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  1. If you seen MJ and later Cliff , they danced as the same style and figure . Gay types of moves .
    Cliff sings Devil Woman ? Did Cliff hate womans ?

    • Hey TCB, like Michael McJackson, Cliff has trouble sleeping. He is tossing and turning over what the media has said about him and his buddy, Jimmy Savile. Maybe Clifford can hire Dr Conrad Murray so he can get some much needed shut eye.

      Of course, when Click’s old body is finally taken to the morgue, the docs will have to remove Click’s glued on wig. At the future 8 hour autopsy, they will definitely slice and dice his dead flesh on the steel table. Jimmy Savile’s headstone was broken up and taken out like Michael McJackson’s Hollywood star.

  2. Cliff Richard is not a minor act known only in UK. Just cos he didn’t become well known in USA.
    USA isn’t the world. Denying The truth won’t make him go away.
    I myself have Facebook friends who are Cliff fans and they don’t all live in the UK. Cliff has a huge following worldwide. Absolutle truth.
    OK I don’t care whether you believe it or not. Doesn’t matter really. We just encourage each other to vote and Cliff is “King of Music” 2018 and probably 2019 as well.
    There is no real prize, no real golden crown. So does it matter. No not really.
    Cliff Richard is however a “Knight”, entitled to call himself “SirCliff”. He most likely knows nothing about this site and why should he. It’s supposed to just be a bit of fun for the fans.
    So I won’t be on here any more so you can all share your filth and complaining comments amongst yourself.
    We tell you truth and you say we are liars. Ha ha.

    • Click Cliff was afraid for this site ?
      Why do you all listen to an copy clown of the real KING ELVIS ?
      His voice sounds as an old gay man across with MJ s voice ! YUCK if i hear his voice i feel depressed and cold brrrrrrrrr….. thats for the voice of MJ too brrrrrrrrrr….. so dead and cold !!!
      There is on KING EP .

    • The USA is the big league. If you are not known there and in other countries, you are not a worldwide artist. I can assure you that if asked if they own even one Click Richard record, most would say “Click who?”

      The old clown made an album in the seventies called, “I’m Nearly Famous” that had his one biggest statewide hit on it, “Devil Woman.” While Click had a few other hits, they were not big enough to keep the momentum going. As for Great Britain, Click remained a celebrity there. Nevertheless, bands like Sex Pistols totally made Click irrelevant.

  3. You can believe what you like but Cliff IS known worldwide and has thousands of fans, which is why he gets so many votes on here.
    Cliff’s CD “Rise up” went gold so its not a failure and also he got no 1 with his music DVD knocking “The searcher” off to no. 2.

    • It did not go gold, clown. Robots multipliers are the reason click is getting all the votes, cheater. You pathetic lot love to play games, but normal people are not so naive as you clowns wish to believe. Cheating robots is not a legit win, loon. Lying and cheating will not change the reality of click being a minor act that is not a household name anywhere but Britain.

        • Wikipedia states nothing of the sort, clown. Even when presented with the facts, you continue to lie through your twisted little mouth. Click Richards is having a poor performance on the UK charts with his new album, and in all the markets that it was made available. Vinyl singles?

          Did not think they made physical 45rpm records anymore.

          We all know who you are, clown. You are not very good at disguises, Hannibal. Lol.

        • And the album went into the charts at #4, and since gone gold. At least some people get their information from official sources, not unreliable sources such as wikipeadia.

            • The Rise Up album entered the UK charts at #4. Fact

              The Rise Up album has gone gold. Fact

              The Rise Up album is currently #22 in the charts. Fact

              I don’t see any wild fantasies in these FACTS.

              I feel sorry for anyone who relies on Wikipedia for unreliable outdated information. Regarding all the hate for Cliff Richard that is being spewed all over these comments, maybe those “people” posting the comments should find sources other than Wikipedia and You Tube when searching for the wild fantasies they enjoy posting.

    • You were told numerous times that Click is winning by the site using cheating tools with multiplying robots, you slow witted retard. How many times do things have to be repeated to your tiny brain stem before you finally grasp the reality?

      Again, Wikipedia clearly has nothing about “Rise Up” going gold. Why lie Benjamin Barker?

  4. RIP Pastor Rick Stanley, Elvis’s stepbrother, who passed away at age 65 on January 7th, a day before Elvis’s 84th birthday. Elvis fans worldwide send their well wishes to both David and Billy, the surviving Stanley brothers.

  5. The Wack0 Jack0 freak is now claiming that a legendary act like Elvis has product that deserves to never be heard again, but obviously has always been played in his entire catalogue. That is just the norm for him since TCB , and millions of other Elvis fanatics like him have over 1000 Elvis bootlegs each. Oops….I seem to remember you saying the same about Prince, that his work does not deserve to be heard again. Ahhhhhhhhh……you petty little clown. The tears must steam out of your beady little eyes.

    Click, click, click is in the minor league like Michael Jackson. Agghhhhh……does it burn down your throat as you cough up the blood?

  6. The problem with being around sixty years is that not all the product deserves to be heard again. Click is truly banal, which is why he never became a worldwide act. In the US, very few know his music,

      • Baloney, freak.

        Wack0 Jack0 definitely had a problem in the 70’s, and after “Thrilla.” He could never top his one smash and later died nude on his sticky mattress pad. His eyes rolled back into his skull as Dr Conrad Murray furiously pounded his fragile chest bone with his clenched fists. The clown’s dead heart rotted in his rib cage as the doc laughed with joy.

          • Again, typical Benjamin Barker grammar errors.

            Yep, what’s happening, teach?

            You’re so transparent, retard. When you beat your spotted noodle while flat on tour soiled mattress, do you slap your flesh to Michael or Click?

            You tilt that bobbling skull as those eyeballs roll back in vein popping thrust, your hips grinding like a buck-a-roo, a retard dipped in gold. Keep laughing, clown…..the men in white are coming to take you away. lol.

      • The rest of the world does not know who Click, click, click is, clown. Are you rallying for Gary Glitter?

  7. On You Tube you can see “” Jimmy Savile – Everybody knows “”
    And the Cardinal of an church and again Cliff with Jimmy togheter .
    Listen and seen that clip and you seen how curupt the social media and the UK is , incl. Cliff !!

    • Right.

      Click has been trying to sell himself as a victim. But we know differently. See, people like Click are really quite transparent. He must believe that his past is not going to come back to haunt him. His association with Jimmy Savile is why he was investigated in the first place. He was able to get rid of evidence, but like hiding from the son, the truth will always come out again, sooner or later. Click is running scared like a chicken without its head, running in circles.

      Time has not been kind to him.

    • Click Richie and Jimmy Savile are both guilty, but sweet Michael is innocent. The world loves you forever, Michael Jackson. He is without a single doubt, the undisputed KOP. You hideous, foolish pelvis pretenders need to shut your lying mouths.

  8. Oh no!! of course he can’t be 85. Hes dead.
    But if he’d lived he would now be 85 and either dead, or bald and retired. But saying that would be an insult to a great singer like Elvis.
    I wouldn’t do that. I’m really insulting you lot because your insulting Cliff Richard .

    • You are the idiot that claimed that if alive, an 84 year old Elvis would not be able to compete with Click Richard. However, there is no way of knowing that since Elvis died in 1977 at the age of 42. Simply ask yourself if Click had dropped dead at 42, would anyone have cared?

      Chances are, Click would have been forgotten a week after he took his final breath.

      Today, the old clown is wasting his time promoting himself for a tiny flock of followers. When the old devil finally kicks the bucket, he will definitely not even make the British front page. Old Chuck Dingleberry died at 90 a few years back and no one gives a damn. Hr is basically known for transporting a miner across state lines for some hanky panky, and videotaping females in a public restroom on the toilet.

      Happy 84th Birthday to king Elvis, who can still top the charts over 40 years in the grave with ease. Oops….Click Richards new “Rise Up” junk CD has fallen off the British charts already. The production and vocal quality is way below par. Sales are absolutely terrible. Lol.

      • Sales of Rise Up are so bad it has gone gold. Doesn’t look like terrible sales to me.
        I don’t know where you get your information from. The lying media? Doctored You Tube videos? Some other make it up news source? Maybe you should get reliable information before showing your true colours.

        People like you need to get a life.

        • After 60 years still in the top 5 and going Gold is great.
          The man started in 50 s and is in the charts in 2019 .

        • Funny, when I looked up the current Click “Rise Up” album on Wiki, it said nothing about going gold after 5 weeks. Just like the lies of Michael Jackson going #1 and going platinum with “Xscape.” We can tell that you are that Ben person, and not a woman.

          Click has terrible sales in Britain, and no sales in the US. Click was able to go gold with a few recent releases, but “Rise Up” definitely is not one of them. Wikipedia is a source of any current information, yet you still lie.

  9. The car in the film on u tube wasn’t Cliff’s it belonged to a friend of his.
    I”m a women idiot and not Cliff’s lover either.
    Some of you put so much rubbish on here.
    You don’t know Cliff obviously so you have no right to write such garbage about him.
    I don’t know all of Cliffs cars but I know the red one in the he sixties as I have a photo of it at a film studios .

    • Jimmy s car was an Rolls royce and Cliff was vist him in his car every time ?
      Cliff plays more times in J. Saville s dity shows and WHY ????
      The same idea s dirty dirty dirty animals !!
      It proofs that Jimmy Savile stand alway in Cliff s shadow .

  10. Who was the better actor for the movie The WIZZ ?
    1. Jimmy Savile with his witch hair !
    2. Michael Jackson with his nose ?
    3. Cliff Richard with his baby face ?

    • All 3 on the WIZZ cross and they picked by the crows from the movie “” The Birds “” of Alfred Hitchock 1963 !

  11. Why did Cliff toured in Europa in 1959 ?

    1. Is he hunted for gaymans ?
    2. Is he hunted for kids ?
    3. Or is he hunted of the baby michael Jackson in that time ?

  12. The rolsrolls car be drived by Jimmy the wizz and Cliffy jumped out his car and kipnapped and child and he locked that kid up in an horror tent Yuck !!!! Wanted ” Cliff Click “‘ .

    • Savile introduced many
      pop singers as a DJ on shows not just Cliff and was most likely photographed with them too.
      As to his Jim”ll fix it programme many famous people appeared on that too.
      Cliff was not a friend of Savile.

      • Jimmy Savile attacked the terminally ill as they lay helpless in their hospital beds and even fondled the dead in the hospital mortuary. Sick, sick, click apologist.

  13. Just watched Cliff visit Elvis in Germany on Utube.
    Yes the car is red as you stated . but its not Cliffs car. He was in the back seat with a girl. Yes three boys and a girl went on the holiday to Viareggio in Italy. The year as stated on film is as I said. 1959.
    Cliff got his red car in the sixties . I know cos I took a photo of it and its not the one in the film.

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