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  1. Was David Bowie not made more hits than tinny Prince ?
    How much more nr, 1 hits made David Bowie vs Prince , Red low Lady ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Meatloaf, do you know that David Bowie slept with 12 year old groupies before he was caught rolling in the sack-a-roo with Micky Jagger?

      Ahhhhhhh….fatso can no longer squeeze into his body suit. Wipe that chin.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Bowie had hits during different periods. The dude in the fish net stockings needs help climbing in your rig. Will your chunky arm be able to pull your new friend up into the front passenger seat for some trick or treat excitement?

          Hey toad, do you go to the new hair cub for men?

          Kitty is waiting behind the shower curtain, you know. He wants you to lather up his aging body. Hannibal did not show up last night, so it’s up to you, Meatloaf. Your magic chunky palms will do wonders for his aching shoulders. Clifford says, “Come on in, the water is nice and warm.” You need to bring your own beech towel though. The kitty screams, “It gets slippery when wet.” Please do not disappoint him.

  2. Hey Meatloaf, since skinny Hannibal disappeared, I heard fat Jason is available for bouncing flesh for fantasy fun. You can have the manhole that McJackson once fondled as Dr Arnie watched with glazed eyes.

  3. Hey Bubbles, I just found out something interesting. Your trip to Las Vegas awaits as tickets for Michael McJackson’s Cirque Du Solell “One” at the beautiful Mandalay Bay hotel and casino are now a whopping 25% off. Oops, June 25th is the tenth anniversary of the dancing clown’s embarrassing nude death, and they have discounted pricing. So, how about packing those bags and flying to Las Vegas to sit in half empty theaters to see dancers swing to the dated beats of a tarnished woodpecker? Of course, the Michael McJackson estate is in panic mode. There is definitely trouble in paradise.

    Hey Bubbles, are you going to buy a single red rose to put near Michael McJackson’s soiled crypt in Forest Lawn?

    You can actually hear the crickets in the grass as the lonely howls is faintly heard in the distance.

    • No, I wouldn’t accept free tickets in memory of the peEdo that shaved my buttocks, I will buy a banana cake on June 25th in celebration of the PeeDoughFile’s death.

      • Of course, those delusional toads will never accept the truth of Michael McJacjson’s brutal downfall. The dead clown’s decaying carcass should be removed from the grave and strung up high like a scarecrow at Forest Lawn. Hey Bubbles, you were beaten and kicked in the head by the wild woodpecker many times. How does it feel to be the one that has the last laugh? Your banana cake is loaded with fresh fruit, but you can be rest assured that the scarecrow will be screaming as his rotten, disgusting corpse spins in the wind as the eggs fly towards the swinging, dead clown.

  4. Ahhhhhh….. Meatloaf wants to just insult and play games, while I want to talk the current music sales. Unlike fat and skinny apparently do not have much knowledge, especially when having both of their cans kicked by little ole me. We do not deal with fantasies here, but facts. That being said, Prince is not on the charts, but at least he is not bargain bin like Michael McJackson. Oops, what do we have here?

    On the UK music dvd charts, The Beatles “Early Years” sits on top at #1, while pelvis remains at #3 with “The Searcher.” Michael McJackson’s “Moonwalker” crawls at a very disappointing #40. That’s not all….I know Hannibal cries out of his little eyes, which blinds his vision, but my two eyes are dry. I continue to laugh hard and long. Oops, again, the pelvis has beaten Michael McJackson in sales with the “Essential” series. The pelv is currently #40 on the US Country charts, while Michael McJackson’s “Essential” still sits like a rock on the bottom of the charts at a laughably lowly #130. Not only that, Elton John’s “Diamonds” has reached the top ten in both the US and UK because of “Rocketman.” Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal screams as the bile shoots out from deep down his windpipe. Hannibal hides like a rat with its slimy tail in between its twisted legs. Hey fatso, how do we get skinny to came out of his filthy shell?

    Remember, knowledge is the key to really winning. I continue to raise my glass high in endless celebration. Lol.

  5. Bubbles was escaped from Red Lady s secret door ? “” New Single “”

    1. Red Lady was used Bubbles and Prince in her secret bed ?
    2. Leaving Paisley land
    3. Bubbles under water .
    4. David Bowie is an better artist than Prince … sings Bubbles in the tree.

    • Meatloaf’s secret door is behind Click Richard’s dirty curtain at the Elm Street man’s club, room reserved for Mr Kitty and Cow man, #666. Hey Meatloaf, I’ve read that victims would scream through the halls. David Bowie requested his little China boy.

  6. New single album of Prince duets !
    ” Prince loves george balls ”
    1. Roling on George balls , go
    2. Purple boy … after the ball scene
    3. Painkillers was founds in the lift ..
    4. Nail heels in Prince his ass ….

  7. Sad Red Sad Lady dony do the same dance as Prince did on his girly nail heels , round on a round with demerol !!! Wow
    So red dsl lady so Prince as Red stoned lady whooooeeeaaa . Dont step in an purple lift lady red its kills as Prince in his purple lift

    • Hey Meatloaf, how many pointed noses have hit against your jiggling belly after Hannibal’s honker exploded during a quick woodpecker session, where his nose blood dribbled down to your twisted toes?

      Ahhhhhh….hey fatso, do your eyes water when you get sprayed with tear burning mace?

      Fat and skinny, fat and skinny…..does Hannibal still do the wing flapping butterfly?

  8. Sad news for Bubbles girlfriend , she is dead by an truck trailerlift and she haved to much painkillers in het body .
    She is now by her boyfriends MJ and Prince .
    Red Lady will to bury next by MJ s grave . She is happy now with MJ ! Lol lol lol

  9. Hey Red Lady, it has been four months since Taj “FAT” Jackson started his GoFundMe campaign to raise about $800,000 for a “documentary” (Pro PeeDoughFilia Propaganda) defending his creepy uncle. What a failure FattyJacks is! He has so far managed to raise about $160,000. Ha ha ha What a loser!

    Remember that disgusting photo of Wack0 standing next to one of his nephews almost nude. Was that naked boy Taj? If it is, yikes, time has not been kind to him. He should forget his PeeDoughFile uncle and get on the treadmill. Also remove the dead spider atop his head.

    • Yes, Uncle Michael McJackson posed with young Taj and the kid was nearly nude as a jaybird. He was made to show his freshly trimmed pubes in the hilarious photo shoot. Obviously, the pics were taken by no other than gay porn producer, Marc Schaffel. Of course, I was at the grocery store last night, and they have a new McJackson tribute magazine in the racks, but it did not reveal who put it out on the front cover. You know it was fan based because it made no mention of the train wreck that is really happening. Actually, if “GoFundMe” never reached its goal, does that mean that fat Taj has to return the money to those who were foolish enough to donate?

      Ahhhhhh….the endless tears fall from blinking little eyes.

  10. Hey Red Lady, wonderful news!

    “Soul Power – In Memory of Wacko Jack0” has been canceled. “European Jacko Event” also canceled. Both due to low ticket sales. Ha ha ha

    How humiliating! Just as the 10th anniversary of his embarrassing nude death approaches.

    Whatever happened to his BILLIONS of fans?


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I see, I see…..

      That’s sooooooo funny that tenth anniversary events on Michael McJackson have been cancelled due to low ticket sales. Oops, that means very few will be celebrating the dead scarecrow as his legacy remained soiled.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hey Meatloaf, you expect me here all the time?

          I am not your personal maid. Clean up after your own messes, clown. Wipe that double chin with a wet washcloth. Hannibal’s juices cling like tacky glue.

  11. New album made on the 10 th MJ s dead !
    “” Thriller Red Lady “”
    1. I am RED so red !
    2. Thriller in Bubbles tree ….
    3. Stranger in Neverland … it was Red Lady .
    4. Bubbles bite it , bite it ….
    5. We are the scam world …. [ Red lady and bubbles was ]
    6. Scream monkey ….
    7. Heal the jungle of Bubbles and heal the red Lady s toilet ….
    8. Bubbles is out of Red Lady s life …
    9. Speed Bubbles tongue …. demon.
    10. Bubbles Jean ….

  12. Red Lady fagebond was walking on the truckstop and she saw an purple truck , and guest whu was driving that truck ?

    Yes Bubbles with Prince !
    Bubbles said hey Red lady washing my weels and dony pee on my trailer please ?
    Prince said ; no red lady today no pills i am driving an truck …… the lift in the trailer is damage [ Prince is forgotten his medicine for the trailer lift its kills him ….. so purple painkillers !!!

  13. An new duet artist album !
    “” Bubbles shakes Red ladys tongue “”
    1. Lady Red Bad ….
    2. Thriller in Red Lady s bed ….
    3. Bubbles sucks …..
    4. Lady vag*na was dirty red …. go go
    5. In the bathroom screams red lady …. i want mj in my puss*y..
    6. Bubbles kicked red ass lady …
    7. Bubbles tongue red lady s ….. Prince lp “” Kiss “”
    8. Doggy style .. bubbles with red lady …
    9. Purple tongue … bubbles bites my tongue again …. [ red lady sings }
    10. No end with bubbles and red lady in Neverlands bedroom …

  14. PeeDoughFile Michael Joseph Jackson’s hilarious 10 year death anniversary is right around the corner. I wonder how hero Dr. Murray will be celebrating?

    • Dr Conrad Murray is throwing a fabulous party and has invited all his friends. Celebration time is almost here.

  15. If you was visit an zoo and you seen an chimp with red hotlips than was Red lips Lady there by that chimp !

    • Hey fatso, aren’t you a little too hairy to be wearing that tight fitting body suit?

      Oops….the stink. Is your little toady Hannibal giving you a can exam with his skinny arms up above his head?

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