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  1. I see that Hannibal is talking to himself through his bad grammar again. He must be drunk as a smelly skunk. Hey dumbo, when you move your twisted mouth, does spit splatter from your pimpled raspberry tongue and coat your sticky chin with chunks of greasy lard?

      • No, but Michael McJackson did. I’ve read that Katherine still breast fed Michael at age 50. After all, he needed his “milk.” His wide clown lips slobbering on the old woman’s chocolate melons. Too bad her balloons were sore and the clown had to hire Dr Conrad Murray to give him his throbbing milk seed.

        Hey Hannibal….when was the last time you saw Uncle Charlie in the steam bath?

        • too bad u r making things up.
          do u want me to make stuff up about your gay idol.
          Till now everything i said was based on evidence

          do ucharge extra for the dark hole

          no word on the cliff vs prince sales Wikipedia
          No word on scream vs piano tear wikidpedia

          • Go back to the top, birdbrain.

            You are possibly the dumbest tard on planet earth, Hannibal. You need to have a frontal lobotomy to activate your brain stem.

  2. And there is more from the Mersyboys “” Cliff Richards Telephones Elvis in 1977 “” on YouTube !
    So fun and sad for Clif hahahahahaha

    • And they Call Cliff s nickname ; “” The Peter Pan of Pop “” thats an good nickname for click the Cliff !!!

      • Michael McJackson’s hero was Peter Pan. You mean that Click and Michael were soulmates?

          • Actually, it was Boy George that had the fantasy. See, it is very simple…..when you are a star, other stars want to pretend they know you. That wasn’t Prince’s fault. Hmmmmmmm…..kind of like Liberace’s lover Scotty and Fat Jason claiming gay affairs with the obviously fruity dancing clown, Michael McJackson. The main problem with Boy George’s story was that he admitted that it was a lie. No such luck with Scotty and Fat Jason.

            Hey Hannibal, do you think the three lovebirds made whoopee before or after Liberace finally kicked the bucket?

            Maybe, the old piano man watched as they tossed Michael McJackson around like a rag doll on Liberace’s king sized mattress. The clown’s plastic nose flapping on Jason’s jiggling jelly belly as lard ass cut the cheese, McJackson’s wig yanked off during intense sexual frenzy. Oops….Jason lost his ring off his chunky white finger. The clown screamed with delight!

      • Cliff Richard didn’t call himself “Peter Pan of Pop”. It was a name given to him as he looked so much younger than his age.
        He started his career at 17 years old but looked much younger .

  3. So fun on YouTube
    Seen the Cliff and Elvis duets ” Bleu Christmas ” from mercyboys hahahaha

  4. I know who Ilke to listen to and my favourite is Cliff Richard. I will listen to who I like, when I like and no one has the right to tell me who they think is a good singer. I will also vote for who I like.
    There have been many good singers over the years and age has nothing to do with it.
    Stop telling us who we should like .
    We you don’t want to vote get off this site and stop complaining.

  5. Wikipedia updates its information, clown.

    Click’s “Rise” has fallen to #26, after only having a peak of #4 in its first week…

    If it is eventually awarded British gold, it is from only sales of 100,000 copies, which is far from a million seller. Since the album failed to attract sales in the US, and the rest of the world, no fantasies are needed, when the truth will do just fine. Click Richard is not a worldwide international artist, plus he is older than dirt. His death will never be front page news like that of Michael McJackson and Prince. Those are just the facts.

      • In your dreams, tard. However, we know that you cry yourself to sleep at night as you rock you stiff little body back n’ forth in slow motion. Question: do you grasp your nude dolly to your scrawny chest as your heart races during a frightening nightmare?

        Ahhhhhhh……you wake up in a cold sweat.

    • Well, thanks for the nice comments, TCB.

      According to Hannibal, I constantly lie and he has great disrespect for women. No wonder his hero is Michael McJackson.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Calls himself “Anal Clown” and claims that I am into pee and poop because I happen to mention what maids, victims and employees said about Michael McJackson’s obsession with human and animal feces. The clown used tampons and gave himself daily enemas.

          Common knowledge about McJackson by now, Hannibal.

  6. Oops…..Hannibal neglects to tell the truth that Prince’s “Piano And Microphone” debuted in the top ten in seven countries, plus hit number eleven on the US Billboard 200 album charts. Considering the rehearsal demo disc was far from a commercial recording, the purple one still sold surprisingly well without even radio support. Unlike Michael McJackson and Click, Prince had zero victims claiming Prince molested them as children. Again, I cannot help but laugh at the stupid, jealous insults directed towards the emperor, Prince Nelson. Benjamin Barker is obviously blind as a bat, deaf as a stone, and as dumb as a tard spastic in a candy store.

    Hey foul mouth, do you kiss your mama with that fresh tongue?

      • That is your game, Hannibal. Quit trying to pass your lies and fantasies to me. Prince is a worldwide artist whose “Piano And Microphone” album still debuted in the top ten in seven countries, just missing the top ten by one notch in the states. Because it was a stripped down, rehearsal performance, it was not commercial enough for promotional support. May the truth finally set you free, toad.

        • Biggest Flop of 2018
          left the charts in one week world wide

          gone and forgotten

          no new albums in 2019 – no chart entry for tiny

          • Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was a bigger flop in 2017. However, that well known fact seems to escape your empty brain. After all these years, Sony is obviously afraid to use Jason Malachi’s vocals to finish McJackson’s wrenched vault material. Ahhhhhhhhh…..gulp…..a piece of lard is stuck down your gobbling throat. You gay for BJ with MJ?

            Gobble, gobbling goo…..wipe that sticky chin!

            • how many weeks in the charts ?
              Highest position ?

              dont yell something xome with facts

    • Dont forget prince didnt have much money wasnt as famous as other artist
      Prince could pay off his family members without the press knowing about it.
      they only had to pay Boy George to make him say he was lying.

      • Prince loved women. It was you hero that was a nasty boy lover. Boy George was lying. His new album, “Life” had a quick death on the charts. He got what he deserved for his sick fantasies of the emperor.

  7. Clif Richard at 26 in the Uk charts.
    Seventh week – Gold.

    Michael jackson on the UK charts.
    Prince not on the Uk charts ( album or Vinyl ) LIes and fantasies dont work.

    • Click had a 4 notch drop from the previous week, plus has not charted the CD anywhere else, definitely not in the US. As for Michael McJackson, at least his bargain bin material is still available, which is why it hangs out near the bottom of the charts, year in, year out. While I am disappointed by the lack of Prince on the charts, I certain;y would not go to Click Richard as a replacement for Prince. What I see on the charts most of the time these days is rappers with tattoos on their faces. Total crap that I would never buy in in billion years. In reality, the music industry has changed. No one is interested in buying the physical product anymore. Instead, albums and songs chart on strictly how many views it gets on You Tube. It is like you are blowing smoke rings up your own can, Hannibal. You obviously cannot think for yourself to figure out that Click Richard was always a hack that never went away. He might as well have been someone like Pat Boone. It’s manufactured payola, clown. Unfortunately, millions of freaks need to be told what to listen to and what to like. Unlike you, dumbo…..I do not play that game. You are simply a puppet or a pawn to be used and discarded once they are done with you. Of course, you’re just too stupid to know what is really going on. Click certainly hasn’y gone real gold, you slobbering toad. 100,000 copies in Great Britain is NOT worldwide.

      • Elvis fans told u r a psycho
        Michael Jackson fans told u r a psycho
        Cliff Richard fans say u r a psycho

        Many people told you to seek help

        Maybe its time to listen and time to seek help

        i bet u have a problem living in the real world.

        attacking cliff richard fans with Michael Jackson still make us laugh ( its saturday night and u make us Always laugh )

  8. These are the lowly chart placings for the low selling “Rise Up” album that could not even chart one week in the states. Of course, with these disappointing chart figures, it is strange Clifford is still allowed to be signed to a British label. The CD is selling so badly, it is barely making back its production cost. Wikipedia has detailed its peak positions as follows:

    ARIA charts #30
    Belgian charts #77
    Dutch charts #62
    Irish charts #94
    Scottish charts #7
    UK charts #4

    Year End charts #54

    • Its still in the charts in the Uk
      Prince has left the Uk charts in one week and didnt chart in most countries
      Cliff is beating the dwarf easy in sales.
      Your lies dont work Cliff fans are beating you easy with facts
      U look old and beaten and attacking Cliff Richard fans with Michael Jackson tears rolling down my face ha ha ha
      i laughed so hard.
      U looked so stupid

      • Click Richard’s “Rise Up, Then Fall Down” is really falling off the charts in the UK, and hasn’t charted but only a few countries in the world. As for Prince, “Purple Rain” is selling like wildfire on Vinyl. Of course, you are crying hard through sobbing tears that never dry, clown. We all know what a cowardly little weasel you are, stink breath.

        Click has never beaten Prince in sales. you twisted limb spastic. You should go back to special Ed class.

        • cliff has sold way more than tiny
          Tiny purple rain isnt selling at all
          prince is gone and forgotten 2018 shows
          No interest no impact
          Gone and forgotten
          lies and excuses dont work
          Cliff Richard proved they are way smarter than you

          • Funny, not a single Click album has ever sold 27 million copies worldwide like Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Oops….your lies do not quite add up, dog breath. It is very strange that you abandon one boy lover for a much older freak. However, Click is definitely much less successful. So tell us, retard…why would Prince not have made an impact, when Click failed to be well known outside merry old England?

            All we know is that Prince has the record for most expensive vinyl albums ever sold on the black market. Ahhhhhhhhh….Hannibal pops another boiling blood vessel in his sweaty forehead, his twisted mouth dribbling fluids on his own raw chin. Again, the teach writes with frustration and grammar errors that he should have mastered in grade school. lol.

            • Elvis best selling album is a Christmas album
              sold aound 10 million
              Prince one big hit record other 53 sold way less

              do u suck mommy her titties with that lying mouth
              Got milk

              • And with a simple change of title from “Elvis Christmas Album” to “It’s Christmas Time” means the album is considered a different release. Nevertheless, “It’s Christmas Time” has sold another 4 1/2 million copies.

                10 + 4 1/2 = 14 1/2 million.

                You lie through your rotten teeth, especially about Prince’s total sales. I see that I hit a sore spot with you. You do kiss your old mama with that filthy mouth. Does she cry in shame?

    • Yes, you can vote for Micheal, that’s ok, but we vote for Cliff! Respect it!

      Not in the chats USA-Charts? Never mind! The new CD is great and the DVD is number 1 in the charts! A great achievement 60 years after his first hit ┬░

      • Too bad the only folks that know pervy click’s hits are Wack0 Jack0 loons. No respect for click, Jack0 or Gary Glitter. Sixty years of manufactured garbage, is still crap. The NEW cd sucks and no one in the USA is buying his 60th anniversary dvd. Click and Jimmy Savile have big achievements in child molestation. Besides, there is a direct reason Click Richards is an unknown in North America. He was bever goof enough to gold interest on US radio for the long haul.

  9. “Here kitty, kitty” is Click’s secret code for sex. Wow, that’s interesting. What is your code, Benjamin Barker?

  10. Ahhhhhhhh…..Hannibal, the master of disguises is having a vein popping splat over the truth about his new hero, Click Richards, the clone clown of Michael McJackson. When his original boy loving hero cannot not chart high enough, he goes to the much older clown. His new album, “Rise Up” is just like the rest of his crap catalogue, which is so bad, it’s actually makes McJackson sound like Beethoven in comparison. Hey retard, Click can not even chart in the states and bombs in the rest of the world. Of course, you like Milli Vanilli singers that cannot play musical instruments. What else is new, dumbo?

    Wikipedia says it hasn’t gone gold, but if it does….it is no big deal because 100,000 copies is STILL low sales. Gold used to be given for sales of 500,000 copies. Billboard changes its rules to lower standards. Hey palsy, how many fingers am I holding up?

    • Even with Billboard standarts prince couldnt make the charts or go Gold
      Piano and a tear is called a big Flop on
      Its the biggest Flop world wide in 2018
      Its Karma for F.cking his cousins and sisters
      Hey Palsy how many family members are in this picture

      • Keep lying about Prince to justify the failures of boy loving clowns, Sweetpea. As you were told many times, Prince’s estate did not release the very brief piano and microphone album because it was commercial, you slow witted jackass. Prince never intended that rehearsal performance to see the light of day. All I can do is repeat that LaToya and Joseph made passionate whoopee after Joseph beat Michael McJackson’s oiled nude bod with snapping whips and leather belts. The clown cried as Papa Joseph bit into his young flesh with the crowns of his snapping teeth, his bad breath in his son’s little face. The spit dribbled down your hero’s bruised chin as Joseph lacked the gravy off with his tongue.

        • Flop Flop Flop
          It isnt about the money ha ha ha ha
          Flop Flop Flop

          party over – elevator stayed down

          • It’s certainly tit for tat coming from a dummy that cannot figure out that Michael McJackson is truly “The Thing Of Flop,” The party was over for that clown 26 years ago when he was first accused by his most famous victim.

            • 1 album on the uk charts
              2 albums on the Billboard charts
              no stupid charts like the holiday charts or country charts
              REAL charts

              Tiny ? OOPS

  11. Error! The album has been gold since 28.12.2019 and I think the songs are fantastic! If you do not like Cliff, you do not have to hear Cliff, but at least you are fair, because many people around the world have been liking Cliff for 60 years!

      • The album bombed as click complained that the British media ruined his reputation. Ahhhhh….poor baldy has flipped his filthy wig.

        • piano and a tear bombed – one week of the charts world wide
          Cliff has gone gold and prince has gone to the buget store

  12. Let us deal with reality, shall we?

    Wikipedia clearly states if any album is certified, including Click Richard. However, as of now, “Rise Up” has not yet gone gold with a puny 100,000 copies. The album is terrible anyhow, which is why it is falling down the UK charts. Click’s other more recent albums have gone gold, but that’s not saying much. All that matters these days is platinum. Worldwide sales is not what old Clifford can muster, since he is strictly known as a British celebrity. He can go on a talk show and complain about the BBC reporting the news that the police raided his apartment and picked through his brown tracked undies. They violated his privacy. Boo hoo. The old perv tossed and turned and was lucky he got two hours of sleep. Actually, his new album sounds like he didn’t get any rest. Ahhhhhhhh…..sniff.

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