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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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Which TV series do you like most? Share your opinion here.

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  1. MJ vs Mr. Bean
    Mr Bean is an realy fun man its makes you laugh .
    MJ is all crime and horror in his music its makes you cry .
    Mr. Beans head was off by MJ as robots ? Thats proofs that MJ is an bad killer !

    MJ vs Alien
    Was the best that 2 MJ s killed in the end , lol
    The Aliens where upset , but the world was happy ! lol

  2. Johnny Cash was more populair than MJ now and MJ was an baby in his diapers when Johnny Cash famouse was !!!
    You can not compaired MJ with an real live singer and played guitar and later with June Carter .
    MJ can not playing with an guitar with an real woman on stage .
    Johnny Cash is an real man and was an girl lookalike … hihiiha ho

    Hi i am Johnny Cash

  3. You can seen an doco movie on dvd “” I Walk The Line “” This is the best movie made about real events of an artiest ever !!! Johnny Cash , nickname “” The Man in Black “”

  4. There was an on internet Johnny Cash vs MJ opinion.

    Johnny Cash 91 %
    Michael Jackson 9 %
    Johnny Cash is the King of Music too , how do you do
    “” Hello my name is Johnny Cash “”
    He was so great and fantastic singer , i loved his deep baritone voice .

    • There was only one website with this poll Michael won with 53 procent of the votes.
      Facts no lies
      Lies and fantasie make people leave

      • That’s because Michael McJaclson loons hijack the websites and vote for the wild woodpecker multiple times. Cheating does not count as a legit win, Hannibal.

        We do tell facts. It is you that continues lying about your gay boy loving idol.

        • another post that doesnt make sense
          seek help u r a psycho
          u r realy sick and need help
          stop lying or you end up alone here just like in the real world.
          u r a big loser , a cheap whore just like your artist
          u r a big flop , anobody , a waste of human being

  5. The toppling and the total defeat of Michael Jackson’s tarnished legacy has devastated his die hard fanatical fan base. Children and animals were physically abused by the mentally challenged dancer numerous times in the last few years of his depraved life. The world continues to be grateful to Dr Conrad Murray for Michael Jackson’s untimely demise. The doc saved countless children from the wicked hands of a c* predator.

  6. So your going to disappear again like a coward after Forbes comes out with their annual fabrications of how much the Michael McJackson estate has to give the IRS?

    Hey Hannibal palsy, do you always pop an infected blood pimple when the truth is mentioned about your fallen hero?

    That twisted mouth, those curled up toes. How far can you bend your tightened bod to smell the stink of your own shyt?

    Ahhhhhhhhhh….2018 was another rough year when “Thrilla” was removed from the record books as the biggest all time seller. Oops… like an Eagle to the sea. The woodpecker has been removed from his moldy birdhouse as The Eagles wrap their massive wings around the new Guinness and Billboard records. Michael McJackson has been officially beaten again. The tears of the gut wrenching Hannibal sobs through out the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….ahhhhhhhhhhh……Hannibal screams as the Michael McJackson statue is torn down in the village square.

    Why was the statue spray painted and covered with rotten, moldy egg?

    • its stupid post like this that make people leave.
      be proud when no one wants to talk to you
      you are obsessed with me and i chosoe to leave
      like tcb said she is talking to herself again
      lol must be painfull

      • Still can not explain why The Eagles beat your disgraceful hero by knocking ‘Thrilla” off the top as it sinks even further down the worldwide lists?

        Ahhhhhhhhh…..there is a lump in your torn throat.

        Sales for Michael McJackson are at all time lows. Being blind as a bat and repeating old news does not cut the mustard anymore, Hannibal. You continue to drop soaking tears and blame little ole me for ruining this forum, and definitely got caught talking yourself a few times. You have an addiction to lying from your twisted little mouth. Do you swallow the spittle that dribbles onto your wet chin?

        • thriller is still the best selling album of all time only not in the usa
          it stayed longer on the charts than one or 2 weeks
          not normal how prince flopped
          i told ya they cant rely on his death anymore
          his hundreds of fans left him meanwhile almost 6 million people watched michael Jackson on cbs
          its called impact

  7. King of fashion is 1 Libarace , 2. ELVIS , 3 Beethoven . No not MJ he copyed the fashion from ELVIS and JamesBrown and more .
    MJ is more the king of stolen act and fashion from other artiest .
    The MJ- Clown is an copy art. and an thief of music .
    ELVIS was standing for more than 35 years on nr. 1 Forbes list !!!!
    MJ was on 1 last years , that was the blame from the Beatles rights .

  8. after Forbes i will leave
    i think we ve proven enough
    After prince his enormous failure its a good time to leave
    too many losers are more interested in Michael his cock than music.
    This turns into a circus i dont want nothin to do with.

    • Hannibal believes that there is more than one Michael McJackson loon that has “proven” that the disgraced woodpecker is still in the game. Ahhhhhhhhhhh……a new movie bio of Queen and Elton John, Lennon on a stamp, but no honor for the dancing clown that fondled his screaming boy victims as they passed out nude at the scarecrow’s disgusting Neverland lair beyond the mountains of the hallowed hills. Hey stupid tard, you left your zipper open again. How many woodpeckers are knocking their bobbling skulls against your sweaty paunch?

      You like veal?

      • when u have nothing to say shut up
        you gonna end upp here alone
        that moment when cyber world and real world …. lol

        • Hannibal is a Michael McJackson fanatic, yet he speaks about ending up all alone like his disgraceful hero in the lonely grave. Of course, like the screaming woodpecker himself, believes in fairy tales like Peter Pan and other fantasies.

          Hey dummy, in the real world, your idol has been beaten by scores of superior artists.

          You no nothing about real music or real musicians, clown. lol.

  9. At Michael’s Diamond Birthday Celebration party on August 29, Giuseppe Zanotti announced the release of a limited collection of sneakers in tribute to Michael Jackson. The sneakers hit stores today so be sure to get your pair before they are sold out and be sure to check out the auction of “Number One” pair being auctioned on November 10 by Julien’s Auctions to benefit The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation efforts in Malawi.

    • Aids kills clowns DEAD….

      michael jackson liked getting nude in front of boy toys, his spotted woodpecker grew as long as Pinocchio’s stiff nose.

        • Little boys turned on michael jackson and he liked to stroke his sausage in front of their innocent eyes. However, you do not seem to care and freely support this monster, so others like him can follow in his wicked footsteps.

          michael jackson fanatics like you are utterly disgusting. You don;’t even have any shame.

          • keyboard warrior lol

            wanker all he can talk about is little kids

            he sits with a hard .. behind his pc

  10. Type on YouTube “” Elvis Reaction “” So fun !!!
    And seen that they are said that ELVIS is the KING of Rock and Pop !!!!
    A man was said i never hear Elvis and he was stunned and his eyes and comments reactions was awesome !!!!

    More young people discovered ELVIS today

  11. Red head-ed Lady Gaga is smoking hot !!!

    A Star Is Born is the number one movie and soundtrack all over the world. The lady is a champ.

  12. prince left the uk chart in one week

    prince leeft the billboard 200 in 2 weeks

    fans left him

    Michael 2 albums billboard 200

    Michael one album uk album charts

    24 7 365

    • Cheap bargain bin can hang around on the bottom of the charts kike a dead sucking fishy, Hannibal.

      They sell peanuts.

    • That’s real low, Hannibal. Especially since the woodpecker was supposed to have billions of fans. Lol.

  13. Ahhhhhhhhh…..where’s Hannibal?

    It looks like the dummy cried himself off with stinging tears in his folded up eyes. Figures the coward would disappear when every true artist is easily beating the soiled, dead woodpecker’s shattered can. With his constantly laughable lies on Michael McJackson exposed, sweaty vein popping, gritted false teeth and slobbering wet chins are the norm. Eye can actually see the raging fire into Benjamin Barker’s stupid puss. Hey retard….Lady Gaga’s first starring role, “A Star Is Born” is a worldwide smash. Unlike the box office Hollywood turkey, “The Wiz” flop-a-rama that ruined the clown’s chances on Sunset Blvd, Lady Gaga is already on her way to legendary status. Ohhhh….the gut wrenching sobs coming from the heaving chest of the weak Hannibal. Eye am really amused. It is obvious that vandals are scoping to do some damage to Michael McJackson’s desecrated grave at Forest Lawn this Halloween, the scarecrow’s decaying corpse forcibly removed from his casket and strung up in the incredible moonlight. Hannibal can actually smell the stink pf the dead clown’s dried up, moldy flesh. Ewwwwwwwwww…..the woodpecker’s eyes are gone. Lol.

  14. An question for the Cliff Richard fans and MJ fans ?
    Why do you not listen and seen ELVIS , hear his voice and seen his perfomers on stage from the 50s and in his movie clips and the great 70s !!! And seen and listen that ELVIS the KING is !!!!!

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