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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Did Michael Jackson have O mouth when he was found dead and nude with his disgusting feces caked down his tiny toothpick legs?

    Open sesame, clowns….it’s O mouth on the steel table.

  2. Question ?
    What is the difference of the songs from Cliff Richard s “‘Living Doll “” and Elvis “” Lover Doll “” ?

    • Never heard of “Lover Doll. Living Doll is a song written by Lionel Bart for a film which Cliff was in in 1959.

    • An old British boy lover that slept with boy dolls like Michael Jackson. Their little lips were O mouth. Down the hatch, you disgusting frenchin’ toads. Gobbling gizzard, bat boy….it’s Click Richards.

      • you know that there is no actual evidence michael jackson ever had child pornography, right?? and ofc he had dolls, he had CHILDRENN. please read the FBI files that have been publicized for YEARS now to educate yourself on the topic to avoid from sounding stupid and ignorant

  3. Elvis for Everyone fanclub is closed or he is stopped ?
    Who knows ?
    Elvis Matters is the best fanclub !!!

  4. News on Daily Star claimed “” King Of Rock NOT DEAD ?
    Elvis Spotted Alive singing in church !

    • I will say thats true !
      “” Let Us Pray “” on the End of “” Chanced of Habbit “”

  5. Click a di Clack oh ye tell my lover ……..
    Question , what is the title of this song lines .. click e die click … [ Elvis song !!! ]

    • Hey Elvis fans everywhere. Let’s show some support to Dave Rogers campaign over in america and sign his petition – “Honor the 50th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special” -

      • Hey Elvis fan , The Searcher is in Holland 0 % promotion ?
        But an Concert Elvis from Dweightt Eissehower .. 100 % .. Strange in my eyes ?
        We wants the real Elvis !
        The 68 Comeback is in December 50 years ago on TV , mabey than we hears for more stuff of the 50 th Comeback .
        We haved so much stuf Lp s CD s and video dvd s and Books full .
        What will discover Sony for more stuff ?

  6. Click click click click click click click click click click your fingers must be really sore click click click click hahaha long live click Richard

  7. 1 thing , there is 1 person in the whole music history from 1877 RCA till now who was called as a KING of Rock And Roll , and we know who that was ELVIS is his name !!!
    “” So the case is closed ! “”

  8. This is an another story . Can you that bad guy legen “Billy The Kid “” ?
    I haved the exacly the same face as Billy The Kid !!! Was he me i think 150 years ago , i was stunned !!!
    King TCB alias Billy The Kid !!!
    WANTED KING TCB is BILLY THE KID !!! 500 Dollars Wanted !!!

  9. The amount of Cliff Richard fans that are voting more than once is probably very small. Cliff has many, many fans world wide. Not just in England and we are encouraging each other to vote.

    He is celebrating 60years in the music business this year with sell-out concerts.

    We are going all out to make Sir Cliff Richard OBE “King of Music” this year. All the moaning and insults just make us stronger.

  10. The Seacher was a flop ? they said .. We haved the songs all 100 times on cd and LP s . The onley stuff that we all wants is the “” The On Tour Outtakes on dvd and cd s !!! “”
    And we wants the Tats The Way It Is complete on dvd !!! We haved the cd s all complete !

  11. An New Cliff Album .
    “‘ Old Living Doll “”
    Side A
    1. My new smile is made ….. [ plastic chirurgy ]
    2. Mine nose looks likes of MJ …
    3. The Police in my house …
    4. L* b* …. where playing with mine records .
    5. They used my cd s as table mat …. lalalala shala lee
    Side B
    6. Hot news on NBC …. home run .
    7. Dead Doll
    8. My pretty d* … tingle ding .
    9. Police was visite on the coffee …. [ Rock and Roll ]
    10. No woman anymore … but a man in mine home … [ police man , lol ]

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