Yoga Does” when you impersonate the Fat Pelvis?

  5. There no 1 Prince album in the top 200 charts ? More The Beatles and Elton John .
    Hey Red ugly eyes lady haved you to much drunking red wine ?

  6. Ahhhhh….Hannibal screams as Elvis returns to both the billboard 200, #138, and the country album charts at #16 with “The Essential Elvis Presley.” As for Emperor Prince, he has the #3 position of the top 30 most valuable albums of all time. It is the masterpiece, “The Black Album” vinyl, which sold for an incredible $48,000 with tax. Ahhhhh….not one Michael McJackson made the list. Here’s a tissue, Benjamin Barker. Blow the mucus out of your impacted little snout and wipe those teary eyes. You lose, clown. Tell us again why Michael McJackson still can not get to #16 on any chart like the pelvis still can. Oops….Hannibal stutters and is suddenly speechless. Hey clicker, explain to us why Click Richard’s “Rise Up” has not returned to the British charts? The disgraced boy loving clown certainly cannot chart stateside. Prince has jumped ahead to grab the true title of the reigning king of pop music. “The Black Album” being the 3rd most expensive vinyl in the world proves his standing as an artist. It is definitely a big win for me, you slobbering toad. I win, you lose….

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey retard, Michael McJackson placed NO albums in the top 30, but Meatloaf’s hero, pelvis placed two on the list, a Sun record and a rare copy of the 1968 soundtrack to “Speedway.” Again, for the slow of twisted mouth and tongue….Prince’s “The Black Album” is the 3rd most valuable album of all time. NO Michael McJackson albums are worth anything because he was so massed produced. Ahhhhhhh….the watery eyes, the flushed complexion, the quivering bottom lip, the stuffed up honker…’s a box of tissues, toad. Even the pelvis charts higher and sells more than Michael McJackson, even with all the allegations against Michael’s disgraced father in law. Like Hannibal and Meatloaf splashing in Lee Liberace’s.filthy hot tub, it definitely proves that birds of a feather, indeed flock together. Hey Hannibal, when maids went to drain the brown water, do you think they found Michael Jackson’s cawk ring? The tub left a disgusting brown stain where his chimpanzee Bubbles floated to the top, its half shell coconut mouth snapping. Liberace had a big smile on his face when Michael dunked his head under the rising steam. Do you think the scrawny clown gave Lee Liberace oral as the old man’s aging knees slapped against McJackson’s fuzzy, bobbling skull? Ahhhhhh… that your tiny little voice breaking?

        • Are you drunk again ? Dr. Phill said , hey Red Lady takes more anti spygo pills and go find a job !

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            I am a well to do lady, Meatloaf. I find rare treasures that people like you give away for free and then, I simply sell them for big bucks. I do some work, but most of the time, it is easy living. You are the clown that has to drive a truck. lol.

              • And the self proclaimed “teach” still hasn’t bothered to learn basic third grade English.

                It is “You are a cheap hooker, who is into pee and poop. Don’t lie, please.”

                Hey retard, when was the last time you read a book?

  7. This coming week on TV and in the world full of ELVIS festivalls and cellebrations of his 42 dead !!! He is still alive !!!

    “” ELVIS IS BACK “”

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, how long does it take Hannibal to peel off your tight, sweaty jumpsuit? Off with the sideburns and black wig, clown. You gonna sing, “Old McJackson Had To Harm ” ( E eye E eye O} Ahhhhh the fat man cries in frustration. Do you stutter too?

  8. forbes , this poll and the charts are fake because prince cant win.
    they are all robots.
    His hundreds of fans are human the rest is robots

  9. Hannibal, you seem especially agitated this week. What triggered you? Was it the excellent news that “Leaving Neverland” won a best documentary award or was it the five Emmy nominations it received amongst them “Best Documentary” and “Best Director”?!


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Dan Reed wins again and again, while the screaming tears dribble off the chin….lol.

  10. Hey Tissue Boy:

    1. I am a chimpanzee, not a monkey.

    2. Michael Joseph Jackson was a flaming Homersexual PeeDoughFile that liked sucking on preteen rooster.

    3. Are you challenging me to a fist to paw fight?

    Question: Are you as strong as your idol Scary Poppins? Wacko was a scrawny weakling with toothpicks for arms. Ha ha ha

    • dont fight F.ggots
      if i do u need a lot tissues
      Tissue boy u r a wanna bee a follower
      stay silent monkey

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, you have never seen my pink curtains spread for you. Of course, you rather slap hairy and hard ass. Lol.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, they have robots that service you to your room in Las Vegas now. It is your fault you got beaten and robbed in New York, clown. You should have left the red leather jacket, the glittery glove and the women’s long black wig at home. Of course, the charts do not mean much these days. CD’s are not selling and have been discounted to move fast. Prince CD’s are rare gemstones that command top dollar prices in the worldwide marketplace. Michael McJackson fills the used CD bins at the local Salvation Army. Hannibal continues to scream. The battered throat, those raging eyes. You look upset, Benjamin. Was it something I said, or are you choking from the grease that coats your torn Adam’s apple?

      You have what we call gag reflex.

      • His hundreds of fans have forgotten about his last cd
        Left the charts in one week.
        Forbes is gonna hurt

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          The fake payola of Forbes is all you have to latch onto, Hannibal Barker. That is what we must call propaganda. Lies told over and over again, are still lies, you slobbering little skeleton. Do you even know what “limited edition” is?

          Not the cheap overstocks of Michael McJackson. Say you sold 1000 CD’s for pennies on the dolla on the bottom of the charts, versus selling 500 limited editions at full price.

          Which artist actually sold more by selling every copy in stock?
          It is the simple law of economics, retard.

          That’s right, the winner is Prince. He can not chart if all his “limited editions” are all sold out. Hey Hannibal, when an artist is overstocked, it means that the CD’s are sold at a discounted price and sit in the bins collecting dust because the retailers can not sell them all. Therefore, you become a bargain bin artist like Michael McJackson. Hey Hannibal, I actually bought “The Black Album” as a “limited edition” bootleg. It was the only way I was ever going to get a copy for my Prince collection. If I wanted to, I could sell it for double the paid purchase price. It is valuable, and in demand. lol.

          • Forbes is fake , its lead by robots
            Prince his fanclub page is not real , they are robots and robots lie
            Prince is a robot he has only one robot album called the balck album.
            he doesnt had 63 flops

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              Hannibal forgets all the duds Michael McJackson has to his tarnished name. Hey retard, do you swallow?

  11. Unbelieveble news … Elvis was early marriage with a girl Mary he was 10 years old and she was 13 years old !!!
    Elvis was first Marriage listen to his song “” Mary in the Morning “”

    “” Long Live The King “”

    • Ahhhhhhh…..Meatloaf forgets that pelvis sang a bunch of songs with names of various women in them. At least they were not b***, like Billy, Gene, rockin’ Robin or a rat named Ben. Hey Meatloaf, you need some serious help. You have a sick and twisted imagination. The pelvis proudly sung “I Got A Woman/Amen.” He also sang these through out his enormous catalog.

      Proud Mary
      Sweet Angeline
      Amazing Grace
      Sweet Caroline
      Mary In The Morning
      Polk Salad Annie
      Frankie And Johnny (Frankie is a name of woman, whose man done her wrong}
      I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      And Michael McJackson married little Jimmy Safechuck. Hey Meatloaf, were you the best man at their wedding? Poor Liza Maria….her second hubby was already married, so her second marriage wasn’t legal.

      • Lisa loves MJ she said that in many talk shows ! Haved you not going to DR Phil to his talk show for your sick minds problems ?

  12. Michael Jackson 1 album UK charts
    Michael Jackson 2 albums Billboard 200 charts

    Prince no albums on the charts

    • Hey Hannibal, when you swarm through the streets as Wacko Jacko, do the huge goobers hit your bee stung face? Again, Michael McJackson is sold so dirt cheap, he charts near the bottom. It is like running over $1000 to pick up a few pennies. Hey retard, your sore and beaten dong is hanging out of your zipper. Meatloaf wants your love. You two could be the next fat and skinny.

      • Prince sold cheap
        Prince .org
        Not in the charts
        Not selling
        Cheap bargain bin.
        One week Nelson
        Not campus
        Easy win

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Prince is definitely sold for top dollar, you foul mouthed toad. Hey Hannibal, when cruising the big apple, did you lose your wallet in a gay bath house? Ahhhhhh… Michael McJackson and Lee Liberace, the bubbles turned completely brown as the piano man rotated through the sizzling waves. Fat hairy belly peeped put from the water like an island in the big ole sea. That twisted mouth was stuffed with aging dong and swinging ball sack. Your bee stung lips wrap around the old man’s dundee like a wide eyed guppy from the raging stream. Ahhhhhh….the tears sting as you gobble down ring ding-a-ling, Hey Hannibal, is your chin smooth enough for slapping noodle?

            • Actually, “Prince Originals” sold out of its “limited edition” stock. Hey Hannibal, how many times do you have to be told that Michael McJackson’s “Scream” album only went to a lowly #33 on the Billboard 200 charts. “Prince Originals” went to #15, therefore charted higher at full retail price. Not only did the stock sell out, but Prince’s estate collected all the money. Unlike Michael McJackson, Prince is definitely not a bargain bin overstock. I know life frustrates you, Hannibal. But look at the bright side, Meatloaf is waiting to hold your skinny body in his open chunky arms. Shall he rock your screaming skeleton to sleep tonight or tomorrow?

              • prince one week nelson.
                left the charts in one week
                didnt hit number one
                its now 5 dollar
                lol what a mess
                what a desperate attempt even a monkey or a robot can see through your lies

  13. If you read all her comment here of Miss red piggy , that will believed in gnomes lives in toadstools !
    uhh … Mabey will red gnome fan lady believed that Paisley was an big toadstool with an purple gnome in that toadstool house ! Who knows of Red Lady used toadstools for her minds …… ssssoooo sto* ned !!!

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