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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. If Elvis was alive today than he will sings Gospel songs and he liked to preached .
    [ Priscilla said that on a interview ]

  2. Wow i am looking forward for the new FTD “” Viva Las Vegas 3 cd s set “” and i buy the same “time “” Off-Stage “” cd !!!
    And its never ending of the outtakes of Elvis !!! He is Alive in music !!!

  3. Michael Jackson who?

    Drake is taking over the music industry, you filthy clowns. The scorpion has stung you delusional morons to silence. All hail the new king.
    Jacko has been surpassed and beaten by true artists of superiority. The golden crown now belongs to KING Drake and KING JayZ.

  4. Hi Red Lady i was driving in my truck and listen to the radio and i hear for the first time Drake in duet MJ ?
    Then i scare me to dead if MJ s voice Iiiiiiiiihhhhhhii Ooopppps thats to dangeres for the road i tought its an wasp or an horror fly in my truck …. lol
    That song its to danger for drivers in a car bus or trucks !

    • The song is terrible, TCB.

      Besides, Drake is taking credit from the dead woodpecker. It won’t ever appear on another worthless posthumous clown album. Leftover crap from Michael McJackson is really sung by a laughable Wack0 impersonator that likes to diddle the young males. That dead woodpecker attracts the gays. Imagine hammy dancing by himself “Naked As A Jaybird?”


  5. Ahhhhhh….hammmy’s dead woodpecker was denied top billing by Drake for a single that has FAILED to go number one because of “Shotgun” by George Ezra. Hammy’s folded back eyes roll into his empty skull once again. Sniff.

    It is like “The Wiz” all over again, when Dianna Ross got top billing over the tiny clown. “Drake featuring Michael McJackson” means that the dead clown had to sit in the back seat or at the kiddle table. Lol.

    Hey hammy….do you kiss your fat mama on the lips with that filthy mouth and tongue?

  6. Guns N Roses new box set of rarities from “Appetite For Destruction” debuts at an incredible #6 in the UK. What is funny is that it is an album that is over thirty years old, plus the box retails for $1000 a piece. That means unlike the cheap bargain bin Michael McJackson, Guns N Roses are valuable like Prince.

    Oops….what do we have here?

    Guns N Roses do a stunning cover of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” on the box. The tears flow from hammy’s frustrated, bloodshot eyes and the spit shoots out from his twisted mouth. You lose, space clown. Lol.

    • One lousy song with Drake in the starring role. Cheap Salvation Army CD charting on the bottom like a slug sucking fishy and hammy still brags. The “new” song, “It Doesn’t Matter To Me” by Michael McJackson is instantly forgettable. Therer’s a reason Wack0 Jack0 did not finish it and left it in the vaults at Sony. It’s crap.

      You are a retard. Wipe the slobber off your coated, black haired chin. It is sticky from the raw yolk of Drake. Lol.

  7. “Beatles 1” is selling more than Wack0 Jack0. The smash CD jumps up to a whopping #38 because of Sir Paul’s new album, set for a September 7th release. Meanwhile, Michael McJackson continues to scream from the filthy grave. Drake is raping the woodpecker by ruining his previously unreleased song. It has failed to go #1. Cheap free steaming downloads are not real physical sales, clown.

    Michael McJackson has been stung by a scorpion. His skeleton screams in brutalizing pain. Lol.

  8. Michael McJackson Clown Face Down

    Sex pimple
    Beatbox slobbering tongue
    Buried dollies
    Dirty towels stink
    The kid is my lover
    Face down
    Canadian skies
    Loc Jaw
    Someone call me a fat doctor
    I Dr Love
    II Bare Chest
    III Prostate exam
    Sneddon’s cold chunky fingers
    Sony is the devil

    • Robert Blake?

      What a retard.

      Michael McJackson is featured 2nd in his unreleased crap song and yet hammy brags. He is probably gay for Canadian clowns like Justin Bieb.

      Is teaming real sales or are they just instant downloads for free?

      Cheap crap rap is one in a million. More impressed with the performance of GNR’s “Appetite For Destruction” back in the top ten with 28 million in sales. It is closing in on topping “Thrilla.”


  9. Michael McJackson was definitely gay with several boys to men, including embarrassing affairs with Liberace, Scotty T, Arnold Klein and Jason P. The woodpecker even allowed Dr Conrad Murray to fondle his spotted wand as the clown squeezed his dolly close to his fragile chest. Of course ,the disgusting clown was found nude, his dead heart stopped beating after the brutal punches were delivered to his head and body by the swinging fists of Conrad’s black hands.

    Prince Nelson is the true KING of popular music. Lol.

  10. Hardly anyone at Jack0’s lonely grave site at Forest Lawn on June 25th, but a handful of freakish clowns, including a Jack0 impersonator who is obviously as fruity as Lee Liberace. Michael Jackson gets small crowds on the ninth anniversary of his embarrassing nude death, choking on Dr Conrad Murray’s long, plump fingers down his gagging throat. Michael’s plastic nose tip found lodged between his tongue and windpipe at his brutal 5 hour autopsy. The doc smiles as he tells of the dead dancer’s last few moments alive. Blood gushed out as the hero manipulated the clown’s disgusting body. Jackson fought to stay alive, but died in the doc’s strong steel arms.

  11. The folded back eyeballs were removed from Michael Jackson’s cracked skull. Murray broke the clown’s rib cage by pounding on the corpse’s dead heart. Michael Jackson was beaten to death as he lay helpless on his filthy death mattress by the strong black hands of Dr Conrad Murray. He was said to have O mouth as Murray tore its plastic nose off of its bruised face.

    • O mouth Jack0, his pimpled tongue dried up like cotton, his nose hole stuffed with his own bed billow that the embattled doc placed over its twisted head. Michael Jackson’s last moments alive were brutal as Dr Conrad Murray administered the fatal dose of poison with his needle injection. The clown struggled as he fought for his life, but it was no use.

      Michael Jackson died completely nude, covered in his own bodily feces.

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