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    • Hey Hannibal, a couple of your idol’s victims have already told the story in which the clown discussed making with dogs at one of his many sleepovers at Neverland Ranch. That just happens to be common knowledge, you foul mouthed little toad. Why do you twist and turn every which way, freak?

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    Wrap those skinny arms around fatso’s sweaty neck and fleshy shoulders. Ahhhhhhhh… is fatty and skinny, doing the unskinny bop, bop. Hey Hannibal, you should sell your twisted bod to science.

  2. And I never had the pleasure of meeting you either, Bubbles. It was a crying shame that you were beaten and forced to do tricks for Michael McJackson. Your can might have been shaven baby smooth, but I heard from the grapevine that despite being drugged, you did try to bite Wack0’s shaky hand. You paid the ultimate price for your bravery, but as you know, your wicked master decided it was time for a real boy. You were viciously used, then discarded like a piece of trash. Your master did not even get you a banana treat after he was done rocking your little hairy body. Of course, you had nightmares and for years, you attempted suicide because other apes could sense that woodpecker had planted his disgusting seed into your tight little gas hole. You poor creature. The things your eyes saw would probably make crashing waves turn to stone.

    • Pure nonses lady wart ….. did you know that Chimps are 6 a 8 times stronger than the strongest man on earth dumpbase ! That is onley posible in cartoons hahahaha .
      And again Copy and pasta , Repeat !

      • Bubbles was a baby chimp at the time, you stupid twit. It was defenseless against the Wack0 Jack0 clown as it was drugged. Hey fatso, you seem to like to defend the freak. Of course, Michael McJackson’s crimes against the innocent are not cartoons. Bubbles eventually became too big, and too old for the clown to handle. Hey fatso, do you smell your own disgusting mouth with that pointed honker that’s above that double chin?

        It stinks.

  3. Hey Bubbles…..the fact that male DNA was found on Michael McJackson’s bed sheets were never fully addressed by his dipshyt fan base. As maids revealed, McJackson never let adults up into his filthy bedroom. The clown also kept bags of soiled size 7 to 10 undies so he could sniff in deeply their rancid scents. Whose dried up spunk shot their loads on innocent Wack0’s large king size bed, while he was working hard collecting bogus awards for an album that was 3 to 5 years old?

    Poor Bubbles. You screamed in the dark as you jumped around in your cage. After your master was done with using your hairy little body, you were left alone for days without food, water or even one banana to tie you over until the next horrifying whoopee session. You were drugged out cold, then viciously violated. Did you see a man calling himself kitty, walking into your steel cage?

    His name was Click. Now you can tell Jane Goodall about the other horrible man that your master allowed to abuse you.

  4. Its looks likes that Red frg Lady wishes that she was MJ himselfs and she haved fantasia .. that i think she hopes and kicked of that s*x fantasia in her minds ? Is Red Lady herselfs MJ ??????? Are you MJ himselfs as an Lady in disguise ?????

    • Hey fatso, everything Bubbles and I are discussing is 100% true. You seem to have a very short memory when you watched the “Leaving Neverland” doc and proclaimed Michael McJackson guilty. Ahhhhhhh….now you obviously want to go to his grave at Forest Lawn, break into his tomb and crack the marble top to get to his golden casket. You and Hannibal are like two peas in a pod, just scoping for ways to pray to the alter to the corpse of the dead scarecrow. Of course, your wicked tongues would certainly be lapping up the lard inside Wack0’s dead mouth. May I suggest removing the skeleton out of its coffin and bringing the carcass to visit old mama Wacky Jacky. It’s mother’s day. I am sure the old bat would love to see her most famous son again.

  5. Red frog lady i will seen you if you wad 60 years old , than you are grey strumbled and rusty . And on youre nose was full of warts and you cant removed it , its to old … hahahaha ! Madonna was looking much better than you if are 30 years old . Or are you 18 years old and talk as an 5 years old kid ? Red Lady wart nose ….. go to Prince his grave , mabey you can kissing him a wake as snowwhite … mirror mirror who was the most beautifull human ever …. Mirror say TCB was the most beautyfull man ever !!!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      You need another pair of eyes, if you actually believe that granny Madonna is looking good these days. Hey fatso, have you ever seen the old black and white movie, “Sunset Blvd?” Granny Madonna would be perfect for the role of Norma Desmond. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the next old bat that will have a great fall?

      Hey dipshyt….your disgusting fly is open. lol.

    • Listen to the song Without Him on you tube , sings by Pastor Bob Joyce he sings better than Elvis .
      Older but golder !

      • Pastor Bobby is “Older but golder?”

        Hey fatso, who is dumber, you or the skinny one with a pointed wart growing out from his slobbering chin?

        You clowns are like the odd couple. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

  6. I wonder how much Red Lazy Lady here was writing every day ? Red Frog Lady is it time for seek an good doctor for youre sickness minds ? And Bubbles go to the zoo-doctor for an medicine called “” Red Lady Morfine “” .

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      Hey fatso, which side of your head is suggesting a good doctor?

      You are just another two faced clown with a rotating little skull. Take your own advice and go see a medical professional. Maybe you can pick up Hannibal, and both of you lovebirds can walk in the hospital together.

  7. Hey Red Lady, did you know that PeeDoughFile defender and Ladyboy Madonna admitted in her book SEX that she had sex with a minor. PeeDoughFiles have to stick together.

    • Ewwwwwww…..of course, Granny Madonna still loves to expose her sixty year body and date men over half her age. They are only using her for her money. Madonna was always a filthy, disgusting piggy. She apparently did not care about leading little girls to become nasty by doing whole High School football teams. The granny embraced new sexual freedoms of little girls going after wealthy and powerful men. “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like A Virgin” speaks volumes about Granny’s ambitions. She defends Wack0 because she has ruined millions of silent victims lives as well. She simply does not seem to care.

          • Hey Hannibal, do you kiss your sweet old mama with that fresh and twisted little mouth?

            It is a fact that she could taste more than just booze on your breath. Ewwwwwwww….your mama cries because she has found out where you’ve been. You should be ashamed, Benjamin Barker. It’s obvious that you need your pie hole sewed shut with needle and thread.

        • Hey fatso….you know that lying about Prince, is still a lie, right?

          Bald George is a liar that has lost his ability to sing. Could it be that karma has turned around and bitten the bald George?

          Ahhhhhhh…..nothing more desperate than a has bin. Oops….that is exactly what granny Madonna is. You still want her to stroke your stubby pecker as Hannibal makes street corner whoopee with bald George?

          Madonna was always a pig, but as she aged, she has only gotten worse. The woman seeks attention at all times because she is a narcissist. She tramples around exposing her aging body, while sniffing her unshaven armpit. Her greasy, sweaty rug omits the odor of moldy egg and cheese. Of course, she would be exactly the kind of gal you would bring home to your poor old mama. Hey fatso, why do you have two faces on your stupid rotating head?

          • If you takes demeroll with wisky than you seen indeed dubble 2 faces ! hahahaha . Kid go to school …

          • Who was longer Prince or Madonna ?
            I think that Prince say to Madonna , … Mommy madonna you are longer than me i cant kiss you ?
            Mommy Madonna said to Prince if i kiss you than take an chair and i kiss you , but than you are changing as an purple frog ! hahaha

  8. In many ways, it is a broken record, you slobbering little toad. Michael McJackson holds the record for the most discarded for the retarded at landfills across the globe. Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal skips over that interesting fact by claiming that little ole me repeats herself. Hey Benjamin, you got rid of your entire collection of Michael McJackson, only to bounce back to your normal self so quickly. Hmmmmmmm… must have replaced your collection with new. After all, unlike Emperor Prince, Michael McJackson is still sold dirt cheap. Of course, Hannibal took my advice and went to the Salvation Army for his haul. Hey Hannibal, they need a disc jockey to spin Michael McJackson at the next group home ball. You available?

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        In other words, you lose once again, clown. Hey Hannibal, is your ugly mouth always twisted in an obnoxious smirk?

  9. Elvis 8.587.393 listeners a month
    Prince 7.257.109 listeners a month
    Michael Jackson- 21.134.476 listeners a month

    on spotify

  10. The flopping wands swinging to the left and to the right. Benjamin Barker has drained his own dundee of its milk seed. Up and down flies his incredible pumping brain. Horrible body odor exposed Michael McJackson as the dirtiest boy loving predator in the world. And yet, he failed to even get out of the top thirty anywhere on the planet. Michael McJackson is still banned from radio play in several countries, you foul mouthed toad. The clearance bins are chock full of nothing but Michael McJackson’s cheap, bargain bin opuses. Ahhhhhhh….the eyes burn, the head pounds with jiggling thrusts, the knees chatter, knock, knock, knock like a kissing boy door knocker. Ewwwwwwww……the blinded clown Hannibal is indeed flapping his bony legs like a screaming butterfly. Those wings whipping at least a hundred miles per hour with quick speed of his deformed rocking body. With slobbering O mouth, the fresh toad swallows his own spotted dong.

    Do your sore, tear filled eyes pop out of their sockets as the milky seed drips out of your disgusting honker during bobbling skull frenzy sessions?

    Oops….do not cough, clown….you might burst a blood vessel.

  11. Prince does not have a grave, you clueless weasel. He was cremated and his ashes are inside a model of his Paisley Park estates. Hey fatso, when you rip the seat of your pants, do you do the airborne stomach pump to the foaming mouth of the drooling Hannibal?

    Maybe you should shut your disgusting mouth and perk up those pointed ears. Those lobes are made from the greasy lard of impacted brown earwax. that leak out from two corn holes on each side of your stupid head. You certainly win a one way ticket to nowhere. Your comments still do not make one bit of sense. You could certainly win second prize for dumbest brain on this cheating forum, only behind the dim witted, Benjamin Barker. Ahhhhhhh…..another pair of sad clown eyes, blinking tears of rage. Of course, you are pushing my patience far and wide. It definitely doesn’t faze me one bit. Keep your slobbering tongue sealed inside your clammy lips. Your breath could wake up the dead, you fat little reptile. How dare you insult me with you r constant mindless nonsense. Hey pig, when you reach down with your sweaty fat hand, do you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around?

      • Ahhhhhh….Michael McJackson was definitely buried in his mausoleum with the disgusting milk seeds of various docs that pumped his corpse with snake venom. Of course. Michael McJackson poo impacted can was always infected with male bodily fluids. The dead skeleton moaned on the steel table as docs took turns degrading him with relish. Hey Hannibal, McJackson’s coffin is ripe for a brand new violation. I know that you would love to have a crack at lifting the marble top open, and forcing the casket lid to smell the decaying flesh as it fills the tomb with McJackson’s rotted scent. Oops….Michael McJackson is found faced down!!!!

        Ahhhhhhh….. Hannibal turns the scarecrow over and shoves his pointed raspberry tongue deep inside Michael McJackson’s wormy mouth. Cremation is clean and ashes never rot like your stupid brain. Ewww….what is dripping out of your twisted little honker, clown?

      • PeeDoughFile Wacko Jack0 had several semen stains on his mattress. Who’s semen was it? Macaulay Culkin’s? Aaron Carter’s? Liberace’s? My chimpanzee seed?

  12. Bubbles do you liked PRINCE ??? And what is Red Frog Lady her real image …. did she f*cked you in animal-s*x , or gived she you bananas too much ??? lol

    • Monkey see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Hey clown, what do you do with ripe banana?

    • I have never had the pleasure of meeting Red Lady. But my previous master Michael Joseph Jackson once drugged me. When I woke up, my bum had been shaven baby smooth. A few days later I was drugged again, as I was waking up I could feel the pain in my rectum, that noseless sicko raped me. I still have nightmares, I have attempted suicide several times, Jane Goodall knows my tragic story.

  13. i know i said this many times before
    Prince is not on the UK charts
    Prince is not on the billboard 200

    • And all the well known artists listed below are selling more than Michael McJackson’s cheap bargain bin opus, “Number 62’s” on the UK album charts. Once again, the toad Hannibal has to be told that Prince has had 5 top 10 albums, so far this year, while Michael McJackson has zero. All the artists below are currently selling more than McJackson, some have two releases charting ahead of the dead scarecrow.
      Post Malone
      Rolling Stones
      Bob Marley
      Marty Wilde
      David Bowie
      Ed Sheeran
      Fleetwood Mac
      Elton John
      Post Malone
      Fleetwood Mac
      Lady Gaga
      Ed Sheeran
      Ahhhhhhhh… certainly lose once again, you slobbering prick. Of course, you are slow and need things repeated to you, you filthy little clown. Do you swallow the screaming birdy whole?
      Flap your wings and bark like a walrus, toad.

      • 200 artist before prince usa
        100 artist before pronce UK

        his albums couldnt make it in the charts
        the biggest flop of 2019
        all releases flopped

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