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  1. Did I read that right?

    The clicker claims that Click sells out and The Spice Girls are having trouble selling tickets?

    Gee, that just make me boil over with anger. In reality, I was wondering where Clifford went to, since his newest album “Rise Up” has fallen completely off the UK charts, just barely going gold in his own home country. I just find it odd that Click is so silent and has given up on promoting his big comeback record. Ahhhhhhh…..even Clifford knows it is a dud. Of course, the world can certainly hear the terrible quality of auto tune on his latest bomb. Did the old pop perv forget to adjust his wig and powder his pointed nose?

    He definitely is not ready for his big close up shot.

      • Hey Hannibal, I know you like old sugar daddies, but isn’t Clifford a little too old for you?

        Tell us, tard….does Click really smell like moldy egg and cheese when he farts?

          • Tell us toad, why is your mouth so twisted on the left side of your stupid face?

            Those wide eyes, those blue veins, that sweaty forehead. Hey Hannibal, did you have a major stroke last night?

    • I don’t know about the spice girls but Cliff Richard definitely has sell out concerts. I can’t get a ticket unless I spent £100’s.

  2. The Chimp Bubbles screams as Red ass lady in her jungle tonight , when the loins sleeps tonight ahum a way ahumaway oeeee the loins will sleeps tonight …… …. Hey Bubbles sstttt… red loin is awake and she eat you soon ..!

  3. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal’s little beady eyes and bird brain is seeing Michael McJackson’s bargain bin clearance bin as Prince albums. Hey stupid, if you see “The Black Album” in there somewhere, please mail it to little ole me. I will even pay for the international postage. Ahhhhhhhh…..I just scored big yet again at the Salvation Army. It’s an incredible stroke of luck and I am truly blessed by someone watching over me in the purple and raspberry skies. of Purple Rain. Believe it or not, I found another diamond piece, this time, a bracelet. I paid just $2 and it is worth at least $10,000. I’m in the money, I’m in the money. I nearly fell over my feet when I handed the clerk two fresh, crisp one dollar bills. Hey Hannibal, you are sure bringing me a lot of good fortune by lying about Emperor Prince. It must be the boomerang effect in karma. I am laughing all the way to the bank, while you cry into your slimy, sweaty palms. I cannot believe my luck. It is like finding a pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. Oops…..Prince’s “Rainbow Children” is so rare, it commands thousands of dollars on the black market. Why do your sad eyes burn as your head pounds like a jack0 hammer. retard?

    Oops….pop goes the weasel. lol.

  4. Was at the gas station the other day..
    Lots of prince albums .
    Between 3 and 5 euro.

    • A lot of Prince albums will not sold out for 3 dollar ! Hahahaha if it was free than nobody will buy it ? No intresting in Prince !

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey fatso, you know that was just a lie. How come Elvis sung “Too Much Junkie Business?”

  5. Yes Scatter was an real superstar in Hollywood and Elvis saved him !!!!

    Scatter the Chimp makes more movies than PRINCE and he was more famouse than little PRINCE .
    Red Lady who was more little Scatter or Prince ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      You didn’t answer the question, fatso. Again, why did Elvis’s maids poison Elvis’s chimpanzee? I read that it had a nasty habit of getting drunk and looking up woman’s dresses. Like Bubbles before him, it was violently abused as it “scattered” across the floor, his little coconut mouth shattered with an iron fist. Hey fatso, have you ever seen the Clint Eastwood movie, “Every Which Way But Loose?”

      Ahhhhhhhh….you have your only baby monkey tied up in the back of your rig. Does it scream as it bites?

      “Knick knac paddy wack, give a dog a bone, the roll of lard keeps rolling home.”

  6. Hey red lady Bubbles is escape here, haved you feet him purple dirty patatoes ??? lol
    Bubbles is in the jungle with red underwear , an gived from Red underwear Lady !

      • Hey fatso, I read a story that one of Elvis’s maids poisoned his chimpanzee. Do you know what the ape did to deserve sudden death?

          • Ahhhhhhhh…..Fatty ArtUncle is hopping to Michael McJackson’s “Hollywood Tonight.” Was Scatter in a dirty movie with Bubbles, directed by X rated gay porn producer, Marc Schaffel?

            Hey fatso, Hannibal wants a banana. Are you going to peel off the skin before you give it to him?

  7. love it , she is avoiding questions
    she is losing and she knows
    you cant attck an A artist with a B artist

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Hey Hannibal, when will your filthy little mouth ever stop lying?

  8. Hey Hannibal, the proof is definitely in the pudding with Forbes. You clowns are a laugh a minute, especially since Forbes was caught manipulating inflated numbers, knowing full well the Sony buyout with the estate went to pay the debt to the IRS. But with your filthy lying mouth, it means that I have painful excuses. Nope, that is you, clown. How many times can you repeat the same tired lies, over and over and over?

    You are certainly being laughed at on a daily basis. Hey clown, do you choke on the dripping seed that pumps out from deep inside your hairy belly and leaves a shear coat of sticky glaze on your candy Adam’s apple?

    Ahhhhhhhh…..gobbling gizzard, the popping eyes are out of their bloody sockets on their hanging strings, as Benjamin Barker screams with coated throat.

      • You have stones in your head, Hannibal. Common knowledge somehow escapes that little bird brain that pops in and out of your rotating skull. I’ve explained it to you several different times already, toad. When is it not proper to hate Michael McJackson?

  9. Hey dippy clicker, yes, sometimes errors can happen, but mine are typical typing errors that I do not notice until after I post, clown. There is a big difference between constant bad English skills and common rinky dink errors made because of pushing the wrong key by mistake. Hey clicker, you have a fresh, tart mouth. Maybe we should talk about the possibility of having your voice box and tongue removed. I know it is degrading walking around with a hairy hole in tour throat, but you should not have let the smoke burn your bloodshot eyes. Ahhhhhhhh….don’t tell me, those peepers sting of the poisonous chemicals that float in the air?

  10. Hannibal believes that because Forbes deals with Michael McJackson payola, what they inflate is always bond. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..your pimpled chin is coated like that of a glazed donut, you slobbering little toad. Do you scream in the dark as you lay on your mattress pad with your beady eyes wide open?

    • everything is wrong if the family f.cker aint winning

      we all laugh at your painfull excuses

      repeat repeat

  11. Yeah, but Click Richard’s “Rise Up” barely went gold in the UK, clown. I say that the aging boy lover went into hiding because he actually believed the British public was going to rally around him, but that hasn’t happened. Thankfully, Clifford is well into his golden years, and may be having some Norma Desmond moments. The aging pop star is currently not ready for his next close up. Again, you cheat and manipulate fake votes for someone who is definitely not known worldwide. I believe that Click was extremely disappointed that “Rise Up” fell off the album charts in record time. It was a terrible CD, made by a boy loving narcissist, who obviously still thinks it’s the 1980’s or something. He is old and the look of guilt is definitely written all over his wrinkled face. Paranoia, great destroyer. Clifford is obviously waiting for something big to happen. Perhaps, he will be arrested and charged. Maybe karma is staring at him, the Grim Reaper is pointing directly at him as the old bugger shakes with fear. After all, the dirty old Peter Pan of pop is closer to eighty than seventy. Hey clicker……. when the time comes, will Click be just like Jimmy Savile?

    Remember, the electric eye sees everything, clown.

    • Click linked to J Saville, you can dream on. This fantasy world you live in shows you for exactly what you are. Two police forces have investigated CLIFF RICHARD, two police forces found nothing. One police force wasted almost a million pounds on their wasted investigation. They checked with people right back to his film days and found NOTHING.

      But, keep living in your fantasy world. At least Cliff Richard is still alive and well. At least he still sings to sold out audiences. At least he can still fill a venue, unlike some of the so-called “more popular” artists.

      Remember the Spice Girls. They have a tour starting in the next week or so. They still have tickets on sale. Cliff sells every ticket in days.

      Think before you post your fantasies. It’s easy to see the loser. Maybe it’s time for you to stop spouting your hate-filled rubbish and started trying to let people think you’re a fool, instead of letting them know you’re a fool, because, at the moment we can all see that the fool is you.

      • yeah she is an idot
        all she does is posting lies.
        most people left because they dont wanna deal with a retard.

        • Hey Hannibal, what year did you become brain damaged by the fall, or were you just born that way?

          Ahhhhhhhh….the double crossed eyes, the snot filled honker, the slobbering mouth and tongue. The teary eyeballs water as Hannibal screams like Helen. Hey Benjamin, do you sing to stone cold mannequins as they stand tall above your spinning skull, like Michael McJackson?

  12. Hey Red Lady remember the sencure book full hate and lies about Elvis from Albert Goldman ….. All lie and unthrut.
    Are you his cousin Red Lady ??? You are the same lie persons in music !

    • And yet, Hannibal with go to Albert Goldman’s claims and repeat them as truth when attacking Elvis. Or did you forget? Hey fatso, Michael McJackson was not the victim here, clown. He manipulated Lisa Marie and like The Beatles catalog, he wanted Elvis’s. Hey clown, didn’t you love that Michael McJackson used “Love Me Tender” and “Burning Love” to sell dog food?

      He pocketed the money.

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