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  1. The folded back eyeballs were removed from Michael Jackson’s cracked skull. Murray broke the clown’s rib cage by pounding on the corpse’s dead heart. Michael Jackson was beaten to death as he lay helpless on his filthy death mattress by the strong black hands of Dr Conrad Murray. He was said to have O mouth as Murray tore its plastic nose off of its bruised face.

    • O mouth Jack0, his pimpled tongue dried up like cotton, his nose hole stuffed with his own bed billow that the embattled doc placed over its twisted head. Michael Jackson’s last moments alive were brutal as Dr Conrad Murray administered the fatal dose of poison with his needle injection. The clown struggled as he fought for his life, but it was no use.

      Michael Jackson died completely nude, covered in his own bodily feces.

  2. It is an open wide O mouth that crushed Michael Jackson’s nasal cavity. His budging eyes were removed by trembling black fingers.

  3. “The KING is Dead”
    August 16, 1977

    “Wack0 Jack0 is Dead”
    June 25, 2009

    Any questions?

  4. New Album ?
    “” MJ the girl in the mirror “”
    1. Mirror was broken if i saw me ?
    2. My dad was right , if he hit me again …..
    3. Mine brain was overheated from the sun …
    4. Nose where is my noise daddy ???
    5. Sun in my eyes , now i cant see myselfs not in the mirror anymore ?…
    6. Leather bel was in mine ass …
    7. Look in the mirror …. is that me ???? IIIiiiiikkksssss … an monster ???
    8. I am dead , so dead , now my dad to …
    9. You all saved children , i am dead !

  5. MJ was sing Man in the mirror ???? Was he gay uhhh ????
    Yes you can see it in his own image and he used lipstick and his voice is as an minnie mouse girl !

  6. “I Love You, Elvis.”

    Words yelled out by John Lennon while he sang “Hound Dog” at the one on one benefit concert at MSG in NYC, 8-30-72.

  7. Buy an lp or on bootleg the cd “” Having Fun Of Elvis “”
    The most funny guy of music !!!

  8. Love will build a bridge to a child’s heart. Michael gave more than he could give. What do you pervy pelvis freaks do, but hate?

    • What do you mean ? Are you blind for history music or are you deaf i seen ?
      1956 was the year of new pop music its cal Rock And Roll !!!
      You are to lazy for learning hey ?

      • May sweet Michael Jackson forgive you for spreading your vicious lies. You are a sorry excuse for a human. The world celebrates the music of Michael Jackson on July 4th. Long live the true KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. Get on your crooked knees, pelvis pretenders. You’re being beaten by MJJ !!!

  9. Michael McJackson
    “Beaten Again”

    Beat box 69 featuring Drake
    Jolly Joseph
    Hit me with your best shot (take 50)
    Beatings at 9
    Dolly head
    Joseph, what mean eyes you have
    Whip a stick
    Hole in one
    Pop a noodle
    My tongue juice
    Send in the clowns
    Big birdie bingo

  10. Along with all American hero, Dr Conrad Murray, the expert services of pumping the clown’s vein’s with poisonous toxins, Michael Jackson was a gay predator that had whoopee sex with Jason P. That clown was Arnold Klein’s fat nurse that got Jack0 high.

  11. New duets of MJ and his fahter and Drake ?
    “” Sunstroke “”
    A ‘
    1. Father hit me , hit me
    2. Drake sucks me ….
    3.Hey drake are you stoned …[ sings Joseph]
    4. I hit you in yore eyes MJ ….
    5. ohhhh drake is falling in love for me …[ sings mj ]
    Side B
    6. Sun in my eyes ….iam blind [ all in duets ]
    7.I haved sunstroke ,
    8. Burn in the sun [3 clowns ]
    9 Jump in my nails , full of demeroll …
    10. Brain losers [ duet 3 clowns ]

  12. Michael Jackson, for me, was one of the first times that I really realized the power of an entertainer. I remember having Moonwalker on cassette and I remember how religiously I used to watch it. Because I used to feel like, as a kid, this was the most amazing place to escape to. It was that world he created. I just feel like he was the first artist that I ever experienced that made you get lost in Michael Jackson, his music, his imagery, the choices that he made for cover art. Now that I’m older, I can look back and be like, wow, he was one of the most consistent entertainers of all time.

    • That is why guys like Drake are not taken seriously. Canadian rap is not real art, nor are lazy rappers real musicians. Michael McJackson danced and lip synced on stage and screen like Milli Vanilli. but untalented clowns are easily beating the dead child and monkey abuser. What a filthy clown. Do you kiss your mama with that twisted mouth?


      The incredible spinning head strikes again.

  13. 2017 Michael was called the best selling artist of all time.

    24/7 on the uk and and US charts

    • Michael McJackson has been reduced to cheap, used Salvation Army clown in bargain bins with Tone Loc, Spice Girls and Rick James. Besides, The Beatles, Journey, Bob Marley and Queen are full priced artists that have been on the charts longer than Wack0 Jack0. Cheap and on the bottom of the charts, selling peanuts is not all that impressive. Wipe that dribbling chin, space clown. Why do you lie with that twisted mouth of yours, hammy?

  14. Rumors abound that Dr Conrad Murray removed Michael Jackson’s eyeballs before the nude clown was even dead. The screams were vivid. Jack0 struggled to stay alive, but it was no use. The doc made sure Michael Jackson stopped breathing on June 25th 2009.

    • Lol.

      Wack0 Jack0’s eyes were removed by the shaky fingertips of Dr Conrad Murray?

      Jack0’s eyes are in a glass jar. “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.”

      That space clown had 6 holes in his bobbling skull.

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