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  1. “Momma Mia: Here We Go Again” has grossed $125.3 million dollars @ the box office so far…..and it is not slowing down. The greatest gainer is “Abba Gold” making the demand for Abba such a thrill to young and old alike. Millions are dancing to Abba and no longer want to get sick to their stomachs dancing to the dated beats off child and animal abuser, Michael McJackson.

    Pinhead snapped his coconut shaped mouth as its eyes fold back, his pointed nose pinched tight with chunky fingertips. Eye laugh….

    It is like the violation of Michael McJackson, forced to strip nude by Thomas Sneddon. Ahhhhhhhh….the tears fall like rain.

      • 2 married couples making beautiful music together, man and woman, TCB. Double Sonny and Cher.

        Gay moonwalker, Michael McJackson spawned thousands of child abusing creeps that abuse boys. ABBA rule the charts in 2018, while the wild woodpecker screams below. beaten by Joseph’s leather straps. His sore can bruised by the snap of the whip and slapping palm.

        Michael McJackson was Liberace’s lover’s lover in the steaming hot tubs of Santa Barbara. The wild scarecrow’s bobbling head hardly comes up for air.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh…..pinhead had his ego crushed and his filthy mouth taped shut. Oops…..Abba has indeed taken over the charts because of the amazing success of the Momma Mia movies as Wack0 Jack0 bombed with “The Wiz” and “Scream.”

    Watch the doc, “The Secret World Of Michael McJackson” on You Tube. Wack0 kept buffing boys even after being told on by JC & TG.

    T George said Michael had phone sex with him when he was just thirteen. The dirty woodpecker had his crown torn off years ago.

  3. Just heard the new version of “Saved” from the new Gospel album….WOW!

    Best remix ever.


    Billboard 200’s greatest gainer of the week is “Abba Gold” which jumps 55 whopping notches from #141 to #86 in the US of A.

    Abba mania in Europe means Abba mania in America. The Abba Hologram World Tour begins in 2019. And Michael McJackson?

    His roasted corpse rotates in his filthy casket @ Forest Lawn.

  5. The clown has officially been dethroned worldwide as “Thrilla” drops down the list of best sellers in both the UK and US. It seems that the foul mouthed Benjamin Barker likes repeating old news on Michael McJackson.

    Best Selling UK Albums

    Queen Greatest Hits
    Abba Gold
    Beatles Sgt Pepper
    Adele 21
    Oasis What’s The Story
    michael mcJackson Thrilla
    Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon
    Dire Straits Brothers In Arms
    Queen Greatest Hits II
    Fleetwood Mac Rumors

    Best selling US Albums

    Eagles Greatest Hits
    michael mcjackson Thrilla
    Led Zeppelin IV
    Pink Floyd The Wall
    Billy Joel Greatest Hits
    AC/DC Back In Black
    Garth Brooks Double Live
    Shania Twain Come On Over
    Beatles White Album

    Ahhhhhhhh….McJackson the chicken hawk was knocked down to 2nd place in the US by The Eagles in the US once again!

    Slipping and sliding down, due to poor sales. Lol.

  6. Momma Mia!

    Abba’s sales are through the roof as the long dead Michael McJackson’s corpse continues to rotate inside of its moldy casket @ Forest Lawn, his tortured soul screams beyond the unholy gates.

    Abba: Thank you for the music.

    Billboard, the most trusted source in music news says, “Abba has taken over the worldwide charts and the box office. Abba’ s hits collection, “Gold” is the second best selling album of all time, the actual best seller, Queen’s “Greatest Hits” is also having a huge surge in sales, perhaps in part to a recent release of a trailer for their classic song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

    Wack0 Jack0 freaks are in tears as “Thrilla” drops even further down the list of best selling albums. Too bad the dead clown diddled his tiny victims as they struggled to keep their eyes open from the booze McJackson put in their empty Coke cans.

  7. Michael McJackson’s dud “Scream” was indeed the lowest selling album of 2017, but hammy grasps @ straws because the dud went #1 on an island that is so tiny, it sometimes not even acknowledged on world maps. The crap CD contains previously released material, plus some horribly bad remixes. What happened to all this great vault material the lazy, drug addicted skeleton leave behind?

    Sony begs Jason Malachi.

    “Please add vocals to finish these tracks that Michael never finished because he was too busy hacking up bile in the studio lavatory.”


  8. Ahhhhhhh…..the tears of a Michael McJackson clown, his twisted throat full of bile and chunks of pea and ham. It’s so funny about how Abba has skyrocketed to the top at the box office AND the charts. It is exactly what Prince did with his masterpiece “Purple Rain.” Only with Abba, they’ve started way back in 1972, which was 46 years ago. Again yet, they are the hottest group of 2018, easily destroying Wack0 Jack0’s “Number 49’s.” Eye laugh and laugh and laugh, especially seeing Michael McJackson’s junk stacked @ the Salvation Army, collecting a thick coat of dust, unwanted and unloved. Someone even smeared a piece of bubble gum on the clown’s butchered face on a dozen copies of “Bad” and “Thrilla.”

    Meanwhile, Abba sells @ full price with 4 titles burning up the UK charts because of the worldwide box office smash-a-roo, “Momma Mia: Here We Go Again” @ #1. Wow. If that is not impressive enough, Abba has two more titles in the Top 10, including “Abba Gold: Greatest Hits” re-entering @ #7. Ahhhhhhhhhh…..847 weeks on the charts and counting…..

    Eye just love making you swarm like a weasel as you make up more excuses and lies, toad. Abba is driving the woodpeckers “Thrilla” down the list as they claim the crown for the biggest selling album of all time with “Abba Gold: Greatest Hits.”

    Congrats to Abba for their amazing comeback. Lol.

  9. It’s “Money, Money, Money” for Abba since all four members are alive and well. Ahhhhhhhh…..Wack0 Jack0 is still dead as the worms continue nibbling on his decaying skeleton. Of course, hammy would just love to crack open the casket and crawl inside with the corpse.

    Hey sweetpea, do you wash that mouth out after your tongue slobbered on Michael McJackson’s plastic chin @ Forest Lawn?

    The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.

    Ewwwwwwwwww…..the stink of the clown’s flesh is like his egg and cheese diarrhea. The hot mustard squirted on the nut sac.

  10. Abba is not number one in the UK
    THE soundtrack van mama mia is number 1
    Not one song sung nu abba on that soundtrack
    Sorry b.tch it aint working

    • The soundtracks are full of Abba songs like the Broadway play. Every single time the movies are shown, Abba gets paid.

      God, are you ever re re re re re tarded. You are eye folding slow, aren’t cha, sweetpea?

      Besides, Abba also appear in both “Momma Mia” smash-roos.

      Meanwhile, Michael McJackson records, tapes and CD’s continue getting dumped @ the Salvation Army. Eye saw Cliff Richards crap there too. No Abba, Prince, Beatles or Elvis.

      Ahhhhhhhhhh…, overstocked McJackson is everywhere, except he is not selling or being played.

      It is because of all the young male victims that told their eye burning stories of what McJackson did to their little bodies behind the filthy walls of Neverland. The nude clown’s greasy wand was lifted up and photographed by Sneedon while alive and his corpse was degraded @ his 5 hour autopsy.

      Eye laugh, you lose, clown.

  11. Abba has 3 Top 10 albums, 1 of which is number one in the UK, PLUS 3 charted full priced CD’s on the Billboard 200.

    Ahhhhhhh….saw more Michael McJackson crap collecting dust @ the Salvation Army. The clown got his red leather mcjackets and women’s wigs there, you know. Bins are full of the clown’s dated Disco catalogue.

    Of course, eye found $1000 hidden in a beautiful wooden chest eye bought for just $20. It is the luck of Abba’s “Money, Money, Money” and “Super Trouper.”

    Hey stupid, do your dumb eyes cross when you come up for oxygen at the gay bath house whirlpool?


    • abba – salvation army – h..ker

      You must be happy with your life

      i only see michael in the charts – evry week , every yeaR

      • Again, McJackson sales are drip drop. His bargain bin crap never goes in the top 10 or number one.

        Abba, Queen, Adele. Bob Marley, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac. Pink Floyd….all on the charts 800-900 weeks, easily destroying the embattled dead scarecrow.

        Wack0 has been removed from the Billboard and the Guinness. Repeating old news will not return him to his former glory, pinhead.

        Your lies are laughable.

        • scream went in the top ten in some countries

          it went to number one in one country.

          he is a king not a prince or a super pooper

          • The “Scream” bomb is easily viewed on Wikipedia, clown.

            New Zealand is an island that you disregarded for Prince, but suddenly change your own rules for the wild woodpecker.

            Scream, hammy scream.

            That dud only went top 10 in Belgain, UK and Spain.

            It sold a lowly 3300 copies in France.

            Austraiian #14
            Austrain #50
            Begain Wellonia #18
            Canadian #69
            Czech #35
            Finnish #37
            French #16
            German #22
            Irish #45
            Italian #38
            Mexican #20
            Portuguese #22
            Scottish #16
            Swiss #34
            UK #9
            US #33
            US R&B/hip hop #20

            It sold nothing worldwide and was off the charts in just 6 short weeks.

            Some king. Lol.

            • so michael went number one in new zealand and in the top 10 in three other countries.
              guess who is right again
              michael went inumber one in 2017 and in the top 10 in 2017
              gimme some comeptition , superpooper

              • In New Zealand, a tiny island of 4 million.

                And yet, the twisted mouthed clown brags. Michael McJackson’s “Scream” was the biggest flop of 2017, worldwide.

                The dud sold nothing.


  12. Michael Jackson at 33 on the Billboard 200
    leaving Abba and Guns and roses far behind him- lol

    • You are certainly blind for dead woodpecker, Pinnoocchio. Your hideous honker is growing like Michael McJackson’s spotted wand in a boys lavatory. Abba’s new soundtrack is #20, 13 whopping notches from the cheap, red not special, “Non-Essential Michael McJackson.” It must be grab bag day at the retarded home dance.

      #33 is still not #1 like Abba is in the UK. You have a brain of a grasshopper, teach.

  13. Michael McJackson going #1 on the tiny Island of New Zealand does not count, especially if it does not count for Prince, you slobbering Pinnocchio. You lie through your rotten teeth often, don’t cha?

    You lose, clown.

    ABBA is on top and Michael McJackson is not. That is so funny that eye can rub your ugly mug into the dirt as the teardrops fall.

    You’re soooooooo timid and weak, like your gay idol, the dead woodpecker. His beak fell off as he screamed @ rehearsals. Lol.

    • lol number one is number one – stupid
      a lot of rules in your head.
      prince is gone and forgotten hang onto abba – old freak ha ha
      u dont make the rules u follow the rules , loser
      u look like an idiot with abba
      check out billboard – lol

      • Eye did check out Billboard, stupid.

        Abba is 13 notches higher than the dead clown with the newest soundtrack, and has 3 titles charting to Wack0’s one bargain bin cheapie.

        Ahhhhhhhh….the tearful frustration of a space clown. Do your mongoloid eyes fold back during your wack-a-jac sessions with your little, greasy noodle?

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