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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. ELVIS vs MJ ?
    1. Elvis loves real cars !
    MJ loves dinky toy cars for kids .
    2. Elvis loves Teddy bears .
    MJ loves girls dolls and dollhouses .
    3. ELVIS sing for tree s.
    MJ was Climbing tree s.
    4. ELVIS danced real nature and better !!!
    MJ was study and copyed dance from the others artist . MJ stoled dance moves .
    5. ELVIS loves girls .
    MJ loves boys.
    6. ELVIS playing with Libarace on stage piano and guitar .
    MJ playing with Libarace in bed .
    7. ELVIS loves animals .
    MJ abuse animals .
    8. ELVIS sings for kids in movies .
    MJ abuse kids in his bedroom .
    9. ELVIS loves singing love songs .
    MJ screams horror songs .
    10. . ELVIS is the first real KING of Music of all time !!!
    MJ was the first fake King of all time …. an clown of music !

    • I would like to know why Elvis Presley had 33%and now on 32% this can’t be right. He could of been on 34 or35% by now. Something not right with the %. Thank you

  2. New songs of Mickey Jackson ?
    MJ sings “” Garbage “”

    1. Screams in my garbage Aaaaargghh , rotten ego ……
    2. My 80 s Thriller lps is found for free in an garbage can ….
    3. My cd s is stinks as an garbage smells …
    4. Found my old nose in my garbage can ? …..
    5. Jump dance on the bin bag , bin bag hi ha bin bag ….
    6. Diapers on my jeans , stinks as rotten poo garbage ….
    7. Dirty Diana was sleeping in my bin bag !
    8. Mine wig was made from garbage recycline .

  3. Michael McJackson is definitely budget store, but is NOT an artist. Hannibal fails to mentions that his gay idol fills the clearance bins at the local Salvation Army second hand shops. One dolla for his entire catalogue on CD.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh….. the stupid palsy spastic like the electricity clown O mouth. Do you swallow the woodpecker’s frozen seed?

    Wipe your slimy chin, you spastic birdbrain.


    • One week out of the uk charts
      The knockout punch
      The elevator stayed down. Bargain bin budget store.
      U didnt lose u got K.O
      U didnt get up.

      • Scream Hannibal, scream.

        You claim Prince beat women, but threaten to knock out little ole me with your swinging fist. As far as Michael McJackson’s cheap, massed produced crapola, the unwanted junk piles up in the landfills across the globe. McJackson’s nude corpse violated with chunky white finger tips at his 9 hour autopsy in LA.

        Do you think Michael McJackson swarmed on the steel table as docs removed his bloody death smock?

        • do u masturb.te to your fantasy autopsy obsession.
          strange u talk more about the king than the family F.cker
          Is the king 24-7 in your old wrinkled head

          • Ewwwwwww…..Hannibal talks of the dead Michael McJackson and how he used to stroke the tiny noodles of his male victims, Yep, the thing of poo squirted his filthy feces down his scrawny legs while dancing totally nude.

            The whole world continues laughing, clown.

            • U lost it
              Love it
              Easy win.
              One week . Only a couple of hundred people bought the album in the uk
              It hurts

              • You lose big, retard. Your stupid brain would not even be in the head of a slobbering toad. Like eye said, the whole world is laughing at the dead Michael McJackson and his idiot fans. That means you, Hannibal.

                Do you stroke your wiener in public?

                Wack-a-noodle like the thing of poo himself.

  4. Prince’s enormous legacy of art, music and talent lives in his wonderful home and recording studio, “Paisley Park.” Millions flock there to see the home of the purple one himself. Like Elvis Presley’s Memphis home, “Graceland” Prince fans can experience the incredible life of a musical genius that changed the course of pop music by making Michael McJackson look like a untalented worm who could not produce, compose or even play one lone musical instrument. Instead, the unholy clown and woodpecker raped countless young males at his secluded Neverland lair in the valley of sin in Santa Barbara. Thomas Sneddon was the man who made Michael strip nude and took many color photographs of his greasy, spotted wand. The dancing rapist was 100% guilty. Today, many people around the globe are desecrating his Forest Lawn grave and vandalizing his filthy Hollywood star.

    Eye continue laughing at Hannibal’s gullible delusions that McJackson hack and Sony clone, Jason Malachi is really Michael McJackson.


    You lose, re re re re re re retardO.

    • Michael.opened the door for tiny
      The midget paid tribute to his idol many times see you tube.
      Prince is gone and forgotten .
      The charts dont lie and make up stories.

      • Prince was on MTV before Michael McJackson made “Billy And Gene” but the retard believes that dancing scarecrow opened the door for Emperor Prince.

        Eye laugh.

        The woodpecker certainly did not open any doors for Emperor Prince. You are a liar, Hannibal.

        Prince singles 1978-1983

        Soft and wet
        Just as long as we’re together
        Eye wanna be your lover
        Why do you wanna treat me so bad?
        Still waiting
        Sexy dancer
        Dirty mind
        Do it all night
        Gotta stop messin’ about
        Let’s work
        Do me baby
        Little red corvette
        Let’s pretend we’re married

        Quit your endless lying, you spotted toad. Prince’s discography is easily found on the worldwide web.

  5. Gone and forgotten equals the thing of flop, Michael McJackson. That dead dancing clown rots in his moldy casket at Forest Lawn. The bugs ate his eyes, nibbled on his dead skin and hatched eggs in his filthy costume wig. The scarecrow woke up alive in his box and clawed on the inside of the sealed lid. The skeleton’s wide O mouth is frozen in a silent scream.

    Ahhhhhhhh….Hannibal would just love to crack open McJackson’s casket and tongue the beaten, nude corpse.

    Hey dumbo, do you have a snapping cockroach stuck down your torn throat?

    • All u got to say is a stupid autopsie story.
      Your fantasies about pee poop , salvation army and autopsy aint gonna help you.
      Better change artist.
      Prince is history

      • Michael McJackson was indeed photograph completely nude, then carved like a Thanksgiving turkey. Docs removed his organs while degrading his freshly beaten corpse. Dr Conrad Murray was given a firm handshake and an award for murdering the helpless woodpecker as the clown struggled to stay alive on his soiled mattress pad. Ahhhhhhhhhhh……Michael McJackson is history but seems to be only alive like a rat or hissing cockroach. Hey Hannibal, don’t scare the children too much this Halloween. You might be arrested for exposing yourself. They don’t want to see your pulsing gland.

          • If the shoes fits, you must wear it, clown. After all, the woodpecker grabbed his wand during his dancing moves on video and on stage. His bobbling skull went under the steaming bubbles, his hungry little nose and guppy bass like mouth gobbling down Liberace’s joy stick during intense whoopee.

            Yes, it is a music forum, which is exactly why Emperor Prince wins again. How many times do you believe McJackson sexually abuse his chimpanzee Bubbles before the monkey finally screamed bloody murder?

  6. when u dont have fans u cant sell

    one week in the charts – third album after his death
    album from the purple rain era.
    they got nothing left,its over
    again they lost a lot of money.
    On the other side of the world Carmen is laughing. she sold more

    gone and forgotten

  7. Sony’s next Jason Malachi album is coming out soon….

    Trick Or Treat

    Beat the monkey blind
    Scream louder
    Let the boys tell
    Slapping little cans
    Nude dancing clowns
    Brown water (it stinks)
    The man behind the mask
    Fly like an Eagle
    Thom Sneddon’s cold fingers
    Touch of gay

    • U must have been realy hurt by the poor sales.
      They lose a lot of money

      Like King Ben said. They cant rely on his death anymore

      • Talking to yourself again, Benjamin Barker?

        It is Michael McJackson who has poor sales. Prince’s vinyl of “Piano And A Microphone” hit #2 in both the US and UK markets, while McJackson’s entire catalogue can easily be found at the Salvation Army, collecting dust on their plastic cases. Ahhhhhhhhhh….what a stupid and dumb retard you are, Hannibal.

        You have a brain of a spotted toad.

  8. Gone and forgotten
    Karma for his family and all the women.
    Miss Electra sold even more than piano and a tear

    • Obviously, Prince can’t be forgotten if the “Black Album” rare vinyl pressing sold to a record breaking $42, 250 to a collector in 2018. Hey retard, did you find your stupid brain yet?

      Michael McJackson’s records, tapes and compact discs are so massed produced, they are worthless. Since that disgusting dead clown raped boys in his twisted lair, countless millions dumped their Michael McJackson collections to the curb.

      Only a slobbering retard would believe that dead woodpecker is worth money. Eye laugh. “Thrilla” was beaten by “The Eagles Greatest Hits.” It is the celebration heard across the globe, but Hannibal continued to ignore the truth of his soiled idol’s crippling downfall. Ahhhhhhhhhh… your eyes sting with burning tears?

  9. The big four:

    Paul McCartney/Beatles
    The Eagles

    Fly like an Eagle to the sea,
    Fly like an Eagle, let my spirit carry me….

    Ahhhhhhh…..Hannibal already forgot that Michael McJackson has been dethroned in 2018. “Thrilla” is no longer the best selling album of all time. The stinging tears must burn his little eyes blind. Lol.

    • Prince has LEFT the UK charts in ons week .

      U gonna haar this for a long time.

      Get your facts straight
      I dont answer lies.
      Facts like the charts

      • Facts like Michael McJackson’s “Scream” peaking at a laughable #33 on the Billboard 200 in 2017?

        Yep, you are still hopelessly blind for wild woodpecker. It’s obvious that Prince fans are snatching up the vinyl edition of the new album, “Piano And A Microphone” because it hit #2 in both the UK and the US.

        Don’t pop a blood blister or vein. you stupid twit. Prince albums are valuable works of art, while Michael McJackson stuffs the clearance bins in the local Salvation Army stores worldwide. Easy win for me. Eye continue laughing at your delusional fairy tales of the gay scarecrow.

    • Well, if the vault stayed closed for Prince, then where did “Piano And Microphone” come from?

      You are a laugh per minute, dumb palsy. Quit lying about the dead woodpecker going number one anywhere on this planet earth. You are obviously a compulsive liar or delusional. Do you slobber on your street corner love of wack-O-noodle?

      Michael McJackson was officially dethroned by The Eagles in 2018. Eye laugh & laugh & laugh & laugh. Don’t cry, Hannibal.

      It’s not the end of the world.

  10. Hannibal and his foolish fantasies of delusions. Michael McJackson has not been number one with any song since 1995, 23 years ago. Sony has admitted that the vocals on all posthumous McJackson is in fact, Jason Malachi.

    The Beatles White Album is going to be a 50th anniversary reissue, retard O. Hannibal actually has O mouth for the dead Michael McJackson. Eye bet he would have loved splashing in the bubbling brown hot tub with Michael, Liberace, and his gay boyfriend Scotty.

    Rubba-rubba, four men in a tub. The clown had constant poo leaking from his disgusting can, his poo canal damages by various objects.

  11. prince a piano and a tear is such a flop
    not entering a lot of charts
    its leaving the charts already in the second week
    They cant rely on his death anymore.
    November will be a charts with only Michaell Jackson and the Beatles ( uk , USA )

    • Hannibal must have been born with a brain. Of course, chart listings for Prince’s “Piano And A Microphone” is as follows:

      Austrian albums #10
      Belgian albums #4
      Dutch albums #5
      Hungarian albums #10
      Spanish albums #8
      Swiss albums #6
      UK Vinyl albums #2
      US Vinyl #2

      You lose, clown.

        • More countries than Michael McJackson’s “Scream.”

          Hey, he was not called the thing of flop for nothing. Flip flop. flip flop.

          Do you always blame others for your failures, clown?

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