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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Elvis Presley extends his chart record to December, 2018. His classic, “It;s Christmas Time” is currently #3 on the Billboard Top Country albums. Yet another top ten album for the king of the charts, Elvis Presley.

  2. World guinness book of records 2019
    * Best selling artist : Elvis Presley
    * Best selling band : The Beatles
    * Best selling album of all time : Thriller Michael Jackson

    World guinness book of records 2019 – page 185,186,187

  3. Michael Jackson’s Hollywood star was recently vandelized as his name was spray painted over with insulting language that can not be repeated here. I feel sorry for these people who come here to disrespect Michael. I cried when I read the cruel, hateful words written by these jokers on this god forbidden forum. Michael’s lovely daughter Paris Jackson had to buy rubbing alcohol to clean the terrible grafitti off Michael’s damaged star. It just broke my heart. You animals need to go back to the jungle where you belong.

    Shame on you,. Where are your manners,?

    • michael jackson’s hollywood star was carved out from the walk with a jackhammer or an axe pick.

      paris jackson could not clean up the mess as she cried uncontrollably. Too bad, tattooed pig. your fake daddy raped kids and butchered helpless animals as they starved in their cages.

  4. michael jackson was definitely gay. a good singer, a good dancer, but loved to sleep with boys and men. he was gayer than boy george.

  5. Michael Jackson was known to place woman’s tamons up his rear end ,and was said to have enjoyed warm enemas for sexual pleasures.

  6. Michael Jackson is the real king. That is because he jas more Grammy best selling album and way more than every body else

    • Ha, the delusional Jacko clowns are still telling gross fabrications on the dead ped. Stevie Wonder is the artist that has the most Grammy awards. Michael Jackson was self proclaimed as a king, but certainly is not the king of music, especially since he is being beaten by artists such as The Eagles, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Justin Bieber, Adele, Jay Z and Katy Perry.

      The Eagles “Greatest Hits” is now the biggest selling album of all time as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has been knocked off the top quite awhile ago’ It seems Michael Jackson fanatics are always the last to grasp the worldwide news. Michael Jackson’s crown was taken from him in 2017. You people are slow like the retarded.

  7. michael jackson took the tip and gobbled the old man’s joy stick down the hatch with one quick gulp. liberace tilted his bobbling head back and let out a teeth gritting moan of intense sexual frenzy. the piano man’s body vibrated in his soapy hot tub as the dirty dancer gripped him tight under the ragig bubbles. liberace’s lover and boyfriend, scotty caught the two lovebirds in the act of screaming orgasm and vein popping splish spashin’, their bodies tangled in a jumping jack0 jack rabbit body slam. michael jackson rode lee like a jock strapping horse, the old man’s eye balls rolled into the back of his skull as his tongue licked the tips of michael’s hard nips. wacko enjoyed sucking the old pole as liberace pinched the clown’s tiny nose off under the bubbling waves.

    • WTF stay off here is you can’t act like an adult my 10 year old is more mature than you are…

      • I doubt it was a jealous ten year old that is rudely disrespecting Michael. These fools will say anything to discount him.

  8. Elvis Presley recently was awarded the “Congressional Medal Of Freedom” in November, 2018. The KING racks up even more awards tp be displayed at his Memphis home, Graceland. Congrats to all Elvis fans!

    • Sorry. Fake news is not relevant here, Pelvis clowns. We want only real news about King Michael Jackson.

    • How free do you need to be when your dead. How does a dead person get awarded a medal of freedom and who was awarded it????

  9. “” Thank You Very Much Ladies and Gentlemen “” ELVIS has never left the building !!!

    But “” King TCB haved left the building thank you and god blessed you all !!!

  10. I read now that Donald President Trump was arived in Tupelo the bith place of the King !

    And he said that the most people said that he looks likes as Elvis !!! Amazing Trump , mabey he was reading my commets and he is an Elvis fan ! Trump said “” Everybody loves ELVIS !!! “”

    • Might as well have only Elvis on this list then.
      We are supposed to vote for “OUR” favourite singer not “YOURS”.
      The vote is fair but the discussing on here are rude and intimidating.
      Elvis will always be known as the King of Rock & Roll but on this poll. Sir Cliff Richard OBE is “King of Music”.
      It’s his 60th year in the music business this year.
      He is not an Elvis impersonater. In fact there are Cliff Richard impersonater.

  11. Cliff Richard??? REALLY????? For gosh sakes,, Elvis Impersonators are more popular than he is.

  12. Today i listen to Elvis “” Christmas , Wonderfull of Christmas Album “” Great Album the best ever !!!

  13. Gary Glitter needs to be on this list. It’s unfair that only the people you choose are on it, it makes the results really squiffed.

  14. President Trump thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!
    Why did Priscilla or Lisa Marie not visit the white house ???

    • Trump is the worst POTUS in History, I hate that he is now connected with Elvis now, sickening.
      I can’t wait until he is Impeached and thrown into prison.

      • He saved N-Korea s war 3 . And music is no war but peace , John Lennon said , make love not war !

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