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Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Sheena Easton
    Candy Dulfer
    Sheila E
    Morris Day
    Chaka Kahn

    and the muppets from the muppet show

    • Mac “crawley” Culkin
      Liz Taylor
      Dr Arnold Klein
      Fat Jason
      Boy dollies
      Boys II Men
      Demerol, Demerol…..oh God he’s taking Demerol

      Hey Hannibal…..Emperor Prince was normal. It was your gay idol that needed help, clown. Eye laugh…..

  2. The incredible spinning head of an brainless rodent, Benjamin Barker. Duh…..the party is over for Michael McJackson, you stupid twit. Sony’s last attempt at trying to promote Michael McJackson’s mow old and dated “Xscape” was in 20014, over 4 years ago. They spent millions and lost money, which is why no new material from McJackson is leaving the vaults. Sony only has Michael McJackson cutting the cheese and screaming at the Jolly Green Giant. The party for Emperor Prince is just beginning, you dizzy toad. Eye laugh.

    Warner Brothers has already signed a 30 million dollar deal with Prince’s estate for more exciting projects to come, but on the McJackson end, the vault is now empty. That is why “Scream” contained no new songs. The skeleton has been sucked dry as Sony cries fowl. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……the slobbering retard screams. Hey Hannibal….why do you think the 25th anniversary of “Dangerous” in 2016 was cancelled?

    Low sales, not enough interest.

    Eye laugh, especially since Prince’s piano release hit #2 on the vinyl charts in both the UK and the US. Bite me, clown.

    • purple pain
      piiano and a tear

      Look at all the new material
      Look at how it flopped in the charts

      Vaults stay closed
      No interest
      No fans
      No sales

      MJ number one in 2017 and 2018 – yeah u lose again – easy win

      • More lies from your tiny delusional brain. Did your poor mama dump you in the lavatory when she found out you were always going to be severely handicapped?

        It’s that twisted mouth of yours. Why do you lie when it’s obvious that the Paisley Park vaults stay open?

  3. Prince flopped big time in the UK charts and the USA charts.
    Vaults stay closed
    Gone and forgotten
    Every year a bigger flop.

    • Prince’s “Piano And A Microphone” still did better worldwide than Michael McJackson’s dud of 2017, “Scream.” Prince debuted in 6 countries in the top 10, while “Scream” bombed in most countries, except 4. Prince also placed top 11 and 12 in 5 other countries. Though not a huge hit for Prince, it is far from the flop-a-rama Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was. The vault remains open for Prince. In reality, Sony is livid that the vault is full of McJackson demos with no vocals.

      You have a selective memory, Hannibal. Prince is easily beating the dancing scarecrow with a brief 34 minute disc. “Scream” had over 69 minutes on it, but still sold nothing for the dead woodpecker. You are just jealous because Prince could play all his own instruments and produced his own albums. Unlike your gay idol, Prince did not need Quincy Jones for production, nor Eddie Van Halen/Slash to play guitar.

      Eye laugh. Eye win, you lose.

      Do you swallow the bile that spits out from your twisted little mouth, you impacted turd?

      • oops , i checked the charts

        prince flopped big time

        the biggest flop of all time even elvis his nad movie albums did better

        • It is not the charts you have to check, you stupid little worm. Just google the albums and Prince’s new album still out sold Michael McJackson’s “Scream.” Not only did it chart higher in more countries, it hit #2 in the all important vinyl markets in the UK and USA.

          “Scream” is perhaps the biggest flop pf 2017. It’s only a year later and sales are dismal. Tears fall from your dumb, stupid eyes, clown. Eye love rubbing your retarded face into the grainy dirt, your twisted mouth and tongue dripping with fluids like sticky plasma. In reality, you are lying in hopes it will magically redeem the soiled scarecrow. That request has been denied. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..pop that disgusting pimple off your busted nose and honk….space clown.

          Lowest sales for a soundtrack album?

          “The Wiz.” with Diana Ross, Nipsy Russell and Mable King. Lol.

          Ahhhhhhhhhh……Michael NcJackson could not be a leading man in any of his movies, but like Elvis, Prince could star in his own pictures.

          • it didnt chart in most countries and it left the charts in one or two weeks
            Lol face the facts , ugly old fart
            go back to that cheap motel and suck

  4. Prince 93 whopping notches downhill on the billboard 200
    In one week out of the top 100
    prince at 104 after one week

    Flop Flop Flop

    93 downhill wow

    the elvevator is going down fast

    Gone and forgotten – no interest – No impact

    Big Money Loss worldwide

  5. And yet artists like Journey, Pink Floyd, Queen and Bob Marley all have charted records that have been on the worldwide charts longer.

    Besides, Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” has been officially beaten by The Eagles. You said that Billboard is always right, clown.

    Unlike the top dollar artists listed above, the only one constantly in the clearance bargain bin with Milli Vanilli, Spice Girls, Rick James and Tone Loc is the Jason Malachi driven Michael McJackson. Ahhhhhhhh….the dead toad was too busy chasing young male victims than he was making any new music in the studio. What a lazy woodpecker.

    Prince has over a hundred years of unreleased material in the vaults at Paisley Park and did not lip sync on stage.

    Emperor Prince easily wins, dumbo. Eye continue to chuckle and laugh at your fantasies of dead Michael McJackson.

    Do you stand on your tippy toes to beat your tiny little wand or do you wack other noodles on the frantically beaten whoopee machine?

    You are stupid, dog breath. Eye laugh at your denials. You must believe in Peter Pan and Tinklebell.

    • USA is not the world

      People are not interested in prince anymore

      See charts and sales

      Gone and forgotten. See billboard

  6. Prince is/was a failure
    thanks finally we agree
    why doncha change artist if u see its not working against the king
    Abba is doing better than prince
    do u wanna be a super pooper again

  7. “Blood On The Dance floor” peaked at a lowly #24 way back in 1997. However, Hannibal wants to repeat Sony’s marketing ploy that it was the best selling remix album of all time that never hit number one.

    Michael McJackson cried that he was taking “Morphine.” Hey stupid, are you snortin’ the powder up your flapping honker?

    Since you claim Prince is/was a failure, list his, clown.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh…..eye at at least can proof Michael McJackson is indeed “The Thing Of Flop.”

    The woodpecker is knocking his pointed little beak inside his moldy casket at Forest Lawn. “Green Giant” is his favorite song from beyond the filthy, lonely grave. Do your sting eyes fold back into your empty head when the stinging tears burn your eyelids out, Hannibal?

    Sniff, sniff……

    • prince budget store artist
      one week in the charts
      one hit wonder purple pain ( which was a big flop after he died )
      Prince barely went to number one
      has almost no sales

      blood on the dancefloor – 6 countries number one – platinum album
      prince – one week of the chart

      a fantasy list isnt proof

      • No fantasies needed, you stupid twit. Just google Michael McJackson and The laughable McJackson 5 catalogue. Many more flop-a-ramas than Emperor Prince will ever have. You are just blind by wild woodpecker or deliberately lie for your gay hero.

        The Prince estate released a piano album, not an overdubbed fake duets album. Prince played real instruments, while Michael McJackson tugged the wands and crown jewels of his very young victims.

        Prince’s “Piano And A Microphone” is a five star album, a critical success. Michael McJackson’s posthumous albums are junk. His legacy keeps being raped by Sony by fake vocals and overdubbed Jason Malachi. Hey tard…..sales for most older acts are down because CD sales are low. Retailers have stopped selling them. That is why Michael McJackson overstocked were donated to the Salvation Army. You are a delusional space clown, without a brain inside of your balding skull.

        Do you wear costume wigs to hide the egg sized bump on your plate?

        • Prince’s “Piano And A Microphone
          people dont want it
          his hundreds of fans world wide are not interested
          9 songs – some songs 1 minute 29 seconds long
          bad sound
          its a big mistake thats why its gone of the charts world wide
          again they lost a lot of money.
          people dont want a 30 minute jazz album
          gone and forgotten

          • Prince did not approve of its release, clown. It was recorded for his own personal reasons with Prince playing all piano parts himself. Your untalented hero could not play anything but the wands of his boy victims. Maybe Sony could release Michael McJackson’s love sessions. It would be rated XXX.

            Eye already told you that “Piano And A Microphone” was not released for mainstream pop radio, but rather for showcasing Prince’s talents as a musician. That’s how dumb you are, Hannibal.

            Michael McJackson’s “Scream” bombed last October. No clown fanatics wanted that flop-a-rama. You have a one track toad brain with selective reasoning, don’t cha Sweetpea?

            In reality, Michael McJackson is gone and forgotten.

  8. Cliff vs PRINCE
    1. Cliff loves small dwarf people [ Prince ]
    2. Bothe loves Elvis !
    3. Prince loves rain , Cliff loves to cry as an raining day !
    4. Cliff and Prince ?? Who is that girl sings Madonna [ Cliff and Prince , lol ]

  9. Of course Hannibal is blind for wild woodpecker that has the record of having the most flops in all of music history, but would rather spit out lies about Prince. Here is a long list if McJackson 5 and Michael McJackson duds that charted low or didn’t chart at all.

    Oops….what’s a matter, clown?

    Did your bleeding scalp go up in flames?

    Michael McJackson worldwide duds:

    McJackson 5 Christmas album
    Greatest shyt
    Maybe tomorrow
    McJackson 5 in Japan
    Going Back to Indiana
    Get it together
    Dancing machine
    The McJacksons
    Joyful jukebox music
    Going places
    The McJackson’s live
    McJackson’s ultimate collection
    The very worst of
    McJackson’s American nightmare
    Steeltown sessions
    Children of the light
    20th century masters
    Classic McJackson 5
    Can you feel it?
    Ultimate Christmas
    Rare pearls
    The stripped mixes
    Got to be there
    Music and me
    Forever, Michael
    The worst of Michael McJackson
    One Day in your life
    The Wiz
    18 Greatest Shyts
    9 singles pack
    14 Greatest shyts
    Farewell my summer love
    The very worst, back to back
    Love songs
    Souvenir pack
    Motown’s greatest shyt
    Tour souvenir pack
    The worst of Michael McJackson and the McJackson 5
    Blood on the dancefloor
    20th century masters
    Number 13’s
    The ultimate collection
    50 worst songs
    Not essential Michael McJackson
    The thing of poo
    The collection
    Definitive collection

    Michael McJackson is in the record books with the most failures. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….the tears. Do your eyes sting from the stink?

    • Prince one week.
      Piano and a tear

      Only flops after his dead

      Prince realy had no IMPACT

      Gone and forgotten

      • Michael McJackson is in the Guinness as having the most flops, plus he was erased by The Eagles., who now have the biggest selling album of all time.

        It’s going to be in the new 2019 edition.

        Hannibal cries like a gay pansy. Ahhhhhhhhh… you hunt for young victims like your gay idol, retard?

    • blood on the dancefloor nest selling remix album of all time.
      u even make some own titles just like u did with prince his number ones
      u must be a good with all those lies. be nice to your customers

  10. Cheap, clearance bin Michael McJackson junk, drip drop sales vs $43,500 for one copy of Emperor Prince’s legendary masterpiece, “Black Album” vinyl. The slobbering tard screams more laughable excuses. It is all about value of an artist’s true worth, Sweetpea.

    Ahhhhhhhhh…..Hannibal still has a enormous man crush on the dead scarecrow, Michael McJackson. Oops….very few really care about the spastic dancer that died nude in Dr Conrad Murray’s cocoa buttered arms. Did the screaming woodpecker die, begging for his worthless life?

    His crippled toes curled up upon the impact of degrading, embarrassing death. The world continues to laugh…..

  11. Oh what a laugh a minute, especially Hannibal’s spinning head. No one fell as far and as hard as Michael McJackson. The beaten clown had to give up his only legit achievement to The Eagles, who now have the biggest selling album of all time. According to the dummy, Michael McJackson still sells, but the truth says otherwise. The dead scarecrow has been removed from the record books worldwide. Ahhhhhhh….

    The screams…..

    Eye win, you lose, Benjamin Barker. Eye love rubbing crystallized salt into the wound. It stings and burns, you cross eyed tard. The whole world is laughing at you, freak. How does it feel to be a spastic space clown?

    • one week in the charts lol- 250 cds sold lol lol lol

      24-7 -365 usa and uk charts

      u look so stupid

      u look so stupid talking about the eagles ha ha ha – just like talking about queeen –
      u r dealing with the teacher here

      • And yet, Journey, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Bob Marley, Queen and Fleetwood Mac all have albums that have been on the charts longer, 24/7. Prince is still on the expensive vinyl charts. No Michael McJackson. You are the laughing stock of the annual retarded Halloween group home dance.

        Who is that palsy spastic dancing across the dance floor in clubbed shoes?

        Ahhhhhhhhh…..Hannibal picked up a gay cripple for some ferocious hanky panky in the handicapped stall at the local retarded barn dance. Blaring from a cheap CD boombox, is Michael McJackson’s “Number 79’s”

        Don’t forget to take a sip of the fruit punch, Hannibal.

        Hey idiot, eye talk about The Eagles because they defeated your gay hero that no longer has the best selling album of all time. That is valid news, space clown.

        • usa is not the world
          Uk is not the world

          the teacher is here

          one week is not 24 7 – 365 ( on 2 charts )

          • A folded eye, lip drooling handicapped that likes to play teacher instead of doctor. You are as dumb as a stone, Benjamin Barker. Michael McJackson’s massed produced crapola is going to chart on the bottom because it’s so cheap and easy to find. Sony thinks kids will automatically want to dance to the wild woody woodpecker of the dated eighties.

            It’s Captain EO, blinded by the spray of the wobbling black & white skunk.

            Puff out your bony chest and wail like a peacock, Hannibal. It’s all over for the soiled legacy of Michael McJackson. Ahhhhhhhhhh… does it feel knowing that people continue laughing behind your back as you flop on that woman’s wig and put on the clown make up?

            Do you squirt the feces and urine in fruit jars like what your gay idol used to do while pulling down his smelly trousers in front of his victims?

  12. MJ vs Miss Piggy
    MJ screams and Miss Piggy to ..
    Miss piggy loves little kids and frogs , MJ loves that to .
    MJ loves screaming and Miss Piggy to .
    Miss Piggy loves abuse puppet and kids , thats the same for MJ , same abusers !
    MJ loves wigs on his had and Miss Piggy did that to .
    Miss Piggy sings so false , MJ sings false to …

    The two Piggys , but onley MJ was to tin … The two Muppets in an doll show !!! hahahaha

    1. ELVIS loves Pink Cadillac and he has an Purple Cadillac to !
    2. ELVIS love motorcycle and PRINCE to !!!
    3. ELVIS loves guitar and PRINCE to !!!
    4. ELVIS loves girls and PRINCE to.
    5. PRINCE was an realy big ELVIS fan !!!
    Two Kings of music !!!

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