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  1. Joseph is found his son [ or daughter lol ] And MJ s daddy said to MJ .
    Joseph -. are you an boy or an girl MJ ?
    I wish i am an girl , daddy ?
    Joseph was so angry and he hit MJ so hard and said I hit you so long and hard that you wish you are an normal man was
    MJ – Aaarrgg auwkss .. i am bad so bad …
    Joseph – I call you forever Michelle Gayson ..

  2. No Wack0 Jack0 on the vinyl charts either, retard. Besides, the dead clown’s “greatest hits” collection is sold real cheap, and yet you continue to brag. It basically can not get out of the top 60, when dead artists such as Bob Marley and Queen sell much more and chart much higher. They sold out of “Purple Rain” on vinyl, dummy. How can it chart, fool?

    Drake is using dead Wack0 as a secondary role as a duet on one of the songs off his new album. The estate is allowing McJackson’s unfinished tracks to be manipulated on other people’s albums. They must be getting desperate. Lol.

    • With a cheap, unfinished track probably sung by Jason Malachi, since the clown was too drugged to finish the vocals. Oh how the mighty has fallen. Hammy must like Canadian clowns like Justin Bieb. Drake’s new cd is crap like the rest of them are. And yet, he still accepts beating Michael McJackson like Joseph and Kanye West. Lol.

  3. Michael Jackson/Papa Joseph
    “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

    1. Fire Away
    2. My Fist, Your Face
    3. Papa Has A Brand New Punching Bag
    4. Hell Bent For Leather
    5. Tears Of A Clown
    6. Father’s Day
    7. Big Nose, chopper chopper
    8. Hidin’ Behind The Eighth Ball
    9. The Boys Are Back In Town
    10. Just Beat It
    11. Daddy Dearest
    12. Upside Down
    13. Dancin’ For A Busted Lip
    14. Scream featuring LaToya Jackson
    15. Mean Green Eyed Joseph
    16. Smackin’ Michael Blind
    17. Violent Daddy
    18. Hit Me With Your Best Shot

  4. “” Single of the year “”
    “” Joshef hits Michael again “”

    1. Daddy Jackson hit MJ s nose again ….
    2. Joshef loves the leather belt ….
    3. MJ youre nose is ugly , screams Daddy Jacky ….
    4. Screaming crow was hit again by his daddy in the hell full of burning leather bell s …

  5. Michael Jackson had O mouth as he lay DEAD in the autopsy room. His long black wig was torn off, his bleeding scalp exposed with building laughter and cheers. With a hacksaw, doctors removed his brain from his skull, spreading his chest cavity by pulling his ribs back, the flesh cut from the chest bone to the navel. Doctors removed his liver, kidneys and heart.

    His body was severely beaten by Joseph and hero man, Dr Conrad Murray. Blood gushed out as Jackson struggled to stay alive. His O mouthed lips were sewed shut after his disgusting tongue was removed with imported hands.

  6. Oooops Michael Jacksons seconds nightmare is coming to his soul in heaven … Daddy Jackson is coming to town [ hell or heaven ] And he is looking for his son full of sins and he will payed for his crimes ….. Dont hit me again daddy Jhosef daddy ????/ Daddy Jackhit is found him and he hit MJ with a burning leather on MJ s bloody body , over and over again non stop ! And MJs scream is hear forever ……. Aaaaarrrrrggg No daddy Nooooooooo Aaaarggg ….

  7. Ahhhhhh…..the space clown’s daddy and tormentor has finally dropped dead. The leather belt and switch that he beat his dead son with has been donated to the museum for circus freaks. See the clown’s dried blood on the bent leather straps. Prince’s “Purple Rain” is selling like hotcakes on vinyl at top dollar prices. Hey hammy, wipe those tears of frustration off your flushed red mug. Ahhhhhh….

    The silence is golden. 2 BAD Wack0 can not go gold anymore. Sales have fallen in recent years because of the accusations of Jordan, Gavin, Wade, Jimmy, Billy and Gene.

    Liberace’s lover Scotty says that he also slept with Michael McJackson behind the old man’s back. The two lovebirds joined Liberace in the bubbling hot tub for some hanky panky. Liberace tilted his head back and his beady little eyes rolled back into his skull. The clown’s fingertips tingled the old man’s nude bod beneath the raging bubbles!

    McJackson’s new indented chin became a soap dish for the many wands that popped out of the woodpecker’s foaming mouth.


  8. Scarecrow Chant

    If rapids had a brain
    They could wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with sun flowers
    Consultin’ with the victims in pain
    And their heads, they’d be scratchin’
    While their thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If rapids only had a brain

    They’d unravel any riddle
    Of why did Michael Jackson diddle
    With little boys in his bed
    With thoughts they’d be thinkin’
    They could be another Lincoln
    If rapids had a brain
    Oh, they could tell you why Michael had sex with that fat Jason guy
    If rapids only had a brain

    The rapids are just a nothin’
    Their heads are full of stuffin’
    Michael Jackson was a clown that went way, way down
    They would dance and be merry
    They know Jack0 was a fruity fairy
    If rapids had a brain.

  9. Joseph Jackson DEAD at 89, less than 48 hrs after the 25th of June. The devil now has another two hands to help whip Michael Jackson down below in the flames of Hades. That disgusting beast is screaming as papa Joe bites into his white flesh with sharp teeth. We can hear the cries in Neverland valley.

    The wind cries bloody Jack0.

  10. All quiet on the western front and creepy Michael Jackson is still DEAD. That clown’s screaming beyond the valley of death.

  11. It was 41 years ago tonight, Indianapolis, 6-26-77. Captured live on the classic boot, “The Last Farewell” album, Elvis rocks the house down with one of the best performances of the tour. Every Elvis fan should own this concert as well as the New Years Eve Pittsburgh show, which Elvis rings in the 1977 with amazingly great live vocal skills. No lip syncing required. Once the king, always the king. Elvis Presley.

  12. Wack0 Jack0 died today because of the excellent knowledge of hero, the legendary Dr Conrad Murray. It has been 9 long years. We celebrate the toad’s embarrassing nude death. Thanks for everything, Conrad. You did well.

    Michael Jackson’s Hollywood star and grave site is currently being desecrated, defaced by shame. The world continues to laugh at his dwindling fan base. When was the last time that dead skeleton hit number one on any worldwide charts?

    Ahhhhhhh….the quivering lip.

    The tears flow at Michael Jackson’s defaced tomb at Forest Lawn. Lol.

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