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You can discuss here about the best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. Cliff Richard (50%, 70,524 Votes)

    Elvis Presley (27%, 37,878 Votes)

    Michael Jackson (13%, 17,957 Votes)

    Engelbert Humperdinck (5%, 6,493 Votes)

    Billy Fury (4%, 5,688 Votes)

    Eminem (0%, 496 Votes)

    David Bowie (0%, 239 Votes)

    Bruce Springsteen (0%, 231 Votes)

    Bill Haley (0%, 201 Votes)

    Frank Sinatra (0%, 184 Votes)

    Logical and normal ranking….

  2. Thank you for your kind comments about Cliff Richard, Elvis is King. I and many Cliff fan will agree that Elvis is and always will be the King of Rock and Roll.
    Cliff Richard has been through a lot these last few years and us fans have supported him 100%. Nasty comments just make us stronger and we come out fighting for our man. An innocent man put through all that was discusting.
    No doubt Elvis fans if your man had ever got accused of something like that. You’d be the same. You’d say Elvis isn’t like that. He wouldn’t do that.
    Well were the same with Cliff Richard. So many of us fans have met him and even non fans that have met him say “he’s a real gentleman”.
    The only difference with Cliff fans is we don’t get bored. Especially for Cliff’s 60th year in show business. This year he’ll be the King in this pole.

      • To start with Cliff did copy Elvis after all he was a big fan of Elvis himself. But soon after he developed his own style.

        • What was Cliffs his own style , and what was called his type of music ?
          I want it to learn .
          Thanks !

    • You’re talking a lot of sentimental BS. You better present some better facts than 60 years in show business.

  3. No . There were just more Elvis fans voting . We won it 3 times in a row . Gets boring doing it year in year out it doesn’t mean anything really . Having said that cliff as done amazing to have 60 years in music so he deserves some credit . I like cliff lovely man and some nice songs and he didn’t deserve what happened to him so good luck to him and his fans

  4. Hello folks of FTD Elvis fans , haved you not that same feeling that the books of FTD full of pictures the same of the books from the old Elvis books from the 80 s Ger Rijff books and more more writers ? Who can explane this ?

  5. I just came from a site that showed a detailed breakdown of the charting successes of the musical acts in the UK. I was surprised to see that CLiff Richard actually spent more time on the charts than the Beatles did. Except for the song Devil Woman, Ive never heard of him. I thought he was a one hit wonder. Id like to throw some respect to Cliff. He had a good career.

    • Sir Cliff Richard still has a good career. He’s celebrating 60 years in show business with a sell out tour this year.
      He’s still recording, still doing concerts. #2 for calendar sales this years.

  6. Elvis manages to hit #2 on the uk soundtrack charts with his latest rca release. ‘the searcher.’

    Elvis remains the king of the charts in 2018.

  7. Your wrong there because Cliff does have a song on Songofages. Not the best song, in my opinion he’s sang much better songs than that. But he’s on the list.

  8. Little Sister dont you … do dont what youre big Sister done …
    Hey is that song made for Karen Carpenter about her big sister Michael Jackson ??? lol

  9. The dead toad had an obsession with y* b* a*, and apparently liked sniffing their underwear as he snapped them of their l* b*. Wack A Jack….Don’t Talk Back. Ewwwwwwwwww…..what’s that stink of rotten egg and moldy cheese?

    It’s Michael Jackson.

  10. King Richard was an Knight you mean ? Cliff Richard was an Rock and Roll idol for England fans and they never say Cliff was King ? Hmmmm ironic is that today the same fans are now i seen on the hit parade nr 1 the last 2 years “” ELVIS “” not Cliff in the album UK parade ? Uhhh Cliff Richard fans can you explane that here please ?

    • This is a poll for fans to vote for their favourite singers .Nothing to do with chart successes.
      Yes, as you say “Elvis is called the King of Rock and Roll” and will always will be.
      But in this poll
      “Cliff Richard is King”.

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