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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. down the hatch the old man’s floppy wand want. wacko gobbled the snake to the tip of his tonsil. he gagged on both young and old meat.

  2. Roy sings “” Onley the Lonely “1 nr 1 hit ?
    Johnny more 1 hits than Roy , Jerry , MJ togheter !!!!

  3. In mine opinion of all artist togheter is Johnny Cash the best singer of all time after Elvis !!!
    ELVIS 1
    Cash 2

  4. Listen to Johnny Cash s song “” Orange Blossem Special “”
    That song so much stronger and funnyest than all the hits of Cliff Richard togheter !

  5. The song of Johnny Cash “” Cocaïne Bleus “” is so much more better than the whole album of songs of Thriller of MJ togheter !!!
    And listen to his voice , an real talent right from out his heart and soul !!!
    Listen to Johnny Cash and he blows you all away from youre chair , mj fans .

  6. Recently, Michael was honored by the Paley Center for Media recognizing his legacy in music on television. During the ceremony, Berry Gordy summarized his influence like this:

    “Michael Jackson reigns as the undisputed King of Pop not just because of his exceptional talent, but because he was able to package that talent in a whole new way. In both form and content, Jackson simply did what no one had done before – pure magic mixed with unforgettable, transcendent performances.”

  7. Hannibal’s not old?

    Of course, he will be dancing to wild woodpecker in the old folks home, shuffling his boil, pus filled twisted toes across the dance floors, while the develop mentally handicapped clap their sticky palms and wriggle their toes. That chattering mouth of his looks like it has been silenced by my expert knowledge.

    Hey Hannibal….do you always run in a corner and shield your dumb folded eyes from the truth?

    Yep, eye thought he would run like a scared chicken. Ahhhhhhhhhh…’s a sad day for Benjamin Barker. His brain crawled back to his pus filled pimple, and exploded the oily substance on his trusty two way mirrors.

    Hey Hannibal….it’s time to shave it down as smooth as Bubbles razor burnt can from the clown’s shaky hand.

    • Hideous Hannibal…there is nothing sicker than child molesting Michael McJackson. What a clown!

      When are you leaving, Benjamin Barker?

  8. Laugh ……..all most of you do is insult singers and each other. Why would anyone want to read this I just laugh at the sick and stupid comments.
    You must all be a load of kids in their teens cos you act like it.
    Still laughing hahaha……

    • Ahhhhhhhh…..we have a newbie that says she’s laughing, but is really crying at the cruel comments about Michael McJackson’s brutal downfall. Actually, the comments are pretty funny because they are all true. How many animal bodies were buried behind the horror gates of Neverland?

      The animals screamed in their tight cages as Michael McKackson chucked rocks at their furry bodies?

      Oops…..we were supposed to tell that mean side of McJackson. Hush, hush….the scrarecrow starved live rats and watched them eat each other alive. Hr then but the still living rodents in a freezer to die in the frosty cold.

      • I’m not crying still laughing at childish comments.
        Been reading all your rubbish for months so I am not a Newbie.
        I am no Michael Jackson fan either.

        • You’ve been reading my “rubbish” for months and not saying anything?

          Sounds like a Michael McJackson tard to me, clown. You child minded dorks lie like rugs. No, you’re just dumber than Hannibal with his spinning hair piece up in flames, You clowns don’t fool me at the slightest. Eye know your wail gut wrenching sobs over that dead skeleton. Hey, if you’re ever in need of an enema, Dr Conrad Murray is available for a fee.

  9. Ahhhhhhh……back in the UK, Queen have not one album in the top ten, but two. Somehow, eye knew Hannibal was going to skip the latest news of Queen’s incredible comeback with the new Queen biography movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

    Queen Bohemian Rhapsody #3
    Queen Platinum Collection #7

    Ahhhhhhhh…..Hannibal just coughed up a ham chunk and his eyes sting and burn. Why you blinking, clown?

    • why should mj fans be crying about prince
      i think u care just like u did about lady Go Go

      dont forget a queen is higher than a prince

      ha ha ha

      • No one is lower than Michael McJackson.

        Hey Hannibal, do you know that the dead clown’s old fat mama had a stroke?

        She going straight to purgatory with her skeleton son. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..the tears of old granny McJackson. Joseph cheated on her with his own daughter, LaToya. They were family f*ckers.

        Lady Gaga is @ #2, clown. That is higher than what Michael McJackson will ever be again. lol.

    • Bohemian Rhapsody music taken from the film is not all Queen. The band and singer in the film sang and played most of the music for the film. Although the real “Queen” did a small amount at end of film. So can’t be called a Queen come back.
      I’ve seen the film

  10. Ahhhhhhhhh…..Hannibal’s pee wee brain fell out the back of his head again. Here’s some tissues, Sweetpea.

    Oops….the latest 2018 Best Selling Albums List :

    The US
    1. The Beatles
    178 million units

    2. Garth Brooks
    148 million units

    3. Elvis Presley
    136 million units

    4. Led Zeppelin
    111.5 million units

    5. The Eagles
    101 million units

    6. Billy Joel
    82.5 million units

    7. Michael McJackson
    81 million units

    8. Elton John
    78 million units

    9. Pink Floyd
    75 million units

    10. AC/DC
    72 million units

    Hey, Hannibal….McJackson is slipping in sales as both Billy and Joel forge ahead to claim the clown was their lover. Ahhhhhh….the tears. How much more can the dead Michael McJackson fall?

    • album or artist lol
      to excited u write album than put the artist up
      too bad another list u made up
      u have 36 hours before i leave

      do u take your false teeth out when u swaloow

      • It’s the best selling artists of all time in album sales, retard.

        Michael McJackson has slipped from #5 to #7 as both Billy Joel and The Eagles forge ahead of the wild woodpecker in sales, meaning all their catalogues, you snickering little worm. Hey Hannibal, do you still dance in the nude, in front of a body mirror to the dwindling sales clown, Michael McJackson?

        Where are you going in 36 hrs?

        Forest Lawn is closed due to vandalism to Wack0 Jack0’s lonely tomb.

        • all lies

          u made up your own list again

          damn thank god i leave tomorrow

          do u take your false teeth out when u swallow

          the eagles , adelle, sound of music ,queen , Beatles , elvis , abba u gotta make up your mind cheap shit

          • You are in denial and are delusional.

            It is there with our own two eyes, Michael McJackson slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…..

            Fly like an Eagle
            To the sea
            Fly like an Eagle
            Let my spirit carry me….

            Ahhhhhhhhh….you’re running away?

            Poor boy nobody loves me, musa musa sniff, sniff

            Hey Hannibal, do you cry when you’re singing in the shower?

  11. Michael Jackson doing great on The Billboard charts- 2 albums in the top 200
    Thriller at 42 – top 200
    Essentials at 82- top 200

    24/7 – 365 on the charts

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