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  1. Emperor Prince honored at charity gala for his foundation by second wife, Manuela Testolini. Meanwhile, another Michael McJackson statue was removed from public display. I laugh and laugh and laugh….

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Prince is quality and Granny Madonna forgot to shave her greasy rugs under her armpits. You make the call, you foul mouthed clown.

  2. Oops….apparently the site will not allow me to talk about castr*tion and what was done to McJackson’s spotted dong by the wonderful daddy Joseph.

    • Yes this sites did an good job for youre nasty commets here , take an clean new underwear in a pink coloure ?
      Red Lady go to an spygo doctor and keep his advise and dont forget play Madonna and Jerry Lee Lewis than you forgot Prince and Karen . You are cimmaron to ive seen !

  3. Where was Prince his grave ? Next to MJ s coffin ?

    And are an lesbiane gay ? Or are you an man wife ? Or are you an psycopaht.?.
    And haved you takes youre skunk under youre nose ? Stink skunk lady !!!
    We are never friends anymore hooker !

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      My insults must hit a little too close to home. Besides, you decided to turn against me over my true comments about aging Madonna being sleazy, while Karen Carpenter used strictly talent to sell her music. Apparently, you are still very angry. That’s not my problem, dummy. I have given you plenty of chances to rebound, but you have decided not to take them. Off with the fat head, clown.

      • WTF*CK ??? Youre commets are so great ? No never so low all the time what you say here ? Go to the psygo grazy house thats when you belong !

        • You bashed Karen Carpenter and made fun of her deadly illness, clown. Off with the screaming, spinning head.

  4. Hey Red Lady do you working as grave graves by MJ s grave and cleaning his grave stone !
    Do you cleaning the grave of Prince too in youre underwear ?
    Who cleaning you better MJ or Prince on the grave ?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Nobody can do anything to Prince’s ashes, Meatloaf. The estate was smart enough to have his body cremated and secured inside Paisley Park. Hey fatty, there’s a mole growing out from the side of your double chin.

      You should really think about having it removed.

  5. Friday on tv in holland ned 3 “” Leaving Neverland “” doco !
    I will waching that doco with Hanniball , lol.

    We eating popcorn and limonade in Neverland hahahahaha

    Hey Red Lady will you coming to Neverland ? lol

    • “Mr McJackson, do you think it is proper for a grown man to share his bed with young boys?”

      McJackson replies, “Of course….it’s the most loving thing to share your bed with someone.” Hey Meatloaf, when you hit the road as a truck driver, do you visit the priest for confession?

      • And Hanniball and me are haved an party in MJs garden …. Hanniball run after youre foot- balll , and baloons wtth water so funny ……

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Cowardly Hannibal is hiding from me because radio stations and museums are removing Michael McJackson, and he knows I am being vindicated.

          Hey balloon face, when will you finally going to take your last breath?

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Once the treatment stops, the dundee returns to its original form. Hey Hannibal, you have a very small brain.

  6. Because I am a chimp, I have a sixth sense. I can hear my former Master scream from the depths of Hell; his soul burns!

    Ha ha ha

  7. There is a big crackdown on predephilia these days. They are rounding up suspects like Click Richards and Woody Alan, tossing these pervs behind bars. As for Michael McJackson, his corpse is in danger of being ripped from the casket, strung up high in a towering cemetery oak and circled round and round in the gusting wind. Of course, with wide O mouth, we can see the winged shell bugs flying out of hollow shell of the skeleton. The stink of decaying flesh fills Forest Lawn with gas.

    Ewwwwww…..did Hannibal cut the cheese and egg, after eating too much lard from the greasy Meatloaf’s stubby wand?

    • Mabey will the MJ fans kissing youre ass someday ? Or they wathing you and youre g*ing to Neverland ?

    • Red Lady.
      I laugh at your comments.
      Cliff was never ever arrested or charged with anything.
      He was innocent. The crazy accusers lied and lied.
      The first accusers didn’t even know the year of the Billy Graham rally and the proof he gave of the room he was alleged to be molestered in was found to be false.

      The only court case was Cliff Richard sueing the police and BBC which he won.

  8. Michael Jackson was one of the best gay lovers I had. He was able to fit my enlarged wand in his mouth easily.

    *Woo 40,000 posts*

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      The stink was so bad, it made Dr Conrad Murray leave the clown’s filthy rented bedroom.

  9. More celebrities have spoken out against Wack0.

    Katie Couric, Molly Ringwald, Judd Apatow etc

    PeEdo Michael Joseph Jackson is done.

    It will never recover.

    Ha ha ha

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Sony reports that yesterday Gary Glitter sold more CD’s worldwide than Michael McJackson.

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