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You can discuss here about theΒ best singers of all time. Who must hold the title of the king?

Farther vs Son. Which singer do you like more, Julio Iglesias or Enrique Iglesias?

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  1. How old is cliff now ? 110 ? Lol him and is old dears of fans , ooo Margret we love our cliff don’t we , yes Hilda we do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. One month last summer2017, if you check, Elvis Presley got over 25’000 votes so was “King of that month. Its possible for Cliff Richard therefore with his multitude of fans worldwide to get over 20’000 this month. We are encouraging all his fans to vote.
    If you don’t vote for your favourite then they don’t stand a chance to be ” King”.

    Being that Cliff has fans worldwide means we are voting every 24 hours (24/7) for Cliff).
    Insulting remarks go over our heads.
    Were winning

  3. 17 Elvis Presley catalog titles have been awarded RIAA certifications, with 11 of those albums reaching Gold (or Platinum) status for the very first time.

  4. Morning , it’s a new day so that means only 1 thing …. Another 50000000 votes for cliff Richard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha

  5. Cliff Richard robot is at it again pathetic lol , just watch it , it’s so funny , joke of a poll

      • Revenge by cheating robots is not valid. It looks like this bogus site has seen better days. Everybody is talking about how boy lovers like Clifford Richards and Michael Jackson have gotten away with their filthy crimes of passion. No, you lose, clown.


  6. Michael Jackson’s twisted fingers snapped the binding of little Billy and Gene’s soiled briefs. Of course, those young turks were highly intoxicated by the alcohol that was served straight from the can. Wack0 Jack0 licked his tattooed lips as he tilted his head back in intense satisfaction. His eyes rolled back into his skull as the veins on his forehead pulsed. Drool dribbled off its plastic chin as he let out a piercing squeal. Billy screamed as he pulled off Michael Jackson’s filthy costume wig . On top of his egg shaped head was a crispy mole with several whiskers spouting out of its pointed tip. It hissed at both Billy and Gene as the clown himself suddenly opened its lids. “What’s wrong” uttered the diseased grasshopper. By then, its body begun to quiver. Wings appeared on its back like a gypsy moth. It flew out the window carrying the boys size 8 fruit of the looms.

    • Prince gay parties
      Beating up women
      CocaΓ―ne abuse
      F.cking his sister
      No tribute when he died
      Boy George oops
      One hit wonder
      .no impact

      • A Jackson freak calling someone else gay is really quite amusing. I guess the Jackson fanatic ignores Wack0 Jack0’s affair with Lee Liberace and his boyfriend, Scotty T. It was definitely “Gay, Gay, Gay.” Michael Jackson’s bobbling head went under the bubbles in Liberace’s gold hot tub and the old man groaned in intense pleasure. His bare barrel chest was heaving as Michael’s skull hit the old man’s flopping belly under the raging suds. Of course, it was Scotty T that gave us all the “juicy” details. lol.

  7. So your trying to tell me nearly every couple of seconds a cliff Richard fan votes on here ? What a load of tosh , it’s irrelevant what that robot is doing , if you watch the votes it never stops haha it spoils it for people who vote once a day , cliff Richard is ok but he will never EVER be king πŸ•Ί

  8. Billboard called him the best selling artist of all time
    King Michael Jackson
    24 7 on the charts
    Number one Forbes
    Best selling album of all time

    • Sorry but ELVIS was the selling records artist of all time .
      Listen to “” Do You Know Who I Am “”

    • Elvis was called in 1956 as “” THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL “”
      ELVIS brokes all records of music !!!
      Elvis most nr 1 hits !!!
      Elvis he has the most golden and platinum records !!!
      Elvis the best payer in the 60s in Hollywood !!!
      Elvis 30 years long on nr. 1 forbes !!!!
      Elvis most selling singles of all time !!!!
      Elvis “‘ Jaillhouse Rock “” the first clip of all time !!!
      Elvis was called in 1977 as the “” King Of Music “” see ; Elvis in Concert !!!
      Elvis the first of the first popidol of all time !!!

      WHO IS THE KING !!!! ELVIS !!!!

    • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

        • “Youth Gone Wild” is Skid Row.

          Actually, you are old. The boys Wack0 Jack0 french-ed and fondled have grown up to be men. They have spoken of how your creepy idol manipulated them with probing, imported hands. Behind the walls the clown took their fragile little bodies as their heads spun from the alcohol that they slugged down in their Pepsi cans. Michael Jackson’s bad breath kissed their tender lips as the bile came up from the lining of their tiny stomachs. They blacked out as the disgusting clown removed their soiled briefs.

        • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

  9. If your favourite isn’t top of this poll so many of you just insult not only the other singers but also their fans.
    We have the right to like who we prefer and we all have different tastes.
    The whole point of this poll is to vote for your favourite.
    All these insults are spoiling this poll.
    From now on I will vote every day for who I Wont To and won’t read the ridiculous drivell on this site again .

    There is a long list of singers to vote for not just Elvis and Michael. So just vote for your favourite. If they don’t come top then there aren’t enough fans of that singer voting .

    Well bye bye you won’t get one more comment from me. Apart from
    Its about time you lot grew up and started acting like adults

    • Didn’t Michael Jackson endorse one of the unhealthiest drinks known to man when he encouraged kids to drink Pepsi Cola products that is constantly served at Burger King?

      Ohhhhhh….he filled those empty cans with alcohol and gave them to his boy victims to prime them for romps in the hay.

    • That is your perception but as we all know perception and reality are two entirely separate things.

  10. Let’s get one thing striaght here the 2 icons of music are ELVIS and Michael Jackson , I’m an ELVIS fan and too me he is the king always , everyone followed ELVIS , but come on cliff Richard ? It’s a joke surley ?

    • No
      2.Paul Mc Cartney “”The Beatles “”
      4.David Bowie
      5. Frank Sinatra
      Not MJ ??? Thats a copy fake clown of music !

      • So Elvis winning King of music 3 years running was bogus was it. Oh dear. Or is it only bogus when your favourite doesn’t win. Haha ha. Cheat cheat cheat.

    • So why are there a long list of singers on this poll. Maybe you would prefer to just choose between Michael and Elvis.
      Cliff Richard’s no joke. He’s been in the music business nearly 60 years, with No. 1 hits in five decades. He’s still recording and still doing sell out concerts. He has fans worldwide and we are all voting.

  11. If you talk to the most people of songs of ELVIS than said the most “” Love Me Tender and Are you Lonesome Tonight !
    And Cliff ? “” Living Doll “” Uhh LOL
    And MJ ? ?????? No ones ????? LOL


    • Haven’t you heard of Cliff Richard’s no. 1 hit “Travelling Light. Written for King Creole but not used. Given to Cliff Richard who had a huge no. 1 hit.
      Cliff Richard is a huge star in England and the rest of the world. Elvis knew about Cliff.

  12. With many boys to men lovers in his bed, like Lee Liberace, Scotty T, Jason P, Arnold K, Marc S, Jordie C, Gavin A, Aaron C, Terry, George, Billy and Gene. Michael Jackson was definitely GAY. lol.

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