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    • Liberace’s fat hairy belly jiggled from side to side in the steaming bubbles as Michael McJackson tried to fish out his little plastic nose.

  1. There are still plenty of Michael McJackson apologists out there as the world turns, but there are less than them as ever. Can you kick a dead clown when he is down, down, down?

    Ahhhhhh….the head’s twisted mouth screams in the embers of glowing ash…let’s stamp on the glowing orange skull.

    • yeah that f.cking child molester just went from 73 to number 33 on the uk charts
      what is wrong with people
      we need to attack more of those idiots

      • F’loons are buying Michael McJackson as a protest against the documentary. Of course, if all of them were on board, Wack0 Jack0 would be hitting the top, or at least the top ten. Those clowns know he raped little tots, but they are white, so Michael McJackson is excused and proclaimed innocent. It’s basically part of their campaign to make McJackson’s crimes a racial issue. White men never get attacked and held accountable. They know if they make enough noise, whites will give in and let their tarnished idol slide.

        • It’s just a hollow short term “victory” for F’loons.

          The damage the documentary has had on Jack0’s legacy is long lasting.

          • As far as I am concerned, #33 is a terrible performance, especially after all the attention given to Michael McJackson. In other news, Drake has dropped the Jason Malachi ‘s Sony vocal overdub song off of his set list. Heck, even Hannibal has abandoned Michael McJackson. There are a group of Michael McJackson soldiers fighting for the damaged little woodpecker, mainly from Asian countries that serve dog meat.

  2. Yesterday i hear on my radio truck “” Cold “from Prince !! Wow very good sonfg of Prince !!!
    I watching Leaving neverland after 30 minutes i feel sick and down what an very low dirty monster was MJ !
    So sick person was that person he was indeed an very low beast !!! Red Lady you right MJ was an beast !!!

    • me too man
      two sides to every story
      these guys came with facts
      i threw all my cds of MJ in the trash can
      Long live ELVIS

      • Hannibal threw all his Michael McJackson CD’s in the trash?

        My god, I think he finally stopped being hopelessly brainwashed by woodpecker man.

    • Wow, TCB is not a Meatloaf anymore. McJackson was nothing but a dirty child rapist like Click Richard. Thanks for returning a brain to your head. Welcome back, King TCB !!!

      • Yes, Welcome Back!

        May child abuser Michael Joseph Jackson rot for what he did to those poor boys.

        King Elvis and Prince music will forever live!

        Hey Red Lady, did you know Prince left a vast catalogue of material after his tragic death. A new Prince album could be released each year for the next hundred years. Wow he was so talented!

        • Yep, they shall always rule in a world that’s so cold (so cold)

          The emperor will soon have a major Hollywood bopic made about him.

          • I am looking forward to it.

            Jack0 on the other hand has “The Wiz” and a cameo on “Men In Black II”. Both stinkers. Ha ha ha

            Prince won an Oscar for his film.

            Wack0 has a child abuse documentary.

            So I ask, who’s winning?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Thanks for the kudos, TCB.

      The beast is wounded and with soon be removed from the history books.

      • Thank you Red Lady , i alway know that MJ was Bad he is the sheap in wolfs clotings ! An beast of 666.

  3. Unmarried closet case Cliff Richard must be sweating bullets.

    PeeDoughFile Michael Joseph Jackson has been fully exposed for the sick child predator that he was.

    Cliff, you are next.

    • Click is looking over his shoulder as the electric eye follows his every move. Ahhhhhhh….”Rise Up” was just another dud that failed to find a youthful audience. I bet Click still believes American kids are bopping to the beats of American Bandstand. Click is having his “Sunset Blvd” moment, He’s ready for his close up shot.

  4. Well done JAC.
    Say it like it is.
    Cliff Richard is not a pedeophile .
    He also doesn’t wear a wig. I saw a film where his hair was very windswept. His hair may have receeded a little, as any man younger than 78 could have, but he is definitely not bald.
    I have been watching you lot of childish morons for months without messaging on here.
    Cheers JAC for your comments. Ditto.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The British police believes otherwise, clown. Clifford is being watched closely every single time he steps out of his house. I saw that Clifford used to set up tents and invited children to go inside them. Ewwwwww….it reminds me of something Michael McJackson would do. You must be dumb and blind. Click is wearing a woman’s wig and is cropped short and gray underneath like any male would be at 78 years of age. However, Clifford believes he is the pied piper or Peter Pan.

      • The British police are not watching Cliff Richard you idiots.
        Oh how I laugh at your stupid comments. Trying to upset Cliff fans, well your not idiots . Just want to encourage more of our fans to vote for Cliff. Cliff has also never set up tents as you put it. That’s another idiotic statement.
        It’s people like you spreading false rumours that start these pedeophile stories off in the first place.
        Cliff Richard. Never called himself ‘The Peter Pan of Pop. It’s just a name he was called as he always looked young for his age.
        As to your saying Cliff wears a wig. He doesn’t , full stop. Yes he dyes his hair, he makes no secret of that.

  5. Michael McJackson is climbing the UK albums because he raped male tots, but Click has disappeared from the airwaves in his own nation. Hey clicker, the media puts information out there and Clifford chose to be a public figure to either be honored or criticized for his actions. As the filthy child rapist, McJackson proves, even bad publicity is good for sales. And that’s the point clicker…….your old hero has absolutely no sales and was always a third rate Peter Pan. See, if you did not want attention for the creepy old perv, you would not have created a cheating multiplying robot racking up votes for the elderly clown with the messy wig. He belongs in Hell with Jimmy Savile.

    • Cliff Richard is 78 years old so he’s not constantly recording songs like he did in his younger days when he was constantly in the charts. So it’s no surprise he not in the charts at the moment.
      Five decades of #1 hits and sold over 250 million worldwide.
      Cliff is however still performing. He did a show in Barbados recently.
      Would Elvis still be recording and doing concerts today. I very much doubt it. If he’d lived he most likely would be retired now.
      By the way who is raking in all the profits from Elvis’s music releases. New backing music but still the same old song. Real Elvis fans would still have all his music. Why pay out for more.
      Your just jealous because Cliff is King of music and not your favourite.
      I was ready to pack up voting after making Cliff King last year as were many other Cliff fans but your nastiness has made me stay and vote again.
      Where have all the Elvis fans gone. I. Remember seeing votes of up to 29000 in a month for Elvis but no more. Now it’s just insults.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Purely speculation on whether or not Elvis would have embarrassed himself in the public eye as an old man. Personally, I do not think he would. See, it’s like this…Clifford can only be compared to guys like Tom Jones, Gary Glitter, and other British old timers who continue to make fools of themselves by not going away. I do not care how many releases they keep on re re re re releasing on the pelvis. Naturally, he has been dead for over four decades. However, Click singing into a computerized autotune machine and released on CD, is not going to be a threat to Elvis, who would probably cringe if he ever saw how cheap the recording industry has become. Like Prince, everything should be about studio quality, not hack work. As for Elvis doing concerts, Elvis would probably be approving a state of the art hologram. It would still be better than seeing an old Click skipping around the stage in a wig and spittle of juice from his twisted O mouth, his aging voice cracking on songs that nobody has heard on radio in forty plus years….

  6. Ha ha You continually accuse Cliff Richard fans of cheating but Elvis in previous years got as many as 25,000
    – 29,000 votes in some months. Cliff Richard has never got as many as that.
    Perhaps you were cheating yourself.
    On this site you just love to talk filth. No wonder people have left the site when your favourite can’t be King without filth and slander being written on this page.
    Time you little kids all grew up and behaved yourselves. What your not kids. Well you act like it.

  7. Good thing your Incognito Saville ghost and Red lady. You could get sued for statements like that.
    Cliff was never even arrested because nothing happened. The people can think it’s true are in the minority and those people probably already disliked Cliff.
    Those that know Cliff knew it was totally out of character for Cliff to have done this.
    Time you all shut up and concentrate on true Pedro”s like Weirdos Saville, Glitter and Jackson.
    You don’t even know Cliff Richard so how can you talk about someone you don’t know.

  8. Ahhhhhhh…..there is a petition out to finally put an end to the “Michael McJackson One” show in Las Vegas because the clown was proven to be a brutal child rapist. The endless tears keep falling since HBO aired the documentary and Oprah stood side by side with Wade, James and director, Dan Reed. lol.

  9. Have you heard the good news Red Lady?!

    Wack0’s “Simpsons” episode was just removed. Ha ha ha

    Documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux called Wacko a PeeDoughFile on Twitter, it has received tens of thousands of likes.

    Musician Sia has voiced her support for Mr. Robson and Mr. Safechuck.

    The fallout continues. Ha ha ha

    Burn Wack0, burn!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      I love the great cheer of “Burn, Wack0 Burn!”

      Hey Bubbles, remember the screams back in 1984 when the clown’s spinning head went up in flames?

      It’s still on You Tube with his nude autopsy photos. Dr Conrad Murray snapped that neck like a cracker.

      Poof, his greasy pubic hair rising up in a puff of smoke. Michael McJackson was automatically bald forever.

        • Those morons actually want us to believe that Click’s liver spotted skull his a full head of young man’s hair?

          I laugh. Hey Bubbles….Clifford has found the fountain of youth while buffing a boy in the bushes. The good lord rewarded him with such amazing locks. Yep, like Michael McJackson used to wear, Clifford also plops on a ladies wig.

  10. Yeah, I saw the Gayle King interview with R Kelly. He screams like a diva that lost her weave. It was hilarious. Anyway, Michael McJackson fanatics are now hating on Oprah because she helped prove Wade and Jimmy behave like typical adult victims of child abuse. Oprah is a stand up person that put her fandom of Michael aside and got down to the truth. There is no doubt about it, Jack0 was a child rapist.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Click Richard deserves to share a jail cell with Gary Glitter.

    • We all know that Hannibal is a crying lady boy. Madonna is sleazy, dirty and old. She believes she is all that, but she is just an aging old tramp. Meatloaf must think Caitlyn Jenner is all woman.

  11. Madonna s song “” Prayer “” is an very good song , better than “” Purple Rain “” Prince 1 hit tahts very shit …hahahaha
    Today i hear MJ s song “” Black and White “” Nice song …. Hmmm why not “” Purple and White “” ? lol

    Red underwear lady Madonna makes more friends than Prince in his clips …. Who s that girl …[ it was Prince ] lol
    The most real ladys and girl smiling and waving always to me in my truck … i am waving and smiles alway back !!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      They aren’t smiling, Meatloaf. That is the snarl of them gritting their teeth.

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