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  1. queeen best selling album UK
    The Eagles best selling album USA
    Michael Jackson best selling album world wide – all time

    Prince – N.E,W.S – Lowest selling album of all time

    poor lady so Michael obsessed.
    please take a mondo duke and relax – stay in your comfort zone

    leave the music to the teacher- aka King Ben aka Big ben – for the ladies

  2. “Piano And Microphone, 1983” might not be commercial by today’s standards because it’s just Prince’s soulful voice from the heart. First single is “Mary Don’t You Weep.” McJackson never had the talent to play anything but wands. Of course hammy still hasn’t explained why he will not address why The Eagles have the best selling album of all time, a whopping 5 million units ahead of Michael McJackson’s overplayed, over rated “Thrilla.”

    It’s a great time to be a Prince fan, hearing great unheard performances of Prince from the Paisley Park vaults. No clone like Jason Malachi or Navi needed. Prince sung, played instruments and produced every single piece of his own work. No Quincy Jones or Eddie Van Halen needed. Michael McJackson was a psychopath. That sick0 murdered little animals and fed screaming rabbits to his snakes as the clown laughed at their horrible deaths.

    • ha ha the excuses already , love it – lets give the fans 9 songs ha ha ha ha
      another flop after his death , its almost like he was alive.
      lol boy george will cry but Sinead will have a big laugh
      prince the king of flop at least Michael went number one in 2017 and 2018
      Gone and forgotten- No impact
      Not in the charts

      • Lies, excuses and more lies. Michael McJackson did NOT go #1 in 2017 or 2018. You must be delusional.

        Even Billy Joel has sold more than Michael McJackson by 1.5 million units as The Eagles hold the top spot with the biggest selling album of all time. Of course you are still beating round the bush.

        The Thing Of Flop has been defeated and surpassed even by Drake on his own crap song that was again written by Paul Anka. “Put Your head on my shoulder, whisper in my ear….baby.”

        Your gay idol stoned a starving lion and threw cherry bombs at it, while it was in its filthy cage, suffering and bleeding. Wack0 Jack0 cut tails off dogs and watched them bleed as they ran in howling pain, their tails stuffed up the clown’s wazoo. No wonder sales continue to plummet for the disgusting skeleton. The world celebrates Dr Conrad Murray for his skillful elimination of Michael McJackson.

        • queen has the best selling album of time
          do u kiss your mother with that lying tonque

          • Queen have the best selling album of all time in the UK as The Eagles take the US. It just proves that Michael McJackson’s bargain bin duds are not moving enough units to keep up with artists like:

            The Eagles
            The Beatles
            Bob Marley
            Pink Floyd
            Billy Joel
            Fleetwood Mac
            Jay Z
            Post Malone

  3. Michael Jackson brutally abused animals, collected child porn and paid off his boy victims. A whole row of doggie skeletons were dug up in shallow graves on the Neverland property. Jackson used enemas and tampons….

  4. Hey hammy……Michael McJackson became balloon face on June 25th 2009 and Dr Conrad Murray still walks with his head up high.

  5. Prince’s new posthumous albums comes out on September 21st. It will be called, “Piano And Microphone, 1983.” Reviewers, critics and Prince fans are giving the album rave praise, but jealous hammy is still knelling on his twisted knees to the disgusting Michael McJackson, who could not play any musical instrument if his life depended on it. Ahhhhhhhh….the clown neglected to sing live on stage and popped his wide clown mouth to the racing beat of his drug fueled heart. At least Prince performed live, wrote his own songs and did not lip sync like Milli Vanilli. Hey hammy…..did you know that Bubbles the chimpanzee does finger paint?

    He did one of the inside of Michael McJackson’s bloody can. Lol.

    • Still sold more than tiny
      Still more famous than prince
      Still in the charts
      Still selling

      Poor tiny gone and forgotten

      The elevator is still on his way down

      • Hey hammy…..McJackson was a sick0 that tortured and mutilated defenseless animals, slicing dogs tails off and using them as furry tampons up his disgusting wazoo. His cheap, bargain bin junk only charts because it is overstocked from over 9 years ago.

        Prince was normal and Michael McJackson was an evil clown. Most decent folks are glad the woodpecker is still dead in his tomb @ Forest Lawn.

        A lion is tearing Michael McJackson’s flesh off his skeleton from beyond the filthy grave. He screams….

        Ahhhhhhh…..why do you lie about Prince, clown?

  6. 117 gold
    67 platinum
    27 multiple platinum
    2 diamond

    Elvis is king of certified albums.

  7. Most #1 Singes
    Most Top 10 Singles
    Most #1 Albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most Top 10 Albums
    Most #2 Singles
    Most #2 Albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most Top 40 Singles
    Most Top 40 Albums
    Most Weeks at #1 Singles
    Most Weeks at #1 Albums
    ELVIS male solo
    Most Weeks in Top 10 Albums
    Most Weeks in the Top 40, Singles and Albums

  8. Elvis Top Ten Albums 1969-1980

    Elvis NBC Special (69)……#2
    Flaming Star (69)……#2
    From Elvis In Memphis (69)……#1
    From Memphis To Vegas (70)…….#3
    On Stage (70)……#2
    Elvis Country (71)……#6
    Love Letters From Elvis (71)…..#7
    C’mon Everybody (71)…….#5
    Elvis Christmas Album (71)…….#7
    Elvis At MSG (72)……#3
    40 Greatest (75)…….#1
    Moody Blue (77)…….#3
    Welcome To My World (77)…….#7
    Love Songs (79)……..#4
    Inspirations (80)…….#6

  9. Michael Jackson New RIAA Certifications
    August 25, 2018

    These latest certifications join in the long list of other groundbreaking awards for Michael’s songs and albums including the unchallenged status of Thriller which remains the best-selling album of all time worldwide.

    New Album Certifications
    Dangerous – 8x multi-Platinum
    HIStory: Past, Present & Future Book I – 8x multi-Platinum
    The Essential Michael Jackson – 4x multi-Platinum

    New Song Certifications
    “Thriller” – 6x multi-Platinum
    “Billie Jean” – 5x multi-Platinum
    “Beat It” – 4x multi-Platinum
    “Man In The Mirror” – 3x multi-Platinum
    “Smooth Criminal” – 2x multi-Platinum
    “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” – 3x multi-Platinum
    “The Way You Make Me Feel” – 2x multi-Platinum
    “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” – 2x multi-Platinum
    “Black Or White” – 2x multi-Platinum
    “Rock With You” – 2x multi-Platinum
    “Bad” – Platinum
    “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” – Platinum
    “Dirty Diana” – Platinum
    “Human Nature” – Platinum
    “Remember The Time” – Platinum
    “They Don’t Care About Us” – Gold
    “You Rock My World” – Gold
    “Will You Be There” – Platinum
    “Hold My Hand” – Gold
    “Earth Song” – Gold
    “Off The Wall” – Platinum

    • Nobody cares about the Wack0 Jack0 clown anymore. He is no longer featured in the record books. The Eagles fly to #1.

        • 24/7 because of bargain bin cheap.

          Of course the retard is too slow to grasp overstocked by Sony means it hangs on the US and uk charts, never getting out of the top 60 to 30 range.

          Number one is all that matters, fruitcake.

          Do you ring ding a ling with your swinging dong in front of little eyes like Michael McJackson used to do before he croaked nude on his filthy mattress pad?

          Ahhhhhhh….those stinging eyes were sprayed with mustard gas.

          Do you cry like screaming butterflies after their wings get clipped off?

  10. Hey retard….McJackson stole songs and also stole the moonwalk from dancers like Bill Bailey. Since the dead scarecrow was caught lying about everything, he has been officially removed from all the record books, yet you love repeating old, dated news. It’s no longer the 1980’s anymore, clown.

    • in your dreams. Michael is doing great in 2018
      Its the nobody prince we never heard from anymore
      Of the charts , off peoples minds
      Gone and forgotten.
      No Impact.
      time to change artist – Abba isnt hot anymore ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out….the worms are nibbling from out of his impacted snout. Agggghhhh….the dummy believes Michael McJackson is going great like when Thomas Sneddon stripped him bare and snapped on latex gloves to fondle the clown’s spotted crown jewels.

        Michael McJackson’s quivering, gut wrenching sobs begged for the degrading violation of his scrawny skeleton to stop. Unfortunately, those laughable requests were denied.

        Dr Conrad Murray knocked the scarecrow’s front teeth out to perform brutal CPR on Michael McJackson’s nude corpse. There was definitely an impact on the clown’s dead heart. Oops…sniff.

        • 2018
          dont matter 3 countries number one
          Hugo boss deal
          Off the wall art london
          Thriller show touring Europe
          24 7 – 365 on the chart

          How is prince doing ha ha ha ha lol

  11. 1970: First Four No. 1 Hits
    Jackson made history with his brothers in the Jackson 5 when they became the first group in pop history to have their first four singles hit No. 1. The songs were “I Want You Back,” “I’ll Be There,” “The Love You Save,” and “ABC.” The latter earned the Jackson 5 their first GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus.

    1982: Thriller Is Released
    Following the release of his 1979 hit album Off The Wall, Jackson released Thriller on Nov. 30, 1982. Both albums were inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame in 2008, but Thriller is widely considered Jackson’s most successful album. Co-produced by Quincy Jones and Jackson, the landmark album became the first album to generate seven Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. With sales of 29 million copies, Thriller is tied with the Eagles’ Their Greatest Hits 1971–1975 as the best-selling album of all time according to the RIAA.

    1983: The Moonwalk
    Jackson debuted what would become his signature dance move, the moonwalk, during a performance of “Billie Jean” on the May 16, 1983, TV special “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever” in celebration of the label’s 25th anniversary.

    Later that year, on Dec. 2 Jackson changed the music video world for good when he released the music video for “Thriller.” The near 14-minute epic unlocked the unlimited possibilities of music video, while helping to cement the viability of the medium.

    1984: Eight GRAMMYs, One Night
    Jackson made history when he became the first artist to win eight GRAMMYs in one night at the 26th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 28, 1984. The King of Pop’s haul included Album Of The Year for Thriller and Record Of The Year for “Beat It.” Jackson is among the artists with the most GRAMMYs won in the ’80s with 11.

    1984: Hollywood Walk Of Fame X 2
    Jackson became the first celebrity to have two stars in the same category on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Before receiving a recording star as a solo artist, he earned his name in cement as part of the Jacksons (previously known as the Jackson 5) in 1980.

    1988: GRAMMY Solo Performance Debut
    Jackson made his solo GRAMMY stage debut on the 30th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which took place in New York on March 2, 1988. Arguably one of the greatest performances in GRAMMY history, Jackson performed a medley featuring “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man In The Mirror.”

    1993: GRAMMY Legend Award
    To date, only 15 individuals have been awarded the prestigious GRAMMY Legend Award — a Recording Academy Special Merit Award that is presented to individuals or groups for ongoing contributions and influence in the recording field. Jackson became the 10th individual to earn this honor in 1993.

    1997: The Jackson 5 Enter The Rock Hall
    Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time as part of the Jackson 5 with his brothers Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Tito Jackson. He was later inducted as a solo artist in 2001.

    2009: 2.6 Million Downloads Sold
    In the week following his death, Jackson became the first artist to sell more than 1 million digital tracks in one week. (He sold 2.6 million tracks, easily breaking the old record.) He also became the first artist to have the three best-selling albums in the United States. Two weeks later, he became the first artist to have six of the 10 best-selling albums.

    2014: Jackson Makes History … Again
    On May 21 Jackson became the first artist in history to score a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades when “Love Never Felt So Good” (from his posthumous release, Xscape) reached No. 9.

    2018 it dont matter to me number one in three countries

    • Hey hammy…..the clown has been officially dethroned. “Thrilla” is no longer the biggest selling album of all time and was only his one legit achievement. Ahhhhhhhh…..sniff… you choke on your endless tears and mucus?

      Drake duets with Jason Malachi, a clone. Sony already admits that your gay idol never finished the vocals from the vaults.

      It’s free downloads, clown. Nobody actually buys music anymore unless it is bands like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or AC/DC. Hey retard….do you lick the dribble of drool off double chins of husky, hairy Hank & Frank?

  12. It’s so funny that the scrawny scarecrow frolic-ed in the bubbling hot tub with Lee Liberace and his gay lover, Scotty. The clown was splashed around like a rag doll as Liberace forced the clown’s guppy mouth underneath his jiggling belly, his old knee caps holding McJackson’s burnt scalp in place underneath the raging bubbles and steamy love spring.

    Ring ding a ling, ring ding a ling.

    It’s Terry, George, Billy or Gene on the line. Lol.

  13. In honor of the Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration and Michael’s trailblazing legacy in both music and fashion, the brand @Boss released an updated version of their white suit worn by Michael on the cover of Thriller, as well as an exclusive set of three t-shirts. Check out the story of the collection for yourself .

    Michael Jackson is everywhere

    • It’s only in your warped imagination that DEAD WACK0 is everywhere. Does the white suit your gay idol wore on the cover of the recently surpassed “Thrilla” contain bodily fluids and stains from the twisted clown?

      Fly like an eagle to the sea….

      Ahhhhhhhh… honors in being severely beaten and forgotten as Forest Lawn burns in the hot Hotel California sun.


  14. There was 1 man that was called as the King of Rock and Roll and later “60 s and 70s “” THE KING “”
    No one artist in that same era was an King OK !!! Onley Elvis Presley !!!

  15. Essential Michael Jackson

    Biggest percentage gainer this week
    Gains in performance

    Number 31 this week
    The king doesnt leave the uk of usa charts

    • MJ stoled the title King ? Why he thought with his psygo and drugs that he was Elvis ? Uh Why do you called youre self an king ? Onley if used drugs , that did Michael Jackson ! King of milkface ! lol

    • WOW….number 31….

      Number one is the only one that matters these days, clown.

      Yep, McJackson’s paper crown now belongs to The Eagles and Post Malone. Hey hammy, how many fingers am I holding up?

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