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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Instead of having tributes, the networks are showing “Killing Michael McJackson.” Ahhhhhhh….Dr Conrad Murray waited a half hour before calling the paramedics and did one handed CPR on the bed. The scarecrow died nude with his favorite white “milk” pumped into his scrawny little body. The death room was filthy as cockroaches scattered across Michael Michael McJackson lay on his urine stained mattress pad, a boy dolly held tightly in his twisted fingers. Of course, the doc pinched its plastic nose to force the clown’s disgusting mouth open.

    • Dr. Murray is a beautiful man! It was very nice of him to wait and make sure the peEdo was dead before calling the medics. I heard the wonderful doc was having phone sex with his girlfriend as Wack0 laid there nude in his own urine slowly dying. Ha ha ha

      When the medics were given the call that it was Michael Jackson they took the long route there. Arriving over an hour late, they made their way to the death room were they found Wacko dead as a door nail.

      The medics had to cover their noses as they approached the dead scarecrow, the stench of urine was in the air. The sheet Wacko was sleeping was removed and to their disgust they noticed the bed was covered in feces. It was still warm, Wacko Jacko pooped the bed as he was dying. Ha ha ha

      Wacko was found with a blonde boy dolly in between his stiffening white fingers, it was being held close to his fragile chest. The medics started laughing as did Dr. Conrad Murray. One of the medics removed the boy dolly and tossed it aside, the other medic walked over to Wacko and with just one arm picked up the woodpecker and slammed him on the floor like a WWE Wrestler. They then placed a bag over his corpse and pounded on his flat unmuscular(?) chest. Wacko was dead.

      The medics loaded up the corpse and as they were walking out high fived Dr. Conrad Murray for a job well done.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Wow….that was a fantastic piece of writing there, Bubbles.

    • Celebration time, ten years dead…..Michael McJackson. Hey Bubbles, let us party hard with laughter & cheer.

  2. Hey Bubbles, imagine Hannibal’s charred skeleton rotating round and round in the whispering breeze?

    Oops, as the bod drops down, it starts spinning in circles. Of course, as the neck breaks, the mouth opens in a silent scream. The rapidly blinking watery eyes glazed and torn from their bloody sockets. I can almost smell the roasted flesh sizzling in the barbecue. Hey Bubbles, when you bit down on the woodpecker’s twisted hand, did he scream?

  3. Hey Red stupit comments Lady , Stop with talking of killing youre selfs with Bubbles OK !
    This makes the war to far !
    This not an psyco site , but an Music site !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey fatso, how can one move the body without a working brain?

  4. Hey Red Lady, I recently saw the video of Wacko Jacko’s Pepsi accident. I nearly fell out of my chair. You can clearly see the bald spot that was left behind after the teamsters beat him into a pulp. So funny. He he he

    • Michael McJackson cried for decades that his natural greasy curls were gone forever. Hey Bubbles, didn’t it make your little coconut mouth chatter?

  5. Today i wearing an ELVIS T-Shirt on my work “” Viva Las Vegas T-shirt “” Now wants everyone who i am ? Oooopsss ?
    Every trucker loves my Elvis Viva Las Vegas T-shirt with Elvis 70s pictures !!!! They say Hey Elvis ye !!!!

    Red Lady do you wearing an Prince T-shirt or an MJ T-shirt ???
    And Bubbles wearing an ….. Red Light Lady on his T-Shirt ?!!

    • Does your disgusting belly hang over your greasy belt buckle?

      Hey Meatloaf, wipe the custard off your slobbering double chin. You are foaming at the twisted mouth.

  6. Hey Bubbles, there is still time to purchase a red rose for $3 to put outside that skeleton’s disgusting grave site at Forest Lawn. Ahhhhhhhhh….the stink of fresh urine and its acid has killed the rose petals. Of course, since you were once severely beaten by the wild woodpecker, you want to squeeze out a spinning log from your hairy can. Pass the Charmin!

    • I hope some F’loons commit suicide as a tribute for their PeeDoughFile idol Wacko Jacko.

      • Some of those clowns will try suicide. Hey Bubbles, do you believe Hannibal’s swinging corpse is hanging from a soapy shower rod like a side of US Prime 100% Choice Beef?

        Because of the stink, the flies come buzzing around the cold flesh. Of course, Hannibal still screams as they cut him down and places his nude carcass into a black body bag.

        • Ha ha ha

          Will Hannibal’s autopsy be as degrading as his PeeDoughFile idol’s was? Will some brilliant full color photographs be taken and posted online for the world to laugh at like we did with Wack0’s?! I certainly hope so.

          Ha ha ha

  7. Hey Meatloaf, where you go, fatso?
    Ahhhhhhhh…..the tears in their little eyes sprinkle out of those tear ducts. Hmmmmmm….this just in, McJackson would spray perfume on panties so his employees would think Liza Maria was up in his room, but she never was. Ahhhhhhh….the Dutch trucker seems to be as silent as the beaten Hannibal. Hey toad, did the curious cat swallow your pimpled tongue?

    Michael McJackson was a fraud.

    • Was the perfume Lavender scented like his marriage was? Liza Minnelli’s ex husband David Gest was more “straight” than peEdo Jacko was.

      • Lisa Minnelli was also married several times to men who were in denial of being gay. Yep, peEdoughfile Michael McJackson used women to become more like one. Hey Bubbles, did Wack0 Jack0 collect and freeze your slimy seed in a test tube too?

        Your frozen seed would not work on the rotted egg of Ms Debbie Rowe McJackson.

  8. Why is Bubbles away Red zoo lady from here ?
    And why is Prince little in the hit parade for 30 years ?
    Jerry Lee Lewis made more hits than Prince , Jerry Lee Lewis is healty enough and he planes for an new album and concerts ! He was smarter than Prince [ no drugs ].

  9. Ahhhhhh……”Leaving Neverland” is voted the best documentary of the year as Dan Reed is hoodwinked for an Oscar nomination. The endless tears flow for all you screaming Michael McJackson toads. Noooooooooooo !!!!!

    I laugh hard.

  10. David Bowie mades more hits than Prince thats treu , but Prince was an sneaky gay lover and David said i loves womans and a man . Prince did it sneaky Red sneaky lady !

    Oooppsss i see Red Lady on the truck parking in her purple short skirt , you can smell her pee underwear … so haved you pee as gold in youre underwear Red gold pee lady ??? Why is Prince sings Gold pee ?????

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Fat and skinny, flesh for fantasy. Like a skinned hog, two clowns continue to scream. Hey Meatloaf, when you sweat from the chunky hand, do you pound Hannibal’s pulsing, but spotted gland?

      The slapping frenzy of lard of slobbering tard. Ahhhhhhhh…..Benjamin Barker, back end barbecue The community shower is open for quick, intense man to man action. Clifford says, “Step right in, my friend. The water is hot as the ball sacks jiggle beneath the shaking belly of Kris Kringle. Hey fatso, did fat Jason do some shakin’ like smoked bacon?

  11. The last rite to the dc distributie certra on the radio was Prince sings “” Gold “” I hear him singing “” I loves my gold pee if i smell as an Gold pee …. Gold pee song was the song i hear and my end of the day was destroyed from his pee voice !

  12. It makes sense; Meatloaf has a crush on Madonna who looks like a man. You are right Red Lady, his English is atrocious, the Dutch hillbilly is borderline illiterate, just like Wacko.

    • Actually, Madonna is a man that can hold Meatloaf close to its muscled chest during yet another love session at the truck stop lavatory. I can almost hear the screams coming out of Meatloaf’s disgusting mouth.

  13. Hey Meatloaf, the only girls you would probably get are secret cross dressers like David Bowie, who sold the world. In all this time in discussion, you have not once tried to improve your English. As for Bowie, he was around since the mid sixties, while Prince had been only performing since 1978. Basically, Bowie is selling briskly because of his conceptional albums are being re released on vinyl, and that his sexual affair with Rolling Stone front man, Mick Jagger is still a big topic of conversation around the globe. Chain smoking shortened Bowie’s life and career. When you play Michael McJackson in your truck, do you clear out the parking lot in front of the all night diners?

    Your double chin is starting to sag, toad.

  14. Today i was by an supermarket with my truck and i take a break there in a cantine all lady s will sittg by me , an blony girl looks at me with loverly eyes …. Aaahhhhh so quite lady wow ! Then came an lady an said ooohhh what is it hot here , that for me …. yes Red Lady i am an beautifull truckdriver . [ A Womanizer sings Britney Spears ]
    And are you an favorite for all man around youre live ????

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