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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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    • It is better to die on your chunky knees, your ass in the air?

      Hey Meatloaf, do your farts stink like egg and cheese?

  1. Red sald pepper lady haved no idea who Bruce Springsteen was ? He was not an B- flop artis as Prince ! Red flop lady by by by go back to the music school ….

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Bruce Springsteen is still alive, stupid. Hey Meatloaf, does your heart break as you cry your guts out?

  2. The last time i hear more Bruce Springsteen than Prince the purple frog on the radio ?
    Hey Red purple eye lady how much nr 1 hits haved Bruce Springsteen ! “” Born In The USA “” That song was much more populair than “” Purple Rain “” from little Prince !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, wipe that gravy off of your screaming mouth.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Meatloaf, your studded jumpsuit is getting mighty tight on you. Your fat belly is starting to hang over your belt buckle, toad.

  3. prince has left the UK album charts after one week

    thats why they call him prince one week Nelson

    its funny to hear prince sing : I was kissin’ Valentino
    By a crystal blue Italian stream.
    the man was gay
    Manic Monday

    june 7 went by in silence

    ok people i am going on a holiday to New York
    see u guys in October

    • Yes you right One week guy ! Prince is an special artist onley for gays ! And Red gay Lady is gay !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey Meatloaf, do skinny men in short skirts lick your lamb chop sideburns before dropping down on their knees to gobble down your wet mushroom?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hannibal would know about kissing a dead corpse as it lay in its moldy, crusty casket. The dancing skeleton’s open mouth is just waiting for your slobbering tongue. Welcome back, you stupid little toad. BTW, Prince wrote “Manic Monday” for The Bangles. Hey toad, what song has Michael McJackson write and give away to other artists? That’s right….he didn’t. His crayons broke as he popped his plastic lips together, his juicy saliva dribbling off his shoe box chin. Ahhhhhhhhhh….Benjamin Barker is having a gay summer holiday in New York. Did you meet some old sugar daddy with a huge cawk and a rolled up wad of cash?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Hannibal, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away long. No one bombs harder than “The Thing Of Flop, Michael McJackson.” “Scream” peaked at a lowly #33, while “Prince Originals” peaked at #15. That is a whopping 18 notches higher, you dizzy little toad. I laugh. Hey Hannibal, tell us how you met your new Uncle Charlie, who is whisking you away to his private condo in New York. Are you lovebirds going to go sightseeing in Central Park?

          Be sure to go to “The Blue Oyster” in Manhattan. The bartender there is totally nude. If you tip him well, he will give you a special treat.

      • # hey toad, what has McJackson ever written?

        Of course, sometimes I make an English error and correct them. Ahhhhhh…..the lump in your throat is making you gag. Do you gobble down rod?

  4. how come after voting each day where white line is showing the voteselvis’s votes are 39,363 and under cliffs picture it only says2370 votes. Something is wrong here. has a long standing fan I am angry about this. I see this happens every day.

    • Click Richard recorded a song called, “Bachelor Boy” in the British musical “Summer Holiday.” Even in 1963, Clifford looked a bit fruity.

    • Anonymous.
      The 39,363 is the total for the year.
      The 2,370 is for just last month. Nothing wrong what so ever.
      Not so many Elvis fans are voting. Many Cliff Richard fans have also given up voting. But Cliff’s still miles ahead.
      The only solution is to get more fans voting.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        All done by cheating robots, clown. No one is voting because this site is manipulated. lol.

        • If this is is manipulated then then it has been going on since the beginning. Long before Cliff Richard’s name was even on list.

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Not really. No one outside of Great Britain knows who Click Richard is. He was deliberately added to the list for robot manipulation. That boy loving clown is definitely not a king anywhere on planet earth. We caught on to what was going on awhile back, however you clowns want us to believe this site is legit. It is not. See, Click is promoted as being wrongly accused like Michael McJackson. Any person with a brain can figure out that Clifford could never get enough votes to matter in a honest poll.

  5. Did British Boylover Cliff pay his respects to Wack0 on his hilarious death anniversary?

  6. For the publik !
    What do you choice of songs ?
    1. In The Summertime ; Sings by Mungo Jerry .
    or ;
    2. Purple Rain ; Sings by Prince .

    I choice for “” In The Summertime . by Mungo Jerrry.
    We dont like rain !

    • “Purple Rain” reached #1 in the Netherlands.

      I vote for “Purple Rain” as the better song. I do like “In the Summertime”, it’s a good song.

  7. Hey why do you crying now Red Cry Lady ? Is the truth to hard for you ??? Mugo Jerry sings better than Prince !
    Do you likes his song : In The Summer time !

  8. Hey Meatloaf….a cross eyed chimpanzee would have a bigger brain in its skull than you. The dangerous trucker went down the wrong way on the exit ramp. Ahhhhhhh…..those terrified little eyes pop out like cherry pits. Do you scream at night when your swallow hairy dundee and your slobbering mouth is pinned open with steel prongs?

  9. now i was listing to “” Loving you “” Bleu Hawaii “” so great albums of all time !!!!!! Elvis The King Of Music !!!!!!

  10. Onley Bubbles is Red Lady s friend ??? wow thats an primeur as the summer hit ” In The Summertime “” from Mungo Jerry , 1970 .

    Hey Red Lady he looks likes two drups of Prince ! Was he the fahter of Prince ? He sings better than Prince thats for sure lady !!

  11. Hey Red Lady, Dan Reed’s “Leaving Neverland” is the most watched documentary in HBO’S history. peEdo lovers assured me it was a flop. Ooops Ha ha ha It currently sits at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and has “Universal Acclaim” on Metacritic. Louis Theroux’s tweet calling Wacko Jacko a PeeDoughFile has over 72 thousand likes on Twitter. Taj’s GoFundMe campaign has been a disaster. Ha ha ha The PeeDoughFile’s legacy is ruined, never to recover. Ha ha ha Hail Doctor Conrad Murray!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      In fact, “Leaving Neverland” was one of HBO’s most watched documentaries ever with 1..3 million viewers. Of course, Wack0 Jack0 fanatics scream with bitterness. Dr Conrad Murray even said he watched the special and now believes his victim was a vicious peEdofile.

  12. If Click was “Kitty” in his eye burning Elm Street crash pad, what was Michael McJackson doing in a Paris hotel room with his first accuser?

    Hey clicker, does your nose grown as hard as a log when you lie with that filthy little mouth?

  13. WANTED “” Red Lady “”
    Reward 10 dollar for the effort .

    And Wanted “” Bubbles “”
    Reward 1 Bannas for the effort .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Would you swallow a rotten banana down your screaming throat, Bernard?

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