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  1. good to see The king of pop with 2 albums on the billboard charts

    No prince on the charts

  2. The smock was forcibly removed….

    Michael McJackson screamed and wailed in shame as he was forced to strip nude on a platform for Thomas Sneddon. Cops circled his body as his disgusting dong was probed by chunky latex fingers and photographed. Tears fell from the woodpecker’s tired eyes.


  3. so the piano album will be the third flop in a row after his dead
    the third album that didnt make the top 20 after his death
    they didnt even take the time to remaster prince4never

    Michael went number one with scream in new zealand 2017
    Dont matter duet with Drake went number one in 3 countries 2018
    24 7 365 on the uk and usa charts

    cant wait for forbes

    • Such poor grammar, even for a re re re re tard with wide O mouth.

      It’s obvious that Prince’s estate is not releasing a piano album for pop sales, but Hannibal here doesn’t get the concept.

      It is called art and legacy.

      As for the rest of your bunk, , more fabricated lies on the dead clown is never going to make them become true. The crap Drake dud, “It Don’t Matter To Me” features vocals from McJackson clone, Jason Malachi.

      Eye laugh and laugh and laugh. Hey stupid….the clown is dead. He does not need money or a Forbes list inside his moldy casket of worms. It would take over 45,000 Thrilla albums to equal the cost of one rare copy of Prince’s “Black Album.”

      No clown, you lose.

      • It is called art and legacy. yeah right

        Its all about money stupid.

        they dont give a shit about the family f.cker

  4. so u added prince on a list and made your own list
    u made your own prince number ones list , remember
    u made your own chart entering list for the very best of prince remember

    come with facts , nobody wants your fantasy list,

    • There are always old information on the internet that never gets updated.

      For example, Michael McJackson’s “Thrilla” being the best seller of all time. Of course, we know that it’s old news now.

      The Eagles have surpassed Michael McJackson in 2018. Warner Brothers big wig sold 3 “Black Album” sealed vinyls for $15,000 and one for $27,000. The last known copy was sold on E bay for a record breaking $42,000 and change.

      Those are the facts, Hannibal.

      • those are lies
        u said queen has the best selling album of all time. its on here couple of pages back

        On song of ages u said sound of music.

        have u made up your mind yet ( it aint purple pain )

  5. What were Michael Jackson’s last words alive?
    Can I please be moved to the children’s ward?

    How could you tell that Michael Jackson was on a hot date?
    There was a big wheel parked outside.

    Who did Michael Jackson consider to be a perfect 10?
    2 five year olds.

    Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boys II Men?
    He thought it was a delivery service.

  6. Funny Michael Jackson jokes…

    How did Michael Jackson pick his nose?
    From a catalogue.

    What’s the worst stain to get out of little boy’s underpants?
    Michael Jackson’s make up.

    Why did Michael Jackson go to Walmart?
    He heard boys jeans were half off.

    Did you hear that Michael Jackson really died from food poisoning?
    He ate 12 year old nuts.

    Why were Michael Jackson’s pants so tight?
    They weren’t his.

    What does Santa Claus and Michael Jackson have in common?
    They both empty their sacks for children.

    Why did Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee Bubbles scream?
    Michael Jackson said that he was going to just beat it.

  7. It came from an updated source, and I just added Prince to the list, you stupid twit.

    The Black Album sold for an incredible $42,000, while 33 million overstocked “Thrilla” discs sit @ the Salvation Army bargain bins for the price of a single gumball. Simply google most expensive vinyl records ever sold.

    Beatles dominate. Even the Pelv made it to #3 on the list. And Michael McJackson?

    Nobody wants that soiled clown that beat his monkey and chopped tails off of tortured dogs.

    What a sick0 that disgusting scarecrow was.

    Prince made the grade because of the rarity and excellence of the self produced Black Album.

    The woodpecker’s catalogue is so mass produced, none of his Quincy Jones produced crap is worth a dime.

    Eye laugh and laugh and laugh.

  8. 50 records half of it didnt make gold
    he is a budget store artist
    selling one album is not impres…..

    • And yet, Michael McJackson has the all time record for the most flops, which includes his latest low selling bomb, “Scream.”

      You are certainly blind for diseased woodpecker. Tell me, Hannibal….were the dogs tails still wagging when Wack0 Jacks0 shoved them up his impacted can hole?

      The scarecrow threw rocks @ a caged lion that he was deliberately starving so he could enjoy the animal suffering.

      No wonder Dr Conrad Murray knocked Michael McJackson’s teeth out as the clown exploded warm feces down his scrawny little toothpick legs. Murray made sure McJackson was degraded nude as he struggled to stay alive on his filthy mattress pad. You hero screamed under the cotton pillow as the doc’s strong arms pressed down with all his weight.

      • God bless, Dr Conrad Murray for getting rid of Michael Jackson forever. The kids are now safe.

  9. Michael Jackson spanked his monkey raw with slapping palm and forced a llama to blow tiny Bubbles.

  10. The Top Ten Most Expensive Vinyl Records Ever Sold

    Wu Tang Clan
    Once Upon A Time
    value $2 million

    The White Album
    1st pressing
    value $790,000

    Elvis Presley
    My Happiness
    Sun acetate disc
    value $300,000

    Sgt Pepper
    Hand signed by all 4 members
    value $290,000

    John Lennon/Yoko Ono
    Double Fantasy
    Signed by Lennon for his killer
    value $150,000

    Yesterday And Today Butcher cover
    value $125,000

    Till There Was You
    value $77,000

    Aphex Twins
    Caustic Window
    value $46,300

    The Black Album
    value $42,000

    Tommy Johnson
    Alcohol And Jake Blues (1930)
    value $37,100

    Hey hammy, Michael McJackson is worthless, but Prince made #9 on the list, an enormous jump from 2016. Ahhhhhh….the tears.

    • NO tears 24/7 on the charts usa and Uk
      There is another list coming with who made the most money soon – Remember
      Michael vs tiny soon

    • 9. Tommy Johnson: ‘Alcohol and Jake Blues’ – $37,100

      prince isnt in the top 10 – may 2018

      oops another lie – she cant win – here we go again

  11. Prince’s “Black Album” is the rarest and most expensive vinyl of all time. In April 2016, it sold for a record breaking $15,000.

    However, in February 2018, former VP @ Warner Brothers uncovered 5 sealed copies of the US variant of the super rarity. Gold sold his final copy for a reported $42,000 dollars, a whooping jump of $27,000 in less than 2 years.

    Eye laugh. Yep, Prince is definitely a budget store artist. Do your dumb eyes cross when you bark like a walrus, Benjamin?

    Ahhhhhhhhh…..the drool is dribbling off the raw chin down to the wrinkled neck. Do you cry yourself to sleep as your tears burn?

    That stings bad, Hannibal.

  12. 35 years ago, there was this phenomenon known as a “music video.” Why, there was even a channel–on TV, not the internet, obviouslydedicated entirely to them. There are many iconic music videos from that era, but arguably the greatest of all time is that of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” Co-written and directed by John Landis, who wrote it with the late artist, this 13-minute work of art is part horror story, part toe-tapping, get-up-and-dance track, and part of pop culture history.

    Now, Imax and Jackson’s estate are partnering to digitally re-master Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D in Imax 3D for the first time. The team-up teased the video’s return today with a brand new trailer, which you can see below. The exclusive, one-week only engagement will run in domestic Imax theatres ahead of showings of Amblin’s The House with a Clock in Its Walls, beginning September 21st. You can get your advance tickets right now!

    • And yet, Prince made a two hour Oscar winning movie called “Purple Rain” and got the box office ticket plus sales of the soundtrack album plus made videos plus performed live on tour. “Thrilla” was a 13 minute video based on werewolf movies.

      That is one short film. Are McJackson’s estate planning 3D on the clown’s twisted, spotted wand?

    • Hey retard, werewolf and zombie movies were made years before “Thrilla.” Kind of like the black and white film clips of African American dancers doing the moomwalk 30 years before the woodpecker was even born.

      Question….how many dog tails do you think your gay idol have removed before he decided to stone a starving lion in its cage?

  13. I think most people are complaining because it is a poor choice, not because we already have it.
    I’ve had it for years. I listened to it about twice. Not because of the sound quality I listen to things that sound a lot worse), but because it is… well, it’s boring. And Prince should never be boring.
    This recording falls, for me, in the cool thing to have’ category. If it was part of a big box set with another 25 rehearsals,

    will pass on this. I won’t buy this release,

    btw it was available on Purple Rush vol. 2, and its such a weak recording in bad quality, a cassette tape rocording, and a very bad one.

    what a misjudgement to release this.. better luck with next release coming I guess in 2019, what a long wait for us for something interesting..

    sorry for sounding sour, just.. it IS a bad release, damn.. sad

    critics gave it a 7 REAL fans didnt like it

    • And yet, Michael McJackson’s estate with Sony released the biggest dud of the year, “Scream.”

      McJackson fans bitterly complained the album contained nothing new from the woodpecker’s vault. The Wack0 Jack0 Halloween special bombed quicker than the flop album did. Sony is afraid to hire Jason Malachi again to finish the vocals.


  14. another Flop for the family F.cker is coming
    only 9 songs
    check to see when it hits the budget store

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