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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. It has been 5 months now and Taj “Fatty Cakes” Jackson is STILL nowhere near close to his goal. Ha ha ha

    What happened to those BILLIONS of fans peEdo Wacko has?

    Are you looking forward to Taj’s documentary “teach”? Ha ha ha

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Was “Fatty Cakes” the young skinny boy that was photographed with Uncle Woodpecker with his greasy pubes and torn tee?

      Of course, Taj says he is still making the doc on a budget of $141,000. The chunky clown was hoping for a donation of $777,000. Oops….he came up short. The tenth year of the predo’s death at Forest Lawn was sad. It had a very disappointing turnout. Some fanatics were shown crying their little eyes out. You have more folks visit your chimpanzee cage, Bubbles.

  2. Hey Red sweat Lady i sweat to much the whole week ? Can you explane that lady ?
    Was Prince sweat also if he was going to dead in his lift ? lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I’ve been busy, Meatloaf. Hey Meatloaf, didn’t your idol die while sitting on his filthy can?

  3. Hey Bubbles, ever wonder why supporters of clowns like Click Richard and Michael McJackson always try to silence people by claiming they we are disgusting? In other words, they want to spin the table around and claim that we are the animals instead of the boy lovers that still get away with their eye burning crimes. Of course, it is scum bags like Clifford and McJackson that want special rights to be with under aged males in their showers and beds. Oops….we cannot dare criticize prEedofile lifestyles. or speak the truth of how Michael McJackson was brutally murdered. Congrats to Dr Conrad Murray for earning $500,000 and keeping his money secure.

    Hey Bubbles, how many clowns do you think can comfortably fit into a yellow VW bug with lock jams inside its latch doors?

    • Hey Red Lady, I learned a new acronym; it’s called DARVO. It stands for:

      Deny the abuse, then Attack the victim for attempting to make them accountable for their offense, thereby Reversing the Victim and Offender.

      PeeDoughFile Michael Joseph Jackson fans engage in this type of behavior. Cliff “fans” are just peEdo Jacko fanatics pretending to be Cliff fans.

      Why do you think they like Peedoughfile’s so much?

      If Gary Glitter was on the poll he would be leading. Yuck!

      • Click Richard is just a scapegoat for predo’s that are said to be falsely accused, even if it is obvious they are boy lovers. That is it in a nut shell. Wacko fanatics rigged the polls with clicking robots because the old British perv is still alive. Personally, I know of no one that knows or cares who that aging freak is. Clifford needs to be arrested and sent to prison. Maybe he can be put in a cell with Gary Glitter.

    • We only try to silence you for telling lies about Cliff Richard. There was no evidence because nothing happened.
      The filth written on here is another thing. The ones that do it obviously enjoy it. Makes us wonder who the real perverts are. Love talking about it . Your just a load of trolls who revel in dirt.
      The site is meant for discussion on music and our favourite singers. Not smut.
      Doubt you even heard of Cliff Richard before the accusation. If you believe that every person who gets accused HAS to be guilty. I hope no one ever accuses you. There are some nasty people in this world .

      • Yup, anyone can accuse anyone at anytime, for just about any reason because a predator just happens to get criticized. We know your little game, you filthy little clown.

  4. Hey Red Lady, Wack0’s “Ex” Tatum O’Neal watched Dan Reed’s soon to be award winning documentary and believes his victims. I do wonder, does his Ex Jason Pfeiffer also believe his former lover was a peEdo?

    • Ever notice that Tatum looks like a young Liza Maria Pelvis, but apparently is a lot smarter?


  5. this is the most BOGUS “contest” ever. I’ve only read a few comments and they are disgusting! Obviously, people have nothing better to do with their time and that’s so unfortunate!

    • I agree, worshiping a PeeDoughFile like Wacko Jacko is disgusting. Thankfully the man who “killed” him is free and enjoying his life. Cheers!

      • comments disgusting such as yours! Don’t you people have lives? And don’t you recognize and acknowledge one of the best legends in the world? Engelbert! SMH…..

  6. No bubbles [ what the f*k why do you called youre selfs as an Bubbles ??? ] go listen to real music , not Red Lady s music please ?

  7. Ohhh no i haved today hear Prince “” Kiss ” on the radio , it was my last ride to go to the Distribitsie centra for my truck . My end of the day was destroyed , it was the blame of Prince his girly voice ? Eeekkks …. hey Red rotten egg lady did you know that Prince sounds much more girly than MJ !

  8. Hey Red Lady, isn’t embarrassing that Wack0’s “Neverland” remains unsold?

    Meanwhile, Prince’s “Paisley Park” is a major tourist attraction generating millions of dollars yearly.

    Prince wins!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hannibal lost his virginity from a groping veined hand, passed out behind the German wall. Tears well up in his beady little eyes. He still screams from a spitting mouth.

  9. Hero Doctor Conrad Murray thinks his former employer Michael Joseph Jackson was a PeeDoughFile. The wonderful Doctor knows the truth. Bless you Dr. Murray!

    • Hey Bubbles, Dr Conrad Murray has a net worth of $500,000, and is living large. Michael McJackson is still dead at Forest Lawn. lol.

  10. prince has left the UK album charts after one week

    thats why they call him prince one week Nelson

    its funny to hear prince sing : I was kissin’ Valentino
    By a crystal blue Italian stream.
    the man was gay
    Manic Monday

    june 7 went by in silence

    ok people i am going on a holiday to New York
    see u guys in October

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Gay Hannibal at The Blue Oyster……drinks are on the house as long as you get on your twisted knees and wrap those skinny arms around those chunky legs as your bobbling head quickly slaps against hairy belly, nose to encrusted naval. Hannibal hums the old pelvis Harum number, but changes the lyric as a tribute to Clifford and Michael McJackson, who also traveled to Arab countries for boy love.

      Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
      Gonna pack my bags ’cause this great big ole world is calling me
      Every lil boy gonna know I’m around, I’m in town for a boy harum holiday
      Twenty boys, twenty boys by my side
      I’m gonna kiss them all, gotta keep em’ satisfied
      I’m gonna have the best time money can buy, I’m gonna fly high on on boy harum holiday

      Hey Hannibal, are you meeting up with fatty, sweaty Meatloaf for some brutal man on man hanky panky?

      • Yes Hanniball and me haved an very good times with listen to the radio ! We are the listen , not talk about shit what you do Red shit Lady ?

        • What were you two listening to? How to make love to young boys guide like Wacko did? Was it narrated by Cliff Richard?

  11. Prince is an purple run singer an b artist , and Jerry Lee Lewis sings more hits than Prince in the past !
    Bruce Spingsteen sings wilder than tinny Prince !
    Oh on YouTube you can see and listen “” Cadillac Angels – Truckdriver “”
    Oh no i seen an purple truck in that clip ??? Is Prince his purple colour an curse ?

    • It is better to die on your chunky knees, your ass in the air?

      Hey Meatloaf, do your farts stink like egg and cheese?

  12. Red sald pepper lady haved no idea who Bruce Springsteen was ? He was not an B- flop artis as Prince ! Red flop lady by by by go back to the music school ….

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Bruce Springsteen is still alive, stupid. Hey Meatloaf, does your heart break as you cry your guts out?

  13. The last time i hear more Bruce Springsteen than Prince the purple frog on the radio ?
    Hey Red purple eye lady how much nr 1 hits haved Bruce Springsteen ! “” Born In The USA “” That song was much more populair than “” Purple Rain “” from little Prince !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, wipe that gravy off of your screaming mouth.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Meatloaf, your studded jumpsuit is getting mighty tight on you. Your fat belly is starting to hang over your belt buckle, toad.

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