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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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    • The clown has a very small catalogue of overstocked Sony bargain bin stocking stuffers that sit at the Salvation Army. Michael MxJackson’s sales are so low that classic rock powerhouse, The Eagles have the best seller of all time. Ahhhhhhh……Hannibal chokes on his own bile as blue veins pop out of his sweaty forehead.

      • Thriller best selling album worldwide
        Know your facts
        The teacher is gone at the end of the week.
        Low sales is the tiny dwarf

        • Are you going to hide in your mole hole for the winter, while eye rip into your hero like a fright train?

          “Thrilla” is no longer the best selling album worldwide. Killer Queen is closing in because of the worldwide success of the new Queen movie. Hide your empty head, Hannibal.

          Eye will still be here trashing the woodpecker into the soiled ground. Question is, who is going to defend him if you don’t?

          The scarecrow has lost billions of fans. Ahhhhh….the final nail has hit the lid of his filthy coffin. Do you think the odor inside will leak out and kill the roses in the filthy tomb?

          • 24 7 365 on the CHARTS

            Thriller still the best selling album
            Of all time
            Lies dont work cheap shit

  1. luvsexy4all said:

    JudasSmile said:

    After debuting at #12 last week, the album has fallen out of the Top 100 Albums chart in the UK this week.

    this happends to all artists

    Absolutely not, not for a new release. Losing more than 88 ranks the second week is rather Unusual, and Will make the next Guiness book lol

  2. There is basically 3 or 4 people here, Hannibal. If you leave, it simply means that I’ve won and you are a coward. Of course, calling me a w*ore means you are getting desperate. You lose, teach. TCB is a fine person with a very happy disposition. And you?

    You’re miserable.

    Michael McJackson was a clown that abused children and animals.

    Prince made music that remains valuable.

    Prince wins. Don’t forget to close the door when you leave, Benjamin Barker.

    • Prince is gone and forgotten.
      I leave because there is no more competition after Forbes and piano and a tear.
      Party over
      Easy win.
      Like tcb said u r LEFT talking to yourself

      • Prince’s Paisley Park is still open for business and his albums are still going for top dollar in the collector’s market. Your dead woodpecker is gone and forgotten. His Hollywood star was taken out of the walk with a sledge hammer and vandals desecrated his grave again.

        Party over and easy win for me, Hannibal. Dry your tears, blow your huge honker in a tissue. It’s time.

        • another post that isnt based on facts
          its all in your head.
          prince is a b artist
          a budget store artist
          he went down five million in the last year ( oops paisl;ey park isnt doing that well )
          albums leave the charts after one week
          fans have left
          No interest
          do ya take it up the .ss to pay the rent ?

          • What a loser. Do you always talk dirty to mature women old enough to be your mammy?

            You need your filthy mouth washed out with soap, Hannibal. Does that mean you dress up in women;s clothes, looking for another Elizabeth Taylor, the old lady the woodpecker pretended to be gal pals with.

            Michael McJackson died alone with Dr Conrad Murray’s huge hands around his scrawny throat as his nose hole was stuffed with cotton. He was found nude on his urine stained mattress, his blood soaked tee hanging in his closet, on a single wire hanger.

    • No one !
      Red Lady is an intelligent person , read her commets !
      She spoke the truth and you learn so much from her , 10 points !!!

  3. my last week on this forum
    If u have any question about music let m eknow
    without me this forum is dead.

    its a good time to leave after prince flopped in the charts and on the Forbest list.

  4. Thank you for your sensible posts, TCB.

    Yep, the woodpecker is winding down as the desperate estate pays off the rest of their debts by selling off the rest of Michael McJackson’s catalogue of bargain bin clearance junk. Hannibal still screams, while billions of folks around the globe snicker. McJackson was official removed by Billboard and the Guinness books when The Eagles “Greatest Hits” pushed McJackson’s “Thrilla” off the top forever. Oops….it looks like the new Queen movie is causing Queen’s “Greatest Hits” albums to return to the top ten, around the earth.

    Ahhhhhhhh…..more bad news for the dwindling legacy of the wild woodpecker. Hey TCB… you think Hannibal cries of frustration as he makes excuse after excuse. The clown has a large pimple or mole growing from the side of his disgusting honker. With pinching finger tips, do you think you could squeeze the squirting pus from the exploding, pointed blemish?

    Ewwwwwwwwww…..the grease is starting to stink inside the pus fulled head.

  5. prince went 7 to 9 on the forbes list
    Due poor album sales and no interest in Paisley Park he wont be in the top 10 in 2019

    2018 it went all downhill for the dwarf

  6. Some people are saying this is a Boggest site. I still wanting to know why we went from 33% to32% which really isn’t fair, because of all the voting for Elvis Presley for King of music

    • Cliff Richards is not better than Elvis Presley. Not saying he is bad, he was good once. Elvis Presley is no. 1 now and forever. Thank you

      • Sir Cliff Richard fans think he’s better although some like Elvis too.
        You have to remember Elvis died young. What would Elvis be like now if he’d lived??
        Elvis is five years older than Cliff.
        Cliff is fit and healthy at 78. Elvis at 83 probably wouldn’t be.
        Some of you might have said yuk and walked away….
        Don’t judge Cliff because he’s older. I actually like Elvis too as does Cliff himself..

  7. Ahhhhhhh….Hannibal has no comment about Lady Gaga kicking Michael McJackson’s impacted can. The tears sting as they run down his flushed cheeks. Hey dumbo, do you cradle little dollies in your tiny toothpick arms as you rock your disgusting body to sleep @ night?

    • prince is gone and forgotten
      the numbers dont lie
      you can make all the excuses u want but hey lady ga ga is kicking prince his g.y ass

      long live the king

      • So the Michael McJackson estate sold off the rest of his EMI music publishing to settle the rest of his huge debt to the IRS?

        Eye laugh. With only low sales of his clearance bin albums, the woodpecker definitely won’t be raking in numbers like fake Forbes says in the future, Sweetpea.

        Long rot the thing in his moldy casket. Hey Hannibal, did you go to the grave, open the lid and plant your raspberry tongue on the woodpecker’s dirty mouth?

  8. D eath hasn’t ended Michael Jackson’s commercial success.

    Jackson again tops our list of the highest-paid dead celebrities list 2018

    Prince flopped big time with only 13 million

  9. Like eye said, Hannibal is stuck in the past. Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was supposed to be the Halloween blockbuster smash that Sony was hoping was going to give them healthy sales every October. Instead, it laid a giant egg and flopped off the Billboard Album charts worldwide. It left the charts in record time, and it has NOT returned. Ahhhhhhhhh…..the tears.

    Hey Hannibal, are you clowning around with the kiddies this Halloween?

    They are getting out the old cassette tapes of “Thrilla” “Bad” and “Dangerous” so the mentally retarded can dance at the annual wheelchair spin gala. Your date just had a little “accident” in her diaper. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..does it smell good?

    She was spoon fed egg and cheese. That twisted mouth, that slobbering tongue….

  10. MJ s mouse voice vs Cash real man s voice
    MJ was little if Johnny sing”” I walk the line “”….
    MJ was an screaming girl if Johnny sings “” Hurt””
    MJ s hair was on fire if Johnny Cash sings “” The Ring on Fire “”
    MJ was walking to the Judge bank if Johnny sings “” Prisom bleus song “”
    MJ Climbing in his tree if Johnny sings “” Cocaïne bleus ”
    “”Hello My Name is Johnny Cash “”

      • Laugh @ Hannibal that tells others to go back to school. Hey dumbo, do you dress in woman;s clothes?

        • prince left the charts in one week

          vaults stay closed.

          the family F.cker is ogone and forgotten
          sister and cousins are safe

          • LaToya and McJaclsom were beaten and raped by daddy Joseph, clown.

            Eye laugh @ your stupidity.

            • prince fans left in 2018

              the numbers dont lie

              what a year it was for the dwarf somewhere on the other side of the world Sinead is smiling

  11. Now i called myself King Cash [ TCB ]
    I am listen to Johnny Cash all the time , he was the real King of Music .
    His voice set you right where the soul belong !!! Keep the Legend alive !
    “” Hello My Name Is Johnny Cash “”

      • Yes the insecure MJ with his red shirt , he was crying on tv. …if Johnny sings “” Cry Cry Cry “”

      • Hey Hannibal, isn’t it great that Lady Gaga has made $300 million @ the box office in just a few weeks, and Michael McJackson has the biggest flop in Hollywood history with “The Wiz?”


        It did so badly your gay idol was denied his dream role in “Hook.”

        He could have been a contender, he could have been somebody. Ahhhhhhhhh….Prince won an Oscar for “Purple Rain.” Oops….tears fall.

        Eye win, you lose.

  12. Boo hoo……Hannibal is still stuck in the past as Lady Gaga breaks box office and chart records with her smash film and soundtrack to “A Star Is Born” which proves once again, like Prince’s “Purple Rain” classic, the lady is a singer and an actress. Michael McJackson bombed in Hollywood when his first movie, the absolutely terrible “Wiz” flopped and the clown was reduced to playing bit parts in Will Smith’s “Men In Black II.”

    The woodpecker cried his large moon crater eyes out on his death bed that he was never able to be a leading man in any Hollywood production. Dr Conrad Murray gave him a shot while he lay totally nude on his urine stained mattress pad. What a embarrassing way to stop breathing as the doc ripped off his wig and covered his screaming head with the clown’s own bloody pillow.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..the tears fall like rain. Hey Hannibal….Lady Gaga is just another long line of entertainers that have beaten your gay, boy loving idol. Sniff….there is a boogie in your crusty nose, Hannibal. Your eyes are burning. Do they sting?

  13. Ewwwwwwww…..Hannibal is quite irate it seems. Such vile language from the twisted mouth of a self proclaimed “teacher” who his the brain of caterpillar. Hey Hannibal, how does it feel that the world’ s best clown impersonator is now behinds bars accused of child torture?

    Scream, Benjamin Barker, scream…’s a graveyard smash!

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