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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Elvis is doing very well on Amazon’s best sellers lists with the new album either #1 or #2. Long live the KING !!!

  2. The clown of poop’s filthy 60th birthday bash is coming up and his lonely grave sits flowerless @ his vandalized, desecrated tomb in Forest Lawn. Abba are definitely kickin’ the skeleton’s bruised can. with ease. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..his Hollywood star has been destroyed by a Jack-a-crack-a hammer, his soiled name torn out of the concrete.

    Eye laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Whooooo hoooooo…..where is the dummy, Benjamin Barker?

    He’s been severely beaten just as bad as the nude clown himself, Michael McJackson.


    • Haved you heared the news Red Lady of Sam Smith ? He said i dont liked MJ but this song i liked onley !?
      Than all the MJ fans are angry on Sam Smith ? Uh MJ fans likes as an whole swarm angry wasp !!!

      • McJackson fans are angry @ everyone that does not like their gay idol, or tells the truth about him. Of course, Michael Mackson never celebrated his laughable birthdays when he was still alive, so why celebrate a birthday for such a dead and worthless clown?

        They should remove his smelly corpse from the grave and make him dance like a puppet on a string.

  3. What i also seen more and more every year is that ELVIS more and more will seen and spoke than who else now .
    I called an new religion “” The Spirit Of ELVIS “”

  4. Today i met more new Elvis fans and evrybody talks about that new cd of ELVIS Where no one stands alone “” They loved it and it looks likes of ELVIS is back and new today !!!!
    Hot news !!!

  5. Elvis blew out all your candles with several best sellers on Amazon this week, including a number one for “Where No One Stands Alone.” Ahhhhhhhh…..Wack0 Jack0’s dead eyes tear up in his lonely grave @ Forest Lawn as Elvis zooms to the very top of the worldwide charts once again. Eye laugh hard. Hey, hammy… you have a lump in your screaming throat?

    Where are you, retard?

    Are your crying eyes folding back again as you spit out the chunky pea soup and ham?


  6. Great news Elvis fans…..”Where No One Stands Alone” is number one on Amazon’s best selling rock albums and other Elvis titles have blanketed the best seller lists!

    Elvis is selling briskly for yet another return to the charts for a worldwide number one!

  7. “Momma Mia: Here We Go Again” has grossed a whopping $230.4 million worldwide and the soundtrack is still #1. Ahhhhhhh….the tears of a space clown as ABBA easily destroys clown Michael McJackson as the dead predator rotates in his filthy grave on what would have been his 60th birthday on August 29th. Forest Lawn sits in the hot California heat, his tomb vandalized, bugs crawling in the dead grass.

    No flowers delivered to his final resting place as the world continues to celebrate yo the music of ABBA.


  8. New book of MJ
    “” Scarecrow was my real name “”
    Chapter 1. Demerol was my candy lover .
    Chapter 2. I was seen in the fields as an scarecrow .
    Chapter 3. Wizz was mine first job as scarecrow .
    Chapter 4. I wearing babydolls as an scarecrow .

    End of the book an bonus cd “” 2 songs i dont make it no more hits today “”

    • Straw Dingleberry Fields Forever. Michael McJackson hung on a pole as the scarecrow from the biggest box office flop in Hollywood history, “The Wiz.” Then Wack0 Jack0 was the puppet master in the super dud, “Captain E0.”

      No wonder he never scored a leading man role in any superior Hollywood production. The clown blamed Jews cause he could not act his way out of a brown paper bag.


  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..where’s chicken head?

    Oops…..ABBA gas taken over the box office and the charts worldwide, while Michael McJackson stalls @ a disappointingly #52 in the UK. Here are the stats for ABBA’s amazing comeback. The new “Momma Mia” has already broken the top box office grosses of the first “Momma Mia” and ABBA’s “Gold” is back in the top ten @ #6, worldwide. “Momma Mia: Here We Go Again” is the number one box uffice smash with a worldwide gross of $192. 8 million so far…..

    Ahhhhhhh….the tears fall from hammy’s red and tired little eyes. Unlike the box office dud, “The Wiz” failure, Abba’s songs on the soundtracks are adding millions to Abba’s sales “Gold” is back in the top 10 and it’s been on the charts for an incredible 848 weeks!

    No wonder the retarded hammy has disappeared in shame. It is soooooooooo amusing to rub salt into the wound. He has been severely beaten and obviously too weak to show his fugly pus on this forum again. Eye won big as eye kick the clown down. Lol.

  10. Elvis’s posthumous hits 1977-2018, the legend of the king.

    Moody blue
    Welcome to my world
    Love songs
    All time greatest hits
    From the heart
    Essential collection
    Always on my mind
    50 greatest hits
    2nd to none
    Love Elvis
    The king
    Elvis 75
    Nation’s favorite Elvis songs
    If I can dream
    The wonder of you
    Christmas with Elvis & the rpo
    Where no one stands alone……..projected for August, 2018.

  11. Momma Mia is @ #1 down under as well. By God…’s a worldwide smash-a-roo. Ahhhhhhhh…..the salted tears of Benjamin Barker.

    We laugh. Michael McJackson may never hit #1 or go platinum again.

  12. Elvis is and always will be the KING. With over 300 gold and platinum albums, no other artist comes close. Long may he rule the charts.

    • That is obviously good news for Elvis fans and a sign that the new Gospel release is coming soon. Can’t wait.

  13. Ahhhhh…. looks like chicken head Benjamin suddenly disappeared in shame. The teach probably got arrested for exposing himself to a crying minor. Can the hawk scoop down any further to capture its innocent prey faster than Michael McJackson?

    Splish splash, it was taking a bath on the tiny bubbles with lucky Liberace. Lol.

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