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    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ahhhhhh….Hannibal is slow. Do you chew on your tongue as you move your twisted mouth like a cow?

      Again, Prince has charted 5 top 10 albums on the UK charts so far in 2019. Hey retard, how many fingers am I holding up? Ewwwwwwwwww…..the stink of your pointed nubs, nose to nose. Do you rock the scrimp on the plastic Barbie?

      • what a bullshit
        u cant even name the albums and the charts
        an.l clown
        stay away from music Dombo

        • I named them a while back, but you ignored them, clown. After all, like fatso above, you claim I am boring because I repeat myself. Hey Hannibal, you have a brain of a pigeon. Of course, the Prince albums charted on the UK versions of the r&b and vinyl album charts, which contained no Michael McJackson. That is why I had no acknowledgement from you. You still have zero knowledge of real music, retard. “Dumbo” is with a u, not an O mouth.

          Ahhhhhhhhh… the tears sting your little beady eyes as you gag on your coated Adam’s apple?

            • At the same token, new vinyl can go for anywhere from $60 to $80 bucks each, while a common massed produced Michael McJackson CD can sell for a lowly $3. You still have the diseased brain of a pigeon, Hannibal.

              • prince org budget store artist PROOF
                u just lying about prices and the charts
                they even say on prince org that he is overstocked.
                they just wont let me post it here they its spam.
                u lose lady prince is not on charts
                the big 3 fully priced

  1. The whole world knows now about MJ s image was to destruct !
    Why do you than tell us every day the same storys about MJ red lady ???
    Do you hurt it about MJ s image was down , because you are still in loved on him ?????

    And why do you not tell us the good things of music artist here , Red Lady ???

    • Because if you let those f’loons have their way, Mr Wonderful would be a GOD. Of course, I am not about to let Hannibal get away scott free attacking Prince as he does. Hey fatso, you are on his side now, remember?

      I do talk about good things, like Prince gaining 5 new top 10 albums so far in 2019. It is you dippy clowns that put that dead, wild woodpecker over the grand Emperor, Prince Nelson. Hey fatty, do you know where Click Richard is hiding out these days? It is obvious that he did not “Rise Up” from the ashes.

      • You do not like bad comments being said about Prince but you love to say nasty things about other singers.
        Well all the other fans are the same with their favourites.
        Accusations are not necessarily fact.
        For instance in UK papers today a man who called himself “Nick” to accuse several men of being pedeophiles was discovered to be a pedeophile himself. All the people he accused were innocent. But “Nick” was guilty.
        Just goes to show that people do lie.
        Accusation does not mean their guilty. It’s innocence until proved guilty.

        • she needs to hate and complain otherwise her life has no purpose.
          she is a very sick individual
          she needs help

        • Michael McJackson admitted to sleeping with boys in his bed, clown. Michael McJackson lied when he said that he slept on the floor, didn’t he?

          It’s innocent until proven guilty, and since Michael McJackson was caught with nasty nude photos and books, he was proven 100% guilty. No one lied more than Michael McJackson, clown.

          • u can feel the frustration
            love it
            lies dont work thats why 22 million listen on spotify
            thats why he is on the charts
            thats why he wins forbes all the time

      • Ha ha laughing red lady.
        Cliff Richard isn’t hiding. He’s got no reason to. He wasn’t charged or arrested for anything. The whole Thing was a waste of police time and money.
        Very strange how you object when anyone says something nasty about your “Prince”. When you speel out your venomous garbage about other singers.
        Expect to get venom back you hipocrite.
        Cliff Richard was no. 1 on vinyl chart with “Rise Up”.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Yep, several of my comments did not take as well. It seems that you cannot criticize certain boy loving clowns., like Michael McJackson and Click Richard. Ahhhhhhhhh….the tears drop from their eyes, especially when confronted directly. Of course, censorship is the key to silence the truth. Hey Bubbles, aren’t you glad Michael McJackson was brutally removed from the world ten years ago? Many still celebrate his death by burning anything with the woodpecker’s twisted face or image on them. Ahhhhhhh….smell the sweet wood crackling as the flames shoot up high, in the dark, moonlit skies. Can you hear the roasted woodpecker scream from beyond the decaying grave?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        That dead clown hurt his own image, you filthy. slobbering toad.

        • the same as prince with f.cking his familie
          poor cousins and sisters

          thank God Boy george was honest about prince

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            Thank God Boy George has bad karma by lying about Prince, he lost his singing voice forever. Hey Hannibal. were you “honest” when you cheated with Uncle Charlie with his gay little nephew?

  2. Today on the highway i riding in my truck and i saw an Truck with the white letters PRINCE on orange , Pfffff… i was happy that Prince was on orange …… “” Orange Rain”” was an better song title !
    I did not Honk Honk for Prince ! Oooopppps an red fly on my window ? Was that Red Lady pet ? lol

  3. So how old are you then Red laughing lady.
    You said earlier you were a teen in the 80’s.
    Well that makes you between 43 and 52 if you were just 13.
    Your certainly old even to know better. Thought you must be a little kid the way you talk.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Of course, someone has a fairly good memory of how old I am, but still cannot grasp the difference between “your” and “you’re.” I am mot trying to be a grammar Nazi, but it is amusing that I am called a little kid and criticized for my writing style. Yes, sometimes mistakes happen. However, with you clowns, it i certainly not errors, but poor English skills. The Bubbles poster claims to be only 36 years old and is an Elvis fan from the states. He or she is the only person besides little ole me, who is on this lonely forum that seems educated. A gal never reveals her true age. It is just bad luck. Let us just say that I went to see Prince’s “Purple Rain” at least two dozen times when it was originally out at the movies, each time I paid box office admission. Ahhhhhhh….you mean Michael McJackson failed to be a leading man in Hollywood and his laughable videos were shown on MTV for free?

      I have to talk like the way I do to you dim wits. Otherwise, your hilarious lies would go unchallenged. Ahhhhh… mean, you are irate because you are confronted and your games are exposed?

      • prince is not on the Billboard 200- MJ has 2 albums
        Prince is not on the Uk album charts update – MJ has 1 album

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Again, cheap bargain bin. Notice how Hannibal can never brag how Michael McJackson goes number one. Ahhhhhhhh……you mean, all the free publicity Wade, Jimmy and Dan gave the scarecrow, he still wasn’t able to rise out of the top thirty. Sniff, the tears fall like acid rain. Hey retard, do you crawl on those crooked knees as your can points up towards mean green eyed Bobo?

      • Oh dear picked up on Mama chimps prodictive text error. Whoops made one of your own.
        “Mot” instead of not. It happens. Grow up.

    • Why are you concerned with Red Lady’s age? You should be more concerned with peEdo Jacko’s preteen boy nude showers.

      • I am not in the least concerned how old the old red bat is. She just speaks like a little kiddie .
        If she is an older lady then she should know better.
        Rudeness begets rudeness.

  4. Bubbles haved the same size 10 inch as Prince the purple mouth . Thats why she loves bubbles here the same size and level !

  5. We haved to seek help for Red Unbrainworm …. she is so obsessions of chimps , chickens and worms …. she need an pill for anti-animal s*x ??? Red non Chimp pill ?

  6. The Chimps in the zoo haved more inteligenter niveau than Red Lady !!! Talk you Red Lady to all yhe chimps in the zoo too ???

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Look who’s talking about intelligence. The dumbo who cannot figure out simple English. Hey fatso, a worm would have a bigger brain than you.

        • Not really. Just repeating stories about how Michael McJackson was well known for abusing animals. Do try to keep up on what a dirt bag McJackson really was. Hey clown, your disgusting twisted mouth is leaking pus down your double chin. Do not bite down your own forked tongue.

  7. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal still thinks he wins?

    That twisted mouth of yours is ripe by diseased foam and spit. Hey Hannibal, who pumped your rotating skull last night?

    Ahhhhhhhh….those budging eyes.

  8. Mama Wacky Jacky thinks she is going to get paid by HBO. The greedy old bat lost her previous lawsuit against AEG. Hero Conrad Murray is enjoying his life as a free man. Dan Reed is also enjoying his accolades for his fantastic documentary. Cheers!

    • Mama Wacky Jacky lost her lawsuit blaming AEG for the clown’s drug overdose, but now she believes she is going to get $100 million from HBO. Someone apparently forgot to tell her that you cannot defame a dead clown who tarnished his own filthy legacy, why back in 1993. Ahhhhhhhh….the greedy old bat is letting lawyers take her money again. I loved the eye burning documentary. It has caused many sleepless nights for various woodpecker supporters. The screams, the gut wrenching sobs, the soft cries, the blowing noses, the endless tears…..Hey Bubbles, do you think some fanatics of the dirty dancer have decided to end their lives?

      • I certainly hope so Red Lady. The only people worse than PeeDoughFiles are their enablers. Ending their lives would be a blessing to children across the globe.

        • Michael McJackson loons are ruthless, especially against any brave victim who dares to rat on their dead idol. Of course, I did read about some unwell Michael McJackson fanatics killing themselves over wild woodpecker. Karma works in mysterious ways. Peds and their enablers need to face death, the sooner the better. How many do you think finally ended it all after watching “Leaving Neverland?”

    • Fatso does not want to reveal how old he is to Hannibal, who thinks any person over 50 is old. Oops….Wack0 would have been 61 years old this coming August 29th. Hey Bubbles, when Mama Wacky Jacky squeezed the baby scarecrow out of her moldy tacky, did the demon child chew off its own umbilical cord?

  9. Red underwear Lady hello is there somebody in youre head ??? Hear you voices the whole days ?
    Why are telling here the same thinks and borring storys ….. So borring are you sick and you living in a jaill full spiders and earworms in youre ears and brains ??? Haved you nothing to say of Prince his bad images ??? Was you Holly hey ??? If you haved no sin haved done in you whole live than you are the Holly Marie , but no you speaks as the devil here !!!

    • Holly Marie?

      Is she your new lady friend, fatso?

      I know, you cannot decide to either be AC or DC. As for my sins, that is a private discussion between my holy priest, and this gal. Have you ever confessed about gunning the gas of your eighteen wheeler to run over that poor handicapped woman, crossing the four lane road?

      She screamed as her body landed on the hood at impact as her blood splattered on your windshield.

    • Froggy went a courtin’ ????

      Birds, worms, toads, weasels, slugs, rodents…..all the twisted changing face of a backstabbing little clown. Who are you now, fatso?

  10. Hey Hannibal, the lunatic is your spinning head. However, you definitely have a wickedly fresh mouth, especially with calling me names like hooker and the C word. It is obvious that you bring shame to your sweet old mama. Of course, with a vicious wagging tongue like yours, it is no wonder you have been abandoned at the German border. I can certainly understand the horror she felt as soon as your ugly head rotated from between her twisted knees. The screams turned to cries as she realized she gave birth to a lowly weasel with the mouth of a tight gas hole, with those two little pink beady eyes staring back at her. You were kept hidden in a dark basement like a rat for years, but she finally had to let you go free, Benjamin. Your greasy tail has grown long as you hiss, wobbling through the dirt . Ahhhhhhh….those buck teeth, that disgusting overbite, that hairless chin. Hey Hannibal, when you do the hokey pokey, is fatso making you slap his pumping chest during intense mating sessions?

    What came first, the chicken hawk, or the rotten egg?

    • did mommy knew she gave birth to a h..ker
      she rolled over in her cheap grave if she new.
      cheap sl.t

      • Ahhhhhhhh…..mommy cries because Hannibal is a gay gigolo to street corner dancers looking to score a rich sugar daddy like the ole Uncle Charlie. You get low for chicken hawk, Benjamin Barker?

        Your poor old mama cries her sad eyes in shame that her Hannibal spreads his rainbow bright wings in the soiled name of predator, Michael McJackson. Poor ole Uncle Charlie died with tears in his aging eyes, knowing that his once solid hubby Teddy found a much younger man. However, Hannibal decided that Uncle Charlie had become much too old to go back into his tattooed arms again. Hey Hannibal, do you always tear lonely hearts out with a bloody clenched fist, leaving bite marks on a victim’s pimpled skin?

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