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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. RIAA: The Eagles “Greatest Hits” has been recently certified 38x platinum, easily passing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

    Lol !!!

  2. Even more hilariously funny Michael Jackson jokes…..

    How did Michael Jackson get in serious trouble?
    He was feeling a little Randy.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite nursery rhyme?
    Little boy blew.

    Why didn’t Michael Jackson have orgasms?
    The big payoffs came months later.

    Michael Jackson wanted to be a woman.
    First it was Diana Ross, then an ugly white woman.
    In the end, Michael desired to become a Roman Catholic Priest.

    What did Michael Jackson say when a boy in a back seat of a car mooned him?
    I’ll be there.

    Why did Michael Jackson like boys so much?
    He used to know how they feel.

    How do we know that Michael Jackson was guilty?
    Several children fingered him.

  3. What do Michael Jackson and a silver medalist have in common?
    They both came in a little behind.

    Bubble the chimpanzee is so glad and happy that Michael Jackson died.
    His sore behind won’t be red like a baboon’s anymore.

    News alert!
    Docs discover the real cause of Michael Jackson’s untimely death.
    He died choking on 10 year old wiener.

    What was the first thing Michael Jackson do when he got to heaven?
    He asked God if he could meet his son.

    When Michael Jackson woke up the morning he died, he wasn’t feeling himself.
    It was the little boy next door!

  4. Michael Jackson’s filthy carcass was removed from the tomb and was strung up in the cemetery. Round and round his corpse spins, desecrated as the flames rise in the darkness of night. What’s that burning stink?

    Crispy Jacko fried in sizzling oil, the bone crushed to dust and powder. The thing of snap, crackle and pop.

  5. What is sex like to Michael Jackson?
    Like taking candy from a baby.

    Why is Michael Jackson so tough?
    He can lick any kid on the block.

    Hear about the new Michael Jackson doll coming out just in time for Christmas?
    It comes in little cans.

    Why was Michael Jackson kicked out of the boy scouts?
    He was up to a pack a day.

    Why was Michael Jackson seen at Walmart?
    All boys undershirts and briefs were half off.

  6. More hilarious jokes about Michael Jackson….

    It looks like Sir Elton John’s unreleased duet with Michael Jackson has been cancelled by Sony.
    The song is called, “Don’y let your son go down on me.”

    Did you hear that McDonald’s has a new McJackson burger named after MJ?
    It’s 60 year old meat between 6 year old buns!

    Reports of Michael Jackson dying of a heart attack are incorrect.
    He was found in the children’s ward having a stroke.

    What do Michael Jackson and caviar have in common?
    They both come on little crackers.

  7. LaToya made whoopee with daddy Joseph and Michael McJackson was stripped nude by his angry papa with leather belts and switches.

    And yet, Hannibal continues to lie about Prince and his family. Hey stupid… you really think your disgusting lies work, when the world knows about Michael McJackson’s sexual desires for warm slushy bodily feces of his young victims?

    Shake off the splattering poo.

    • oh the proof she lost
      she is talking poo again
      she lost it
      desperation and frustration is setting in
      My job is done i kicked her ass on three forum here.
      Big Ben did it again.
      Lorre Lorre

      • Dunb0 Benjamin is obviously the cowardly lion that roared.

        Did the Michael McJackson clown chop your tail off while you starved inside your filthy cage?

        No, you lose….Hannibal.

        Kickin’ can is what eye do as you swarm, you slobbering re re re re tard.. Shooooooooo fly.

  8. Michael McJackson’s posthumous flop “Scream” peaked @ a disappointing #33 on Billboard 200, then disappeared off the charts last October, just in time for Halloween. Children from all over the world rejected the dead woodpecker because the embarrassing clown liked to play the skin flute with their tiny ding dongs. Oops….off the charts worldwide in less than 5 weeks, his lonely grave and Hollywood star vandalized and desecrated. However, Hannibal here still believes that the scarecrow is still beloved in every single nation from around the international globe. You must obviously be blind for decaying skeleton.

    The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. Hey, retard….do you have spastic fits of rage as the spittle glazes your sticky chin?

  9. MJJ-Tribute-Events


    · …



    BEST – Dozens of Michael Jackson fans gathered in Best at the statue of the King of Pop on Saturday at the MJ Global Birthday Party. In the parking lot at the Mc Donald’s where the enormous image of the superstar is located, all kinds of ‘Michael Jacksons’ walked around. But can they also moonwalk as well as the King himself?

    Davidson from Cape Verde is a great Michael Jackson fan who came to the Netherlands especially for this event. He shows the moonwalk as if he has never danced anything else. From a distance you would think that the real Michael Jackson runs over the parking lot. Davidson has the costume of the King of Pop and his hair is similar to that of the superstar. “I love Michael”, he says.

    As the twig is bent the tree is inclined. Timo is only eight years old, but steals the show with his dance moves. He moves his hips nice and smooth and even wears the distinctive Jackson hat. Together with his parents he came from Lochem to Best to meet other Michael Jackson fans.

    Learning from the master himself.
    A moment back in time: it’s 1983. Michael Jackson sings Billy Jean. He performs for a full audience, during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of record company Motown. And then… Then Michael Jackson shows the moonwalk for the first time. The crowd is going crazy and people can not comprehend what they see. James Brown did the dance pass for years, but Michael Jackson really made an act of it. It has become an iconic dance move which every Michael Jackson fan practices until it finally succeeds. In the 1980s one could see all children practicing the moonwalk in any average schoolyard. In the video below you can see once again how the King of Pop showed the moonwalk for the first time to the world. 35 years later his fans, from Cape Verde to Best, still do the dance.”

    Enjoy watching the videos that Broadcasting Brabant posted on Saturday night the 8th of September; we would like to express a big thank you to them and to all other journalists who came to visit the MJ Global Birthday Party 2018 in Best!

    ❤ Heal The World ❤

    “Fans from all over the world remembered the King of Pop. They came from Italy, Germany, Belgium, South Afrika, and this fan even came all the way from Cap Verde:”

    • The thief stole the moonwalk from African American dancer, Bill Baily. Ahhhhhhhh…..the cries of a foul mouthed clown.

        • How can Emperor Prince lose, clown?

          He has some of the most expensive, sought out albums in the world of modern art and music. Meanwhile, overstocked Michael McJackson sells for pennies in the retail bargain bins and Salvation Armies through out the world.

          The dead woodpecker is mass produced, unwanted and dirt cheap. Must eye rub your sweaty mug into the gravel as you slobber up the pebbles with your pimpled tongue?

          Ahhhhhhhhh…..your eyeballs pop out as eye yank off your disgusting honker with pinching, slippery fingers. Do you scream often, Hannibal?

          Prince’s “Black Album” from $15,000 to over $42,000 in less than two years.

          No stupid……you lose again.

          Fly like an Eagle to the sea,
          Fly like an Eagle let my spirit carry me….

  10. The smock was pulled up over the dead scarecrow’s skull as docs violated his nude carcass. Michael McJackson was definitely beaten once again. The skeleton was forcibly removed by imported hand. Eye laugh.

    • broken record
      time to change artist prince has no impact.
      Big flop coming – no money for advertizing

      • Fly like an Eagle… the sea.

        Oops…..beaten by superior giants once again. Go hide your twisted mug, Hannibal.

  11. Michael is the greatest not only because of his undeniable talent for singing, dancing, writing, producing and many others, but also because he changed forever the meaning of being an artist, an entertainer. He broke all racial barriers, he impacted the whole music industry and the whole world to be honest. His accomplishments are too many to be listed here. He’s the most influential artist of all time. Every artist that came after Michael follows his legendary blueprint and his name will be remembered and celebrated forever. He literally saved the music industry and the american economy with his album Thriller (the world’s best selling album), and this same industry depended of his name and still do to this day. Even after his death he keeps breaking records. His impact was so big that people feel the need to find “the new Michael Jackson” and keep comparing current artists to him, but we all know none of them is not even 0.5% of what Michael is. Talented, original, revolutionary are just some few names that can be given to Michael. He’s the King of Pop for a reason, the most complete musician and a visionary that changed the whole game.

    • All lies, retard.

      You’ve been told countless times that the the clown was never the first at anything. Since the predator could not write, produce, act or play any musical instrument , except skin flute of his screaming victims. He named himself king clown.

      Your dippy head is spinning, toad.

      Quincy Jones is suing the estate of Michael McJackson for debts unpaid.

  12. Why did Michael Jackson cross the road?
    He saw someone blowing Bubbles and wanted to join in.

    What’s brown and found in a baby;s diaper?
    Michael Jackson’s hand.

    What do Michael Jackson and a jockey have in common?
    They both ride three year olds.

    Why was Michael Jackson surprised at his NOT GUILTY verdict?
    It was the first time twelve adults got him off.

    What’s the difference between Mr Potato Head and Michael Jackson?
    MJ had more noses.

    • Great jokes. So much truth in those hilariously funny Michael McJackson laughs…..Lol.

      The dead scarecrow is rotating in his moldy casket.

  13. More funny Michael Jackson jokes…..

    What did the mother say to Michael Jackson on the nude beach?
    Get out of my son !!!

    Who did Michael Jackson leave his kids to?

    What is bedtime at Michael Jackson’s house?
    When the big hand touches the little hand.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite Chinese dish?
    Cream of sum yon gui

  14. prince spotify 6.420.276 listeners a month
    Michael Jackson spotify -26.906.168 listeners a month

    a king vs a prince

    • From used CD to spotify, cheap dime a dozen Michael McJackson overstocks @ Salvation Army.

      A Prince is a real king, whose value skyrockets every year as collectors bind top dollar for the Emperor of music, Prince.

      A balding clown wearing a paper crown is still a worthless clown.

  15. Michael Jackson’s nude carcass was torn to pieces at his very public autopsy. Medical professionals degraded the corpse as it lay, its flesh stripped from the bone, its organs removed with blade cutting precision. The world honors and respect American hero, Dr Conrad Murray for his expert services of effectively ending the lived of the world’s most dangerous predators of innocent animals and children.

    God bless you, Conrad Murray.

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