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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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    • McJackson went from Liberace to Scotty to Arnold to fat Jason. Ahhhhhhh… precious.

      When Michael McJackson swung his spotted wand in the pond, do you think it pattered furiously on jiggling hairy bellies?

      Jason used Michael’s little toothpick body as it bounced up and down on his sweaty navel. Hey Bubbles, you were abused, only to be dumped by the woodpecker. Did his beak ever peep out from the birdhouse hole?

    • And Click Richard shows in Denmark and the UK are far from sellouts. Of course, clicker believes otherwise. Hey Bubbles, the old pied piper of poopy pop is getting mighty rough looking these days. Do you think the pressure is getting to him?

      Ewwwwww…..the stink.
      Ahhhhhhhh….a little bile just came up from deep within his throat. Does he have a tissue to wipe the dribbling yolk off his wrinkled, sagging chin?

      Do his aging eyes get misty from the sting of being pelted with flying eggs, tomatoes and jelly babies?

  1. Hey Red Neanderthal lady how made the Neanderthal muziek in the past , and how and what sounds the Neanderthal music ?

  2. Hey Bubbles can you ask to Red Lady if sha was an girly Neanderthal and thats proofs on the way how she talks here ! Or has the Neanderthal more brains than Red Lady ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, you know nothing about real music. You are nothing but another sad clown with a chip on his bony shoulders. How is your poor old mama doing these days?

      Ahhhhhhh… pinched her clogged nose to get her tight lipped mouth open. Did she scream, Norman?

    • And haved you listen to the song “” The Lion Sleeps Tonight “” ? No they will be wake-up now with youre screaming in this Jungle !!! And they will eat you soon bubbles the chimp ?
      Did you know that we humans 99 % the same DNA , we are the closed cousins Chimps and Human !!!

  3. Bubbles do you liked the song from The Tokens “” The Lion Sleeps Tonight “” . to ?

    So great hit was that in 1961 .

    Better hit than Prince Purple rain .

  4. Sniff……Hannibal has so much hate and bitterness in his empty heart. Bad boy, bad boy what cha gonna do…what cha gonna do, when they come for you?

    Hey tard, do you close your eyes tight as your twisted toes curl up during intense O mouth?

    • Sssssstttt…. the lions sleeps tonight , dont scream here Red bloody lady . The lions sleeps tonight whooo wham wham a wayyyyyyy ………

  5. Clifford obviously is not currently promoting his fairly new album. We must wonder why. Anyway, if Click can command high ticket prices through out Europe, how come we are not hearing about them?

    In the US, Click could not even play in a small circus tent at a rinky dink county fair. The fart that his British album, “Rise Up” was a huge commercial flop in his own home country means concert dates were indeed cancelled, due low ticket sales. The old Peter Pan man of dated British pop has seen his fortunes wane, possibly because of eye burning accusations leveled against him when he was “kitty” at the Elm Street club for men. The Spice Girls have sales problems because of their failure to keep current with popular British pop trends. In the good ole USA, it is even harder for certain acts to keep afloat in the constant revolving door of change. You clowns love to enable these creepy predators of pied pipers, and speak as they are still in their primes. Ahhhhhhhhh…..your lies have been immediately exposed as fantasies. Hey clown, a Click Richard ticket has no value because no one wants them. The old pervert got stung as the flying eggs pelted his old body off the stage. Endless salted tears fell from Click’s aging eyes as yolk and broken shells dribbled off his pointed nose and chin. He screamed as the audience roared with laughter….

    • Ha ha You are so funny “silly laughing lady in red”. Been out in the sun too long have you.
      Cliff’s concerts are not cancelled. Cliff fans are receiving their tickets and looking forward to their “open air ” concerts. And their not just in the UK either.
      Just shows how little you know about Cliff Richard. Some ticket sellers are making big money. They wouldn’t be bothering otherwise.
      It’s your lies and fantasies that are the problem.
      Us, Cliff Richard fans know the truth and YOU don’t.
      Ha ha

  6. Hey Bubbles and Red Lady , haved you seen the clip of Bruno Mars “” The Lazy Song “” 5 Chimps dancing so fun !!!
    Hey Bubbles was you there as an dancing chimp .

    Bruno Mars was an Elvis imitator in his young age !!!

    • Hey T, Bruno Mars is pretty funny dancing with Scatter and Bubbles in that “Lazy Song” video. Ahhhhhhh…..Bruno piled his hair high like a young pelvis !!!

      Dancing chimps that pull their trousers down to their buckling knees.

  7. Wack0’s store bought children are reviewing movies on YouTube. Will they be reviewing “Lolita”?

    • Hey Bubbles, maybe they can also review Brooke Shield’s “Pretty Baby” “The Blue Lagoon” and Charlie from Chaplin’s “Modern Times.” Ahhhhhhhh….the fat Dr Arnold Klein’s kid just graduated from liberal arts. It is too bad that their dead fake daddy could not get a lead role in any Hollywood production because his first film, “The Wiz” was one of the biggest box office flop-a-rama’s of all time. Ahhhhhhhh….like Norma, the woodpecker was ready for his close up, and he screamed like Helen.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          What did your mum do when you told her you wanted to move in with Uncle Charlie in his one bedroom love nest?

          Ahhhhhh….the tears fell from her blood shot eyes as you bit her with your snapping fangs and dug you claws into her pimpled skin.

  8. Hey Hannibal, you aren’t going to offer congrats for my latest gem found at the Salvation Army? Like a pot of gold and falling over a four leaf clover, luck has once again come my way, while tears continue to blind your blinking, burning red eyes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….sniff, I smell the gritted teeth and sweat of green. Someone is having a poopsy fit of vein popping jealousy. Of course, the spastic retard stamps his feet and pounds his little twisted hands into the plaster. Ahhhhhhhhh…..Hannibal screams with spitting O mouth. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about. Oops….Hannibal just fell on his crooked knees. With your bloody honker pressed to the title, does that pointed tongue lap up the bubbling white gravy?

    Ewwwwwww….the battering eyelashes of a screaming butterfly, just popped a pointed tip of a pimple. Your peepers have the look of terror and fear behind them, clown.

          • Ahhhhhhh……Hannibal’s little heart hurts as his temples pound like drums. Hey toad, how many slippery fingers am I holding up?

            Did Dr Conrad Murray cross the woodpecker’s slow beating heart as it forgot to pump at the exact point of death?

            The woodpecker screamed as the doc’s pinching finger tips squeezed the flapping folds of his indented plastic honker.

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