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  1. If you seen an red lady by an record shop then she put an mircophone in her red P…y as an ….. And if she holds an MJ lp in her hands than she push her tongue in the middle of that label ….. Red lady tongue MJs lp .

  2. Hey see on YouTube “” Stop Truck girls working “”
    I saw red lady by an truck for s*x and i saw red stop lady in an pet store , she has s*x with an turtle ??? Whats going on with Red animal lady ???

  3. Whoa…..Michael McJackson’s marriage to Liza Maria was also a fraud. I just found out evidence that they were never legally married, and never stayed in the same hotel. Liza Maria was 4 and 1/2 miles away. Of course, the whole wedding and marriage was a scam to cover up the fact McJackson was a filthy boy loving sicko. These clowns constantly defend these twisted liars, which include Liza Maria and her replacement, the horse lady of Santa Barbara, Debbie Rowe.

    • Wacko was on the Dominican Republic picking up young boys to “play” with; just like Gary Glitter on “holiday”.

      • Of course, some of the boys were invited to Michael McJackson’s “holiday” camp.

  4. Hey Bubbles, Hannibal always brags about Michael McJackson’s cheap bargain bin CD charting at #66, but never mentions both Queen and Elton John returning to the top with big selling albums. If they do make a movie about the wild woodpecker, it would have to be rated XXX for gay under aged whoopee and animal torture. Ahhhhhhhh…..the tears burn out the glazed pupils of his drugged up little eyelids.

  5. Hey Red Lady, do you know who three of my favorite people are? I’ll tell ya’ll.

    1. Martin Bashir

    2. Dan Reed

    3. Conrad Murray

    Bless them!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      People who are the ultimate enemies of Michael McJackson.

      They certainly live large.

  6. Hey King TCB, a couple of years ago a “PeeDoughFile” political party was formed in the Netherlands. Were you the treasurer or secretary of this party?

    The goal of the party was to make adult-child “relations” legal.

    Hey Red Lady, guess what the second goal of the party was? Here, I’ll tell ya’ll. It was to legalize bestiality. Yes, *** with animals.

    The dead woodpecker’s favorite past time.

      • I know the feeling Red Lady, the Admin has censored several of my posts exposing Wacko Jack0.


        • Yes, and it was an excellent reply too. However, it did not go through for some reason. Obviously, this is a pro boy II man site, especially concerning the robot votes still racking up for the rapidly aging Click Richard. To be honest, I’ve haven’t bothered to look who is winning for quite a long time. They love censoring the truth from being told. Unfortunately for them, we came on to prevent their little game of fantasies from getting out of hand.

  7. If the whole story was real ….. than i hated him also well ofcourse i hate crimes , criminals are lower than an virus bacterial ! And they go s to the real hell .

    Red Judge lady where the hard proofs ?

    • The proof is in your own mirror, clown. Hey Meatloaf, do you scope the streets for street corner love?

      Hannibal is waiting behind the looking glass.

  8. Bubbles who are you ? Are you Red Wings lady s sister ???
    If there is proofs of MJ s case in Leaving Neverland …. why not in his life 10 years ago ?

    Remember ….….. What is the real proofs ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      He lived in a secluded amusement park named after a magical place in another p* book. Michael McJackson willingly slept with various y* m*** t* and is on candid camera claiming that everyone should do it. Of course, all these things were in his life twenty-five years ago, when he paid off his first high profile victim. But you already know that, clown.

  9. Red dull lady its looks likes i makes you more tame here , thats an good point for you dull lady !!!
    We hopes that MJ did not makes that crimes in the past ofcourse and we are not the Judge Red lady onley god knows what was realy happened !!!

    Thats the same for Elvis his d**** , if it was treu than was Elvis in 1966 dead ! No one can sing or stand so long on stage with so much d* in youre body ! Its al the blame of the rotten media !

  10. Why dont tell Lisa Marie nothing of that crimes of kids ??? Lisa saw nothing , only fun and loved said Lisa !
    Red Lady i am an EP fan , nut my eyes was opened who was the real criminal in music [ The Media and money by the parends ] !
    Red Bubbles Lady was you there in Neverland ???

    This is an music forum , no matter who was the King , its an taste for everyone for what for music you liked bv. Beethoven to modern music .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Like Michael McJackson was going to abuse his victims in front of Liza Maria.

  11. Jerry Lee Lewis was in loved on his 13 year old cousin and she to …. And they are happy , but Jerry s carriere was over ? Later he kills his womans . No care for his carriere he is now rich and old today !!!

    After MJ s dead is not correct of his crimes , he can not defend himselfs today ! Mabey he was an real kids lover and the media think hey he used kids ….. They haved smels money and they loves to ruined famouse people . Who was an real criminal Red lady ??? The Media !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Poor dead puppet, Michael McJackson…..everybody, even Bubbles wants a piece of him. Sniff. lol.

  12. If you speak about youre trauma s by an psygo-doctor than do you cry shaking shock and angry !!! No 1 of the victums did that emotional on that doc. Leaving Neverland ! They talk of it was the normal case in the world without non emotie ???

    Red Lady see again that doco ! And see the eyes and faces …… all acting ! .

    • And I guess the boys the woodpecker paid off to keep their mouths shut were all acting too, huh?

      They get sexually abused over three decades ago, and Meatloaf expects them to have fresh tears. That’s hilarious, toad. Obviously, you are not educated on how adult victims of child molestation behave. You rather call them liars for money because that is exactly what the McJackson clan wants.

      Hey Meatloaf, your idol’s first album is shown and his name is mentioned in the new Elton John biopic/musical “Rocketman.” Apparently, no Elvis, no Elton John.

  13. Ahhhhhhhh…..I can almost hear the gut wrenching sobs as more tears fall from fluttering eyes. As if “Leaving Neverland” wasn’t enough, a brand new hour long doc is coming on the embarrassing, degrading nude death of Michael McJackson. It is reportedly about the final days of the wild woodpecker as he slobbers with the brain damaged cotton mouth of drug intoxication. Of course, the mighty Dr Conrad Murray gets to retrace his every step as Michael McJackson dies over and over again. Ahhhhhhh….what’s the matter, Benjamin Barker?

    Does the curious cat got you disgusting tongue?

    In triumph, victory, laughter and cheers…..I raise my glass high. lol.

    • That is wonderful news Red Lady. I did not know about this. Do you know the name of the documentary or when it will air?

      • It will be called, “Killing Michael McJackson” for the terrific Discovery channel. It will air just in time for the tenth anniversary of his embarrassing nude death. Of course, fanatics will be powerless to stop the continuing degrading disrespect for the dead woodpecker.

        • Ah, thank you Red Lady, I will be tuning in. The rotting PeeDoughFile’s legacy is ruined, he has been exposed, never to recover. Ha ha ha

          • I love the title, “Killing Michael Jackson.” It definitely has a nice ring to it. I know that floons toss and turn, their little eyes filled with salted tears. Hey Bubbles, do you think Mama Wacky Jacky will finally die this year, or will she hold on?

  14. In the doco. Leaving Neverland where the victums tells storys without any sad and crying emotions what MJ did ???

    Now i think this is mabey nonsens , Red Lady can you speak of youre trauma s without an tear ???????

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Do you cry fresh over something that happened over three decades ago, Meatloaf?

      Yep, every grown mans wants to be known as the ones that were sexually abused by the wild woodpecker. Hey fatso, you want skinny Hannibal to soap up those chunky ham hocks?

    • King TCB you are a piece of ****.

      Holocaust victims speak of the horrors they endured also. Guess what, the Holocaust happened.

      You support a PeeDoughFile.

      King TCB, you are absolute scum. What a shame Elvis has you as a fan.

      • Of course, Bubbles…..Mr Cow Man does not believe Michael McJackson really did those nasty deeds, and that he was just a victim of those money hungry males. Everybody just wants a piece of the action from the dead woodpecker’s embattled estate.

        They scream how unfair it is that Michael continues to be treated so badly in the media.

        To Mr T, Michael McJackson was just a normal guy that insisted he give a child his warm blanket, pillow and bed. He tucked them in, after some warm cookies and milk. Those ingrates. They took advantage of his undying love and trust.

  15. I saw an YouTube video of Prince , Nothing compars u2 , he danced on long stilleto heels ??????

    WTF Red heels lady …. Prince was an girly man ??????????

    • At the same token, pelvis wore jewels on his fingers, studded jumpsuits with flowers on them and long fur coats. If Emperor Prince was a girly man, then what is your idol, clown?

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